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TOP 500 REVIEWERon October 27, 2017
This is a bad replacement for the old version of FireTV and is more of an upgraded version of the Fire Stick.

I’ve been a big fan of all other forms of the Fire TV family, I have a first generation FireStick, 2 second generation FireSticks, and a FireTV2. That’s why I preordered and was excited for the first updated FireTV in two years. Needless to say this was a huge disappointment and marketed completely wrong by Amazon.
As an “upgraded” version of the FireTV, this device fails in almost every way possible...
Internal components - FAIL
External option features - FAIL
OS6 Firware - FAIL (not ready for initial release)

Amazon removed the built in ethernet attachment and instead makes you purchase an ethernet accessory dongle if you want the option to hard wire the internet. They removed the microSD slot, removing the possibility of expanding the memory for additional apps, games, or playing digital content that you already own. They also removed the USB option for a keyboard, mouse, or hard drive.
Looking at the specs the processor is actually slower, and the 4k capability is only SLIGHTLY improved over the FireTV2. After two years of design the only display difference was to upgrade 4k from 30fps to 60fps. The older version feels faster and loads videos and apps quicker than this device also.
The OS6 is still glitchy and had trouble loading your apps on the homepage and the 'My Apps" page. I'm sure the OS will receive updates to fix these issues, but should have been done before the release.
Yes the price is cheaper than the old version, but you are definitely purchasing a lesser product.

As I said, if you are looking for an improved FireStick, this is an upgrade.

If you are looking for a new or replacement FireTV, stay away or wait for the (rumored) FireTV cube.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon October 27, 2017
I bought this in order to have an Alexa-enabled device connected to our media center and be able to play Prime music through the home stereo. It does that well, and I am happy to give this three stars based on that low-expectation functionality.

Fire TV 4K fails to get any more stars because I do not enjoy the user interface. I do not like that I have no way to explicitly browse content that streams for free via my Prime membership. I am frustrated that Amazon consistently interjects media content that is pay-per-view in search results and category browsing. Amazon has intentionally chosen not to include flagging on the thumbnails that identifies which content is Prime and which is not. In the mobile Prime Video app interface, this is a convenient feature. Fire TV has introduced a regression in this regard by requiring users to click on a thumbnail before they can find out if something is pay-per-view or free. I am tempted to drop a star on this review simply because of this frustration.

Another thing that sucks about the UI is the proliferation of horizontal scrolling of thumbnails. This requires a separate button push for EVERY thumbnail, of which there are usually dozens in a horizontally-arranged list. I would prefer to see vertical pages of thumbnails that I could scroll down on and only have to push the button per row of three or four thumbnails. I suspect there was some user group testing where they found people perceived the collection of content was greater if it was arranged in this manner rather than in vertically-scrolling pages.

I'm also not fond of the trailers they squeeze in front of the content you are trying to watch. It's just another obstacle to have to leap past. It would be one thing if they used their robust analytics capabilities to present properly-targetted content trailers, but it's clearly generic advertising.

My hope is that Amazon will improve these UI failures and make this device much better. The hardware aspect of this product is satisfactory.

UPDATE 10/31: I dropped a star. Review is now two-stars. This evening I saw a banner ad on the Fire TV 4k home screen advertising a Hewlett Packard computer. I did not buy what I thought was a premium media player for me to be sold to advertisers as a captive audience for ads. I am strongly considering returning this device to purchase an AppleTV 4k unit.
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on October 28, 2017
It really kills me to write this, but Amazon really dropped the ball big time with this one. My problems with this device are all hardware and design based. I had no issues with set up or software, as I've read some others have had.

Here's a quick recap of why this device is terrible:
1- the HDMI cable is stupid short. It literally dangles off your tv if you use a side HDMI port, like I do. It looks bad and just feels bad. Plus, in my case, the power outlet was on the other side of the room. No problem with my previous FireTV but because the HDMI cable is so short... dig out those extension cords. Just messy.

2- No SD card port. Makes it VERY limited on space for apps, etc. STUPID move, Amazon.

3- WiFi ONLY unless you pay for an extra adapter for $15. Sorry, but I'm not paying more money to add something that never should have been removed in the first place. Because this edition is WiFi only, the picture is awful. I mean, awful. Think VHS compared to Blu Ray. I have a good WiFi network, fast speed, and 4k looked atrocious. I hooked up my previous FireTV and was amazed at how much better the quality was. I'm not sure if its a WiFi thing or not, but for things like streaming and gaming, I prefer hardwired connections to get better, more stable speeds. And again, I'm not paying extra $ to find out if this device will perform better hardwired or not. I already had the design and tiny HDMI cable.

I got this device thinking the picture quality might be better than the previous edition, which has a great picture on my 4K TV. I was so, so wrong. Unfortunately, I WILL be returning this device and sticking with the previous edition which specs aside is far superior in nearly every factor.
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on October 29, 2017
Disclaimer * Please don't get offended, this is just my personal review so Amazon developers and employees don't take it personal*

This is not a 2017 Fire Tv upgraded model, it's actually a Fire Stick replacement and if you call it that then the product is amazing. I expected Amazon to do a little better with this one, especially after taking so long to come up with it's replacement. I already had the previous version but it didn't have th 4k hdr capability, so when I saw this I was excited. Was leaning towards the 4k Apple Tv, but with the Alexa integration and the 4k how could this product go wrong? Let's start with them taking out the micro sd slot, why would you take away something that works so well. With all the apps being downloaded and personal videos and music people want to add, why just only give us 8gb of memory. Then the other frustrating thing is the ethernet port they took away, now almost every time I watch a show I see a little spinning box. The sad part is the modem is next to it almost an inch away, and it still freezes or glitches. So then I'm given the option of buying an extra device to attach to my new Fire Tv, which not only adds to the cost of what I paid for but adds more wires and connections. Thanks Amazon but no thanks for an inferior product, after spending that long in the lab this isn't what you're suppose to come up with. Only Apple does things like bringing out innovative things that other developers already made years back, please don't follow their trend I really want to like your product. I know my opinion doesn't matter, but maybe next time you'd do some beta testing so we wouldn't have to waste time sending it back.

Echo when is Amazon releasing the actual Fire Tv upgraded model....
"Sorry I don't know that one"
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on October 27, 2017
My Fire TV 2 has better picture quality, built in Ethernet connection, SD card. The only thing the Fire TV 3 does better is play 4K and HDR files. It was a big waste of money poorly designed and crappy connections.
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on November 1, 2017
This is a compete embarrassment. What a HUGE STEP BACK. This isn't a fire TV, its a mediocre fire stick. Be prepared for back button that doesn't work, apps that wont show or load. Heck I had to call Amazon customer service for the first time to figure out how to do a factory reset. I have 3 other Fire TVs for several years! I've done it twice more now. And that was just to get 3 apps loaded from the Amazon store. I have Directv Now. Awful. Audio sync issues constantly. Won't load channels. Just brutal. Then just for fun I loaded KODI. How about no H265 movies will play right? 4K player my rear end. This is a piece of garbage. Probably why it was so cheap. Cuz its cheap.
EDIT - I returned the product. I called customer service to ask them to get me a 2nd gen. I found out they cannot send one. Customer service said they have been swamped with calls and complaints about the 3rd gen.
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on October 27, 2017
I have the original Fire Tv, 2nd gen Fire Tv, 1st Fire Stick and a few 2nd gen Fire Sticks and for the most part been pretty happy.....Until this worthless piece of junk.

Preordered 3 of them, have set up 2 and not bothering with the 3rd one, all 3 are going back. While setting it up it forces an update so takes awhile to get setup. Installed all my apps and got everything up and running. Then realized my apps bar was blank and if I held down the home button and went into my apps that way, it would just show a loading screen forever. Restarting and nothing worked, had to do a master reset and start all over, which means that time I had to spend longer to setup my amazon account since it wasn’t there anymore.

When I setup the second one I immediately checked out the apps before installing any, same thing black bar and couldn’t get into them, had to do a master reset again.

I always setup parental controls so people cannot purchase videos and on this one made the mistake of doing right away, because then it makes you enter that pin for every single free app you are installing, come in now how stupid is that? I just don’t want people to buy crap, who cares about free apps, none of my other fires have done that.

Not bothering to test out further, packed up and sending all back, going to try out the Nvidia Shield Tv

Oh and I love how Amazon blocked reviews for a few days so they could sell even more units to people before they could see the reviews warning about how much of a piece of crap this is.
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on October 30, 2017
It was easy to setup. The interface is not very smooth and you notice a lag. The biggest drawback is there is no external sd card slot so you are limited to the memory built in. They got really smart and removed the USB and Ethernet ports as well. Kudos to the dumb genesis who decided this would be a WIN.

The very little credit that I have given this product was not worth my time but I hope it helps someone before they decide to buy it. I've used it once and will be returning it soon. This is a perfect example of how a great product gets turned into total garbage.
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on October 27, 2017
NEW Fire TV review
So I haven't figured out how to make Alexa clean my house like Cinderella...yet. But I'm working on it. In the meantime, I have figured out that she is much more than a glorified alarm clock or DJ. Although, you should know that alarms are "not currently supported on this device," like they are on the Echo. This is a more basic version of Alexa. It doesn't have her full functionality. You can, however, use the new Fire TV for shopping.

I'm not sure what the target demographic for this product is, but I am a professional female in my early thirties, who is in a committed relationship. That is a nice way of saying that my partying days are behind me and my boyfriend and I spend a lot of time binge watching stuff on the sofa. Yes. We are suburban couch potatoes. No shame here. Also, I am an Amazon Prime member, and we do have a 4k UHD TV.

I have a Fire Stick and the original Fire TV box. The Fire Stick is ok, but the graphics and speed cannot match the Fire TV.

As for the device itself, it is much smaller than the old Fire TV.
The old one was 10 oz, 4.5" wide, 4.5" long, and 5/8" thick.
The new one is about 3 oz, 2.5” wide, 2.5” long, and 5/8” thick.
Although smaller and lighter than its predecessor, this version of the Fire TV is LESS portable than the previous version and this is why: It has a built-in HDMI cord that is only 3.75” long. Whereas the old version had a full HDMI cord and could be unplugged and moved without having to access the back of the TV, this item cannot. If you do not have any open HDMI ports on the front or side of your TV, you will need to access the back of your television to plug this in, where it will act as a dongle and probably remain until you throw the TV out. No idea how this placement will affect the ability to use the remote, although, the remote works most of the time with my Fire Stick, which has the same set up.
It connects via HDMI cable (attached, but you might need an extension HDMI cable) and plugs into a wall power outlet. You CANNOT plug the cord into a USB port on the TV. It will tell you that the device detects an insufficient power source. So, you need an actual electrical plug. The old version came with its own special cord and didn’t use a universal microUSB like the Fire Stick does. This version DOES use a micro USB cable, so if you move it or lose it, it isn’t the end of the world.
The remote is identical to the last version: 6" long, 1.5" wide, 1/2" thick and weighs 2.5 oz. If you were someone who HATED how the battery door on the remote opened, then bad news – this one is exactly the same. I never had that problem, but it was a common complaint in previous reviews. Although the remotes are identical, they are not interchangeable. They are assigned to each box specifically and you have to go into the menu to change them. Not sure how that can even be done without first having the remote, though.

The cord is 5 feet long, which is fine. But, the electric plug portion of the cord is long. This can’t easily be plugged into any plug that has an item in front of it that sits flush with the wall. If you don’t want to ruin the cord, you will need AT LEAST 3 inches of space between the wall and any other object.

It connects quickly and easily to your Prime account because Amazon sends it to you already setup with the information. So, if you are buying it as a gift, you should specify that while you are checking out. However, during the set up process it does give you the option to change the account associated with the device. The problem is that your account is preloaded (if you don't specify it is a gift) and it doesn't require a password during set up. You can set up Amazon FreeTime and a pin on it, though, so you don't have to worry about your kids making unauthorized purchases, overusing it, or accessing questionable material.
During the setup it automatically updates the software and then asks you if you want to download any of their most popular apps. Oddly, Netflix is not listed as one of those apps, so when you are finished with the setup, just push the voice button and say “Netflix. It will take you directly to the download screen.
Please note: SOME apps have free content and others require a PAID subscription. Yet others require you to log into your cable provider’s account before being able to view the “free” content. So, if you are cord-cutting, there aren’t as many truly free options as you might first think.

As for HD quality, it does provide a good image. I have a Samsung 6500 series 4K UHD LED TV, the curved version. The HD content is amazing. Also, it does process tasks faster than my Fire Stick, both of which are connected to Verizon Fios via Wifi. My Vizio 38” soundbar (with subwoofer and satellite speakers) just stopped working this week after only 1.5 years of normal use and no damage, so I can’t test the surround sound. I also don’t recommend the Vizio soundbar. It sounded great, but it should still be working and it isn’t. The previous Fire TV box was shipped without the ability to use surround sound in any of the apps (like Netflix). I’m going to assume Amazon wouldn’t make that same mistake twice.

However, the best part is definitely Alexa and the voice activated remote. You can say things like, "Alexa, show me comedic movies." It will take you to a list of comedies. You can access anything on the box, such as games and apps, but it is also a virtual search engine. You can ask, "What is the overnight weather forecast for San Diego, CA?"

It is fast, it is responsive, and best of all it is accurate. Accuracy is an issue with most of these voice operated items. There is a learning curve, but Alexa rarely gets mixed up or confused once she figures you out. There is definitely a period of time when it's almost like talking to an elderly patient who isn't weaing their hearing aid. "You think I'm too hairy?!" "No. I said to play Katy Perry!" That kind of thing. But, Alexa is a quick learner.

Once the initial awkward dating period is over and you get to know each other better, Alexa is great with Prime Music. Say, "Alexa, play Walk like an Egyptian,'' and she will. Prime music has no commercials, and you can listen to specific songs or even entire albums with a quick verbal command. Sometimes, Alexa is smarter than you are. I said, "Alexa, play the pop radio station." She responded with, "Playing the Top Pop Prime Station," and put it on. And maybe she knows that secretly you really don't like Katy Perry that much. Prime music also scrolls the words on the screen as the song plays.

Another cool thing is that it can connect to bluetooth items. So, let's say that you like to have peace and quiet when you sleep, but your boyfriend likes to fall asleep with the TV on. He can put on a pair of bluetooth ear buds and let you sleep. You can also project sound to bluetooth speakers, if you wanted to.

You can finally share items from devices other than a Kindle. By saving your media to your Amazon cloud account, you can easily transfer and view them on your TV.
Additionally, Alexa now has skills which enable you to ask her to do tasks involving your smart home devices. For instance, you can ask her to adjust your thermostat, or turn lights on or off. The skills have to be enabled in the Alexa app on your phone first.
Lastly, the Fire TV can now sync with your other Alexa-enabled devices. In the Alexa app on your phone, go to the Music, Videos, and Books tab. Then click on FireTV. Then click on Manage Devices. That will allow you to link whichever devices you choose. This IS compatible with the Tap, even though the Tap is the one Echo device that does not support multi-room music playing. So now, without even having the remote, I can say to the tap in my living room, “Alexa, play the Man in the High Castle” and the Fire TV will start playing it on my television.

There is one thing I wish Alexa could do, but doesn't. I wish she had the ability to make VOIP emergency calls. There are all sorts of apps now that can make phone calls. I noticed that when the Echo came out, it was a huge hit with disabled people, like my mother who had a stroke and never learned how to use electronics. It would be really nice if you could say, "Alexa, call 911" or "Alexa, call my emergency contact." It would only have to store 911 and maybe 1-2 emergency numbers. And it could be a life saver, literally. Amazon already sends texts to your verified phone number regarding delivery. You could set the device to show your verified number as the caller ID number. You could prevent pranks or accidents by setting a code word. "Alexa, call 911, codeword: ambulance." I think that would be amazing, but that's just me.
Additonally, Echo devices are now able to call each other. So, you can call Grandma’s Echo with your Dot. But, the Fire TV does not have that capability. They are coming out with the Echo Connect in December 2017, which makes phone calls. But, it requires BOTH an Echo device AND home phone service, so for the life of me I can’t figure out why anyone would need it. It basically turns your home phone (which very few people use anymore) into a speakerphone on your Echo (but most phones have speakerphones now). Regardless, the FireTV is not an Echo device and it is unlikely the Echo Connect will ever work with it.
Lastly, it did not carry over my watchlist or progress from my other Fire TV, so I have to select the season and episode of the shows I am watching all over again. Not the biggest deal, but it would have been a nice convenience.

If you need this mostly for Prime content, you will be very happy. If you are willing to pay for some reasonably-priced subscription-based services, you will be even happier. One star off for the silly HDMI cord setup and the oversized electrical plug that sticks out so far.

Sorry my review is practically a novel. If you were able to get through it, I hope it was useful. Feel free to leave any questions or comments. I always do my best to answer/respond.
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on October 27, 2017
By far the worst fire device I have seen. save your money and just buy a fire TV stick. Software locks up loads on top of previous screen and takes forever to load. reboots randomly and does not load. 3 hours and still can't get it all the way threw the setup process. My fire tv stick was setup in less than 5 minuets. Will be sending this back and looking at something that actually works.
review imagereview image
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