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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon June 24, 2017
Lately, my colleagues have been bragging about their Amazon Echo and Echo Dots. From what I understood, these devices only make shopping easier on Amazon. Since I already purchase too much from Amazon, I don’t need any help buying even more. I was still curious as to the additional capabilities of these devices so I searched for a cheaper alternative and found one from COWIN, manufacturer of some of the treasures I’ve found on Amazon. Hello COWIN DiDa!

Order to delivery took less than two days, thanks to Amazon Prime. Dida was professionally packaged to ensure no damage during transit (see photos). Included in the package were:

1 – Speaker with Amazon’s Alexa Integration
1 – Charging Cable
1 – Auxiliary Cable
1 – User Guide
1 – Registration Card

While DiDa was charging, I perused the user guide to familiarize myself with the device. The manual was easy to follow with lots of diagrams and photos for those who prefer visuals. In less than ten minutes, I completed reading the guide. I also installed the COWIN app.

After one and a half hour, DiDa was fully charged. DiDa was powered and I went through the Wi-Fi configuration. In less than five minutes both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth setup were completed.

After playing a bunch of songs, I started my sound quality test. My expectations were high because other COWIN products I own produced high quality audio. The first track used was a live recording of a basso vocalist with two acoustic guitars, a flute and a clarinet. Low frequencies from the vocals were smooth. Mids from one of the acoustic guitars, flute and clarinet were sweet and soothing. Highs from the remaining acoustic guitar were crisp and sharp. So far, so good.

The next track used was heavy on bass guitar. Bass had a good punch and quite satisfying. In terms of quality sound reproduction, DiDa didn’t disappoint.

I applied Boom, a third-party equalizer to my test tracks and sound was taken to another level. Here’s a tip. When playing songs with a lot of low frequencies, don’t turn the volume too high or DiDa will start to rattle. Since I don’t like loud music, this was not an issue for me. I discovered this when I continually increased the volume beyond the level that I could tolerate for testing purposes.

Tests were conducted using the COWIN app on an iPhone 7 Plus with equalizer enabled and set to acoustic.
There is one design aspect of DiDa that is very commendable. I call it 360-degree sound. Because of the product’s ingenious design, regardless of where the product is facing, you get the same quality sound. You can be on the front, side or back and would not notice any difference in sound quality. Most other speakers have to be oriented properly so that you get the most sound out of them.

Now comes the fun part, interacting with Amazon’s Alexa through DiDa. By touching the microphone button, I could ask DiDa just about anything including weather, latest news, information on my orders, famous people, synonyms, play songs and many others. My son even tried to propose to Alexa and got rejected. Use cases with DiDa’s integration with Alexa are many including listening to news while preparing for work in the morning, quick information lookup when helping your child with homework, getting status on your Amazon orders, setting alarms, birthday greetings, listening to music and many many more. DiDa also has built-in services that you can enable or disable allowing access to services such as TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Spotify, QQMusic, Napster and a few others. With services, I was able to listen to music from my Amazon Music and Spotify subscriptions.

DiDa has two modes, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. In Wi-Fi mode, DiDa uses Wi-Fi connectivity to access all the information needed from the Internet. In Bluetooth mode, you use your Bluetooth-enabled device to play songs or make and receive phone calls.

Usage is easy. The power button on the back is used to turn the device on and off. Buttons on the top include, Play/Pause, Minus, Plus, Microphone, W and M. Pressing the Minus button decreases the volume while holding it down plays the previous track. Similarly, pressing the Plus button increases the volume and holding it down plays the next track. The W button is used for configuring the device and connecting to Wi-Fi. The M button switches between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modes.

DiDa is capable of so much more with Amazon’s Alexa integration and I’ve barely touched the surface. This device will be extremely useful as Amazon improves Alexa’s capabilities. I’m glad to have followed my curiosity and took the leap with COWIN’s DiDa. My son has already claimed my current unit and I may have to purchase another one for myself.

There is one small adjustment I would like to see in the next version of this product. When pressing the Plus button to increase the volume, I would like to hear an indicator that tells me the maximum volume has been reached. Playing with many Bluetooth speakers got me used this feature and I would like to see it on DiDa.

The endless capabilities and high quality sound from COWIN’s DiDa easily garners this device 5 out of 5 stars in this review.
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on August 30, 2017
Impressive sound quality and connectivities. This sound is petite and fancy. It's existence highlighted my living room. I love it. The connection is easy. Just install the apps from app store, pair your speaker to your network and you are good to go. You could control it through Alexa or you could simply control it using the apps directly. You could press the button and talk to it for instruction. You could also just pair it through bluetooth to use it as a bluetooth speaker. However you want to use it, it's capable.
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on July 22, 2017
This speaker is exactly what we were looking for. It connects to both wifi and bluetooth. We use it on our front porch and back patio for music, news, weather, time, etc. Connects great with Amazon Echo. Sound was surprisingly good. Base sound better than thought for a small speaker. You sure can't beat the quality for the price. If you are familiar with setting up electronics, you should have no trouble with setting up this speaker and connecting to wifi, Amazon, etc. in just minutes. If you aren't, you may need to call for minor help so you can do it in 5 minutes where trial and error could take you much longer. I wasn't sure how to tell when the speaker was fully charged. There is a red light that comes on when you plug it in. I discovered the light goes out when fully charged. I don't know how much of a charge it had out of the box but took less than an hour for mine to fully charge. I haven't used it enough to see how long the charge lasts. Instructions say many variables for volume used, distance from wifi source, etc. If it gets near the 9 hours I will be satisfied. Can't really think of too many times that will be necessary but for parties. It can always be used while charging too.
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on September 1, 2017
The device is a great combination of features: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity as well as support for Alexa and streaming audio. The rechargeable battery is good for several hours at least. The only slight minus is that, to my ear, the audio quality is good, but not as good as, say, the Bose alternative. That said, the additional features make this the right choice for people who want portable sound with lots of features when they are home.
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on July 31, 2017
First let me say that I purchased my Cowin DiDa at a reduced price for an honest review. I take that very seriously. I love my new speaker. I own 3 Amazon Echos, 3 Echo Dots, 1 Tap and 1 Echo Show. I have quite a bit of experience with Alexa. I compared my DiDa to the Tap because it is the one most closely related. I love the bass on the DiDa. It seemed to fill the room more so than my Tap. The button on the DiDa is fashioned more like a touchscreen and requires very little effort. The button on the tap is a physical button. I do not have a preference. Alexa responded well on the DiDa. The only thing that was a challenge was the initial setup. I appreciate that Cowin realized that and put an extra effort in putting instructions on what to do if this happens. I found that if I connect my phone to the DiDa wifi SSID, the Cowin App had no problems identifying the device. The best thing I found out using my DiDa is that it appears in the Alexa App just as all of my other devices. I can send music to it and do everything with it that I can do with my Echo's, Dot's, Tap and Show through the App. I highly recommend the DiDa!!!
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on February 18, 2018
I love it. Easy to set up. Use it often. It has a wealth of knowledge stored. Ease of operation. Highly recommended.
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on June 14, 2017
Just received and and already have it up and running and playing Prime Music - very easy to set up - I am not expecting the speaker to be of the same quality of the ECHO or my Boses that I have paired to my 2 dots - but this was cheaper than a Tap with a coupon discount that I got the other day. The bass is pretty decent and I am am totally thrilled to have a portable Alexa now. I have purchased a set of COWIN headsets about a month ago so I decided to take a chance. Definitely worth the price I paid. App is easy to use as well and it seems that you can synchronize multiple of these. Just a great little product that I can pick up and move as my Dots are hard wired. Wow a song just started and that bass is just popping!!!!!
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on May 22, 2018
I use this all the time, really good sound quality for such a small speaker.
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on June 12, 2018
This speaker was easy to set up. Just follow the instructions on the smartphone app and you're ready to go. The sound is great.
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on June 14, 2018
This speaker is defective and I only had it since March. It gets stuck and don’t work for 3 days. They took my $100 and now they saying no refund. Wow!!!
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