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on April 16, 2018
After trying a seemingly endless number of cat litters over the last 20 years, i've come to like the Hartz Clumping Paper one the most...for now. Luckily, of the two cats i've had over the last 20+ years, neither is/was fidgety with switching brands. I should note my "gear" as they do in tech websites. I use a Catit brand covered litter box with a door, and have a cat that pees a lot. (Same with my last cat). Anyway, the litter is not perfect. It introduces problems not found in other litters, while solving problems no other litter i've tried was able to solve. I'll break it down by topic.

DUST. This is the biggest and best difference for me. After using clay, wheat, corn, and other clumping litters, i couldn't take the dust anymore. No matter the brand or what they claim, ALL clay, wheat and corn litters have dust. Dust that will remain on your floor, your walls, your air (and lungs), your cat. I was tired of seeing paw prints on my bed. Well, this is the first clumping litter i've ever used that nearly completely eliminates the dust. It doesn't track on paws, and i have found no dust around my condo. There is some white dust that i've noticed accumulates over time in the bottom of the box, underneath all the litter, but it seems to be staying at the bottom, and never gets tracked around the house. I guess the large litter pieces just rise to the top, so any dust stays at the bottom.

CLUMPING. The clumping is the best i've experienced. It does not break up like clay litters, and stays in a really tight ball. However, it won't be blue like they show in the pictures. Sure, the inside is blue, where it's wet. But like any clumping litter, the outermost part that is no longer wet is still going to be white. Pieces of litter that are dry on the outside of the ball are going to be sticking to the blue interior, so you barely, if at all, see the blue. I find it best to shake the litter box up a bit to make the big clumps rise to the surface for scooping. Otherwise, you won't see them. The downside is, the clumps are huge. They are much bigger than clay clumps, so you waste a lot more litter every time you scoop.

SMELL. There are two odors of any litter: the smell of the waste, and the litter itself. Well, near as i can tell, this litter is completely odorless. So, when Moogie does her thing, i never smell any litter odor. It also seems to mask the urine odor better than any other litter i've used. However, the fecal odor is more prominent compared to other litters. I presume this is because these are large pellets, instead of a grain litter. With grains, covered poop has a sort of seal over it due to the small, tight grains. With the larger pellets, you're going to have a lot more space with tiny air holes that will allow the odor to escape the buried poop more easily. So, you may find yourself scooping more often.

TRACKING. This is one downside to this litter. The white pellets do tend to track quite a bit. On the good side, they don't break up, and are bright white, so easy to see (and easy to sweep or vacuum). And because it's a large pellet, this doesn't add dust to the air, or leave paw prints on your bed. My litter mat traps more than half of it, so that helps. The longer your cat has to travel to get off the litter mat, the less tracking there will be.

COST. This is the biggest issue for me. It's $10 for a bag that doesn't have that much litter in it. Some reviewers think a single bag is a sufficient amount for a single litter box. I only have one 8-lb cat, and i use about 1.25 bags in the litter box. The problem is that the size of the clumps tend to be so large, that i find myself adding more litter quite often. I'm about halfway through my 4th bag in just 5 weeks. Granted, my cat seems to pee a lot compared to what other cat owners have told me, but the clumps are still going to run larger than what you're used to, regardless of how little your cat may pee.

As a quick comparison to the non-clumping paper, this wins hands-down. The non-clumping paper is really good at trapping odors, and there is also no dust or litter smell. But in a very short time, your litter turns to goo, because you can't scoop out the pee. Also, because the pellets are the same color as poop, it can be more difficult to see if you're not working with a ton of light. I loved the paper litter for about 4 days, and then i realized i had to go back to clumping litter.

Despite the issues of cost and pellet tracking, this is my favorite litter at the moment. It has virtually no dust or odor, and those were the two biggest issues i had with every other litter. I can smell my cat's poop more often, but that just means i get up and clean it right away. Odor gone. And as the poop dries, the smells largely dissipates anyway. The best part of this, is even after weeks of just adding litter, but never dumping the whole thing out and replacing it, there is still NO odor coming from the box at all. Every other litter i've used gets nasty after a few weeks, no matter how often you scoop. Tiny pieces of clumped pee fall off in the box, and accumulate over time, so even if you scoop every day, the whole box just reeks after a while. That problem is totally gone with these pellets. Try two bags at first, and give it a week. Also, please comment if you found a clumping litter that is dust-free.
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on February 10, 2018
It clumps urine well. Poop just hangs out, littler does not stick to it well. However, it is so lightweight that it lands on my cats fur and she tracks it all over house. Similar to packing peanuts.
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on March 6, 2018
Cat odors are finally gone! I am very sensitive to smells and this product is great! Other cat litters I have purchased that claimed to be odorless actually did have an odor and the litter smelled all the time even when it was clean. This cat litter actually does not have any odor. Finally! The litter turns blue and clumps when it gets wet, so it is easy to find and dispose of cat urine. The litter completely contains urine odors. There is no smell at all. As long as your cat covers its business when it poops and does not just leave it on top, then there is no smell then either. The litter conceals the smell completely. This cat litter is amazing! I'm so glad I found it. If you do have a cat that leaves its poop on the top, a great natural air freshener is Blue Magic Pure Citrus Lemon Air Freshener. It gets rid of odors in the air completely and quickly and the fragrance is a nice clean lemon scent. The only downside is that the litter is so super lightweight that if it gets stuck in the cats paws some falls outside the cat litter box. It just takes a minute to vacuum around the box once a day and I did that with other litters I used too so it's not a big deal to me. The bag of litter weighs next to nothing so it has saved my back. I also use the Litter Genie with Ultimate Cat Litter Odor Control Refills because the Litter Genie holds 4 days of waste from 3 cats, which means I only have to throw the trash away twice a week and my home is completely odor free! Another great product I use is Nature's Miracle Disposable Litter Boxes. They are completely biodegradable and safe for the environment. I haven't cleaned a cat litter box in over a year! I can tell the cats really appreciate how clean everything is too. The litter boxes are inexpensive, so I replace the box every two weeks. I just place it in a trash bag with any left over litter and toss in the trash. Clean up is light and easy and I don't have to scrub cat litter boxes with disinfectant any more, so I'm not breathing in toxic chemicals. I get everything auto-delivered from Amazon because their prices are the best and it's great having everything delivered to my front door. If you are very sensitive to odors like me, try the things I use and you will be amazed at the difference :)
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on February 12, 2018
With seven cats at present, I have learned that what works well for one cat does not necessarily work well for all cats. So far, I have only tried this in one litter box, and have been very pleased. There has been no odor problem. The litter does not stick to the box. It is incredibly lightweight and dust-free. Sifting is a bit of a challenge, as the paper does not sift through the scooper very well. However, I am going to try using a pair of silicone tongues to see if that resolves this concern. Overall, I'm delighted with this litter and will definitely continue purchasing this product.
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on January 12, 2018
Best cat litter I’ve ever tried! Clumps well, very lightweight, no urine odor at all, and no dust. Impossible to eliminate scatter entirely, but at least this scatter is much less in volume, is clean, and is easy to sweep up. Love that it’s made out of recycled paper. Other recycled paper or pine litters don’t clump, and the corn and/or wheat based litters are very dusty and made my kitty congested. Clumping paper litter for the win!
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on June 8, 2018
UPDATED July 2018: see addendum below

This review is going to be shorter than most I write, thanks to the very thorough summary in a previous review at

To reiterate, there is no perfect litter. I've been trying all kinds (bamboo, coconut, tons of clay, wheat, and more) But I really, really like Hartz Paper Clumping Litter on several counts:
1. The clumping is better than any I've seen. BIG, firm clumps. A little shake and tipping side to side of the box reveals them.
2. Cleaning up floor debris is easy, unless you have all white floors. Other litter scatter camouflages itself. I can see what to sweep up easily, and it almost never crumbles or smashes.
3. It's recycled paper! I've been looking for ways to use, not just produce paper trash.
4. Smell. I agree with the observations of the review I linked. This stuff is pretty neutral
5. Very little dust. I've got chronic lung problems--this is a godsend.
6. The cats accepted it readily. I have one who has cancer and steroids are keeping him going--keeping him alive and making him drink, eat, urinate, and defecate more. He seems to like this litter. Really important for a sick kitty.

a. I think I'm using more of this, but that may be because I'm removing the nasty stuff more thoroughly when I scoop, and my kitty is eliminating more often.
b. It does track more pieces--or they are more obvious. But I don't use a mat, so I can't state whether that would help.

======= July 2018 Update ==========

This stuff is amazing. The clumping is fantastic, and the kitties love it. I've been using it since May, and I'm very happy with kitty acceptance, smell, and ease of cleaning. It makes really visible green clumps where they urinate. I have 3 boxes with 3 types of litter because we were having problems with the cats urinating in the house. This seems to have stopped. The other boxes contain Ecocare Bamboo and a Coconut litter. The Paper and the Bamboo litters are used equally. They are positioned at opposite ends of the house. We scoop clumps once or twice daily and replace the whole box (recycled pressed paper boxes) every 3-4 weeks. This is with 4 cats, but only 2 are inside at one time; the others are in the outdoor, enclosed catitat. I'm a fan of this litter.
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on April 10, 2018
I finally found it! I have tried soooooooooooo many litters ranging from Clay to Corn, Crystals to Coconut. They all were either too heavy for my Devons to cover their poo, too lite that they brought bits to the bed with them, too dusty (what a nightmare for the entire house) or itty bitty pieces getting stuck to the bottom of my feet or cemented to kitty cat tails. This litter is the only one I am willing to deal with until something better comes along, maybe the same concept with a tiny bit more weight per pellet because they do track but are simple to eliminate and easy to see but they don't hurt like a lego when stepped on. This paper litter has been clumping well, easy to scoop, not overly loud when Ilya digs to China and back, I haven't had an issue with smells after 8 days and still going, which is 5 days longer than I was able to deal with any other litters. I use 1 bag to fill the CatIt Jumbo box and after 8 days there is still plenty left after scooping twice a day, I'll add more when I need it. The price is on point as well. My Devons and I thank you.
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on May 13, 2018
Horrible odour control for poop but good for pee. The clumping ability isn't great but again, I wasn't expecting much from a paper based litter anyway. Because it's so light, it tracks quite a bit especially if you have dark coloured floor you'll see it everywhere. I don't know if it is a safer alternative due to it's blue/clumping property but so far I haven't noticed it getting stuck on my cats' paws. All in all, it's an okay product, not very economical and doesn't do a good job at covering poop smell. Will not repurchase.
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on June 27, 2018
My 4 cats refuse to use the box containing this paper litter. I had hoped they would accept it as I wanted to get away from clay litters. No such luck, though. The litter box was ignored for two weeks, except for the occasional foray in the box to play with the pellets and scatter them about. Not one of the four cats actually relieved themselves in this litter so I can not speak to the clumping/scooping/odor control characteristics. This litter is tinted with a light blue dye, doesn’t have much dust, if any, and doesn’t hurt or crumble if you step on tracked pellets. I liked it a lot but, if the cats don’t use it my opinion doesn’t matter.
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on March 1, 2018
This litter is wonderful - it is light weight and most important no dust. It absorbs with urine smell completely. My cat does not like to cover her poop so that smell is still there but it is her fault not the litter. I have 5 cats and she is the oldest so she eats and has her bathroom in my work office so having no dust is so much better.
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