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on December 3, 2017
So far this mattress has met my expectations. This is the first time my husband and I have purchased a memory foam mattress so I was a little apprehensive before buying it and worried that we might not like it or get a restful nights sleep. As it turns out, I am pleasantly surprised after 3 nights of sleeping on it. I did do a lot of research and read many reviews on different memory foam mattresses before making a decision to buy this mattress. Further, it got a little overwhelming at times because it is somewhat subjective as far as what someone finds to be a soft versus firm, etc. For me, I sleep better with a firm mattress and as for this mattress, I am finding this to be a medium firm, perhaps a 7 out of 10 with 10 being the firmest. I am also a side sleeper as well as a back sleeper so I was worried that a mattress too firm would not be ideal for my side sleeping. So far this mattress has worked for me and my husband who is also a side and back sleeper.
I was also a little leery about purchasing this particular mattress, the Resort Classic 12 inch King size Cooling Medium Firm Memory foam mattress because there were no reviews. However, Live and Sleep had sold many of the 10 inch mattresses, also the Resort Classic, so I took a chance with the 12 inch and I am glad that I did. Overall I am happy with the purchase especially after doing so much research which gets confusing after a while. If you are a side sleeper or back sleeper, this mattress might work for you providing you like a medium firm mattress. And as far as smell, there was little of that, if any. As far as heat, so far there has been no issue with this mattress sleeping hot.
Lastly, this mattress has a 20 year warranty although the warranty information did not come with the mattress when it was shipped. However, I quickly contacted Live & Sleep and they promptly sent me a copy which basically covers any defects found in the product. Of note, the purchaser is responsible for returning the mattress.
Overall, I am a happy sleeper! And especially since the cost of this mattress is so reasonable compared to the last innerspring mattress we purchased which lasted 1 whole year before we could not tolerate the sagging any longer.
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on March 19, 2018
Honestly when I first unpackaged this mattress I was extremely worried and a little disappointed because I sat down on it and it felt so soft that I sank right into it. I have back problems and I NEED a firm mattress but I was going to deal with it for the time being because it was a really good bargain. Luckily I put my bed up a week before I officially moved into my new apartment. The first night I actually spent the night in my bed it was like heaven. My curves and joints felt supported and it was medium-firm like I expected it to be. If you are purchasing this mattress give it time before you get disappointed in the way it feels. This mattress is amazing and cheap!!! Also it doesn't have a chemical smell like some memory foam does. The only slightly negative thing I can say about this is that it is not cooling memory foam so it can get hot at times. I just put some cooling sheets on it and it helped with that issue. I am completely happy with my purchase and would recommend this mattress to people with back pain, hip pain, and pregnancy.
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on February 27, 2018
We followed the instructions to get it out of the box within 72 hours and give it 24-72 hours before using it. It grew noticeably in the first few minutes and hours, but continued to grow for a few days. I haven't measured, but it is at least 12 inches tall, maybe 13. Standard-depth fitted sheets (I have the Amazon Basics) fit it fine.

It has a great firmness to it -- even though I knew it should, I still sort of expected a piece of foam to be really squishy -- but this is a really nice level of firmness. We've been sleeping on it for a week and it's really comfy; we love it, especially since our last mattress was 10 years old and hard as a rock!

I know some people said that memory foam mattresses have a chemical-y smell, but I noticed very little odor right out of the box and none by the next day. Unless you're very sensitive, I don't think it will bother you.
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on December 4, 2017
Very well worth the money!..I'd like to suggest that you consider the thickness before hitting that order button tho. We ordered a 12 inch because we wanted sheets to fit snug and it's a bit of a challenge to get in. Our bed sits on a plywood platform and our old mattress was just the right height but this one is much higher but much more comfortable.
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on March 21, 2018
I badly wanted to love this product. Came nicely wrapped in a box with a nice comfortable pillow. The bed however was not. I let it expand for 48 hours. My wife and I slept on it for a good 4 nights, waking up in minor pain with the understanding that it was going to take a few nights to get adjusted to a memory foam mattress. After a week and 5 days of sleeping on it my wife could not get comfortable and had minor soreness while I had consistent pain in the middle of my back and started to get pain in my chest as I am primarily a side sleeper. I'm a big guy at 290lbs and maybe it just isn't best suited for bigger people.
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on June 14, 2018
One day while mattress hunting, I received notification of a lightning deal on this mattress. I knew it might be risky to purchase a mattress on Amazon without trying it out in person first, but I felt confident in the reviews. This mattress had so many positive reviews, it was insanely affordable, and it was Prime shipping. I’m so glad I took the risk because it was worth every penny!

The mattress came rolled up in a box the size of a bench one might have in an entry way or at the end of a bed. Once we set it on top of it’s frame and unwrapped it, the bed grew to it’s normal size. It came with a free pillow too! (I also loved the pillow so much I bought I second!) it’s recommended to wait at least 24hrs before sleeping on the mattress, but we waited about 4. We didn’t have much of an option since the king replaced our full size mattress. The bed was still great to sleep on! The edges still needed time to develop, but the core of the bed was perfect. There was no problem sleeping on this mattress early. By the time I came home from work the following day, the edges were sturdy and the bed was fully formed.

This bed is equal parts firm and soft. You’re not going to sink into the mattress, but you’re also not sleeping on a rock. It’s just right! Sometimes I jump onto the bed and it’s just like jumping into something cozy that is catching you!

I also have a tendency to move around a lot before I completely go to sleep. Now my husband can barely feel my movement which is a win win for both of us!

I honestly can’t sing the praises of this mattress enough. It is everything I hoped for at an amazing price!
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on December 20, 2017
I purchase this mattress for my daughter, it took 2 days to expand completely. She loves it, WE ALL love it.
it is comfortable and soft.
I certainly will recommend this product to my family and friends.
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on January 6, 2018
We absolutely love this mattress! It is our first memory foam mattress and it is the best mattress we have ever slept on. It is soft and comfortable, yet firm and supportive. We have never slept better. We waited 48 hours to use it and it was fully expanded and there was no odor. I would definitely buy this mattress again.
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on January 24, 2018
I know all the reviews here are glowing, maybe it's just personal preference but.....I found this mattress to be WAY TOO SOFT AND MUSHY! I bought the 12" version and sagged almost all the way down in it. Consequentially, this offered me no back support and is very difficult to get out of. My back was aching within 15 minutes of laying on it. I absolutely hated this mattress. Now I have to find a way to repackage it to send it back. If you order this mattress, make sure you prefer a really soft and mushy mattress.
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on December 16, 2017
This is a great mattress. We could not be more pleased. There was no chemical odor and it expanded quickly into a big, extremely comfortable mattress!
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