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on January 30, 2017
AT Dawn: I love this series. They have all been excellent stories, keeping you wondering what is going to happen next. Some vacation Alex Troutt was on with her 12 year old son. Shootings and mayhem abound. I'm glad Archie has been introduced to the story. I like him, he's so mercurial. What is going on with him though. Can Alex trust him? Anyway, I'm already looking forward to the next book in the series.

AT Dusk: This is another wonderful addition to a fantastic series. I just love Alex Troutt...she's smart, strong, and knows what she is doing. Alex gets involved and follows all the leads on this new case of a psychopathic killer because of similarities to a cold case of hers. John Mefford has all the right twists and turns and you don't know where to look next. It's another of his books that you can't stop reading. Excellent writing along with a wonderful story. I really think this is the best book yet and I'm already looking forward to the next. I definitely recommend this book. It's just plain good reading.

AT Last: Can you imagine confronting the person who killed your parent in a hit-and-run? The same person who murdered the police chief? Alex Troutt learns more about herself and her family. I can't believe this is the last book for the series, but what a great way to end it. This is just another marvelous book by an outstanding author. John Mefford has done it again, writing a story that thrills you and makes you question and satisfies you down to your toes. A really good book that is well-written and enjoyable. I'm going to miss Alex, but I'm looking forward to what John Mefford does next.

All in all a most marvelous series. I highly recommend these books.
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on January 30, 2017
You can not go wrong with these 3 great gripping stories about Alex Troutt and her FBI agents. You also get to see her on a personal side with her kids and father. Things do not go smoothly for Alex with drug gangs, murders and all the other stuff that is just "another day of work" for these people. I have read all of them and purchased them also.
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on September 8, 2017
Alex Troutt is a strong, competent FBI agent with a good moral compass. These stories are fast moving and interesting. Recommend.
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on April 1, 2018
Too much bad language. I had to completely delete the whole 6 book series.
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on June 20, 2017
Totally hooked on this series. Love the Alex Troutt character and Cant wait to see how this whole series ties together. Starting Ivy Nash part now and looking forward to entire series
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on August 27, 2017
Loved reading the Alex Troutt series. The storyline kept me intrigued and wanting more.
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on January 31, 2017
Love this series. Draws you in fron the very begining. I wait anxously to get to the next book. These have kept me up late at night, i say one more chapter far too many times. Awesome writer.
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on May 12, 2017
Not great literature but a good read that will hold your interest. Worth the time and money.
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on January 28, 2018
This author has such potential...or perhaps he doesn't as it's just a mediocre author. I'm not sure, although I'm leaning toward the potential side.

I read his first three books and found a lot to dislike about them, but since it's bought them in a set, and then did the same with these three books, I decided to read them all.

I am so grateful I read quickly. I didn't waste too much time. So much wrong with his stories.

At Dawn, Book 4: Alex not knowing about Jess (Theresa's daughter) or what had happened to her? Not buying it. Definitely not buying the reason why Alex didn't know.

What was Corey's reason to exist? To show how hot Alex was? We already knew that, almost every man hit on her (men's fantasy). To provide a target for Erin's growing up? No scenes should ever be written without some purpose:. to move the plot along, to show character development, or to reveal something to the reader. Corey's reason?...not so much.

Mario, Archie on the ground, rat, can't find gun, contrived I was embarrassed for the author. Keystone Cops much?

Now I'm so angry I'm considering throwing the book against the wall. Figuratively. Kindle, after all. We're being guided to a mystery surrounding Alex's father, Don, and his new squeeze, Carly, and then TOLD what the mystery was instead of investing two or three pages SHOWING us what happened!

Alex's father, Don, isn't a flawed human being. And Carly isn't a human dealing with a troubled past. They're both buffoons.

This story was a waste of g good reading time I'll never get back. If books 5 & 6 are like this, I'm done.

Surprisingly, book 5 was rather good, although now I'm seeing lots of editing errors.

Book 6: At Last: Already I'm tired of hearing Brad repeating how Alex is not alone. He's here for her. Sheesh. We get it.

Mr. Mefford uses his characters as pawns. I realized all authors manipulate their characters, but in Mr. Mefford's case, it's obvious. Take Gretchen. I'm at the part of book 6 where Alex had just discovered a possible link between a current crime and her mother's car accident from thirty years ago. One minute, she's standing with Brad and wondering how Gretchen is taking it (Brad and she as a couple since she knew Gretchen had a thing for Brad herself). Totally appropriate. Not a page later, she and Brad are joking about showering, and Alex's comments indicate she could care less that Gretchen is still there. In fact, Gretchen's not even mentioned anymore. See? Gretchen's not a well-developed character, she's a pawn; bring her out to do her magic (akin to Penelope from Criminal Minds) and then relegate her to the background. Except Mr. Mefford spent considerable pages building her up into a secondary characters in book one. Now, just a pawn.

A former CIA agent and a financial advisor for brides from the Orient??? Remember the word I used before? Buffoon? This is Archie I'm talking about. Really?

There was so much wrong, yet I had a tear in my eye at the end of book 6, so like I said earlier, I'd like to believe Mr. Mefford has talent. It's just unrealized talent.
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on January 30, 2017
Book 4

Alex Troutt is trying to have a nice, leisurely vacation with her kids. She takes them to her hometown of Padre Island, TX to visit her father, his latest love interest & her best friend from High School. Alex has a tumultuous relationship with her father & it only goes downhill when she meets his latest love interest. Even though Alex is on vacation, her FBI senses go off the chain when she meets the woman & her intuition continues to go crazy with every ensuing encounter! She runs across an ex-coworker Archie who is now working as a PI & that encounter proves to be very helpful in the long run. From Alex's first meal with her father & "the woman" things start going CRAZY! Bullets flying, drugs, old friends with BIG SECRETS, new acquaintances with BIGGER SECRETS & nonstop ACTION, ACTION, ACTION! You will join Alex in needing a vacation after reading this Wild Ride!

AT Book 5

This latest installment of the Alex Troutt series is not for the faint of heart! Alex is always hot on the trail of some criminal/criminals but this time the story is much darker. Mefford is an excellent storyteller and keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next as Alex and her team try to piece together parts of what may be the work of one psycho or, even worse, more than one. There are new players on Alex's team and if you know Alex, she often doesn't play well with others. Fortunately she and one of the new team members work fairly well together and Alex will prove to be a mentor to her. As the plot thickens, Alex begins to see some of her greatest fears come to fruition and it's a race against the clock to catch the demon possessed evildoers. My rating of 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the graphic nature of the crimes. It is too dark for me.

AT LAST Book 6

This is the novel that finally gives the background on FBI Agent Alex Troutt. If you read AT Dusk, you encountered Alex's father. AT Last has to do with the search for the truth as to what really happened to Alex's mother. As usual, Mefford deftly crafts a plot that leads you through many heart stopping scenes that keep you involved until the last page. At least Alex can always count on her support team at work which happens to include her love interest Brad. In this novel, she'll need all the help she can get! I received ARCs for fair & honest reviews of these books.
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