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on June 27, 2017
Awesome earphones! Light, fit well with medium foams, block a lot of external noise while running or on the tractor mowing grass. Sound quality is excellent good highs, mids and bass is robust/tight without being overpowering. Magnets hold the earphones together well when not using them so they can't fall off around your neck. Price was excellent, well worth it. Not a paid shill, paid full price on Amazon. Wanted to leave a review because I love these, great sound, stay well connected to my tablet or phone.
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on July 21, 2017
Briefly, read most all of the descriptions and reviews avoiding wireless buds over $100 which included most of the big name buds. Usually I'm an Apple guy, but not this time. I ordered Treblab J1 and used them for a few days and liked them so well I ordered another pair for my wife who really likes them as well. Yes, I would recommend them to friends and relatives and have. The buds fit and it comes with a variety of ear plug sizes. There is a true 9 hours of play time and a little warning voice if power is low, Sound seems a quality range to me (not returning to vinyl records so I can hear grooves and record pops), I'm using Apple Music and satisfied with the quality of music and how it is transmitted on the J1. As a welcome intangible, I received two e-mails from Alexander Malamud owner of TREBLAB making sure I was pleased with my purchase. There is no doubt in my mind if there were any difficulties with this product and I want to emphasize I don't expect any, Alexander would trip all over himself trying to make it right. Because of the wide range of quality and price for wireless ear buds frankly with the help of reviews, hopefully like this one, I feel I was fortunate to "luck out" with the J1 from TREBLAB. Thank you for all the wonderful reviews that helped guide me toward my purchase.
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on January 27, 2018
These headphones were good at first, gave me a comfortable fit and really decent sound quality. I use them for indoor running and weight lifting. However, after only a couple weeks of use they started to cut-out, loose connection, and finally they died. I need music to power through my workouts so I really annoyed with these earbuds.TREBLAB J1 Bluetooth Earbuds, Best Wireless Headphones For Sports Gym Running. [2017 Upgraded] IPX6 Waterproof Sweatproof, Magnetic Secure-Fit Headset. Noise Cancelling Earphones w/ Microphone Mic

Update: I am upgrading my feedback for the following reasons:

1) Produtech have really great consumer service, they reached out to me and resolved my dissatisfaction by issuing me a replacement pair of earbuds. I had a great experience with this seller and would not hesitate to purchase from them in the future.
2) My replacement earbuds have been holding up pretty good so far. I am a runner and a good pair of earbuds is a MUST for me to be able to enjoy my workouts. The fit is good, I don't worry about them falling out of my ears, even when doing burpees, and mountain climbers. The sound good, not great but pretty good, I get full range sound with decent bass. The bass is a must for me, I've returned other wireless earbuds for lack of bass.
I'm happy with my replacements so far and will be buying another pair for my wife. I believe that my first pair may have failed due to sweat getting inside the circuit, I sweat a lot. I recommend that you try to keep these earbuds as dry as possible. I run with a little sweat towel that I use to occasionally dry my ears and the earbuds. After my runs, I let the earbuds sit outside of the storage case for a couple hours to dry completely out before attempting to charge them (Highly Recommend this to prevent issues). Other then that, these earbuds are a great value compared to several others that I have tried at this price point.
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on September 15, 2017
Wow.. What can I say I have a pair of Treblab J1 eyebuds and I have never been more pleased the fit of them in the ear is very comfortable the sound is great but what I love most second only to the sound is the battery life I get well over 9 hours without having to recharge another thing is I had a minor issue and needed help I was contacted by a representative name Victor and who took care of the issue and all was well I'm looking forward to upgrading soon these babies are cool for a reasonable price.. Thanks I like..
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on August 20, 2017
These are the first Bluetooth earbuds I've owned and I'm happy with my purchase so far. Upon receiving I charged them as instructed until the red light turned blue, about an hour and 15 minutes, then powered on and connected them to my phone as instructed with no problem. One of my biggest concerns before purchasing was the sound quality on both ends of a phone call.
I've had had no complaints on the receiving end (multiple calls daily) by anyone that leads me to believe the call is of poor quality and they sound as good as corded ear buds on my end. I started an audio book to play at 100% volume (not wearing) to see how long the battery would last and got 7 hours and 5 minutes before they died. My only complaint is that the instructions said if I over charge the unit, the battery life will decrease, so I took off 1 star. I would give this 5 stars if the charging stopped on its own if I couldn't unplug them. I would highly recommend these.
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on July 11, 2017
I am pleasantly surprised by these headphones. First let me say that I appreciate all the feedback I got about a question I posted about this product. Both previous purchasers and the seller answered it within a few hours of posting my question so that helped push me towards trying them out. The sound isolation is great! Once you find the right size and style of ear tips you want to use, outside noise is very minimal. They stay very secure in your ear and I have yet to have any discomfort wearing them. The sound quality if very good as well. While to me, they are not quite as loud as Beats headphones, they are still better than most others and at 1/3 the cost of BeatsX, I can't knock them for that. With a little tweaking of the equalizer, I was able to get the type of sound I wanted and have enjoyed them. I would recommend these to anyone that wanted to get quality wireless headphones without paying a premium price.
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on April 8, 2018
Understand i've had them for less than a week but so far...the sound is fantastic, fit and function also fantastic, battery life is also good for an entire day of listening (8+ hours at low to mid level volume).
Bass seems to be what most want and the form factor limits what this style can produce, in my opinion the bass output is phenomenal for the size limitations inherent in earbud type headphones...more than i ever expected from them. I don't listen to bass heavy music but i never expected any earbuds to sound this great. 20% music, 80% audiobook listening, 100% phone calls, is what i use them for and i couldn't wish for any better sound quality. works well, we're going to get different reception quality depending on many factors including location, building, and interference from other wireless signal density in the home i get about 25 feet before problems occur, at work i get about 35 feet so your results may all bluetooth devices.
Style/ build quality...i chose the white and am happy i did, i have tons of black cables and headphones and these stand out among them as well as looking is overdone and overrated. Build quality is good for the set i have 'so far''s impossible to predict long term but they seem sturdy despite some pictures of them broken, they are super light and i tend to handle them carefully, so far so good (which may change in the future as i put more mileage on them).
Fit....with all the options they include if they don't fit you then you are not human. Mine fit perfectly as shipped. They do not protrude far from the ear if at all, all ears are different but mine seem to swallow these and fit nearly flush with my outer ear. The pictures online make them seem larger than they are for a good reason, an actual image of size would be too small to see clearly.
Value for money?...i've only used wired headsets thus far, these are my first bluetooth earbuds so i can't give you an experienced perspective, i can and will tell you that these sound better than even my wired apple earbuds and every set i've owned so far...i'm happy with them for the price i paid.
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on June 19, 2018
I thought these were going to be the ones. When I opened them I was impressed with the packaging, there's a case for the buds, nice box everything looking clean and professional, many different types of earbud size and style options are sent in the box, too many for me to count now. The sound was fantastic for video, music and phone calls, and the latency, or lag when watching a video where the sound doesn't match up with the video, was very very good. (I sent back 2 sets of earphones/buds already that were really bad with this, so I am hard to please and these were very good. The 2 sent back were from a different company, not Treblab)
Then all the excitement ended and I knew that I needed to keep looking. This is the 4th or 5th pair I have tried and sent back after doing a lot of research and confirming they did what I wanted them to do, but each one had something that didn't work.
For these earbuds, the deal breaker was not being able to connect two devices at the same time. These do not. They say they do if you read through the ad in the description, on the actual ad lower down and it says "Supports Multi-Device Connection". These do not connect with two devices at the same time. You can pair two devices with the earbuds, but you can only "connect" with one at a time and use that device. So phone and laptop paired and I can use the phone, but if I want to listen to something on the laptop, I can't. I would need to disconnect with the phone and reconnect to the laptop. Not Multi-Device connection.
These are great, excellent earbuds and if you don't need to connect to two devices at the same time and you want quality made and sound, then these are perfect and the price is amazing. They just don't work for me.
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on February 11, 2018
I have been using Plantronics Backbeat Fit for almost 2 years, so this is a comparison.

(1) Sound is equally good. J1's volume can get louder than FIT
(2) Bluetooth range seems slightly better with J1
(3) When movie and audio are not in sync (because you moved a few meters away from the audio source), with FIT you could fix the lag by pressing a button once (which also tells you the battery level). J1 lacks this feature and you have to turn the device off and back on, which is a bit annoying
(4) I prefer the fit of the on-ear type FIT to the in-ear type J1, but J1's fit is by no means bad

Wish J1 included some sort of cord management clips. Also TREBLAB, please fix (3).

But with the much lower price of J1, this is not a bad purchase at all.
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on July 18, 2017
I listen to audiobooks from library on my iPhone as I walk 80 mins/day. 2nd set of Motorola S10's died and decided to switch. Bought J-1 from Treblab and wore them during walks. One day my downloaded audiobooks ran out (sometimes I walk where there is no cell signal and so I download), since I was in our backyard with cell coverage, I switched to iHeart radio to listen to my favorite Smooth Jazz channel. Wow! was I ever shocked at the sound quality! Surely did not expect it on such tiny earphones, and am very pleased.
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