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on November 25, 2017
I own a salon and have worked in them for 19 years and never in my life have I used or seen something so amazing. I have read all about the Hanacure facial but it is expensive and always on back order. This is the same thing AND IT WORKS. It doesn't Smell bad at all. There is a veryyyy slight smell to it but hardly noticable and not something I'd complain about. People are prob used to facials being scented with fragrance or essential oils. This has natural ingredients and boy does it work. It sucked every thing out of my pores and shrinked them and all of the lines on my face are GONE. YES GONE. Usually I have to have Botox for my forehead. Well not anymore that's for sure!! Pics of before after and during. Don't move your face at all or laugh. It hardens like a rock and you don't want to crack it. Let it do it's magic. When you wash it off take a towel and soak it in very warm water and hold it on your face to soften the mask. Repeat this a few times. Even hold the towel in your hands like a bowl and full it with water to did k your face in. Then you cab geny begin to wipe it off. Then rjnce off completely. At the end I splashed my face like 3 times with cold water to close my pores completely after the warm water. Follow with toner and facial oil or moisturizer and you are good to go. For best results use once a week or every 3 days then just maintain with once a month
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on June 2, 2017
You've seen those ads about Hanacure lately? That expensive youth mask currently on backorder? So have I, and I thought ugh, there has to be another way to keep my 42 year old skin beautiful without breaking the bank. So I searched and I found this product! I have used this twice a week for the last two weeks and I am impressed and I'm turning the heads of some of the 20 year olds at work. They keep looking at me and smiling. I haven't felt that goofy exchange from the opposite sex in awhile. I will keep getting the Zombie pack for as long as I can and with Prime, I got it in two days! For 15 bucks!!!
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on September 11, 2017
Wow. I have tried Hanacure masks with their steep price, so I thought I would give these masks a try instead. First off, no these are not like the Hanacure mask, but very close. Heck, for the price difference, I didn't expect them to be like the Hanacure masks. You will notice these masks don't have a very desirable smell to them... but suck it up and wait a few minutes... the smell will go away as the mask dries. Yes, it is a bit uncomfortable, but once you see the results, you will be happy to sit still to let the mask work it's magic. There have been some reviewers who had a hard time removing this mask... it's not rocket science. First off, do not use cold water, it will make it harden a bit. Take a VERY soft washcloth (try to use organic, no use in putting nasty chemicals into your fresh skin) and soak the cloth in warm water... then lay the cloth on your face for about 30 seconds to a minute. Then GENTLY wipe off the mask. I found that leaving the warm cloth on your face removes a lot of the mask all by itself. No big deal. I am 50 years old with wrinkles, large pores, etc. This mask literally took 15-20 years off my face. Skin is bright, firmed and absolutely poreless. One thing that I will add, is my skin is healthy (but aged).I don't believe this mask will be appreciated by people who abuse their skin, or overdrying with too many masks. I would suggest being kind to your face, using gentle cleansers and no masks/drying agents a few days before. I believe the results will be more positive.
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on December 24, 2017
I had been read the rave reviews about the Korean Hanacure mask and the astounding results. I'm old enough to know that there is nothing that will give astounding lasting results except maybe laser or or more expensive medical oriented procedures. But with that said I really enjoy trying new products with the knowledge of lower expectations. I didn't want to pay the $100.00+ that they are charging and started searching for a knock off. I think I found a reasonable knock off in the Zombie pack. Although when comparing the ingredients the Hanacure mask has many more ingredients but the Zombie pack seems to have the ones that cause the tighting effect. I maybe be wrong but the many other ingredients in the Hanacure mask I don't believe could be absorbed into the skin to make a major difference anyway.
I didn't find the zombie mask to have an offensive smell and I have a bloodhounds nose. Mixing was simple and I used my finger to press out the tiny lumps that otherwise would not mix well without doing so. I used a brush to apply the mask and had more than enough to cover my face and neck well. The mask tightened as it dries and seemed a lot like the egg white masks I've created myself over the years, but somewhat tighter. It was easy to remove in the shower with warm water and a wash cloth. My skin seemed somewhat tighter but no miracle was achieved which I believe would probably be the same with the Hanacure mask. It only makes sense that your skin will look better with more frequent care and the application of a mask on a regular basis. This mask is probably a good knock off of the Hanacure mask at a fraction of the cost. Do I think it's worth trying- yes I do, especially if you enjoying trying different products and have realistic expectations. I can only give it 3 stars because it seems to do about the same as other masks I've used or concocted myself and it still is a bit pricey for the amount received and the results but a good alternative to the over priced Hanacure mask. For fun and curiosity I'd say give it a try if you have been wanting to try the Hanacare mask but don't want to spend the money.
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on February 7, 2018
At 60 years old I have tried SO MANY products..anything short of surgery to lift and tighten my face..around the age of 57 my pores became larger and larger..I tried product after product and spent hundreds trying to find that "Fountain Of Youth"..and there is nothing like going into a store with sales people younger than my Grandchildren telling me what i'm doing "wrong" with my skin care regime..They had never seen a wrinkle in their lives..I thought I would give this Zombie face mask a shot..I mean what did I have to lose?..Immediate results !!!!!..I couldn't believe it!..My pores were small my face was different..and in a good can't believe my skin looks so good..I'm so excited..I had to write a review..I don't think you'll be sorry if you decide to try this..I know I sure wasn't..:)
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on March 3, 2018
I bought this several months ago to compare with the Hanacure. While I did like the Hanacure, I did not like the price. The Zombie Pack is much, much less expensive so I did not hold my breath on its effectiveness. Wow! I actually like the Zombie Pack better than the Hanacure. That's a first for me to choose the cheaper item. But my skin looks just as nice and tight if not more so with the Zombie Pack than it did with the Hanacure. I do want to add a warning tho. It is offered above with two options. One is an 8-pack for $17.59 and the other is a 16-pack for $58.05. LOL ... I hope y'all see the problem with this. You can buy 3 of the 8-packs and have 24 masks for less than they are asking for a 16-pack :O Go for the 8-packs!
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on March 4, 2018
I. Adore. This mask. I figured I was doomed to a life of permanent blackheads and enlarged pores (runs in the family). Nothing I've tried from your usual stores - Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Target, even Proactiv - helped with either the blackheads or pores. I've tried several SK products from Amazon, but they either did nothing or burned too badly.

My face is stubborn. My pores are stubborn. The dirt is stubborn. I've had blackheads on my nose I've been trying to get rid of for YEARS without digging around and leaving gaping scars on my face. I was skeptical about the Zombie Pack, but it looked cool and it was cheap, so why not? Best facial hygiene decision I've ever made. I started out with two masks in a week, just in case my skin reacted badly to the recommended three, and I thought I saw a difference after the first, but didn't wanna get my hopes up. I'm three weeks in and the pores on my nose that I had damn near decided to name (they weren't going anywhere, might as well make them friends) are nearly gone. I have a mask on as I'm typing this review. The brush is incredibly soft, the packaging easy to open, the application is SO easy. Most importantly, it delivers results.

I HIGHLY recommend this product for anyone who suffers the same skin issues. I wash my face with St. Ives' Green Tea Blackhead Scrub before each application (it doesn't burn and smells great and I love it), let my skin calm down for a few minutes, then use the Zombie Pack love juice. Hands down the best combination for my big, oily pores I've ever found. You don't even have to put moisturizer on afterward - the "hydrating" part is not a lie!

The only thing I would say to be careful of is the liquid activator. They really mean "liquid" - it's like water. As soon as you start tipping it in it gushes out. When you mix it up it's very bubbly, so don't be worried about that, it's normal. ALSO, when rinsing the mask off, be veeery thorough. Even if you think it's all off, rinse again. Because of the mask's feel when wet, it's difficult to tell if you got it all off until your face dries and it's flaky. It doesn't hurt, or anything, not for me, but it's a mild annoyance. Otherwise, this mask is perfect.
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on October 20, 2017
First off, not sure where all the negetivity is coming from... there is a tiny egg smell when you first make the mask but it goes away by the time you put the mask on. Yes the mask is tight but not uncomfortable. I just got this on Monday and today is the 2nd time I’m using it. I’m addicted!!! I put it on before my shower then rinse it off in there. I just splash water on it and it comes right off. No need to scrub!!! The results are crazy! I’m 52 and with some issues like everyone else but this literally takes 5 to 7 years off your face & neck!! Now just order it and see for yourself. A negative review never stopped me. Be your own judge! Ordering 2 more today!!
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on January 14, 2018
The smell isn’t that bad, kinda like a vitamin. Very noticeable results after the first use, using weekly and consider it well worth it.
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on February 5, 2018
The mask smells yes, but its not bad once its one. 15mins it does not even dry, we left it one 45mins and then exfoliated after and it was amazing, this is only my first use but I'm hopeful. I still want to try the hanacure mask but the is 1/4 of the price.
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