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on April 6, 2016
Excellent Tuner - with a Tone Generator (across a wide frequency range of tunings, 410-480 Hz), and a really good Metronome to boot!

The tuner is very accurate, and gets surprisingly quicker and more stable readings than most other popular tuners I've used over the years. I like the fact that you can tune to the 432 frequency. My Boss TU-3 can't do this (only goes down to 436). I also use this tuner to check if pre-recorded music, chimes, and other musical instruments claiming to be precision tuned to 432 are actually tuned to that frequency. (The 432 music frequency has soothing and healing benefits that music tuned to 440 doesn't have.)

The Tone Generator will work across the different Hertz calibrations. So you can set the tuner to 440 and hear the chromatic scale notes in that tuning, and then switch it to 432 (or any other Hertz frequency from 410-480 Hz) and hear the chromatic notes in that frequency. This could be a very useful tool for ear & vocal training.

On the Metronome, I like that you can tap in your tempo if you prefer. This is a quicker and easier way to find out what the timing of a song is - especially if your band is getting ready to go into the studio and your drummer is going to be using click tracks. For those that don't want the chirp sound at the being of each measure, do this... while in the Metronome Mode, click the "Function" button and set the Beat to "0" (instead of 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) and that chirp goes away. Personally I prefer to use a metronome this way (w/o chirps) when running scales. My old metronome wasn't loud enough when I'm playing through an amp. The MetroPitch Metronome has a good range of volume to it - from very soft to quite loud. Definitely usable with moderate guitar amp volumes.

Overall you can't beat the value of this device, especially at this price. Even though it's so reasonably priced, the company cut no corners in the quality or the features. Three excellent products in one.

The "Red" Metro is an especially nice decorative addition to brighten up any room : ) A work of art !
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on February 23, 2018
Great quality item! I love the style and features on the MetroPitch, very easy to navigate the menus and change from mode to mode: Tuner, Tone, Metronome. The dial is a nice tool and the buttons on the front are responsive, the display gives you everything you need. The metronome feature is very cool - different time signatures, you can add quarter, eighth and sixteenth note "bips" in between normal beats, which is a great option depending on the tune you're playing. Speed up, slow down, etc. Very versatile. The build quality is great - not a cheap feeling piece of plastic, it has a metal housing, and the red color is pretty sweet. Comes with a cloth sleeve to keep it in, which is a nice touch. I took one star off my review for a design element I think they'll probably update: When in tuner mode on U for Ukulele, it defaults to the key of D, when Sop/Concert/Tenors are key of C. You can change the key setting, and it holds that C as the setting as you go to other modes and return to the tuner, or turn it off/on. But it'll default back to key of D for Ukulele if you switch to other instruments in the tuner (like Guitar, Violin) then return to Uke. Then I have to reset it back to the key of C each time. I have to give Laura at KLIQ major kudos on their customer service. Super responsive and helpful. I explained this through email to see if I had a defective item. They verified it should stay in the last key you programmed, so they offered and mailed me a new MetroPitch at no cost. The new one functions the same as my original, so it must be the way it was designed. I'm still very happy with it other than this minor item. I might get another one just to have one in my case and different rooms in the house where I play my instruments.
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on February 19, 2017
I purchased the MetroPitch, and had an issue with the Jogwheel which adjusts the tempo. It easily rotated in one direction, but resisted turning in the other! I was really disappointed because in all other aspects this metronome seemed so nicely engineered.

Well, the company immediately responded, and shipped me a replacement right away, which works perfectly. In their email they mentioned a goal of 100% customer satisfaction, and they certainly delivered on that. I think my initial one was just a weird exception. I highly recommend the product and the company. Well done!
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on August 26, 2017
I was looking for a guitar tuner primarily for my 12 string Hagstrom Viking. I was using a very popular phone app which was ok, but never was too confident that I was tuning properly. When I was looking at stand alone tuners KLIQ and another brand were rated highly. I chose this because of other reviews and quite honestly the price on Amazon. I have been pleasantly surprised with the MetroPitch. It tunes all my guitars effortlessly, including my Yamaha acoustic using a Seymour Duncan woody sc pickup. My 12 string has "in tune" strings now.... all 12 of them. I didn't realize how far off I was in octaves with just my phone until I used this for the first time.That alone was well worth the purchase.
I am not a professional by any stretch of the imagination. I really just picked up the guitar again after a 35 year hiatus playing drums. This has helped me get back into playing with confidence. Amazon was great in pricing and delivery and I will continue to search out deals here first.
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on February 20, 2016
Perfect. My daughter needed one for band with certain bells and whistles. This one fit the bill and had an attractive price. Her band teacher even loved it.
And in less than a month she broke it. You know, cracked screen just like what happens with cell phones. Functions of it still work but she had no screen.
That's not a negative comment; it was her mistreatment of it that led to a broken screen. This is a wonderful product and I was going to purchase another before the band director simply gave her one.
So long as it's treated with the care and respect any electronic item should be shown it will work as expected.
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on May 23, 2016
This is a very good tuner and an ok metronome. The tuner works perfectly and can either be tuned by plugging an electric guitar directly into the tuner or by using the microphone on the tuner, and the tone generator is great for training your ear. The metronome function however is functional but not perfect. The spinning wheel makes it easy to select the time signature that you want, however the sound the metronome is very electronic and makes an annoying beeping sound which is distracting while playing. For the price this is a great tuner, is compact in size and is very easy to use, however if you are buying this as a metronome primarily I would buy an old fashioned metronome which makes click noises or buy a different electronic metronome which produces click sounds.
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on February 12, 2017
For the price this is really a pretty good little gadget and has everything that you need. The chromatic pitch detection works great for learning violin. The dial is nice and big and turns easily.

It has one MAJOR flaw though - the speaker for the metronome is on the back. This means if you use it like I do, by placing it on your music stand against your scales book, you can't really hear the metronome when you play. I usually end up having to turn it around and looking at the back of it, then turn it around again to change the tempo, etc. It DOES have a little stand on the back, but I don't use it that way I always have my metronomes sitting on the stand in front of me so I can easily reach and make incremental changes when I'm practicing scales and such.

Other than that it works really well.
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on March 4, 2018
So far so good, works like a charm. I got this because my previous tuner was having a hard time registering the low B string on my 6string bass. The Kliq MetroPitch had no problem. I really haven't had the chance to test the other features thoroughly. Just briefly playing with the metronome function I was pleased with the ease and simple intuitive design of changing the tempo, while it might not get much use since I use other temp like devices, it's nice to know I have it in case I need it. The pitch tuner seemed functional and versatile although I have no use for it at this time, so I haven't really put it through it's paces. The one thing I did find extremely useful was the devices pass through ability. It doesn't seem to diminish or alternate my signal at all which is pleasant. I've only had the device a week so far and I'll add updates as I have more to add.
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on September 7, 2017
Great little tool. Volume control allows for just the right level of audibility. I'm purely using the metronome and haven't used the tuner yet as I have that in my rig already. Portable, yet sturdy, it's a real bargain. A couple quick observations I would make: 1) The angle of the stand is kind of shallow, I'd prefer it stand a little closer to upright; 2) I'd prefer a click to a beep on the metronome, or at least ability to choose, 3) The fit on the case is a mite snug. It's fine - it just requires some effort to get it in and out of the sleeve.
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on September 27, 2017
It easily replaces two pieces of equipment I carry around - a clip on guitar tuner, and a metronome. The tuning is spot on (it matches the clip on ) and it is very easy to change speeds on the metronome. The only thing ....but very that I wish there was more range in the volume controls of the metronome. I have only had it a couple of weeks. I will re review when I have used it for at least 6 months to see how it holds up. But right now, I am very pleased./
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