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on January 24, 2018
I was super-excited at the concept of this system because it offers the Alexa interaction while being a full-functioning alarm clock---including snooze. (Am I the only one who can't believe that Amazon has yet to release an Echo, Dot or spot with a snooze function?)
Sadly, this unit is clunky and, in my opinion, still in the developing phase. Alexa's voice defaults back to the highest volume each and every day no matter where you set the volume. Additionally, if you set up a reoccurring weekly alarm to your favorite music, it renders the snooze button useless. The snooze button only works if you use the iHome default alarm sounds. This unit could be so cool--but there is still work to be done. I'm holding out hope that system upgrades will be done to better the unit I have--since it is not cheap.
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on November 14, 2017
I was SO, SO wanting this cool clock to work as advertised but, alas, it wasn't to be. It was very easy to set up and connect to both my WiFi and to Amazon Alexa and it worked great, At First. The sound quality is really good, the display very easy to read and it's easy to set the alarm.
The problem is that the Alexa portion of the device doesn't work most of the time!! I found that if I would unplug the power and reset it, it responded to the wake word of Alexa - for awhile. Most of the time after speaking the Alexa wake word, it would just sit and blink multicolor lights at me and then time out. I have an Amazon Dot sitting on the same nightstand and it responds every time I speak its wake word so I know it's not a 'ME' problem!!
I did call iHome customer service and the gal was very helpful and stated it's a known problem and that they're working on it. My device did have the latest and greatest firmware version but to no avail!!
As I stated, I really wanted this device to perform as advertised and hope they iron out the bugs - in the meantime I've ordered a Vobot clock and hope it fulfills my daily waking needs and although I'll have to reach over and touch it to make Alexa wake up (Reach out and TOUCH - how 1970's!!) at least I can command my smart world again!!
I think it's just not ready for prime time right now.
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on January 20, 2018
Having a bedside clock with Alexa integration is a good idea, but this clock is flawed.

The clock face and buttons on top of the clock are lighted. When reducing the brightness of the clock face the buttons on top of the clock are not reduced to the same brightness. The top buttons cast a blue glow on the ceiling above the bed. A bedside clock should not cast unneeded light in the bedroom.

The clock face brightness has seven adjustable dim levels. The lowest level is so dim it is difficult to see in a dark room, it certainly can't be seen when the sun comes up. The next level up is too bright during the night. It casts a blue light across my bed. My 30 year old digital clock has the proper brightness at night and can also be seen during daylight hours.

The sound volume is also flawed. The Alexa voice volume can be set by pressing the buttons on top of the clock. The alarm volume can be set in the iHome app. For my room I set the Alexa voice volume to a low level. I set the alarm volume to a higher level. This worked fine until the alarm goes off. Triggering the alarm changes the Alexa voice volume to the alarm volume. Now Alexa is yelling at me.

The numbers have odd shapes. For example, the number 5 looks like the letter S.

I returned the clock for a refund.
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on December 23, 2017
The clock/date is set automatically, display and buttons are nice. Alexa works well, sound is excellent (for a clock/radio).

Things to improve on:
Can only use iHeartRadio or Spotify as alarm music (the built in alarm tones are awful - but that’s not why you get this). Would be nice if you could use tunein as an alarm also, or the new Alexa set music alarm feature.
I know and accept that this is a US device, but it would be good if Canadian post codes would work (for weather display), or Canadian iHeartRadio (its locked to the US iHeartRadio, so you can only get US stations).
Everything else works great, streaming music (not as an alarm), smart home control (although the new Alexa centric room control is not included, where you can say “turn off the light” and Alexa knows what room she is included in), minor really, just have to say “turn off the bedroom light” instead.

If you could use other services than iHeartRadio (or your local iHeartRadio), or Spotify (hint tunein!) this would be 5 stars.
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on January 21, 2018
I gave this a gift to replace an old iHome 100 for iPhones that has a short in one of the docking stations now. My husband just started using it this week and he hates it. It woke him up both nights with announcements like "bluetooth connection lost" and something about the power going off and coming back on. Who wants a clock talking to them all night. He cut off the Alexa feature after the first night thinking it was Alexa but it did the same thing the second night so it is the clock. He couldn't figure out how to stop that.

It makes the nightstand cluttered too having to have a USB cord to charge his iPhone. The old one has a docking station and he simply plugs his iPhone into it.

It dropped the Bluetooth connection for some reason and had to tell about it.

No radio either.

(Do you really want those lights on the bottom? I hope they are not charging much for that feature.)
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on October 28, 2017
Received 10/6/2017:
This alarm clock initially had some software problems, but once I put in a help ticket issues were quickly fixed. iHome has an 1-800 number that you can call during the day. I had no problems with their technical support.
Has everything that I wanted in an alarm clock. I can pick any song/playlist from Spotify to wake up to or any station from iHeartRadio. There is no need for AM/FM radio when you can stream any music. It has a nice fast charging USB plug in the back. I particularly enjoy the light gently turning on 10 minutes before the alarm goes off. The programmable buttons on the top can be assigned to music streaming or to control any iHome smart devices such as bedroom light switches. Pairing all this with Alexa makes programming it a breeze.
The display is pretty bright even at the lowest brightness setting. I end up turning off the display at night.
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on March 20, 2018
Unique feature set makes it a winner overall, but there are major stumbles as well. The Alexa implementation is trash. Voice activation triggers all the time, even just for random noises in the room, so you have to mute the microphone permanently and unmute to issue commands. Many Echo features are disabled as well, but that's more understandable. I wish there were more options in dimming the device. The backlit buttons on the top of the unit can light up a dark room and possibly disturb sleep, but if you dim them, they're tied to the clock brightness and make the display difficult to read during the day. Alarm setting is a mixed bag. The best feature for me is being able to set a channel from iHeartRadio to wake me up on a recurring schedule, but beyond that, alarm options are severely limited. Also, your Wi-Fi connectivity better be rock solid, because this device won't wake you up in the morning if you're disconnected. I've also had it wake me up in the middle of the night with it alerting me verbally that the signal has been lost. I had to unplug it in the dark to shut it up. On the good side, I love the look and the display in particular. The configurable multi-colored light effects are neat. The rear USB power outlet will charge your phone and that's a nice touch. The construction feels solid as a tank and the audio quality is quite good. Bottom line, I don't regret the purchase and I'll probably use it for many years, but that's mostly due to the lack of really compelling options in this product segment, not because of the excellence of the product.
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on July 27, 2018
I purchased this clock radio thinking it would work as advertised. Unfortunately, it did not. After on 3 days of finally working right, I got a message in the iHome app that there is a firmware update. I selected "Update". That's the last time the unit worked. It could not connect to my wi fi or Alexa. I spent several hours screwing around with the re installation to no avail. I finally called iHome technical support who were very helpful and courteous. Even they could not explain why the unit malfunctioned. The tech support person suggested I return the unit and purchase another unit which I did. Normally I would not repurchase a problematic item, but when it did work, I found it to be a great item. So we'll see if the replacement works properly. If not, I'll return it again and look for something similar.
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on April 21, 2018
An accurate self-setting clock and date via Wi-Fi with alarm, plus all the voice operated things Alexa can do like play radio stations including local ones for free via TuneIn, play local music from your phone via the iAVS16 app (title and artist scrolls on the radio). The lights are dimmable in many steps. If there's a delay before Alexa responds on the radio, go to the iAVS16 app and update the firmware to the latest version to get rid of that (be patient -- it takes a while). Yes, the radio firmware is updateable, that's good -- it means problems can be fixed and features could be added (like maybe showing the radio station or song playing perhaps?). The setup is very important for setting the time zone and zip code for the time and local weather to display. It's NOT only great for the bedroom, but also on your desk and/or in the kitchen -- anywhere!
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on May 14, 2018
One of the main reasons that I purchased this product is so that I could wake to iHeart radio. I live in a remote area and cannot receive radio stations so this was the perfect solution...for a while. It just stopped working and now I awake to some random preset tone that I don't even have the option of choosing. I can't choose ANY other sound, iHeart radio or any preset tone. I have contacted Amazon, and they say it's not their problem. I have contacted iHome, and they say I need a firmware update. I've been waiting for several months now without a solution. Everything else works great, but I'm pretty disappointed in paying that amount for a clock radio with NO radio now.
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