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on February 23, 2014
When used with the slow flow nipple and the breast pump adapter kit this is the closest to breastfeeding as you can get.
I bought the breast pump adapter kit and now i pump in these bags and never have to use a bottle holder at all.
no more milk transfer from bottle to bottle, and no more air at all. you can squeeze all the air out of these liners.
take a look at the images to see step by step how i connect this to my pump kit and using the adapter rings and caps store, and feed without the need for the nurser bottle to mimic as close to mommy breastfeeding as possible. For medical reasons my baby could not latch and this allowed me to bond with my daughter and have gas free feedings and be literally as close to breast as possible. Check out the images - you will see for yourself this amazing way to nurse your baby.
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on January 6, 2018
These are amazing! My son has HORRIBLE reflux and is constantly spitting up, like he lives in a diaper because he pukes up puddles all day kind of spitting up. We have been using Dr. Brown bottles thinking it was the best for reflux but apparently that was incorrect. He is SOOOO much better now that we've switched to this bottling combo. For the first time in his 6 month life my son wore the same onesie ALL DAY! That's huge to me!
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on August 24, 2017
We used the Playtex drop-ins for 2 of our kids, and had been planning to use it for our 3rd baby. I loved them in the past for the convenience. This time, I got 2 liners with HUGE holes in the bottom. That has never happened before! The holes were so big that I didn't even have time to try and salvage the breastmilk before it all spilled out. What a horrible feeling. I threw away the whole box (wasn't going to take a chance with any more liners) and am planning to write the company. Perhaps the quality control has gone down in recent years, or I just got a bad batch? I bought a pair of Comotomo bottles that are actually really easy to clean and baby loves them.
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VINE VOICEon April 19, 2018
I've been using these liners in bottles since shortly after my baby was born. We had nursing difficulty, and after several consultations with lactation, moved to exclusive pumping by about six weeks of age.
I chose this type of bottle because it was what I remembered from my youth and babysitting days. (I had someone comment to me that these were so "old fashioned", as though that was a reason she wouldn't use them.) I love being able to get the air out of the bottle, and how the bag collapses as the baby feeds.
I went into my order history, and I have bought 2400 bags (24 boxes) in recent months (plus a box I bought at a big box stores waiting on one shipment) almost entirely through subscribe & save. I have only had two bags that had any sort of defect. They we're sort of crunched up at the top of the box (perhaps due to the way they were packed in there) and the top wouldn't lay flat against the rim.
I've never had a leak that wasn't my fault (a couple of times I didn't get the lid screwed on tight...user error).
I like knowing that I have a clean start to each bottle -- really cuts down on bottle washing time (especially since we don't have a dishwasher).
I have no issues, and would use these again for a future child.
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on June 7, 2018
The other reviews are true. I got my first box of bad liners, 2 leakers so far, 50+ liners to go in this particular bad box. If it was just one leaker, I could let it slide, but 2! Plus it's hard to deal with it if you're on the road. Been trusting this brand of liners for some time now. Before ordering for the first time, I read the reviews about these liners and its leaking issues. I decided to take a risk because these bags are so budget friendly. So far so good until now. I've yet to experienced leakers from other brands. So perhaps this is the last time I use this brand.
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on June 5, 2018
These are very convenient, as I only need to wash the nipple of the bottle before each feeding. I am only giving these 2 stars because about 10 out of the 100 had holes in them. It's only 10, but it is bad when you discover that there is a hole and it is leaking all over you and your baby when you are 2 hours from home and the only milk you have left is going all over the place. I thought it was the lid not on properly, so next time I just put the liner in and started to feed. Happened again. I started having to test each liner before putting it in the bottle.
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on March 19, 2018
There are holes, not tears, in these liners. We have only had them for a few days and have had several leak. Today, I had to leave work to pick up my son early because milk leaked and there was not enough left! We are feeding pumped breastmilk, so it is not easy to replace! Stay away, quality issue! Amazon refunded the product cost, but I'll still have to waste time finding an alternative, and the time off work is not good either! They are sterile, so checking with water before filling with milk would defeat the purpose of buying a sterile liner. Have bought before without issue, maybe it is a bad batch, but what a pain!
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on July 27, 2015
I love the convenience of having these liners, so we don't have to constantly wash the bottles. Instead, we just wipe it down and switch nipples, then wash the bottles at the end of the day. The issue I have with these is I noticed they don't always expand all the way, so while it may seem like there is 4 oz of water in it, it is actually only 3 1/2-3 2/3 ounces. I also wish they were all individually packaged so they were more sterile, but I understand why they aren't. Overall, I like using these, especially when we go out so we can just throw them away and replace it with another while using the same bottle. That way, we don't have to carry tons of bottles with us.
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on July 2, 2018
We used these exclusively for our first child (a couple of years ago) for over a year and never had a problem. We had tried a half dozen other bottles before we tried these. Then we tried these and they were excellent and helped prevent colic.
So when we had our second child this past January, we chose to use these again because of our good experience. They worked great again initially, but the past few months we have had several different boxes that had multiple liners with holes in them causing everything to leak out. Any mom who is pumping can imagine the dismay and rage that is felt when the milk you worked so hard for is wasted all over your counter.
Ultimately, this was a great product and will be again if they can ever get quality control back in place.
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on May 2, 2018
This is a good product, and I love how these make "bottle cleaning" a breeze. Unfortunately the package arrived with a hole in it. I was mainly concerned that the drop-ins were going to be punctured and I wasn't going to be able to use them, but I looked them over and they seemed fine. I would just advise parents to rinse these before using in the baby bottle. This is the second package I buy that the drop-ins have a little funny smell to them and they just don't seem completely "sterile" to me. (Especially if the package has a hole in it). Filling and rinsing them with tap water before using with formula or breast milk is a good idea anyway to check for any leaks.
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