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on January 17, 2018
As a daily consumer of black coffee & blueberries as well as several glasses of red wine per week, my teeth were looking less than white. I was going to reorder the bleaching strips I'd used in the past when I saw this product & was attracted by the "no sensitivity" claim. All of the bleaching products I'd used in the past made my teeth quite sensitive, & they also left white spots on some of my teeth, even after just one application. After reading many of the reviews I thought I'd give Carbonwhite a try & ordered the mint flavor. Well, the flavor is so subtle it's almost unnoticeable. The product itself is such a fine powder that there is no gritty feel whatsoever, & the taste is very neutral. Brushing my teeth with a black powder is pretty strange, but the whitening effect is noticeable almost immediately. I've been using it once a day, brushing with a soft toothbrush for at least a full minute. I rinse thoroughly & follow with my regular toothpaste (since the product states that Carbonwhite "should not replace regular toothpaste."
My teeth are noticeably whiter without the too white or gray effect some bleaching products can produce. I love that this is a natural product, easy to use & affordable. I'm looking forward to maintaining a white smile painlessly & affordably!
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on July 22, 2017
I've tried a variety of whitening treatments over the years. This was the first time that I tried a charcoal based whitening system and the first time I had used activated charcoal in general. It is a small package (only 1.6 ounces) but once you realize how little you use with each treatment, you realize that the small canister will last you quite a long time. I chose the peppermint flavor, and I enjoyed it. The flavoring was subtle. I was tempted to choose vanilla, but decided that peppermint was likely a safer bet since I often use minty toothpaste.

The treatment is very easy to use, you simply take a toothbrush (I started using a new toothbrush when this product arrived and used my previous toothbrush for these treatments) and dampen it slightly. I usually run it under the tap and shake it off after. Then you dip the bristles into the powder. After that, you begin brushing as you usually would, for 1-2 minutes. Make sure that you fully close your mouth while brushing, as black specks will splatter on the walls otherwise. Sometimes I would find that the charcoal would get in between my teeth, so I would typically do a thorough rinse and floss afterward, then brush with toothpaste as my usual routine calls for, ending with a swish of mouthwash. I noticed a subtle whitening in the short time that I've used it.

What I liked about this was that it was quick. I've often used Crest Whitestrips and you have to leave them on for a half hour, which I rarely remember to do before I am readying myself for bed. This is an easy treatment to pick up and it doesn't rely on me planning ahead for a half hour of my time. I've also used whitening mouthwash, but it is very expensive for the number of treatments per bottle.
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on July 8, 2017
I recently heard about the amazing benefits of using activated charcoal with your toothpaste. It sounded a little too good to be true, though, because there’s no way I could get the results of an expensive whitening system for less than $20. I can admit when I am wrong, and boy, was I wrong! With just one “treatment,” I could tell a difference. My teeth felt better, smoother actually, and they looked better. I live in the South, and sweet tea is a staple in our home, so you can imagine the level of staining this has created on my teeth. My husband was a heavy smoker (5/6 packs per week). I told him about this and that he needed to try it. It took some convincing, but I finally had him try it and now he is a believer as well. Despite the look of the charcoal powder, it actually has a good taste to it. We ordered the orange, and there was no unpleasantness or horrible after taste that we had to deal with.
The only con that I could find to the product is that it is messy. I’m not talking about a little bit of “normal” teeth brushing mess. It can really cause a mess if you’re not careful due to the charcoal being a loose powder, so be careful when opening the container and when applying it to your brush.

My recommendations would be:
*Use a separate brush for the charcoal than your regular brush.
*Make sure there are no light colored towels/clothing nearby as there is the possibility they could be stained.
*Brush your teeth with your regular toothpaste AFTER using the charcoal. It does cause some minor discoloration around where your teeth and gums meet, but re-brushing with your regular product removes it.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for that fresh from the dentist look and feel without the fresh from the dentist price tag, this is a must have product!
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on May 18, 2017
When I opened the jar I was at first surprised at the jet black powder, but followed the instructions and within one week began seeing a difference, slowly but surely, in my teeth getting brighter. There is no bad taste at all. Yes, you will make a mess in the sink but it easily rinses down the drain. Use a separate toothbrush than the one you brush with.

The surprising side effect was how smooth my teeth began feeling, as if I were at my six month cleaning at the dentist office.
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on July 17, 2017
I was using plain coconut charcoal powder as a teeth whitener previously and also using coconut oil at times to make a paste. When I saw this product, I was excited because it made it easier and also had a flavor. I drink coffee so I need to whiten my teeth from time to time and prefer a natural way of doing so. Also, charcoal absorbs smells, toxins, etc. and can help to fight cavities, kill bacteria, etc.This product is very easy to use. You wet your brush, tap your brush in very little of the black powder and brush thoroughly. Don't forget to rinse your brush and mouth out really well because the black color doesn't rinse of super easy. It really does help whiten your teeth very well. The only thing I noticed is it comes in a very small container, but fortunately you only need a very little. The cost of charcoal alone is cheaper, but to mix up all of the ingredients is a pain (believe me I know, I tried and there was black powder all over). It's definitely worth the convenience alone and it works well.
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on August 8, 2017
This charcoal powder works pretty good. I was using just the plain charcoal with no flavor and it never bugged me but when I needed a new one I figured I would try and add a little flavor. It was quite nice. It had just a hint of orange that wasn't overpowering and it had a nice feel to it. I will say this isn't my favorite though. It didn't stick to my toothbrush as well as my other one and after brushing, I had to rinse my mouth a few times to get everything out. It does whiten my teeth though and that is the main reason for this. They flaws are nothing since it does what I need it to!
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on August 24, 2017
Upon first receiving it, I was skeptical. Came in a small container and it was a block powder. But I gave it a shot and saw results after the first use! I scrubbed well, and found that it had removed a stain from my braces I had removed 7 years on my canine. This is a miracle worker, and I fully recommend!
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on July 18, 2017
OMG. Stop using those messy toxic whitening strips and buy this already.

Like a lot of others here, I drink coffee and occasionally red wine, so my teeth are somewhat stained. I'm also a former braces wearer so I have discoloration around where the braces were. After just three (!) days using this with my sonicare toothbrush just once a day my teeth are not only considerably whiter, they are a consistent color. I did not take a before picture but the difference is really stark!

It does a much better job than whiteners which (IME) whiten your teeth whiter in some spots and not in others. And no more gum sensitivity. Also the price couldn't be better.

It IS messy- very messy- so I actually use it in the shower to keep from making it look like someone got crazy with black paint in the bathroom...
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on March 25, 2018
I recently started using charcoal toothpaste after hearing all the "hype" about it's benefits I gave in. Once I started using the toothpaste I realized it was hype at all and there really are some great benefits in using activated charcoal products. I have seen and can feel a difference in my oral health. When I found this product I immediately wanted to try it. The product arrived quickly. I am glad I read the directions or I wouldn't have known to use this before brushing my teeth with regular toothpaste as this product is not made to replace your normal toothpaste. Another thing I already knew was that charcoal products can be very messy so make sure to keep your mouth closed while brushing or you will have little black specs all over your counter and clothing. When you spit into the sink be prepared to immediately wipe it down due to the black specs being scattered about. Other than needing to wipe up afterwards (you will have this with any charcoal product) this product is great. I was a former smoker, my wife is a current smoker and we live in the south where sweet tea is the drink of choice. Our teeth were in need of some whitening but I have issues with sensitivity so the strips are always a concern for me. Since we started using the product we can both tell a difference and it is so awesome! Make sure you use a separate toothbrush with the product.
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on May 25, 2017
I'll tell you, if I did not see it with my own eyes... My husband has badly stained teeth from cigars... gross... I bought it for him and I must admit, it works! I can see a difference and it has only been a week!!!! Thanks so much! Now, my teeth are not "stained" and I use it every day I have not seen too much difference, but serious difference on him! And mine are whiter, I expect with time, mine will be better. But him, Oh My it works on the stains!
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