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on August 6, 2017
I don't usually leave reviews, but I felt I had to for how satisfied I am with this cover.

For a fraction of the cost of the official Apple Smart Cover, this cover provides all the same functionality (auto sleep/wake, typing mode, stand mode) at a similar level of quality. Both the screen cover and the rear shell feel strong and unlikely to fall apart anytime soon. While the shell is a little flimsy on the charging port/speaker side of the tablet, it's nothing more than an occasional annoyance and not worth deducting any stars for in my eyes.

Probably the nicest part, in my opinion, is that DTTO has put their logo on the inside of the cover rather than the outside. This way, when the cover is closed, it looks almost exactly like the official Smart Cover.

I'll update my review if anything changes, but for now I'm extremely satisfied with my purchase and won't hesitate to recommend this item to anyone who might need it.
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on February 19, 2018
I am a hard grader. My first purchase was from ROARTZ, and when the three seams split on the top lid, return it. I found the DTTO and it seemed to fit my needs. Like everyone, it had 5 starts, so I concentrated on the reviews that were unfavorable. (Holes did not line up with the camera, it did not fit to 2017 ipad, volume covered did not work, bottom of the case was not strong, and much more.)
Boy were they wrong. None of their complaints are in play. The case is perfect. I am sure that they did not read the instructions in the windows in the top left side. These instructions clearly explained that for compatibility, it is only for the ipad 2017 9.7 with the MODEL NUMBERS OF A1822 AND A1823. I am positive that is why it does not fit their non-2017 ipad. Make sure you have an A1822 or A1823 when ordering this specific case. (It is also known as the 5 gen ipad) One size do not fit all.
On extra benefit of the case is that the back of the top lid does not have any felt on it. I find this to be of great benefit since in the past, after keeping my ipad for over a year, the felt always got dirty and oily which caused lines and smudges on my glass on my ipad. Now all I need is a damp close to wipe the rubber inside of the case. (Felt does not like water. I have learned the hard way.)
Buy it for a ipad 2017 9.7 only. It is a perfect case. You will be delighted.
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on April 24, 2017
I was really surprised that the package arrived so quick even come to Hawaii. The case fits my iPad really well and I have to say, with more than 3 iPads and over 5 different cases, this is my first soft back case, and so far, the best one. It fits, feels good, the screen protector work with the case and can just fit in and cover the whole screen. No reason to complain at all for now.
The screen protector looks high quality, the glass feels smooth and comfortable. Hope it will be an outstanding help to protect my eyes from blue lights.
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on May 18, 2017
Nice sturdy rubber, but the color is NOT Apple Gold.

I got the gold version to match my gold Ipad and was disappointed with the color. Its cheesy and fake looking and removes the sleek nature of the iPad itself. Other than the color, I like the case - Easy to put on and remove, a sturdy rubber that feels like it will protect it if it drops ( not tested).
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on January 8, 2018
It's a great case and smart cover all in one. I really like the feel of the case. I'm not sure what it is made of feels like a Polypropylene plastic and it seems like it will protect it in the case of a drop. The blue is a semi metallic look to me which I really like the same as in the picture on Amazon.
I would give it 4 ½ stars if I could because the case around the speakers and the lightning dock is a little bit thin and flexible (That may end up being a good thing). I was actually expecting the case to be flimsy and stretchy but it's not.
I just sold my iPad on ebay that was protected by a case and it was in flawless condition so I recommend a case if you want to keep your iPad in great condition.
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on June 2, 2017
Judging this based on moving from an iPad Air 2 with an Apple blue case of similar form.
A few things.
The silicone shell is form fitting but the thin parts, or long runs, along the edges "fall off" easily. Not nearly as ridged or stable a back as the Apple case I was used to.
The ability to fold the cover flap onto itself is much bulkier. I sometime would fold the cover flap into flat thirds so it wasn't flapping around as I held it. The silicone "hinges" don't fold flat but instead with a curve. So just a little floppy.
The spine hinge also isn't as fine so there can be some torquing along the spine. Again, just a little loose.
Yes, I know it cost far less and yes I know I'm being picky but thems the breaks.
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on March 15, 2018
Before ordering this item - first get in your head, that this costs less than HALF the price of some similar products. When it arrives and you unpack it, remember again - this was less than half the price of the higher priced alternatives.

Now - when you see that this is plastic and that the back protector is thin, remember again - less than half-priced...

Finally - put the item on and see how the magnetic closure turns on an off the screen - just like those products that cost twice as much - and remember, that this product might not last as long as some of those higher priced items.

When I first got the item I was struck with how plastic it was.. I was not impressed initially - and I even thought about returning it. Then I remember how little it had cost and decided to give it a fair chance... now I'm happy I own it and that I spent so little on it. It doesn't feel like a $39.99 Apple smart cover - because it isn't... it's a $12 cover and back protector. At the price I paid, it's worth the money. Had I spent $20 on it, then I'd be leaving a very different review.
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on April 23, 2017
Good anti-scratch case

I just received this case and the glass screen protector today and I’m giving my first impression of them. The case looks nice and clean, it feels good and definitely a great choice in low to middle price range ipad cases.
I’ve compared this one with other products, to be honestly, I was worry about one thing that the case does not have a lot of reviews. The only thing that I can’t refuse is the soft back cover which I believe is the only option in the market for new iPad. I’ve had several iPads and I hate when I scratch them with hard back cases. BTW, one of my old hard plastic back case break into pieces in an accident.
So far, I don’t have problem with cutouts, they are all perfectly matched. And the soft, I believe is TPU material feels good and nonslip. The smart cover is smart enough to quick respond for wake or sleep function, and the cover holding very well, but not too tight that you can still use one hand to flip them and close the cover from a standing position.
The only downside is that the case is not as slim as some of the super slim design hard cases and the back is not translucent so you can’t see the apple logo.
Well, if you are a person looking for a low to mid range durable smart case, and you hate scratches, I believe this is the best choice. But if you are more into an original apple look, then, just go to get a classic translucent hard back smart case. I’m pretty satisfied with this case now and I believe it is a good choice as my every day case.
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on December 14, 2017
I like this case a lot. It fits my 2017 iPad perfectly. The holes are very slightly skewed, but not so much that they prevent anything from functioning. My camera still works fine, the charge port and speakers are clear, etc. I really like the sleep wake feature because I have autism, so I use my iPad for a lot of vital things (speaking when needed, emergency info, sensory calming apps, etc.) which means I need my iPad to be on me and switched on at all times. The sleep wake feature helps conserve vital battery life. This case is very slim and lightweight, which I also appreciate, as I didn’t want to add any extra weight, given that I carry the iPad everywhere. This also means however, that I wouldn’t recommend this case for children, people with more severe autism, or anyone prone to dropping things, as the protection it offers is quite limited.

The case is generally smooth, with just enough texture to make gripping it easier than just gripping the iPad with its sleek, shiny back. It’s also a good surface for decorating with stickers etc, as the solid red color might be a little blah for some.

The only minor complaint I have is that the power button is rather difficult to access through the case, and it takes a bit of pressure for it to register. This isn’t an issue for the volume buttons however, and given that I rarely if ever switch the iPad off anyway, it’s not a major hinderance to me. Overall I’m extremely pleased with this case, and would recommend it to those soloing for something slim and functional.
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on May 7, 2018
Very pleased! Product is precisely as described and the price is outstanding for the quality, color options, materials, and fit.
Two items to note and which are covered in other reviews:
1) While silicone-like backing does leave one edge of the iPad exposed in tilt mode, as one reviewer observed, the exposure is not touching the surface and will likely not be compromised.
2) When folded all the way back, the face cover flap does extend a wee bit beyond the footprint of the iPad, but that too is not a concern as user and use will quickly compensate over time.

Fit and finish is perfect overall. Streamlined and minimaist design without all the bulk; provides adequate protection for most usage.

Packaging shows care taken in product shipment and vendor card invitation to reach out for add'l products was a nice touch.

Rose gold color matches wonderfully with rose gold iPad and my wife loves it!

HIGHLY recommended!
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