on March 10, 2018
I have used your food for both my dogs for 6 years. They used to get excited to eat. Tried the new formula this month: first, hardly any raw bits. Second, one dog refuses and my second has been puking for 4 days straight at night!!! What did you do to this food!? I’ve read review after review
On this. Unless you plan on going back to WHAT WORKS, I can’t do this to my dogs for another minute! This is heartbreaking for two large breed dogs, one who’s stomach was always an issue until I found your original formula. It was the only one that worked and now I’m SCREWED until I find a new one. They used to be excited to eat, dance even, now they almost look like I failed them. GO BACK to original. I haven’t needed another one in years! Where do I start...
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on October 6, 2017
my dog was eating this pretty consistently for a while, but for some reason after the packaging/formula was changed, he began to get diarrhea from it. Not sure what changes they made but now I need to find him some new food :(
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on September 11, 2017
Been feeding my labradors Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free dry food for a few years now. They seem to like it and seems like high quality although it is possible that one dogs occaisional dry skin is food related.
Very disappointed that the price recently went up AND the bag size decreased 20% (25lb to 20lb).
Time to look for an alternative to switch to.
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on September 9, 2017
This is top of the line dog food and the fact that there is little raw bits is great my dog loves that part about it i make sure theres 2-3 raw bits in with her kibbles and she eats the raw bits first then she chows down the kibbles, but now she just looks at me when i give this to her because there is no more bits and i still have half a bag would give it FIVE STARS otherwise
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on March 29, 2018
This was terrible - we ordered the food for our dog who has been eating Nature's Instinct since he was a puppy. We bought a bag of this as refill, he tried it a couple of days and would throw up and puke. We brought him to the vet to have him checked out and the vet recommended putting him on a rice diet for a while. Then we tried this dog food again and same issue. We asked for a replacement bag thinking maybe that bag was contaminated somehow, but the new bag has been causing the same issues. I have decided to completely switch brands and will no longer buy from Nature's Instinct.
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on January 8, 2018
Our little Multipoo likes his food. His coat and health are great with this food. His favorite part through is the raw boast, and unfortunately the last two bags have had almost none. The first magically was perfect, the next two I have had to buy a small bag of raw boast. Even with the bag stirred, about half way through the bag there is none left. Basically this food will cost you an extra $10, just to have enough raw boast till the end of the bag.
I might have to move on, unless the next bag gets better.
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on August 4, 2017
My kids really enjoyed the chicken flavor and their hair seems to be shinier and they have good energy. I think next time we will try the lamb, you know mix it up. We only eat it in the morning like a cereal usually cat food in the later meals.

I am totally kidding on the above. I have no idea how to rate a dog food. My dog likes it. It has little extras in it, we call them the marsh mellows like lucky charms. The booger sometimes digs through the whole bowl to find them before he eats the other stuff. We did try to switch him to another product and he (our schnauzer not my kids) protested with a basic hunger strike. So we switched back to this brand.
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on May 22, 2018
My dogs are my kids, so they are somewhat spoiled. I have 3 smallish dogs between 10-22 lbs. The smallest of the bunch in a min pin/ mini dachshund who had parvo as a pup. We're not sure if this has contributed to the pickiness, but he is selective about what he puts in his mouth. Many dog foods don't pass his test, but he loves this one. All 3 are spoiled brats, so they pick out the freeze dried pieces and spit the rest on the floor. Then, they usually go back and eat the kibble, or I pick it up and put it back in the bowl. I mix a couple kinds together, so it isn't quite as expensive as just feeding this. They also get wet food once a day, but they share half a can. Most of their diet is kibble, so I want them to like it. This one is a favorite for all 3!!
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on June 19, 2018
I have been purchasing this brand of food for over two years now for my Labrador. The formula has changed too many times. The last two bags I have recieved from Amazon my dog does not want to really eat it. I have to keep telling him to eat. Which anyone who owns a lab knows that is very unusual behavior. On top of avoiding his food he has been sick with diarrhea for a almost a week. We haven’t given him any other treats so I know it’s the food causing this. This has happened in the past couple times with this brand. Also the bags are always inconsistent. Sometimes the food we receive will have barely any freeze raw pieces at all. This is too bad because overall my dog used to love this food. Now I feel horrible that he doesn’t want to eat. There is even a local pet store near me that no longer carries this brand because of too many complaints. I just ordered a new brand of food and will no longer be purchasing instinct.
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on July 30, 2018
I chose this food for my papillon-chihuahua mix after having a terrible experience with my other dog and big-brand kibble. He was a chihuahua, and he suffered an extreme kidney stone which they think was caused by low-quality kibble. It eventually led to surgery, a blood clot, and his death. To clarify, we fed him what we thought was high-quality food, but it turned out to be full of fillers and whatnot, so now, I'm incredibly careful with what I feed my pup. I am chronically ill, so I don't always have the ability to make her food from scratch, which would be ideal. Instead, I rely on this kibble and the frozen raw food from this brand, as well. She has kept a healthy weight, has tons of energy and a healthy coat, and last but not least, LOVES the freeze-dried pieces in this food. Our cat (who eats the cat food from this brand) even likes to sneak some freeze-dried nuggets from the dog food if she gets a chance. :)
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