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on May 21, 2014
I've tried every variety of cat litter on the market. The cheap stuff. The clay stuff. The flushable stuff. The blue crystals. The corn cob pellets. The natural organic chemical free stuff. The stuff branded "World's Best Cat Litter" which my cat assumed was a cruel joke and promptly peed on the rug in protest (#OccupyBathmat). We've held control laboratory test groups pitching scented against unscented. We've even blended two varieties together in a Frankenstein experiment to uncover the secret to a funk-free bathroom where our litter box is housed. All to no avail.

Until now. This, my four-legged feline lovers, is it. The holy grail of cat litter. It clumps solidly like a rock. It sifts through the scooper like fine beach sand. It doesn't kick up any clay dust clouds. It has a light, pleasant, but not overwhelming scent. And it retains freshness for a week (sometimes longer), as advertised on the package. There's two varieties, one for single, freewheeling kitties and one that I'll dub Cat Sanctuary-approved. I myself only keep one cat, but as I have a very small apartment with weak ventilation, I opted for the multi-cat formula for extra "stank assurance."

Clump & Seal performs beautifully. In fact, it works so well and clumps so tightly, that the litter box requires refilling a touch more often than it did with lesser, inferior litter brands. But I consider that a small price to pay in exchange for a bathroom (and house) that doesn't reek of urine and powdery chemicals. Very satisfied cat and cat owner.
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on January 28, 2017
Here I am writing a review on litter. Lol. But I had to say this stuff is worth the price. I live in a small house. I have had cats all of my adult life. Most litters just plan suck. This is awesome stuff. I can't smell their box. I asked a few friends if they can. Nope. Plus I like ordering this online. I don't have to carry it. Haha
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on November 1, 2017
- little to no dust (no dust so far, actually)
- no bad smells
- (personal opinion) subtle, light fresh scent

- I'll update if I find any.

I didn't know cat litter could be this easy and effective. I got a cat recently (first cat ever) and after a ridiculous amount of research, I passed this stuff up and went with Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Ultra Cat Litter. That stuff is great, too, don't get me wrong. But this is better imo. I noticed the Dr. Elsey's tracked a decent amount, even with a litter mat, but I didn't know any better. There was also that special litter box smell (faint because Dr. Elsey's does a decent job, but still noticeable). Since I keep mine in my bedroom, that wasn't ideal. When my kitty would use the box and cover her stuff, I could smell and feel the dust in the air, though it was supposed to be low to no dust. I thought I had to live with all that.

NOPE. On a whim I tried this because so many people were raving about how little it smells. It has a faint, fresh scent to it that I can only smell when I'm pouring or scooping it. Those of you highly sensitive to smells may not like this, but I'd still encourage you to at least try it. It's a pretty faint/light smell. When I poured it for the first time, I expected there to be a cloud of dust, but there was none. Literally none. I don't have asthma so there's that, but I am usually pretty sensitive to dust and particles in the air and this didn't bother me at all. When kitty uses the box and digs, nothing permeates the room--dust or smell.

Side note: it's also more of a sand consistency, which surprised me for some reason. The litter I used before had larger granules and was 'chunkier.' I like this better because it's easier/less messy to scoop. The other stuff wasn't messy or hard to scoop per se, but just more so than this is.
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on November 26, 2017
My cats will only poop on Arm & Hammer Clump and Seal cat litter. My middle fur baby will even stick her arm inside the box to play with the sand because she loves the scent and texture. She would like to be the new face of Arm & Hammer cat litter. Attached is her application.
review image
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on October 26, 2017
This stuff is awesome! I couldn't be happier with a cat litter, and I've tried most of them. If only I had tried this when it first came out. I have been suffering through one lousy cat litter after another, putting up with extreme dustiness, lousy odor control and high tracking. While this new litter still gets tracked, it is a very fine litter and the tracking isn't as bad as some others. The way the formula is, it is easier to sweep up anything that is tracked than any of the other litters I've used. I don't think there is a litter in existence that wouldn't get tracked though, as there is no way to keep it from getting stuck in the cats' paws and falling off after they leave the box. The Clump & Seal cat litter seems to be dust free, reducing my need to dust the house constantly. It is a very soft, fine formula that is super easy to scoop. It's easy for the cats to use. It has superb odor control without excessive perfumes. Once it has been poured into the box, the litter itself is lightweight, sifts extremely easily and little is left behind, if any, when scooping. Urine is completely sealed in balls that are super easy to scoop and not at all messy. It doesn't run down and stick to the bottom of the pan like many other litters do. I'm very impressed with this. Since I have 4 cats, they go through a lot of litter. I usually have to buy 80 lbs at a time. My biggest complaint about this otherwise awesome litter, is how extremely expensive it is. I bought the 40 lb box. I think the Clump & Seal was somewhere between $21.99 and $24 -- something. That makes it hard to afford. I bought another kind of litter, Dr Elsey's, to test simultaneously in a different litter box in another part of the house. It was only about $10.49 for 40 lb. While the cats seem to love Dr. Elsey's, and use it more heavily even than the Clump & Seal, it is heavy, tracks a lot, the grains are large and coarse. It is hard to scoop, and doesn't seal when it clumps, like Clump & Seal. As a result, it sticks to the bottom of the pan, and it is a struggle to scoop it out, as you have to scrape it off the bottom and it sticks really hard. The benefits of Dr. Elsey's that compare to Clump & Seal, are its lack of dust and pretty effective odor control without a lot of perfume. However, even considering the price of the Clump & Seal, the benefits outweigh the expense. Because it is so effective, it wastes very little litter, and it tends to go farther, and last longer. So, I think that it may end up being just as, if not more economical than some of the cheaper brands that get used up so quickly, or have to be thrown out more often due to their ineffectiveness and poor odor control. I will definitely buy this again.
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on August 16, 2017
We've always (20 years?) used Arm & Hammer litter. Since this clump and seal came out, we've been using it. It was different from what we were used to, like the clumps were heavy. And we had to be careful not to break up the clump when scooping it out. But it worked SO well, I recommended it to friends and family. HOWEVER, in the past 3 months, we've noticed 2 things...

1). It isn't covering odors anymore, after the cat does her first doodie, (busy household, scooping it out every third day was always good enough).
2). When dumping the litter box and scrubbing it out, we're finding the composition has changed to a difficult mud-like mixture. It wasn't like this until our last 2 boxes. Even when I let the box soak before scrubbing, residue remains and dries as a hard dust-like substance that won't come out.
I've tried different cleaners, from Clorox products to Pine Sol-type cleaners.
We tried the slide formula and found NO difference.
I'm going to try the regular clumping Arm and Hammer (yellow box) and making SURE the company knows.
I don't recommend this product.
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on June 24, 2017
Ive tried many litters over many years of owning cats. Most of them worked fine and for about 20 years litter boxes were in bed unfinished basement and a storeroom so I wasn't pocket. Then we moved to a one story with no really good place to put litter boxes. Suddenly I noticed litter dust and bits of litter everywhere. It was especially noticeable on the three season porch we added on that has a medium brown stained wood floor. There was dust and dusty cat prints to clean constantly. Then I tried this litter. The difference was immediately noticeable. There are no paw prints and minimal dust. There are still some bits of litter outside the box but much much less. Also the litter clumps around the cats waste nicely so theres no smell and I think I'm using less litter.
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on January 28, 2018
This brand is out there for a long long time, and I almost forgot it until someone mention that they tried it and it’s super good from texture to eliminating the smell from the cat litter box. I personally used it on my litter bot and it is so good that I gave it a 10+. I tried many brands like the world, corn, wheat, newspaper, natural this and that. Nothing really satisfy my need because I am allergic to dust and chemical, plus I am the only person that does the dirty job. Now my wife doesn’t mind doing the dirty job bcuz she said it doesn’t smell anymore. Haha great product Bcuz both my cats n my wife satisfied it 100%. You just have to be prepare to stick to this brand for a really long time, bcuz you can’t go back.
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on November 16, 2017
A+ litter! I adopted my friend's cat and my greatest worry when doing so was that I live in a small apartment in New York City. I didn't want my entire apartment to smell like kitty litter, nor did I have the space in the bathroom to confine it there.

Kitty arrived with a box of Tidy Cat that I thought had a TERRIBLE perfume scent. She would come to cuddle and I could only smell the litter. Then I tried another version of Arm & Hammer (which I've used with other cats) and the whole box smelled of ammonia all. the. time, and had clumps of gummy litter stick to the front wall. There were little tracks of kitty litter everywhere.

Enter this litter. It has an unoffensive smell, there is NO cat odor at all, it makes tight clumps (few or none have stuck to the wall!), and the clay is very fine and, thus, does not track much. It finally gave me the confidence to move her box to my bedroom, where it's hidden from guests. I love this stuff and will never go back!
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I had been using Dr. Elsey litter for a couple of years but it's dusty, comes in a hard to handle 40 pound plastic bag that my cats love to rip open when I'm not looking and you can NEVER get a deal on it anymore. It's 17.49 everywhere - almost like it was price-fixed at the end of 2017 across the board on Amazon, Chewy and Pet Smart.

This a review for the Arm and Hammer Clump and Seal so I'll get on with that but you needed to know what changed my mind to use this product and not Dr. Elsey

-Very fine consistency, almost like coarse golf course bunker sand. That means it sifts effortlessly which reduces dust because you don't have to shake the litter sifter.
-Comes in a cardboard box with a strap handle, NOT a plastic bag like Dr. Elsey. That makes Clump and Seal easier to transport, store, pour and the packaging is cat proof. I have to leave the Dr. Elsey litter in the Amazon shipping boxes to cat-proof them in my house. If you take the Dr. Elsey litter out of the box, it looks like you're storing sand bags and the 40 pound bags are really hard for my wife to handle
-Clumps well and doesn't "epoxy" itself to the bottom of the litter box like Dr. Elsey litter.
-The "tracking" of the litter by my cats outside the litter box has dropped 75% since I changed from Dr. Elsey litter. The Dr. Elsey litter turns to glue when it gets remotely damp and it sticks to the cats feet, the Arm and Hammer does not hence the great reduction in litter outside the box
-Cleans up far easier than Dr. Elsey. When it's time to change and was wash the litter box, the finer granules of the Arm and Hammer product are easier to remove from the litter box and they don't glue to the box when damp like the Dr. Elesy product
-I can go three weeks between litter box washing. I clean daily (2 cats) and add new litter as needed but the Arm and Hammer product does not smell at all after 2 weeks. That fact makes the Arm and Hammer product cheaper than Dr. Elsey.

Con (not really "cons", more like observations about other customers "cons")
-Many of the 1 star reviews are about the odor of this litter. It has an odor but it's not bad. It's better than the smell of cat crap. But if you are odor intolerant, you might not like this product but it doesn't bother me
-Clump and Seal appears pricey. I only buy it when I can get a coupon deal because $24.99 IS pricey. Knock off $2 and add in the fact that you can use less of this product than Dr. Elsey due to the smaller granule size and it's about the same price as the now "price-fixed" Dr. Elsey litter.

In summary, I'll continue to use Clump and Seal based on my feature/benefit summary above. Your experience may vary. Happy litter box cleaning.
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