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on December 17, 2016
I've used this for our 3 cats for about 4 months now. I'd been searching for cat litter with the following qualities:

1. No or very low dust production. This had become a huge issue after trying many other lightweight clumping litters. Every lightweight litter we tried produced high levels of dust inside the house.
2. Lightweight. With 3 cats, shlepping 35 pound buckets of litter to the basement isn't practical for me.
3. Clumping.
4. Tracking -- every other lightweight litter we tried was tracked all through the house.

After a couple of years of trying just about everything recommended, this litter is the one that meets and exceeds all requirements above. NO dust whatsoever, very lightweight, clumps well, and no more tracking.

Additionally, it lasts a LONG time. We have 2 large litter boxes, scoop twice daily, and this litter just seems to last forever. It is scented, but not overly-scented.

I avoided it at first because it seemed more expensive. However, we actually spend less on cat litter than in years past. We replace it less often because it lasts so long.

Finally found what works for us and our cats.
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on March 13, 2017
I've been a cat owner for my entire life. I've tried nearly every litter that's out there, so I know what litter is good. This stuff was good (lightweight and heavyweight). It was the best I'd ever used up until that point -- clumped up amazingly well, no odor, minimal perfume, and my cats liked it. Life changing, etc etc, everything that's been said in the good reviews, all true.

I started noticed with the past couple deliveries that the litter quality had gotten grainier and suddenly it was tracking *everywhere* -- all over the halls, even in my bed (ew). Super annoying, but it still basically worked so I dealt with the endless sweeping and vacuuming.

Then my 11-year old cat, normally lumberjack-healthy with no previous issues, starts having pee problems. Expensive vet visit later, they tell me he has minerals in his urine that indicate he might be been eating his litter. I thought he might just have eaten some by accident. It didn't occur to me till later that he was not eating it, he was licking it. Because it was so grainy it got stuck in his paws, as well as everywhere else. Okay, I still held out hope because this stuff is just *that good* right?

So then I order this stuff, and it arrives. WHAT EVEN IS THIS. The review left here where the reviewer left pictures of the old stuff and the new stuff, that's exactly what I got too. It's darker, grainer (basically silt) and holy mother of god the perfume stench. It made my eyes water up instantly. I washed my hands multiple times and I couldn't get the smell off.

Almost immediately after jumping in and using this garbage litter (as cats do) my poor cat started showing major pain symptoms and just started peeing everywhere and howling in pain. If that perfume hurt my eyes I can't imagine what it did to his delicate bits. It all went immediately into the garbage and now I need to try to get my guy healthy again, and apologize for being such a dense cat parent.

So, not just a waste of money but a dangerous waste of money. Disappointed doesn't cover it. Now I'm just mad. Did A&H change the formula or is this just some straight up counterfeit litter? Because wow, that escalated quickly.
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on March 30, 2016
I have always used Tidy Cat Litter and have been satisfied. I tried this Clump and Seal by Arm and Hammer because it was recommended on Amazon. Well I went through the box . The day after I changed back to my usual my cat who is 4 years old and no health problems started to act funny and favored his paws . I was not aware of any injuries but took him to the vet. They examined him and found that litter was lodged in his paw pads and both paws were extremely infected and swollen. There have been two separate appts with one where he had to be anesthetized in order to clean out both his front paws. I would never use this litter again and I recommend anyone else to never use it!!!
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on May 6, 2016
I have been using the lightweight Clump & Seal for my 2 cats for over 2 months. I wanted to give it a fair try before deciding on whether or not to continue to buy it. The pros: it is dust-free, which is the big reason I decided to try it. Litter box dust is not easy to deal with. And it's lightweight, which is a real plus.

On the con side: the litter does not clump as solidly as other brands do. I use liners in the cat box and the urine is always at the bottom, stuck on the plastic liner, and scooping it is messy. The litter does have a fresh smell, but it does not entirely block odors, and it doesn't stay fresh very long. I scoop every day, but when I come home from work I can smell the box. That's unfortunate. Worse yet, I can smell cat poop across the room from the litter box AFTER THE CAT HAS JUST USED IT and covered it up. Yuck.

The lightweight litter is also expensive. I assumed when I read the front of the box that the litter, although lighter in weight, would have the "same uses as XX pounds" and that the expense would justify itself by the litter lasting as long as 30 pounds of other brands. Not so. I pour a whole box of Clump & Seal into the cat box and in less than a week it gets thrown out because of smell.

Others have mentioned the tracking problem. It tracks worse than other brands and it gets everywhere.

So I will be going back to Tidy Cat, despite the dust problem, until Arm & Hammer comes up with Clump & Seal 2.0 - hopefully a product that is less expensive, keeps the odor down, and fulfills its promise.
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on November 21, 2017
This is the worst cat litter I have ever experienced. First of all, if you want cat litter everywhere in your house, this stuff is basically sand, and will help you achieve turning your home into an indoor cat litter oasis. For that it is perfect. Additionally if you would love the overwhelming fragrance of cat litter perfumes that try to cover up cat smells, that it can’t actually absorb, definitely choose this. Not to mention the fact that your cat will scratch for about 3-4 times longer trying to cover the mess with this litter because it doesn’t absorb anything and doesn’t clump at all. So if the background noise you are looking for is your Cat DJ-ing on the litter box floor, then this litter is the perfect addition to your cat litter beach/ oasis you are about to have in your home. Think of it as white noise hahahaha.

Now if you aren’t looking to build a pile of ½ dirty cat litter as a beach oasis in your home, and you believe that good litter should absorb smells, not try and mask them with smelly perfumes which do truly remind every human of a litter box, then I highly recommend buying anything but this litter,

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on January 22, 2018
What I like about this litter is the light weight, but that might be where it ends. I ordered the 11lb box which is supposed to be equal to a 22lb box of heavy clumping litter. I paid 19. 99, what was I thinking? I have a large litter box for my big Maine Coon cat. I can usually fill the litter box and have extra left over to replace what I scoop out. The 11lb box filled the litter box with none left over. I don't see it lasting long and not being very economical because of that. I'm glad others like it, but I don't think I'll be ordering it again.
UPDATE: After the cat using it for a few days, I am changing my rating to 5 stars. Very little of the product is absorbed when it clumps! It's very good at odor absorbsion and looks like it will last a long time. It costs more, but I will buy it AGAIN!
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on September 29, 2017
I never thought that I'd say that I love cat litter but I LOVE this stuff.
It truly is 100% dust free, I don't have to dust every day anymore - yay!
I wish it clumped a little harder/better but I can live with it, just have to be a bit more careful when cleaning the boxes so I don't bust a clump.
There isn't litter tracked all over the place anymore either.
My 2 cats used it immediately and I'm thinking that it probably feels better on their little feet since the particles are a lot small than regular clumping litter.
Big bonus for me is Amazon selling and shipping it with Prime for less than it costs at that big store - I don't have to pull it down from the shelf, put it in my cart, etc. etc. - it comes to the house and goes straight to the basement cat room.
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on October 23, 2016
I was skeptical to try this "lightweight" stuff but now that I have I won't be going back. It definitely doesn't get tracked around the house as much. It clumps really well. The smell isn't too perfumy and it has decent odar control. My cats had no problem transitioning to this type and I love that it is lightweight. Even better getting it delivered and I think that the price might even be a bit lower than in the stores. Great deal!
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VINE VOICEon November 4, 2017
Size: 11 lb|Color: Multi-Cat|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )|Verified Purchase
This litter smells so artificial that it makes me nauseous. I thought maybe it was a fluke because originally I mixed it with my regular litter. Though this litter is lighter the smell is awful. It is so fake and pervasive my whole house smells like litter that was fresh 12 hours ago. The clumping ability is less than ideal (it tends to clump less and crumble more) so it's harder to scoop too. I wish there was a scratch and sniff option to reviews because you would run screaming if you smelled my 2nd floor right now (townhouse, no outdoor space for the box). I am heading to the store to get regular litter ASAP.
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on January 12, 2018
I've always liked Clump and Seal litter and decided that I was staying with it, no matter how expensive it ever gets. Well, I discovered the ultra light litter and this is the only litter I will ever buy. It just works. It really is almost completely dust-free. Compared to other light litters, this one wins the dust battle, hands down. The texture is perfect for kitty paws. My babies don't track it at all. It holds up to my sometimes casual litter box cleaning and I don't think I have completely emptied the litter boxes in months. You get what you pay for, and this litter is worth every bit of the price. I will eat ramen noodles before I ever skimp on litter again.
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