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on September 29, 2017
Ordered two 6-footers and two 3-footers of the PowerLine+ cables because I've been buying Anker products for a few years now and they're consistently good. I made the switch from Android to Apple and realized I went from having about 14 cables to having one and decided to fix it. With my previous Anker products, my biggest complaint has been that they last so long I don't need to replace them as fast as I like getting shiny new things. Seriously. I have a backup battery pack for my phones that I've had for about 5 years and have taken cross country half a dozen times and camping at least that many and... it still works great. I want a new one but that one won't die!

Anyway- these are the Mercedes AMG of charging cable. Thick, sturdy, good looking, and the drain cable (the important one) is THICK so this will charge at the fastest rate your device will accept. The terminations are STRONG. The cord looks sexy and it's pretty stiff so it doesn't snake down the side of the counter at the slightest disturbance. I doubt I'm capable of wearing these out but I'll be buying more if I manage to need them.

Disclosure- I copied/pasted the same review for the 3s and the 6s because... they're identical and they're amazing and I type for a living so I don't want to do it again.
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on December 6, 2017
I’m a big fan of Anker products (I currently own 13 of them). I’m also a big fan of 6’ lightning cables; I don’t know how anyone can use a 3’ cable & maintain their sanity. When the 6’ cable I bought last year finally cracked at the point where it’s constantly bending near the USB end, I got this 2-pack of cables from Anker. I’ve been wanting braided nylon cables for a while; the nylon braided covering makes these cables less prone to cracking at the points where they’re bent most often, so they last a lot longer than the plastic coated ones. They’re still flexible enough to coil up when necessary, and they just look nicer and more expensive than non-braided cables. Since Anker offers an 18 month warranty on all their products, I know I won’t be having to replace these cables due to wear & tear for at least that long. Anker also makes this same cable in a 10’ length, which I’ll likely be purchasing next for use in my workroom, where the placement of the outlets renders these 6’ cables not quite long enough.
ANKER, I do have one request for your Suggestion Box: Please consider offering 2 different colors of cables in these 2-packs. I have 2 of your Power Port USB Charging Hubs (one 5 slots & one 6 slots) at different locations in my place, and usually charge my iPhone and iPad at the same time in one or the other of them. It would be nice to be able to differentiate which cable is for the phone vs. the tablet by its color, without having to buy an extra set of cables just to get a different color. Thanks!
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on October 29, 2017
UPDATE : Anker reached out to me and offered a replacement. It arrived quickly and works excellent. I believe that it was an outlier that broke.

I have many Anker PowerLine+ cables. They are my preferred cable. Aside from this one, they have all lasted a while without any issue. Sadly, one of the two that are in this package came apart after 6 weeks. Now we shall see how good the warranty is. It says 18 months. But I am not sure how to return 1 of the 2 cables.
review image
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on March 2, 2018
I truly love this cord. I have gotten so many charging cords in the past and after a month tops they usually stop working. I take my cord with me everywhere so I am constantly unplugging it, wrapping up my cord and throwing it in my gym bag. This is the first cord that has lasted longer than a month. PLUS it is a 2 pack so in the event it does die on me, I have a back up. So far, so good!! It is an extremely great cord, it's very long so I'm never tugging on the cord. I definitely recommend this cord to everyone that has problems with finding a cord that has longevity and everyone in general that ever needs a lightening cord to charge their electronics. I know that I saw they had this cord for androids also so get one!!! You won't be disappointed!
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on September 10, 2017
Awesome cables. I recently went cheap and decided to get a 4 pack since lightning cables don't last too long for my family. However, Anker has been around for a while and I have bought many of their cables over the years. What I love is that they stand behind their warranty, because god knows I had a few that failed within the first year. Poked around a bit and I found that they came out with these sturdier ones. I also bought their Powerline II, but I would have to say that these feels better, sturdier, some flexibility and does the job because my phone charges extremely quick using the combination of these cables and the Quick charger. Comparing to the others Apple MFi cables, these are way superior in term of charging time, durability and transfer rate.
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on February 3, 2018
I liked the material of cable, but the cables after a few weeks failed to charge, it charges a few percents then stops charging or draining battery. I only buy anker cables due to customer service i got one 6ft cable replaced and hope to replace these cables too. Image attached

Did this happen to anyone?
review image
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It seems Lightning cables all eventually break after a couple of months of use in my house. We have three kids that test the limits of any charging cable, so when you find a good one, it pays to stick with it. I've been using various Anker cables for the past couple of years and I have had only 2 cables fail and Anker replaced them for me without any hassle! .

The Anker PowerLine+ cables are built better than the cables Apple provided with the device. I have a USB meter that helped me prove that as well. I can only get about 2 Amps when charging my iPad when using an OEM Apple cable. I can get almost 2.4 Amps when using one of these Anker cables. Basically the Anker cables can deliver around 12 Watts and the Apple Cable can only deliver 10 Watts. This would allow your device to charger quicker since more juice is being delivered through the cable.

What I like:
1. The cables are well built and durable.
2. They can charge devices quicker since they are capable of delivering more current than the stock cable or other inferior cables.
3. The PoweLine+ series of cables have a nice quality feel to them over everything else I've tried. They are very flexible.
4. Anker has an 18 month hassle free warranty on these cables, so if one breaks they will replace it for you and it is an easy process!

What could use improvement:

1: I'm mixed on the included cable pouch. It is ice, but I think I prefer just the Velcro cable strap by itself. Just a personal preference though.

Remember, Your charging will only be quick if all of the components being used are quality components, so your weakest link will determine your charging speeds. If you use a cable that is capable of delivering 1 A, then a 2 Amp charger will only deliver 1 Amp and vise versa. Don't skimp on your cables. I've tested many cables that will only deliver 1/2 Amp so your device will charge very slowly, and I promptly dispose these under-performing cables. The Anker cables will help you get optimal charging if used with a quality charger.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on May 9, 2018
Honestly, what can I say about these cables that Anker fans don’t already know? They’re durable, reliable, and downright rugged. 2m/6ft lightning cables is the longest optimal length for the quickest charging, and these do that job. I cheaped our before here on Amazon and went against my own conscience by purchasing a 3-pack of 10-ft Lightning Cables, just to have each one fail over time. Furthermore, almost every 10-foot cable I tested charges all my devices very slowly. These Anker cables show no issues with charging or data syncing, and I’d easily buy them again should I need more.

As for all other Anker products, I have bought enough to have utmost faith in their quality control. As a former supervisor for A****’s G***** B**, I can definitely stand behind the quality of their products - especially these cables.
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on May 6, 2018
This is the second anker powwrline+ that has crapped out after two months. Every time I plug in the anker cable to the phone it cycles from no charge to charge causing the phone to keep making that noise it makes when you plug in a reliable cable.

This is the second cable that has died after a short time. While anker reinforces their cables wih all sorts of fancy materials like Kevlar/unobtainium doesn’t mean squat if the cable fails quicker than Apple. In fact, I’ve had Apple lightning cables fray at the ends but none have actually had connectivity issues after I use cable cover.

I used to like anker but after their 25000 mah battery damaged my MacBook I am staying away. I switched to ravpower and have been very happy.
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on January 7, 2018
Updated 5/2/18 Anker Direct Team has sent me replacement cables and made it right. I did a baseline test to see the speed of recharge and found that the speed for most USB ports including the MacBook pro via usb to usb converters was 1% per minute on my iPhone 7+. This is a good expectation for a charging rate.

OLD: The cables are of exelent quality and the cable pouch will be especially helpful to keep my son from messing with my wifes cables.

UPDATE: I gave one to my wife and she complained that it did not charge her iPad or iPhone from one of her computers. She gave the cable back to me. More and more I am noticing that theres USB ports that other iPhone cables work with to charge my iPhone and iPad but not these cables. I also noticed that the USB ports that will charge my iPhone and iPad charge very slowly. These cables do seem to still be durable.
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