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on May 30, 2018
LOL -Laughing out loud at the whining about the poorly written manual.
BLUF: Nice unit, great results, but I only used it 2X so far

Okay, on to the review: Well packaged. The IMPORTANT thing to note about this unit is that the rim of the pot you are using should be at least 8" high, since you clip the device on the side and it hangs down 8" into the pot. You don't want it resting flat on the bottom of the pot. Or you could jury rig something to raise it up.

Operation: 2 buttons: POWER and SET, and one wheel. After turning it on, you hit the SET button. Something starts to blink on the display. Guess what the wheel does? It moves that number up and down. Then you hit the SET button again to move to the next number. Too complicated, according to some reviewers.

Only 2 settings are needed: Temperature and Work Time. Temperature is what you set it at AND IT WILL RUN WITHIN 2 DEGREES OF THE SET TEMP. Work time is how long you want it to run. (The 3rd setting, which I don't use, is "Set Time", and this is how long it will wait before turning on and starting to heat the water. I leave it at 0:00 ). Then you hit the power button and it starts.

Depending on the amount of water you have, this little thing may take some time to get to cooking temperature. You can use hot water or heat with the stove until you get close to the desired set temp to reduce the 'warm up' time.

You just let it chug along until it is time to take it out! The results are spectacular. I put a ribeye steak in an open ziploc and clipped it to the side of the pot so it wouldn't float and block the input port on the cooker. 2 hours later, fantastic results.

Finally, a hidden gem in the Recipes section in the back of the manual. Under 'Sous vide steak', Step 5 on page 13...hee hee hee
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on January 12, 2018
Not sure what the purpose is to have Bluetooth built into cooking appliances, but many other sous vide cookers seems to think it's needed. Not this one! Simple two button, one knob operation, is simple to use. You can set a timer to delay the start of the cooking time, and set your actual cook time, called "work time" on this unit (which only starts counting down once water has reached the correct temp). Temperature can be set in 1 degree intervals (once again eliminating a pointless feature of some of the more premium models. I'm not sure if you can tell when your steak is cooked at 132.4 vs 132.8 degrees, but I sure can't...). I'm using this in a large pitcher, and it didn't take too long to reach cooking temp. The unit will slide down if the clamp is just on the the thin wall of the pitcher. Putting a pot holder over the edge worked great to keep it nice and solid where I clamp it. User manual is not the most clear, but overall the operation is pretty simple and easy enough to figure out.
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on March 25, 2018
Cooked some steaks for the first time with this sous vide today. They turned out to be perfectly medium pink. To be honest, flavor wise there's nothing magic as I was expecting. Maybe I'll try other seasoning than just simple salt and pepper next time. The biggest advantage of this cooker is the temperature control imho. Per some article I've read online, as long as you set the correct cooking temperature, no matter how long you cook the steaks, they will turn out to be your desired doneness. In my case, I set it to be 137°F today, and cooked the steaks for 2 hours. My desired cookking temp was 140, but the reason I set it to be 137 was based on a lot of reviews I've read, these sous vide cookers often runs at a temp 3° higher than the display shows. This is common for a lot of brands. I don't know why, nor did I test my cooking water with a different thermometer today. I just thought 137-140 should give me the medium result I wanted. Perfect pink. Btw, it took about 20 mins to heat up about 5qt water from 68° to 137°.
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on December 4, 2017
My first Sous Vide cooker, I have loved diving into this style of cooking. Pork Loin cooked at 137 degrees is the juiciest, most tender way I've ever eaten it. This machine opens up new avenues of cooking, and especially if you don't love to cook, or can't be bothered to keep a close eye on whatever it is you're preparing. The only issue I've had with it is accidentally changing it to celsius, but after some searching, found out you can hold power and set buttons for a couple seconds, and it toggles back to Fahrenheit. It is very precise, and gets back to temp quickly if you have to add water. A benefit I haven't seen mentioned is that cooking at altitude seems to be the same as cooking at sea level, so no conversions needed on time or temperature. Living at 7,000 feet, that's important. All in all, I'd highly recommend.
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on February 15, 2018
Had to break out the corrections to turn on, the power switch appears to be a sensor as opposed to a tactile switch. Touch for 3-5 seconds and it comes on.
Other switches work as expected.

At 1000W, it is faster to get to temp than my now expired Annova, and overall quiet. The random stray air bubble may get sucked in and make a gurgle, however it's a random event.

Holds temp VERY well, and appears to be within 2% of set temp with a rapid reheat to regain temp when needed.
Having a delay start timer is useful, you can place a frozen cut of meat in container, set delay and temp and head out. It will come on, reach the temp set and hold that temp for the duration you choose.

Would suggest a lid or cover to reduce evaporation for long (exceeding 24 hour) cook times. Film wrap works in a pinch.
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on December 3, 2017
 This my first Sous Video cooking machine. I have been using this about two months. At the beginning, it requires some work to understand the overall workflow. I figure out to turn on Sous Vide should press the power button for 3 seconds. No idea why did this way. Probably, it is a protection to avoid accidentally touching the power button and the machine will turn on or turn off. After turning on, all other operation should be straight forward, just the scroll wheel to increase or decrease the number on screen. The work time is how long you want to cook your food. I have not use the set time. Right top corner is target temperature you want to set at during the cooking. Use the set button toggle between the settings. I would suggest you watch few tutorials online to see how other people use the Sous Vide. This will give you a better sense how work with this machine.

I get consistent result cooking a steak every week. With a correct temperature and cooking time is set, the steak inside always is pink. You never will fail.

Since this is a entry Sous Vide, the temperature is not precise to decimal. If you measure close to the machine, the temperature is range should be within +/- 1°. I used a thermometer to check water temperature, it is very close the temperature on screen. If you measure far away from the machine, water temperature will definitely have a larger difference. It is not like some reviews mention that temperature is not accurate.

There is a down side that if you place water about the minimal level. The machine will mostly like result in the error stage, the screen will show EOR message. It will not go away until you add more water. I do facing this problem a couple time.

You can't compare this product to other over hundred dollars. This one is cheaper. I am satisfying with this entry Sous Vide. I would to give this product 4.5 stars, but there is not an option.

1. You can put boiling water into the container to speed up the warm up process.
2. Use a small container about 7-8 inches wide. A small contains will able keep water temperature consistently and smaller difference..
3. Don't have water at the minimal water level.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on April 15, 2018
This Aicok Sous Vide Cooker works wonders! It didn't require much effort, and it produced a perfectly cooked piece of salmon, the first food I tried it on. The salmon was delicious, and very healthy, and now, thanks to this Cooker, me and my family eat a more healthier meal! The food produced by this cooker is still as delicious as using any other device or cooker/pan, but with enormous benefits, health, and taste. My family loves the taste of the fresh, THOROUGHLY cooked food coming from this cooker, and on behalf of me and my family, would recommend this slow cooker to all.
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on November 29, 2017
Works great so far after 6 or so uses. Much cheaper than Joule, Anova or some of the other brands and allows a home cook to try out sous vide cooking at a reasonable cost. I am not paid for the review and I paid full Amazon daily special price ~$65 for the cooker. Not bluetooth connected but that feature is not worth the extra cost for our use. Works great in either a Tupperware tub, stainless steel pot or for doing two pre-carved Thanksgiving turkeys I used a thin wall cooler. Meat has been tender and takes the guesswork out of cooking plus no need to brine before cooking. No need for a vacuum sealer either, zip lock style bags work well clipped to the container side or for the cooler I clamped multiple bags to two dowel rods across the top of the cooler to keep the bag closure out of the water. Poorly translated manual but there are great video's on how to use these on Youtube and cooking web sites. I recommend the Sous Vide Everything Youtube channel or Chef Steps. Williams and Sonoma has some good information as well.
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on October 22, 2017
This is my first sous vide precision. It works exactly as their saying.high quality PTC heating element with powerful 1000W motor, more precise on temperature control and longer lasting in can set the temperature from 32℉ to 203℉ and set the time from 0 to 99 hours according to your desired level for the food.Using this item user can Control the individual flavour-rare, medium rare, medium, medium well & done Professional Cooking at Home, with this sous vide cooker, the steak, chicken, fish, veggies, eggs, pork and any other food you like will be fresh.when I use it, I imagined I'm a professional chef .
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on March 26, 2018
I have a pretty shameful kitchen setup that keeps me from being able to cook meats evenly *cough*, so a friend recommended that I pick up one of these. Honestly, I had never even heard of a sous vide before, much less knew how to use it. It ended up being surprisingly easy to learn and cooked the meat (in this case, steak) exactly how I wanted it!

To use it, just clip the device to a pot and fill with water (there are MIN / MAX markers on the device that guide you in putting the right amount in). This sous vide circulates the water, so if there is too little, it won't work and an alarm goes off! Afterwards, set the temperatures / timer using the black scroll wheel on the front. Lastly, drop your meat into a Ziploc bag with whatever flavorings you like, squeeze the air out of it, seal it (with a metal chip clip, preferably), and place the bag into the heater water. The rest is just waiting!

It takes a while, but the end result is a meat cooked to the perfect temperature all the way around. Never again will my setup *cough* burn my steak! Highly recommended!
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