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on August 31, 2014
This charger is a BEAST!!! I carry it with me in my bag all the time. I have charged my phone off of it at least 6 times without re-charging it and its still going strong. I have even charged my ipad off it before. I have been known to have it plugged into my phone and carried in my jacket pocket so that I can still keep up with emails despite the drain from data and constantly searching for wifi as I travel the city. If you live in a big city with lots of high rise buildings you know that signal is low in the buildings and on the street. If you leave wifi on when you're on the move, your phone is constantly trying to search for and connect to networks, which can drain your battery fast despite little actual use of the phone. This is why I always have my charger with me. I like that it charges two devices, there have been times when I have connected my friends devices where we otherwise would not have had a power outlet. It's also great if you have a long subway commute, I charge my phone while playing games and listening to music.

For the price, this charger is worth its weight in gold. I can carry it around for a month before having to re-charge it and when I do charge it, I do it overnight so it's ready to go in the morning, then it's back in my bag for another month until the next charge.
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on February 2, 2018
I feel like every Apple charger goes through the same thing where the wire starts getting exposed near the hard plastic part. My original charger was starting to fray, and it was time to get new cables. I looked online, and I thought these would last a while since there is a bendable metal part where most wires start breaking. I just tried the charger too, and it's compatible with my iPhone X. Overall, this was a good value given the fact that you get 5 cables and they designed it in a way to minimize wear and tear.
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Top Contributor: Campingon January 26, 2014
Update 8/5/15

I'm knocking off a star after my experience with a 2nd RAVPower battery. I bought my first on in 2014 and love it, and even bought a second one because I like it so much. My trouble has come with the second battery. I'm not aware that the battery has been dropped, and yet it has developed a rattle. The LED light will not work, and the 2 AMP port will not charge. The 1 AMP port still charges, but it obviously charges devices much more slowly. It's disappointing that this is happened. The older one (which feel somehow more substantial) is still a champ. My oldest external batter, which is a year older than my first RAV power is still doing great with no problems. I think there are some quality issues at play here.

This is not going to be an overly technical review - I haven't had time to test how fast this charges my devices and how long it takes to charge it up, etc. After using it for a couple of months, here's what I think:

What I like: I can recharge several devices on one charge of the battery.

I can charge at two different levels for different devices - I have apple products that mainly use 2A, but an older iPad that still uses 1A.

I like the LED indicator lights and the flashlight

I like the size - this is easy to carry in my briefcase or in my pocket.

What I don't like: Sometimes in my bag the power button gets pressed by something else in the bag, turning on the LED flashlight. I don't think it's ever happened enough to run the battery down too far, but it is annoying.

I don't like the supplied charging cable - it's a spiraled cable. I prefer a straight cable that I can loop around myself.

All in all, I like this battery, and am glad to have a higher capacity option than the original external battery I bought several years ago. I would recommend this.
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on February 10, 2018
I started using these a month ago and have gone through all of them because they break. They snap off at the top. These were junk and I would never buy them again.
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on February 15, 2018
A little over 2 months and 2 cables are bad. Device not supported. The cables were not damaged in any way. I would recommend not getting them.
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on May 7, 2014
I have had this for about 8 months now. It works well, and is good to carry with you especially when travelling and not near an outlet. If you have a smartphone like I do, which doesn't seem to keep a charge for more than several hours, this is a must. It's almost the same size as my phone and twice as thick and heavy so it's not meant to be tiny/portable to slip in your pocket. I've tried a portable small battery charger from Jackery - and from the get go that never kept a full charge, never fully charged my cell, and now doesn't even work when plugged in. The RAVPower Deluxe does what it says.

EDITED down to ONE Star: 12/25/15 Figured I should update this as it stopped working properly after about a year. The charge held less and less power. I was lucky to get some juice out of this extremely large paper weight. I still kept it around and eventually it stopped being able to charge anything. The RAV had all of it's lights lit up as if it were 100% charged up, but once plugged into my cell phone for example, it would say "charging" on my cell for about 30 seconds, then stop. I'd click the power button and again it would charge for a few seconds. Really disappointed considering I did not use this a lot, so I don't know why the problems. I understand cell phone batteries degrading over time after constant usage/re-charging, but these external batteries used occasionally have all been disappointments after about a year, the RAV Power included.
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on January 22, 2014
Purchased this for a bus trip and 4 days in NYC. Shipping was fast and packaged very well. The unit has a (2A) and (1A) output for charging two devices at once. The (2A) is used for iPads or other devices that require the larger output. One reason I chose this was to get the (2) cables that were included. A bit disappointed that it included only (1) set of interchangeable charge connectors, but I was able to deal with that using my own cables with the micro USB connection. Right out of the box the unit was ready for use. It does not have a Lighting adapter for the Iphone 5.
The 4-blue LED's indicate battery status of the Power Bank.
1-light = <25% charge,
2-lights = 25-50% charge,
3-lights = 50-75% charge,
4-lights = 75-100% charge,
Each night back at the Hotel I would connect the power bank to recharge. When awaking in the morning all (4) LED's would be lit, just not sure if it was 81% or 100%.Would like to see more status lights to have a better feel of the charge. Not sure if (10) LED's would be feasible:
1 = 0-10%,
2 = 10-20%,
A (3) second press of the power button turns on the LED flashlight. Very useful to find the cables and connection port on the device to be charged.
Multiple charging ports worked well. Charged my HTC EVO 4G LTE and my son's Iphone 5 without issue. It is small enough to attached both phones and carry them in the pocket of my coat and it doesn't heat up while charging the devices. Actually helped several people get charges while out and about over the 4 days.

This will be a must take on all outings from now on!
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on May 29, 2014
Got this back in November so I had some time to test this thing out. I've had other batteries like this before but nowhere near the advertised capacity so I was a bit excited; alas this excitement was short lived as it does not charge even near the 14000mAh capacity.

+ I have tested it w/ some devices (Nexus 4, 5, 7 (1st gen), Tab 3 7") and glad to say it charges rather quickly.
+ Can charge 2 devices at once.

= Only comes with one usb cable. Need to get 1 more if you plan on charging 2 devices.
= Kind of feels plastic and cheap, although it is heavy.
= Flashlight is rather useless in my opinion. If you want to plan for an emergency, get a real emergency flashlight.

- Fills up slow using usb connected to computer (full charge takes about 16hrs or so). Maybe I need to plug it directly into the outlet for a better fill-up?
- Through my tests w/ various devices (each test begins w/ filling up the charger to full) I can get about 7000mAh max out of this damn thing. I can charge up my Nexus 5 twice (2300mAh) and then my Nexus 7 (4230mAh) to half way. This is the biggest disappointment for me.

For the time being, this thing has not met my expectations. I'm going to see if a wall charge will improve anything, but as it stands right now, 2* is what I think of this thing.
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on July 6, 2014
TL;DR of coming review: good-looking, perfectly functional high-capacity battery pack that's a tiny bit big and doesn't have enough lights to dictate battery level.

I'm a phone power user. I'm always listening to music, looking things up on the web, texting, or talking. I go through the battery on my HTC One M7 (2300 mAh) quickly enough that I decided that I needed a big battery pack to carry around with me over the summer. I either keep it in my car or my backpack alongside my laptop and headphones. I've also traveled a few times to Europe (lots of long bus and plane rides) so I needed the pack to be large-capacity and quick-charging.

The RAVPower battery pack ticks those boxes: it's high-capacity, portable, and has a good power output rate. It takes about 8 hours to charge from a 2A output, and is enough to help my HTC last for up to three days at the same high-usage rates that I love. It's perfect for traveling (even on the days where I was busy traveling away from wall sockets for 24+ hours, my phone never died), and charges the phone very quickly through the 2A output. Here are some basic pros and cons:

- good looking battery pack
- not as big as other 10000+ mAh battery packs
- inexpensive
- charges very quickly
- high capacity
- comes with two microUSB cords and two adapters (micro to miniUSB and also micro to 30-pin)

- very heavy / dense (I don't mind the extra weight because my car and backpack can handle it but I wouldn't recommend this for a purse battery pack unless your purse is VERY heavy already)
- only has one 2A output (not a huge deal for me, but charging HTC and iPad at the same time was kind of annoying)
- the battery indicator isn't as precise as I'd like. The four blue lights indicate 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% levels - I would have liked a little more precision or more closely-spaced lights.

Would I recommend this battery pack to a friend? Yes, I already have, and I'm glad I made this purchase. It's nice to know that I've got a palm-sized savior battery pack in my backpack at all times if I'm running low on charge. It's awesome for travel, and has enough juice to keep me going for days on end. Well done, RAVPower.
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on June 9, 2014
I also own the non-deluxe version of this and I have to say that it's day/night difference between the a good way.

Size: The deluxe (14000) is bigger than the other (11000 mAh) version, it still fits in your hand about the size of a portable hard drive.

Aesthetics: The deluxe also has a different type of LED indicator, think Audi daytime running lights vs Halogen fog lights, that are sleek and not as harsh as the other. The body is a matte finish instead of a gloss, which should hide prints and scuffs.

Function: This version also comes with a variety of adapters to fit most Nokia, 30-pin, and Micro Usb ports. The cable is coiled. Mine came 75% charged and didn't take long for a full charge. The case is not a velvet, but rather a nylon mesh which still protects, yet offers ventilation if you charge/use it in the case, like I do.

Value: This is only 5$ more than the non-delux version and offers more power and durability. It's a no-brainer.

The only complaints I have with this is that the adapters come in the bag, but if you keep the adapters in the bag, there is not enough room for the power bank. It's nearly a perfect fit for the power bank itself, which would leave you carrying the adapters or cable you want to use. It's not much heavier than the non-deluxe, which means it still packs well. I also purchased the car adapter and 4-port wall charger from RavPower and their products do not disappoint. All of these offer 1A and 2.1A charging which is so important if you carry a tablet or want to charge your phone up quick.
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