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on August 20, 2017
Very poor design. Takes half the amount of soiled diapers as the original Diaper Genie Elite. This means more bag changes, more wasted bag. Bags rip easily thanks to the poor design of having the latch mechanism so sharp. We have five kids, three in diapers and go through many changes. We have one of each Diaper Genie model and you can see the difference in the amount of diapers the old model vs the new will hold in my photo. I'm positive the company changed the design in order to induce more purchases of the refill bags. Both models block the odor well. Just don't breathe when opening the lid to insert the next dirty diaper🤧😷
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We used Diaper Genies since the early 90's. We used them for our children in the mid 90's and early 2000's as well as our commercial daycare. Needless to say, we went through quite a few of them over the years. Now that our children are older and we retired from the daycare business, we use a Diaper Genie for our dog's waste bags. It's great because we were using metal trash cans originally but they didn't contain the odor properly and the waste bags made our garage smell pretty ripe between trash collections, especially in the summer. I just replaced our prior Diaper Genie model, a Playtex Diaper Genie Expressions Customizable Diaper Pail with Starter Refill with this model. This Genie comes fully assembled and only requires inserting the bag dispenser and carbon filter packet into their respective holders to make it ready for use. Below are my observations of this Diaper Genie compared to the Expressions.

I love the hands-free way this Genie works. I open the top with the foot pedal, drop the waste bag (or a diaper) inside and release the pedal to close. When you push the pedal an internal trap door opens along with the lid to allow you to drop the waste in. The trap door closes with the lid keeping waste and odors trapped below. That is much better than the manually operated spring-loaded trap door of the Expressions. The Expressions trap door requires the user to manually push it open with whatever they're disposing. The springs are pretty tightly wound, so it takes some effort to push it open. Things can get really gross if you have to dispose of anything messy or squishy, like a completely full and leaky diaper or, in our case, dog waste bags. We have to use our fingers to push the door open and drop the bag in because unlike a diaper, a dog waste bag is not pushing the door open.

As far as size, the nod goes to the Expressions. This Genie is larger and visually seems to have more capacity than the Expressions with the two placed side by side. However, when you open both, you see that the Expressions, while smaller, uses interior space more efficiently. The push button operated outward tilting chamber of this Genie makes it easy to open and change bags, but the design also eats up interior space due to moving parts. The Expressions top opening lid is a little less graceful in operation but leaves the entire empty canister below available for storage.

This Genie has a carbon filter holder. The Expressions doesn't have a filter holder. The filter goes into a holder in the top lid, isolated from the diaper storage chamber. The filter is there to neutralize any odors, particularly any that may seep up through the trap door. I haven't had any issues with odors leaking from the Expressions, even without using a filter. The only time I smell odors is when I have to open it to empty it on trash day. I guess I could toss a filter in the storage chamber but it hasn't seemed necessary. However, I keep my Genie in the garage. For anyone keeping it inside a nursery, bathroom or elsewhere indoors, leaking odors may be more noticeable and the carbon filter likely to prove more useful. This Genie also comes with a full cartridge rather than a starter like the Expressions.

I have to give the nod to this model over the Expressions primarily for the hands-free disposal. Being forced to smash a soiled item against a hatch to open it is not the best design. It makes the hands-free operation of this Genie that much more appreciable.
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on September 19, 2017
This item came heavily recommended by several of our friends but it seems that the design has changed since they used it. I was under the impression this would lock the odor away but it is sub-par at best. We've taken to using left over grocery bags as they are more effective. I suspect the older model that "twisted" the diapers and sealed them was far more effective at odor control. This is just a fancy trashcan with overpriced refills. I recommend you look for another product.

EDIT: after a bit of research I found the original design twisted the diapers sealing in the odor. This module doesn't do that and isn't effective at controlling odor. Look elsewhere.
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on December 1, 2017
I have a few months since I am using it. At the beggining I was happy with this purchase but now I would send this item back if I could. The bad smell of the diapers is all around the house, I changed the filter also but anyway no result. I have just one baby, and I have to change the bags twice a week which is very frustrating. I would not recommend it to buy.
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on September 14, 2017
I used to have the Ubbi diaper pale, which I paid a pretty penny for from one of those boutique baby stores. I'll say that the former unit held a lot of diapers and had a solid construction. That said, that's where the wonderful times ended with that one. My husband and I were sick of the overall stink of our unit and the small, we ordered this diaper genie in hopes that it would solve the smell problem.

SO -- not only does the nursery smell good, but it's hands-free which seems like a given, but not all diaper pales do this. The bag system is easy to use. I recommend double knotting the bottom bag and pulling it taught. It blends into a well decorated nursery well. I was worried it would look cheap or obtrusive and it looks just fine. The other nice thing is that it's plastic and you can spray it down with glass cleaner or even hose it down if you end up with a crazy toddler moment.

If I had to find any issue with it, it's that it fills up quickly and needs to be emptied and uses its own proprietary bags. This is also a blessing, bc the diapers don't sit in there for too long. It's probably only noticeable to me, b/c my previous diaper pale held about twice as much.

Highly recommend!
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on December 25, 2017
Listen up soon to be parents - I am a twin mom to two 13 month olds (that’s a lot of diapers so far) and I have used both the Munchkin diaper pail and this one. I HIGHLY recommend the Munchkin one unless you will be changing the bag EVERY day and only having one baby. This pail is frustraiting to get the diaper into the second resovoir, causing you to have to shake the pail (this shaking the doodoo scent out into the room), plus it holds about 1/4 of the diapers the Munchkin does.
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on February 21, 2018
I used the Diaper Genie Elite for a long time (18 months) until my toddler stepped on the foot peddle while holding the lid down and it broke.
I wanted another Elite but it’s discontinued. It’s too bad because the new and approve Complete is not as good.
1 the Elite was taller and thinner, the blue plastic liner bags have not changed shape, so the shorter Complete doesn’t hold as many diapers. the can part is bigger around but is limited by the capacity of the narrow plastic bag.
2 I never used filters with the Elite, it never sent a horrible smell into the room when you added a new diaper (despite holding more diapers) the Complete STINKS! I bought the filters and they help. But you have to change the filters every 10 days at the longest. That’s expensive- 3 filters a month. And it still stinks when you open the genie to add a new diaper. But without a filter stink comes out around the Complete when closed and will knock you out after it’s been opened.
3 now that you don’t have to move the genie away from the wall to open it, my toddler likes to open the front up and cause all sorts of troubles. I had to put a big rubber band around the diaper genie Complete to stop him from opening it, it just gently snaps closed and opens easily. When he opens the genie it makes the whole house smell bad.
4 the Elite was taller and easier to get the diapers in to. I have to bend down more for the shorter Complete.

I wish I could have found another Elite but I’ll take a diaper genie Complete over a standard lidded trash can (what I had for #1 kid)
You know you’re going to spend a fortune on the bag inserts and now filters. But it’s great to have a diaper containment unit.
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Top Contributor: Petson December 21, 2017
Having 2 ferrets in the house means there's a LOT of poop. We go through a lot of litter. At first, were just putting the soiled litter in a small trash can, and taking out the bag twice a week. However, our house also has a pretty bad problem with fruit flies. We can usually keep them under control, but they were starting to breed a lot in the soiled trash can. Every time I scooped litter into the trash, a cloud of flies would erupt from the can. EW! We tried hanging fly paper above the trash can, and while it did catch a lot of flies, they were still breeding quickly.

And then, my husband remembered his sister raving about how great the diaper genie is. So we tried one. And OH MY GOD this is so great! We bought a second one so we can keep one in the office and one in the bedroom. (They're light enough to move between rooms, but large enough to be awkward, so it's just easier to have one in each room where needed.)

Now, Marshall's ferret litter does a pretty good job of odor control already, but there's only so much a litter can do when it's completely soaked in poo and pee. However, the diaper genie keeps the smell locked firmly away. It also keeps out the flies! The fly population in our house has drastically fallen, to practically zero. The only thing I will say is that the lid is not "airtight". We left the house for a trip one week, and forgot to empty the diaper genie. When we got back, there were maggots under the lid. We cleaned them up and threw out that bag, and it hasn't happened again. It's worth noting though, that you should definitely empty the bag if you plan to be gone for a couple of days.

The bags hold a good amount of litter, and the whole thing is very easy to use. I am SO HAPPY with this purchase, I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone who has to deal with poop outside the toilet, for whatever reason.
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on September 12, 2017
This works better than just a regular trash can (which we ridiculously thought we could get away with and not be completely grossed out every time we walked in the nursery) but you still get a waft of stinks every time you step on the lever to add a new diaper. There's no smell though with it full just sitting in the room and for the few seconds you are adding a new diaper just hold your breath. It's pretty unrealistic to think that something that holds human feces will be 100% smell proof so I think in that regard this thing is great. I'm only giving it 4 stars because the slim design means you have to squish that diaper up pretty good in order to fit in the little trap door. I also wish I could use regular trash bags but man, emptying this thing is genius and you really don't smell much of anything when you empty this out. Ingenious design in that regard.
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on January 26, 2018
I had an older version that broke so had to get a new one. This one seems to be about the same size but a MUCH smaller space for the dirty diapers. Therefore, you have to change the bag more and waste more of the EXPENSIVE refill bags. Such a ploy to get you to spend more $$ as if you don't spend enough!!
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