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I usually install 2 screen protectors a year due to my harsh usage of my iPhone. I have used this screen protector for the lat 2 years and it works great. It is easy to install and fairly durable.
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I just upgraded from an iPhone 6 to an iPhone 8 and literally the first thing I did out of the box when it arrived was put this screen protector on it. I'm kind of OCD about glass screen protectors and HATE the ones that only have the partial circle around the home button or don't go all the way to the edges of the screen. I want my screen protector to look like it isn't there, and when it has the little cutout at the bottom of the home button it draws attention. I love these screen protectors that are designed to overlay the entire front face and match whatever color you chose (in my case white front). You get full protection and when properly applied you can't tell it's there at all. Before buying an iPhone 8 I had always used a different brand that I liked but they haven't come out with this kind of screen protector for the 8 so I decided to try this one. So far I'm very pleased with it! It came with all the things you need to apply it and application was very easy. I also love that this screen protector plays well with the Spigen brand ultra hybrid clear case I bought to go with it. A day later and there are still 2 tiny little bubbles in the bottom corner (see pic) but I don't think those will stick around. I'll update if they don't go away soon. Now I can enjoy my device and rest easy knowing that my beautiful new phone is protected from clumsy me, haha! I did NOT receive this for free or at a discount. I paid full price for it. Hope this helps!
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on May 21, 2016
I just got my wife a new 6S and I had major problems with her old 6 getting glass protectors to lie properly on the phone. The mounting bracket on this screen kit was a novel concept that I hadn't seen on any other screen protectors. I thought it might just be a stupid gimmick but it was worth a try considering it was so cheap.

Installation was surprisingly easy, they supply the bracket, screen protector, screen wipe, microfiber cloth, and tacky tape to pull any last pieces of lint off the screen. It lay perfectly on the phone's screen and it is properly under-cut in size so that it DOES NOT hit the curved parts of the screen which can result in air bubbles. Also, the bracket really helped me to properly align the screen on my first try.
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on September 25, 2017
I purchased this screen protector for my wife's new iPhone because the new case she purchased was causing her old screen protector to begin peeling off. After searching and testing I determined that I was going to need a full screen protector for this particular case, and found my way to the "Manto Full Coverage Tempered Glass Screen Protector Film Edge to Edge Protection for Apple iPhone" in white to match her phone. I've installed a million of these screen protectors, most with good success, however I am ALWAYS nervous about purchasing a single pack over a 2 or 3 pack, no matter the cost. Because of the positvie reviews I went ahead and rolled the dice and ordered this one, and man, I could not be happier with my decision.

The screen protector arrived very quickly, well before Amazon's estimated delivery date. As soon as it arrived I washed my hands real good (to remove the oil and dirt, etc.) and then removed the phone's old termpered glass screen protector. After that I used my own spray bottle of 97% alcohol (I am in IT and clean lots of electronics) and then used the clean microfiber cloth included in the Manto kit. After removing the remaining dust off the screen with the dust removal tape (included) I peel off the entire backing sticker from the glass, lined up the screen protector on the phone, and gently set it down in place. Instantly it began to adhere to the phone's screen, and in the time it took for me to turn around and grab my trust little phone air bubble squeegee, the screen installation was done - and I mean DONE. I've NEVER had an installation where there wasn't a single air bubble to be worked out EXCEPT for this one. Seriously, not even the tiniest of bubbles remained. I wiped the screen off real fast with a microfiber cloth to be certain and to remove my finger prints, but sure enough, just literally dropping this thing on top of my screen was all it took. No messing with bubbles, realigning, etc. It just worked. The cutouts were 100% on point and lined up exactly with the cameras, mic, and the home button on the bottom, and the color match was perfect. The true test was installing the case back on, and that was perfect. The full coverage screen protector had no problems with the case and she is totally covered! Highly recommended product - it is worth the extra few dollars for a quality item that works the first time.
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on June 8, 2017
This screen protector kit comes with everything you need to make for a super easy install! Crystal Clear and Full coverage protection! You just can't beat this value for the price!!

iPhone 7 6S 6 Screen Protector, Manto Full Coverage Tempered Glass Screen Protector Film Edge to Edge Protection for Apple iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6, 4.7 Inch, White
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on April 7, 2018
Just purchased my second one of these after the first one cracked when the phone was dropped. It suffered a hairline fracture horizontally across the glass, but I guess it did its job since the phone's screen beneath was unharmed. I was even able to continue using it for a few weeks and the crack on the glass did not continue to spread.

The best thing about this protector is how easy it is to install. This is a far cry from the 'bomb-diffusing' stress of installing the film screen protectors of yesteryear. For this glass screen protector you just clean your phone of dust and lay the protector down on the phone. It adheres itself without any effort, and ZERO air bubbles. It's also very forgiving if you need to peel it back off a couple of times to better align it with the home button and speaker.

Once it's in place, it's almost impossible to tell you have a screen protector on the phone. There is a slightly raised edge around the home button which gives it a different tactile feel - it doesn't bother me at all, but you have to be a little more direct when wiping off the home button during a cleaning. I like to wipe my phone down daily at the same time I clean my eye glasses. The glass itself is quite resistant to fingerprints and it cleans up nicely with an alcohol lens cloth. It never accumulated any scratches while I had it, so it’s definitely tough glass.

The only negative I can think of is that it tends to collect a very narrow strip of dust between the perimeter of the glass and the edge of the phone case. It's not a big deal - just blast it with an air duster every once in a while and you're good to go.

If I suffer another drop that cracks the glass screen protector, I would confidently purchase a third one of these. Great product.
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on July 14, 2017
I've had a number of glass screen protectors and I'm always apprehensive because they vary so greatly in quality and there doesn't really seem to be any solid correlation to price - i.e. "you don't always get what you pay for". Combine that with how "particular" I am about my technology and you have a sure-fire recipe for frequent disappointment.

No disappointment this time..

I can honestly say that I'm very pleased with this screen protector. It's well finished, well packaged, and it has nicely curved glass edges that provide full screen coverage without interfering with my Apple branded leather case.

iPhone 7 6S 6 Screen Protector, Manto Full Coverage Tempered Glass Screen Protector Film Edge to Edge Protection for Apple iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6, 4.7 Inch, Black
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on September 15, 2017
Very happy with this screen protector. Came packaged beautifully with all the necessary cleaning supplies. I have only one complaint. Application was a bit challenging even in the best of light. Issue was because the phone screen is dark and the top half of the screen protector is dark I could barely make out the ear slit and camera to line it up. A nice fix would be to include an easy application boarder like some of the other screen protectors. Also for those that this may bother, yes you can faintly see a top and bottom boarder line when the phone is in sleep mode. By boarder lines I mean where the screen protector is blacker at the top and bottom. Perhaps if the top and bottom were a bit more transparent that would probably fix that. As for cases I have put two different types on and have had no problems with fit. The protector is also not entirely smudge or fingerprint proof but it takes a lot to get them on it. None of the flaws I found would keep me from not buying more in the future. I highly recommend this product.

With a couple of small fixes this screen protector would be an easy 5 stars!
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on September 2, 2017
Just had to spend a moment to pass on that my experience with the Manto Screen Protector system is unique in the installation frame around the screen is a stunningly clever way to get the perfect alignment onto your phone. Having gone through many different brands (always my fault on the need to replace but always with the phone screen itself protected from damage), this is the first brand that made the project painless. All of the cutouts align perfectly but if you can't position the screen well at the onset, the result is often frustrating and not always correctable in a second try. With the frame process, perfect on the first try and could not be more pleased!

Photo shows the snap-away frame prior to installation - you never contaminate the edges with this process.
review image
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on May 11, 2018
This screen protector is great! I bought it to replace one that was already on my phone but had cracked.

It went on fairly easily, but after positioning and repositioning, I was left with 5 bubbles. Being the perfectionist that I am, I didn't like that. I was able, one by one, to press out and get rid of 4 bubbles. I am still left with one bubble that I just can't remove! It really bothers me when I look down at my blacked out screen and I see that bubble. The bubble cannot be seen when the screen is in use and lit up. I have tried lifting the section where the bubble is but it just won't come out. I have checked and I can't see any dirt or dust in this spot.

With that said, I have decided to "live" with the bubble. It has now been a little over a week and the bubble isn't bothering me as much as it originally did. What I do like very much about this screen protector is that it does not show fingerprints and if it gets a little smudged, the smudges come out very easily - much easier than the previous screen protector. I need a new screen protector for my iPad and will be looking to see if this company makes one for the iPad.
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