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TOP 500 REVIEWERon September 3, 2017
Amazing little helper. So I absolutly love this, but it's kinda disappointing to not get batteries in the box. But it makes sense seeing as a pack of duracell batteries cost about ten dollars for a six pack. So appart from that that's pretty much all the negatives. The big main brush the one with the blue is super soft as well as the facial brushes the two little white ones. The speed of the motor is pretty nice. It's not something that you'll be like Wow that's way to strong. It does have two speeds though one being the fastest and the other having a slightly slower speed but not to the point were it stops. The pumice rock feels so so great! This is really the best part. Since this is smaller the motor can spin it quite fast. And when it's going and you put it on your foot, callus is just, gone. Sure it doesn't take it all away in an instant it still takes some time but this sure makes it a lot easier, and faster. And just so you know it does do well in the shower, but just keep in mind, to keep the bottom of it closed because if you don't water will get into your battery, and bang. You got four useless batterys, and a broken brush. Just keep that in mind. Oh and if your wonderig about the pink/purple thingy it's called a polisher, but quite frankly I never use it. And honestly don't really know how it works.

And if you found this helpful in anyway hit that helpful button down below for me, have a great day!
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on September 18, 2017
 I have a Clarisonic Mia from 2011, but it only lasts 2 days on a full charge, and I have gotten too tired charging it all the time. So, I wanted a similar product but could not justify spending $100+.

This product comes with 5 brush heads, one for the body, two for the face, and two other hard ones. I prefer the short brush for the face, as Clarisonic's bristles are very short. How does this compare to the Clarisonic? This brush moves around your face automatically, which the clarisonic does not. Of course you can make it stay at one spot, but if you're not putting pressure it glides around naturally. The plus side to this is that you do not spend more than a second on one spot, because if you spend too long it could really dry your skin out. There are two speed options. This was effective at removing what my makeup remover wipes could not, which I would call a success. I only used this on one side of my face and my skin felt much softer and cleaner on the side I cleansed.

I used the large brush all over my body with a couple pumps of body wash. It felt very luxurious and my body was nicely exfoliated afterwards! Normally I can rub some pieces of dead skin cells off all parts of my body (especially my chest, armpits, and feet), but after using this I could not even get one piece of "dirt" off. I love it!

This product functions on 4 AA batteries, which I prefer as I mentioned earlier that I am sick of charging so many items! It also comes with a base which is great so I can have it stand alone in my shower, rather than touching other dirty surfaces.

If you are on a budget, this brush is for you! It cleansed my skin much better than hands/wipes/towel could do.
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on September 3, 2017
Overall decent buy with the following highlights:
-body brush (I'd recommend it for the legs, chest and neck but cannot realistically imagine using it anywhere else)
-long bristle facial brush (personally prefer it over the short bristle one as it seems to pick up more cleansing product & product on the face; also is more gentle)
-crude polish accessory (pinkish/purple attachment is great for scrubbing tough callouses)

-pumice stone attachment doesn't enhance this product (personally recommend regular handheld pumice stone which allows you to control the pressure of scrubbing)

Finally, don't forget to read the manual for recommendations on time to use facial brushes on various parts of the face (20 secs on forehead, nose, chin/10 seconds on cheeks)
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on March 19, 2018
Comparing it to our old facial brush, this has more torque and last longer because it uses 4 AA batteries.

Few thing i like to share.
Facial brush came with 2 small brush, a large one and 2 stones.
Large brush is pretty soft.
2 small ones, 1 is little longer than the other one. Dont know why, they are a little harder than the big one. But very nice when i used it in the nose.
Power of the brush! It has nice powerful motors.
The pumice and rock brush is ok, not so effective.
Its waterproof and powered by 4 AA batteries. It does not eat a lot of battery juice.
I used rechargeable battery (2400 mah) each.
4 people uses it twice a day. So far so good.
It has 2 mode in speed. Its easy to use.
Love the feeling after use, feels refreshing. It does the job very well.
Price is reasonable. Overall, very satisfied with my purchase. I would recommend it.
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on September 14, 2017
 I've used a few other facial and body cleansing brushes in the past. The reason I always need a new one is that eventually after Using these devices for a while water gets into the battery area and causes it to rust. My mom got me this facial brush as a birthday gift and I've been using it for a few days so far and I really love it! The bottom compartment seems secure and water doesn't get inside so I'm very pleased about that! The set comes with out batteries so you have to use your own. It comes with 5 different brushes, allowing you to do a lot of different types of scrubbing for your body. You press the power button and you can hold it manually, or there is a slow speed and a faster speed on the top button. It's very easy to put together and use. The reason why I like this brush over other ones that I have used is that it actually comes with a brush stand, making life so much easier and giving the brush a place to sit and the brush heads don't get dirty from being laid down or anything. I have problematic skin and this really helps deep clean my skin and pores without being too harsh. I use the brush mainly every night, and I am going to start using it in the mornings as well. My skin definitely feels cleaner after using this brush, compared to just using soap on my hands or a silicone facial cleaner brush. I'd really recommend this to those who want a great, not crazy expensive face and body cleansing brush that does the job and works very well! My skin feels smoother and has been looking a little clearer as well! (:
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on May 27, 2017
I'm a dry skin sufferer and I have tried many things to keep the dead skin at bay. This facial brush is perfect for my skin type. This waterproof brush is wonderful on MY skin. The two Speed is a plus for me. More choices! It is decent and glides over my face taking off dry skin thoroughly, leaves it soft, supple and the feeling of a deep clean.
The brushes are soft, easy to take off and to put back on applicator
All in all for me it is a nice product to have a deep clean. If you have dry skin my advice is to use the soft brush every day, don't use makeup sponge to take off make up as overuse can make your dry skin worse and always use a heavy moisturizer before bed, then a light moisturizer during the day.
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on February 27, 2018
Lasted for less than 45 days, now goes on and off by itself and the on/off and speed control do not work. Can't even send it back for an exchange or contact the seller to get anything resolved.
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on January 25, 2018
I used to have a Clairisonic which is much more expensive and I have to say I like this one much better not to mention that the price is amazing.

The one works great and I love that it uses batteries instead of having to recharge it. Very convenient and no extra messy cords hanging around the sink

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of rechargeable things and hubby and I both use electric tooth brushes. For this product though it is way more convenient for it to be battery operated.

I tend to have sensitive skin and this feels great on my skin.

Also I had a facial yesterday and my esthetician noticed that my skin looked better than usual and I had much less milia than usual.

Love it
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on March 19, 2018
The core piece design is nice and of a good size to handle. But the brushes are definitely too smooth to exfoliate and even massage. The speed is not fast enough as well. Certainely due to the fact this is working on batteries. BTW I made a search with the word rechargeable and I got confused by the picture and had the impression that it was rechargeable, but it is not. I am planning on returning.
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on February 28, 2018
This worked great for two months and then just stopped working.
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