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on June 25, 2017
I have hyperpigmentation on my upper lip caused by hormonal imbalance and too much sun exposure. I am 30 y.o. olive complected with moderately sensitive skin. I saw results from this product after 4 days of am/pm usage. It is a chemical that removes skin by peeling. By the fourth use it burned like hell fire, and my faux mustache looked raw and red for 5 days. So, I recommend using it on a week you don't have something important planned. I luckily had the week off. I was able to conceal it enough with make up, but the peeling was still pretty embarrassing and lasted a week, but I felt it was worth it to get rid of my everyday all the time 5oclock shadow that has brought so much more embarrassment and stress. I used a retinol moisturizer, periodically vitamin e oil, and 60 spf sunscreen which I will use for the rest of my life since sun exposure can bring the shadow back. I can see an obvious difference but would like to go further, but this time I think I will do smaller spots at a time so it's not so noticeable. Good luck to all that are trying to feel comfortable in their skin, I hope this product helps you as it did for me!
After seeing how many people have found this review "helpful" I felt compelled to update after using this cream again. My Malasma above my lip came back after not being deligent with sunscreen. (reapply..reapply..reapply) this time knowing how this stuff works, and how it can burn I've been more careful and I am taking my time since my skin is so sensitive. The first time I used it I was applying am/pm, eventually creating raw skin. If it really burns wipe it off and let it heal. there's a little sting for me sometimes but don't hurt yourself like I did! This time around I have been putting it on once a day, found it burned one day so I washed it off and skipped that one. I'm seeing results and I don't have raw skin that I can't mask with makeup! Please also take your time if you have a reaction with this product, it's very strong stuff! I will update with more pictures when I finish this round!
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on August 18, 2017
I've tried a lot of other dark spot correctors and nothing has worked for me until this. I'm only 2 1/2 weeks in and I have a huge change in the dark spots on my face. I'm going to keep using it to completely get rid of the sun spots but so far it's been miraculous. It burns and my spots got darker and red before they peeled. It looked awful and I felt like I had alligator skin where I applied it. But once they started peeling, it started looking better.
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on December 19, 2017
This product isn’t a miracle, but it is very effective and comes at a great price point which is why I gave it 5 stars. I’ve been using this every night for about 3 weeks and then applying a very thick moisturizer. In the morning, I use a hylauronic serum and a good spf moisturizer. I have oily/combo skin and this product has dried my skin out a bit, but that was expected when using a product this strong. Luckily, I never experienced any irritation although there is a bit of a sting when the product first goes on my skin every night. I plan on using this product over the next 3 months and then taking a break due to the strength of hydroquinone. I’ve used more expensive skin lighteners in the past and this is just as effective. I look forward to seeing my results at the end of month 3.

My first picture is from late September and the second picture is from today (December 19). I am not wearing any foundation, powder, or concealer in either picture (just mascara, lipstick, and brow).
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on June 29, 2017
I had several dark pigmented sun spots on my face and one of them I've had for over 20 years. I've tried lots of lightening creams and none of them have removed or even lightened my spots.
This is different. I took a q-tip and applied this gel directly on my dark spots 2 times a day for 4 days. By the 4th day there was a bit of a burning sensation when I applied the gel to the spots. I then decided to go 4 days without applying the gel.
The spots where I applied the gel, initially were much darker, the skin looked where I applied it looked as if I had a slight burn.
Your makeup will cake on top of the skin and it will look sorta like a bruise underneath the makeup while it's destroying the pigmented skin.
I washed my face and used a micro-exfoliation wash once daily, after the 4 day break from applying the gel, the skin where my dark spots were, began peeling off my face. Underneath, the skin had lightened significantly.
I decided to do this same application one more time. The spots got even lighter, 2 of them I can't even see anymore.
This product works, it takes a few days and patience, but you will see results.
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on May 28, 2017
I rarely write reviews but feel compelled to write simply because this provides fast relief from hyperpigmentation issues for my darker Filipino skin. I have been experiencing a gradual darkening spot on my nose. It became intolerable because it looked like a dirty spot. I've tried other products like azelic acid, retinol, glycolic, AHA and of course daily sunscreen to control it. All of those are so appropriate to maintain the results but I needed to remove the spot to get where I could maintain results. l recommend this Admire My Skin product. It works so fast and might I even say aggressively, I wouldn't dare use the prescription strength of 4% out of fear of side effects like chemical burns and more hyperpigmentation but that is just my opinion and what I need for the skin I'm in. Seriously, I am only going off my experience and this 2% literally almost magically lifted 70% of the discoloration in a weeks time. I applied the product to just the area of concern, the tip of my nose, and was terrified when it got twice as dark. Next, it lost all texture as it was forming a scab like area of lifting pigment. My make up looked terrible on it and I was stressed. I was frightened to continue use but also felt like I had to be all in for hopes for positive results/outcome. On day 5-6 the pigment began to separate from healthy skin and when it lifted off on day 7 like a bad sunburn, the fresh skin was about 70% better and closer to normal. My nose continued to peel and slough resulting in better texture and maybe a little more lightning of my dark spots. I went off of it, using my OzNaturals retinol, VitC and AHA and also SUNSCREEN (Nutrogena ultra sheer liquid 70 is the only product that is clear when applied and doesn't make my dark skin look milky blue-hued) to maintain. Then again recently, I went through this whole Admire My Skin for the remaining dark spot on my nose but with less aggressive results. I'm guessing because there is so much less pigment to remove. At any rate, I feel so much more confident. Before when I tried several products with NO visible results, I literally stared at my imperfections in any reflection and I felt terrible. I'm a pretty 41year old woman but was so self conscious. Now I have this HQ in my arsenal to combat by hyperpigmentation issues and I'm so grateful I found and tried this. While my spot isn't gone, I can look people in the eye and feel 100x better. People always say "you look great" but who cares when it's about how I feel. I feel like this worked and got me to where all I have to do is manage it with sunscreen and those other products. Btw, I'm an every day Registered Nurse and not sponsored in any way to write this review. I'm just a relieved customer with previous skin issues that held me back.
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on July 2, 2017
I never write reviews but I have to for this product because it is so amazing. About a year ago I got horrible melasma on my upper lip. It was so dark that everyone kept saying that I had dirt on my face. I was embarrassed and would not leave the house without trying to cover it up. However, even the top of the line makeup products would not cover it. I tried every product you can think of and spend hundreds of dollars trying to get rid of and nothing worked. I came across this product and thought why not, I'll try it. Thank god I did!! In just one night I noticed how my dark spots were already fading. After a week, you can barely even notice that I had such dark spots on my lip. My only suggestion besides buying this product is use it in very small spaces and apply it with a q tip. It will darken your fingertips and make them peel. For the first week, this product makes your dark spots look worse and very dry to where you can't wear any makeup. But if you can stick that peeling process out, you will be amazed at the results!! This is by far the greatest product I have ever used and I would recommend that anyone suffering from mesalma, acne scars or dark spots buy it!!
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on November 2, 2017
super happy with the result!
On the first week I wasn’t sure about it, second week still not much but then third week great results! You have to be patient and also protect your face from the sun, I used glasses, sunblock and a cap, you have to do a little sacrifice not exposing yourself to the son while using this product and use small amount, I used only at night time. Good luck to everyone.
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on February 23, 2018
1) Convenience:
This product is basically a two-in-one product (acid peeling + fade cream). The peeling aspect gives you fast results removing pigmented skin cells in bulk as well as increasing skin turnover. The depigmentation side works slower by inhibiting the production of melanin (pigment) with hydroquinone, azelaic acid, and kojic acid. This mode of action takes weeks to months to show results because the skin cells already hold the pigments that were made previously, even if the production of the new pigments has been suppressed.
There are many products that does peeling or fading, but rarely both. And as far as I know, only this product contains hydroquinone+azelaic+kojic at the same time.
2) Based on science:
The efficacy of hydroquinone has been well researched and documented, for decades. You can google and you will see the publications go way back in the history of dermatology. By using the ingredients that are based on actual science, at least this product is better than the ones that are making baseless claims.

1) Cost per oz.:
Somewhat pricey for the amount (1 oz). This is less of an issue as the bottle will last more than several months if you are applying it on a small area, but you might find it depleting fast if you apply them over a larger area daily (i.e. two-palms worth of surface area daily). However for majority of users this will last months so it is only a minor con. For cheaper alternatives you can use a type of peeling acid in bulk (i.e. lactic acid peeling solution, 10~20% concentrations for beginners) concurrently with a 2% hydroquinone fade cream.
2) Agressiveness of the daily regimen:
If you follow the instructions of 'apply daily,' then you will indeed see your skin peeling off as fast as in days. It will peel your skin in layers, unless you already use a serious exfoliation regimen such as daily scrubs with abrasive bath mitten (in which case your skin may burn just on the very first application). In fact I thought it looked like a rice paper (as in Asian cuisine) when a quarter-sized layer peeled off as a whole from my arm. However this is where the 'daily use' becomes an issue. DO NOT apply the product on the spot where the skin has just peeled, because that area has become much more sensitive and it WILL BURN your skin if you attempt to put more the following day. Take at least a week of break once the skin has peeled as a whole layer. Then maybe apply twice~three times a week, because in my experience, returning to the daily regimen didn't really have a noticeable effect on further skin peeling. This could be because the skin turnover rate just isn't keeping up; human skin replaces itself in about every 30 days.
2-a) weakness of the non-daily regimen:
But then now you are faced with a different issue, because you ideally want to use the depigmenting agents daily, to constantly suppress the pigment production (which is probably why the product is pushing the daily regimen). Therefore you may want to continue with the daily regimen just for the depigmenting mode of action, or use the non-daily regimen with a separate 2% hydroquinone fade cream to be used daily. If you have bothered to read this thus far, you might see the dilemma of product manufacturers and why there are no other products like this on the market.

My rating:
4 Stars + 1 star for the professionalism of the company owner. Reading the comments she left on the negative reviews, I can tell that she obviously cares a lot about this product and her company, and strives to maintain customer satisfaction and address consumers' concerns. That's admirable.

Other thoughts:
I was not asked, paid, or gifted by anyone to write this review, nor do I work in the cosmetic industry. I wrote my personal thoughts as an average Joe and you should take it as such. And lastly, you should put sunscreen (or sunscreen lotion) on daily if you don't already - not just because of this product, but also because UV light is what stimulates the pigment production as well as skin aging in general.
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on March 19, 2017
Wow wow wow I had this embarrassing post acne scar on my nose and I had low expectations for this to work. After daily use for 4 days I notice my scar was slowly getting darker and I was ready to explode and so I stayed off for a couple days then I returned for 2 more days because why not and after taking a shower I hadn't noticed but it literally peeled off my skin as I was drying my face with a towel like magic, thank you soooo much
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on April 21, 2018
The proof is in the pictures! You can see the DRASTIC IMPROVEMENTS in just 3 weeks! Especially considering how damaged my skin was, this product is absolutely AMAZING and WORKS FAST! My face had a bad breakout, especially on my forehead. I got this product to remove the dark spots and in just ONE week I already began to see results. By the second week it was even better! I've included a picture at the third week, and you can see just how much better my skin has become already! I used the product twice a day, everyday, for 3 weeks and the results are just INCREDIBLE. (I also included a picture sometime after the 3 week mark, but these results are not consistent with the time frame as I began to forget to use the product regularly; and thus are not reflective of the quality of this product, because it is my own fault I was not using it as often.) I am so happy, I've been recommending it to everyone! Some things to note are that you may experience mild irritation as the serum dries on your skin, you only need to apply a thin layer to the affected areas (nothing unbearable, and still worth it). Also, as the skin begins the peeling process it may actually appear darker before it comes off, but it will reveal much lighter skin if you're patient. Since your skin is peeling, you will need to moisturize and protect your skin from the sun, thankfully I was using this product over a very cloudy season on the year. The packaging has other important information you need to be mindful of, but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. And the company is very nice, very sweet, personal customer service. I have no complaints! I could not be more thankful this product literally SAVED MY SKIN, it's a MIRACLE WORKER! I've tried so many things and nothing worked so amazing and in such a short time. It's affordable and worth every cent! I didn't just get back better skin, but confidence and happiness! TRY IT!
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