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on September 26, 2016
This light switch and the other outlet style plug has worked reliably for over 3 years. There would be occasional hiccups like power interruptions that cause the switches to restart, but they have never failed on me. However, you are at the mercy of your internet connection and if you happen to be away while the network crashes, you won't be able to communicate with the switches. The daily programs will continue to work regardless.

Setting this up properly does require some networking knowledge and how to properly implement security. The switches both work on hidden and broadcasted SSID Wifi networks. Half of my switches work on the hidden SSID and the other half are connected to the broadcasted SSID. They do support security password keys, but if you want an extra layer of protection, turn on your router/basestation's MAC address control to enable only recognized and authorized devices access to your wireless network.
I have assigned static IP address to these switches by way of their MAC addresses, to avoid IP conflict when power cycling happens to my router. This is the general rule for all of my stay-at-home devices.

Update 2017
My eleventh switch will be arriving tomorrow. The first switch I bought in 2013 is still working to this day. All switches are still working reliably.
Works perfectly with NEST thermostat, Amazon Echo and IFTTT.

Update Dec 2017
1. The WEMO App first lets you name each switch and then allows you to set up "Rules" for unattended on/off times to a switch or a group of switches. So that a switch or a group of switches will turn on/off at a scheduled time.
2. The Amazon Alexa App allows you to first create intelligent named "Groups" of switches, such as "Exterior Lights", "Interior Lights", "Living Room Lights", so you can use voice control to address them in a meaningful way. "Alexa, turn off Living Room Lights" or "Alexa, turn off All Lights."
3. IFTTT will integrate all the functionality of your smart devices with WEMO and ALEXA (NEST and others too). i.e. The GPS in a smart phone can be used to create an invisible fence that can turn WEMO switches on/off as you pass in/out of its perimeter. My living room lights and exterior lights come on when I'm about half a mile from home. NEST can also sense I'm coming home and start cooling/heating the house. The are thousands of "recipes" ready to use.

With these three Apps together, there are thousands of possibilities to automate your home if you are willing to experiment. These are just some of the ways I use mine.

Update March 2018
1. Recently purchased the Wemo Mini Smart Plug to make the uplights in the kitchen cabinets smart. Set up was easy but I first had to add the switch's MAC address to my basestation before connecting to one of my home's SSIDs.
2. That makes twelve switches and all are active and functioning as you can see.
3. The Wemo App is very laggy, but luckily with voice activation, I rarely launch the app except to take screenshots. I use Alexa's voice recognition instead. The Mac version of the app needs to support higher resolution displays like the Android one does.
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on January 20, 2017
I purchased this item from Amazon on January 9th, as a pre-order from when they were released as a new item on January 10th, 2017. After receiving two defective units from Amazon, and before returning the second, I decided to play around with it more and do some more research online. I am posting this to help anyone else who purchased this and is having trouble getting it to connect to your local WiFi network. I did get the unit working fine, but I removed two stars from my review because of the hassle of getting it to work. I spent over an hour with WeMo tech support, who offered no solutions, and made me jump through a bunch of hoops in the process. Cycling a reboot of my router did nothing. Changing my WiFi password did nothing. Disconnecting my phone from cellular service did nothing. The issue with these early units lies in the fact that they seem to get "confused" if you have other WeMo devices in your home. When trying to set up this WeMo mini, the WeMo app on my iPhone would find the device after I connected to its WiFi. The screen would show the device, ask me to name it, and click "Next". After clicking next, it would get stuck trying to get the device to find my home WiFi network. I have 4 other "older" WeMo devices (none of which ever had any issue connecting). I have a WeMo light switch, and 3 regular WeMo smart plugs. Two of the other WeMo smart plugs were easily accessible, so I tried completely unplugging them (not just turning them off). I did a factory reset on the WeMo mini I purchased, went through the app process of connecting it again, and voila! It immediately found my WiFi network and connected. And then it immediately downloaded a firmware update. So it seems like WeMo is aware of an issue, yet their tech support wasn't informed. And so far, I seem to be the only one publicly acknowledging the issue with these early release devices and buggy firmware.

So long story short, if you have other WeMo devices in your household, and have trouble getting this WeMo mini to connect, try unplugging as many of the other devices as you can (they will automatically reconnect online after you plug them back in), factory reset the mini, and go through the setup process again. It should hopefully work.
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on September 3, 2017
Update to my review. Yesterday, 3/5/2018 all my Wemo devices went off line. All of them. Not found. Not by Alexa nor by the Wemo app. I restarted all my devices. Nada. Not found. Restarted the wireless hub, no joy. NONE OF MY WEMO DEVICES ARE FOUND since the update.

I am now in full up manual mode. And looking for a different solution. I cannot say this LOUD enough. Belkin devices are CRAP and they just dont work. They have been nothing but painful since I installed them two years ago. At least once a month they just go away and now apparently they are not coming back. DONT buy this if you are truly into home automation. Find another solution. I am

I bought one last year and liked it. I went all in and now have most of the house on Wemo switches and outlets. They worked fine for many months until the latest firmware update. Now most of them are continually off line. I have reset, restarted and performed all the recommended updates including adding multiple wireless extenders throughout the house. They are performing so poorly that I am considering going back to pre Wemo days. Its just very frustrating. Had they left them alone I suspect that they would still be operating just fine. Now they are worthless and I can no longer recommend them.

November 2017 update. For the past two months the Wemo app will not find any of my devices. Fortunately I have been able to control them using Alexa else I would have backed the truck up and recycled them all.

This first happened when Belkin did a firmware update. The last three firmware updates have killed connectivity. The first time I reconnected all 22 devices. It took a full day. I contacted Belkin support and got a terse replay "not our fault" basically don't call us we will call you NEVER.

The second time I managed to get the devices to connect after two days of resetting them by cycling the power. What a huge pain in the butt. Again, Belkin support said "Not our fault, move along we are not interested in your little problems"

Yesterday I was forced to do another firmware update cause I lost half the devices. You guessed it, they all went away again. I contacted Belkin support again. They told me to go away I was obviously not getting the message. They do not support their devices.

I used to buy Belkin wireless but went away from them several years ago because they are unreliable, inconsistent and not supported.

I tried to update the Wemo app. No update available. I tried controlling them through Alexa, but got the server not responding error message from Alexa. Interesting but for half the devices I could command them individually but not collectively via Alexa. Other room groups worked through Alexa normally but none worked through the Wemo app which did not find ANY of their own devices.

I tried to enable the Wemo skill in Alexa but of course Wemo did not find my wireless network. Nuts. Alexa was turning them on and off using the new Alexa built in hub, but Wemo did not find them while connected to the same freaking network. Belkin is junk in my opinion only matched by their lack of support. Can I go with half a star?.

I started going through the Wemo app trying different things. It was connected to my local wireless network but I deleted and reconnected it again. Like magic all of a sudden the devices showed up only three hours later!

I highly recommend that if you do decide to go with Belkin you place the switches in a location where you can easily access it manually because I can guarantee that you will need to do so.

Unless and until Belkin starts to support their devices and the reliability improves I recommend to my friends and family that they look at alternative solutions.

I would say that I have had a bad experience but it does not raise to that level. :-)
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on March 19, 2017
Nice looking product, but never worked well. It connected fine to our Apple router at first, went through a software update, and then never worked right ever since. Since the update, every time I moved the plug somewhere else in the house, it wouldn't reconnect to our network despite a strong signal. I'd have to manually reset the switch and then start all over. Then, it just plain refused to connect to our network after doing this a dozen times. Plus, the app would crash on my iPhone often. Tech support chat was useless. I knew more than the support technician and they kept suggesting to do stuff I already had done or made no sense to try. Returning it and trying something else.
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on October 28, 2017
I purchased 4 of these. All 4 were put to use on our second floor. Our router is also on the second floor (this is important, as "smart" devices all need to connect to WiFi to communicate). Specifically, my router is in our Master Bedroom, as are 3 of the 4 WeMo smart plugs. I also have an Echo Dot in my room, next to my Router. The fourth and final WeMo was installed in a room just down the hall from me (also on the second floor) along with another Echo Dot. My intended use case was to use them to power lamps (very standard use case). It is definitely worth mentioning that I have an absolutely beastly router. My router can blast a 100Mbps connection throughout both floors of my house and even maintain a connection out on the street - that's how strong my router is.

Now that the setup is clear, I'd really love to inform all of you that only one of these 4 WeMos can reliably connect to my router (again, 3 of my WeMos reside in the same room as my router). Two of the WeMos are directly across my Bedroom from the Router. One has a clear shot, the other is behind a small Nightstand. The WeMo with the clear shot always behaves. The WeMo behind the nightstand seemed okay for up to 1 hour after initial setup, but then was no longer able to maintain connection to my WiFi. My third WeMo has direct line-of-sight partially blocked by two computer towers. This WeMo sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. My fourth and final WeMo down the hall from my room worked for about an hour after initial setup (just like the one blocked by the nightstand), and then ceased to connect to my WiFi.

The bottom line is this: you can't sell a "smart home" product if it can only communicate while being in direct line-of-sight of your router. The fact that my sample size was 4, together with the consistent behavior I witnessed, leads me to conclude that this hardware is just awful. As my title states, I have not a single clue how this device has so many positive reviews. The Fakespot profile of this page indicates that there may be some deception involved with these reviews. I hope more people see mine. Do NOT waste your money on this product. Especially not for this outrageous price!!!
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon October 10, 2016
Updated to review the plug December 19, 2016,

Converting over to smart home devices is a fun as well as an efficient endeavor for me. I have several TP-Link Smart Plug, No Hub Required, Wi-Fi, Control your Devices from Anywhere, Works with Amazon Alexa (HS100) plugs and decided to give this WeMo plug a try too to see how it compares.

Since I have the WeMo wall switch that I originally reviewed below, I already had the app set up and paired with Echo’s Alexa. I found it just as easy to add the WeMo plug to the WeMo and Alexa apps as I did with the TP-link plugs. Both plugs can be grouped together in the Alexa app as well.

There are small differences. The TP-link shows the Wifi light at all times. When my WeMo plug is turned off, there is no LED light indicator showing Wifi connectivity although it remains connected. I found this disconcerting at first since the WeMo wall switch has a small LED that stays on when the switch is off. However, the plug works just fine with both the app and the Echo.

As with the TP-Link plug, the size of the plug may be an issue if one is plugging it directly into an outlet and wants to plug anything larger than a small lamp type plug into an adjoining outlet.
They both have unusual shapes but the TP-link plug is about 2.5 “ wide, 4” long and 2” deep.
The WeMo plug is about 3.25” wide, 4.5” long and 1.75 “ deep. Because of their sizes, I find it more convenient to plug both of the units into a power strip and find that they both work quite well that way too.

At this point, I am equally happy with each of them. If any problems with longevity or functionality develop, I will update my review.

Original Review of WeMo wall switch:

I really wanted the ability to control my bedroom ceiling fan with my voice but I chose my fans more for form than function.

The builder installed double switches for my fans, one switch controlled the fan motor and the other the attached lights. When I got my new fans with remote controls, I found that I only needed one switch to control the power for both while the other switch became a dummy.

Fortunately, I usually keep my fans at the same preferred setting, so I decided to get a Wemo light switch to use with Alexa. It programmed so quickly with immediate app and Echo recognition.

If I want to change the speed or light setting, I need to use the remote but since the Wemo switch turns it on at the previous settings, I rarely use the remote. I am quite happy with this product and the Alexa integration.
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on March 10, 2017
I really, really wanted to like this product & technology, but the failure modes and failure rates are astoundingly high.
Relevant background to my skill levels:
I bought a couple of the plugs so that I could experiment with how to automate my home. I am neither a software or hardware engineer, however I am a (very highly) qualified engineer and I have self taught myself a lot about network hardware & application of software packages. I have an advanced router with repeater, fully LAN & WAN connected house, with network switches, POE devices etc. that I installed & runs pretty cleanly.

First of all the app - I am still on 2nd level support waiting for a response to an issue where I am patient zero. I can create a rule, but it does not give me the choice of days. It is the same rule every day or no rule at all. I have tried installing the app on 2 i devices, same issue(the even have different itunes accounts to further firewall them from each other) So the app is highly buggy. App version 1.17.1.

2nd, the switch(es) I have RMA'ed one of my 2 as I still could, the first one I am stuck with. The 2nd one experienced worse functionality issues than the first one. It had to go as this is a defective unit.
The rules limited me, so I tried anyway.
Initial first time setup was quite smooth & I was initially impressed. (Hadn't realized the rules issues yet)
Paired it to Alexa, that was pretty smooth too (Still impressed)
Ran it for a few days, had fun having Alexa switch it on & off etc.
Then we had a power outage. Big system failure on the WEMO.

After restarting power, everything else came back up properly.
I tried restarting the first switch (the still semi functional one that is not RMA'ed) several times to see if it would boot up, it actually would not boot up until I had pushed the power button several times & actually physically unplugged & replugged it several times.
The WEMO devices were not recognized by the app on my phone, until I switched it to the same wifi network as they were running on. This i snot helpful when you are trying to make a remote access switch.
So after trying & rebooting I have given up.
I cannot set up a smart house with devices that require a full factory reboot and me to delete the app, reset all rules from scratch, every time the power fails or blips.

So sadly I have to say the devices are junk, the app is junk and they need to be fully redesigned before both parts of the system become stable & reliable.

Sorry Belkin, but you also have a lot of people on your own Community pages with many similar problems & your own support is not the one finding solutions, it is other users who have more time to do this than most of the rest of us have.
So, folks, if you read this far, don't waste your time & money, these devices are great in concept, but are far from Implementation Ready for mainstream use.

I have never been paid to write a review - good or bad and I have never been given anything for a review, except for one thing that was sent to me that I didn't want & I contacted the vendor & asked for an RMA (They said donate it - so I did). What you read is my genuine experience.
Sadly 1 star reviews get pushed out of sight on Amazon & they are hard to access (even your own ones).
Thanks for your time.

Updated 3/17 to add rules screenshot showing the app issue with no days selectable. App version 1.17.1 (420001) that I am trying to deal with on 2nd level support. I still struggle with the concept that I am the only person with this issue & that it is identical on 2 unrelated Apple devices that are on different accounts.
Just a side note - when Customers are on the phone with your reps, when discussing the product, it really makes a better impression of your company when they are aware of who your major competitor(s) are. 1st level support had never even heard of TP Link (check the recording it you don't believe me).

3/30/2017 update.
I found a workaround out of sheer frustration & anger &, well, it is still strange.

I had a blank screen for the days selection when creating rules. Nothing showed up at all, ever, I have deleted & reinstalled the app 3 times, done a full hardware reset on the switches 3+ times, had Belkin 2nd level support on the phone - you name it. (That was a whole different story - see the response comments!)

So I was giving it one last try to see if it would work, I reinstalled everything from scratch.
Set up a new rule - still nothing snowing in the days area of the screen.

So I was really very angry about how much time & energy I had spent on this whole exercise & I was absentmindedly tapping my phone screen repeatedly, when I suddenly noticed that it was highlighting days of the week.

So I played around some more.

I can get it to highlight, at most, 6 of 7 days, in any combination.

I have to guess where the day is to be selected on the screen, then I can find it.

I sometimes have to tap that spot several times to get the day to select (no it is not my touchscreen, both devices have the same response)

What I then found out was, if I select a day & I can now see it, that means that day is one in which the rule will NOT work. It Will work on the days that are not selected & still invisible on the screen.

I have attached a couple of random screen shots so you can see what is going on.

Is the issue fixed - no, not at all, it is still there & the software still has a huge flaw.
Does it work enough that I want to continue to try to experiment with it - yes
Will I want to see a software update to fix this issue - yes
Do I want to continue to use this switch for the short term - yes
So in short, I will not send it back, yet. There is something going on.

I tried this workaround on 2 different Apple products (Iphone 6 & Ipad Mini 3) and the workaround works on both.

Is it still fatally flawed - yes.

Please can you pass this on to your 2nd or even higher level Engineers as there is still a problem that must get fixed, but this is a partial workaround.

By the way, I also tried changing the screen color settings to see if it was screen contrast or color related - no it is not, the Apple devices are working exactly as they should, it is your software with the bug.

If you want me to try anything else, have your engineers get in touch & we can see what we can do.

I have still lost significant confidence in the product & am very unsure if I want to invest in any more of them to automate other parts of my home at this time.
review imagereview image
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on November 1, 2013
I bought 4 of these light switches about a month after they were released. I had been adding motion detector lights, dusk-to-dawn lights, etc., to both improve energy efficiency and safety in my house. My purchase was designed to move further toward both of these issues, along with a new Kwikset lock and some security cameras.

Installation was relatively simple, even for someone who is not an electrician. As long as you have the proper wires and follow instructions, as other reviewers have mentioned, installation should not be too difficult (check before ordering though). Connecting to the WiFi was also not difficult for me. I have a Linksys router in the basement with a Linksys range extender upstairs and WeMo did not have any problems connecting when I followed instructions. The initial firmware update took quite a long time and the initial iPhone app version that I downloaded was *very* slow to detect the switches each time I loaded the app, but they seem to have fixed the latter issue.

Once it was all setup, I LOVED it. I used IFTTT to automatically make sure lights were turned off at night and on in the morning, among other things. I really like the look of them and changed out many of my fan switches and other switches to the decorator-style to make it look even nicer. Really, really like the look of them, although I could see it not fitting as well in certain instances (I am definitely not an interior decorator). I do wish that these would work with 3-way lights (where you have two light switches that control the same light) or as dimmers, but unfortunately they don't.

Here's the problem: two days ago, the power to the router went out for about 30 seconds, then turned back on. The internet and WiFi loaded fine and all of my devices worked fine - except two of the 4 light switches could no longer connect to WiFi! They would both just blink orange non-stop. I tried all of their support instructions on their website, which was minimal, and included resetting and restarting the device. Of course, now one of the switches started blinking green and I could no longer even turn the lights on manually. So I caved and called their support number (difficult to find, but calling the corporate headquarters 800-number routed me to support).

Here is where it got really frustrating because, among other things, the person on the line spoke very poor English. It took about 35 minutes to get through the initial questions around model number, what lights were blinking, when I purchased the product, etc. In between each question, she would tell me to "hold on a second" and mute her line, before often (at least 10 times, no exaggeration) returning and asking me a question I had already answered. Multiple times, she forgot to mute her line and I heard her joking with her friends. But, OK, I only hold Belkin partially accountable for that. After over an hour, and having me try everything I already tried, she finally said she would send me a new one. For now, I have two switches that cannot connect to WiFi and one that cannot even turn the lights on.

It is simply not worth all of this hassle just to be able to remotely turn some lights on and off. To make it worse: they only provide (poor) customer service for free for 90 days! After that, you have to pay to talk to someone. Luckily (unluckily?), mine broke after 60 days so I could get someone on the phone.

I really wanted to like the product, and I would have if there was some quality control or better customer support, but unfortunately for me it didn't work out.
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on April 25, 2016
I love the concept behind Wemo's light switch and products, smart function without a hub using your own wifi. I was even enjoying my light switch for about 4 months but now it seems to be toast. My switch has now stopped functioning. It will either freeze and stay on or freeze and stay off. There are freeze and restore buttons hidden on the face under the switch. If those don't work you must kill power at the breaker. After a reset and/or a restore it will flash and work for half a day then back to the mind of its own and freezing. It shouldn't be this much work to turn a light on and off. They have complicated a very simple operation. At this stage of tech it should be able to push firmware updates to the device without the necessity of my interaction, it's always connected. If this is the future of the Internet of things I'd rather go back to candles and gass lamps, low tech but very reliable.

It's not like it goes back to being a dumb switch and you are able to manually use it and you just lose wireless function. It goes back to being a useless thing on wall with a green light that doesn't do anything. Find another solution for your smart home needs as this one isn't it.
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Overall it is a good product and I would recommend it.

I originally bought it hoping to eliminate the use of a power strip as this plug has a narrower profile than the TP-link plug it replaced and doesn't cover both outlets. Even though it didn't accomplish the goal (due to the other item plugged into the outlet, which is no fault of the device), it is an attractive well designed switch that has more capabilities that the switch it replaced.

The Pros are:
1. Narrow profile that doesn't cover the second plug in the outlet.
2. Easy setup (Wemo outlets have a kind of unique setup where you have to select the outlet first in the wifi settings section of your phone before you can complete your install. However, as long as you follow the directions it seems pretty easy.)
3. Easy integration with IFTTT, Samsung Smartthings and Alexa.

The Cons are:
1. Doesn't work with Apple Homekit.
2. It seems to loose its device settings if the power is turned off for an extended period of time, which means that you then have to resetup the outlet again.

Ordinarily I would give it a five star, but for the lack of Homekit connectivity and the fact that it drops off the network if it looses power for a while I felt that I had to knock off a star. However, that being said, its probably one of the best smartplugs on the market right now.
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