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on July 20, 2017
Listen when I started looking for a mattress all I could say was "I want that hotel mattress feel" as I spoke with the different salesmen at the various stores I went to. So I found a hybrid mattress that gave me that will but was very very costly. So I passed on it. I began searching online and I came across this mattress. I was very skeptical about a bed in a box but the price was right. So I took a chance and place my order. I will be purchasing this mattress for my kids asap. Its 5 star quality for a great price and you definitely has that hotel mattress feel.
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on May 20, 2018
It's great quality, didn't have a chemical smell, decompressed in less than an hour. The only complaints I have are with packaging, and firmness level. The box it came in was shredded, I easily ripped what was left off with my bare hands. The plastic covering was alright, I do wish it had handles on the plastic to make it easier to move. I was still able to move it up the stairs by myself, but handles would've helped.
As far as the firmness goes. It's firm, really firm. The bed does contour to your curves so it's still comfortable. I would just prefer something with a little more squish.

Overall it's a great bed, well worth the money. If the packaging was better I would have given it five stars.
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on June 14, 2018
The bed is not good for me. I like stiffer mattresses butt my wife insisted on this one. Since we got it I had pains in my neck and back. I called to return it and amazons customer service WAS AMAZING. NO HASSLE OR INTERROGATION. Simply told me to donate it and I'd get a refund. So 5 stars to Amazon, but 2 for the mattress. If you like firmness, dont get this one.
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on June 13, 2018
This mattress is VERY firm. I've always bought firm mattresses from the store, and maybe my body's needs have changed, but this mattress made my shoulder fall asleep and my back ache like crazy. We bought the firm mattress for my boyfriend who is a side sleeper, and with a mattress topper it became much more bearable. Luckily my boyfriend and I broke up within two weeks of buying this thing, so when I moved out he kept it and I got something much softer! (I don't think the mattress played a part in the breakup, but I wouldn't rule anything out)
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on April 18, 2018
Mattress is not really 12 inches, I gave it the full 48 hours to expand and maybe made it to 10ish inches. Im still content with it though, its about medium firmish, I would had preferred firmer, since I checked off firm and this appeared on the list, but overall not a bad mattress.
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on June 20, 2018
For the first week it was fair, then the next 6 weeks I have regretted buying this mattress. Now for the last week or so it seems better. The lack of firmness is the problem, it is not anywhere close to a firm mattress.
I am sick of the sides as they do not have Any support what so ever. Even though it seems to have firmed up a bit in the last couple of weeks, I would not buy one like it again.
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on July 8, 2018
Mattress is pretty firm which i love. I weigh about 190lbs. Edge support is pretty good for foam mattress. Mattress had no smell when unpacked. It was about 10 inches initially and took about 24-32 hrs to expand up to 12in. I slept on it when it was 10 inches and it was still fine. Its a little better support at 12in. I've been using mattress for a little over a month and its still great. It has decent isolation. I love it at the price point. Im coming from a box spring mattress but i love firm feel.
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Size: Twin|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Opening this is amazing. It comes in a very heavy box about 4 feet tall and about a foot on each side. It is shrink wrapped in plastic, once you cut that plastic it begins to expand. It took about 12 hours to stop expanding totally. I did not notice any smell at all, in fact I slept on it 24 hours later with no problems.

It is comfortable for those who like a soft surface (on my own bed I have a 2 inch memory foam pad over a hard mattress) but it does offer some support. It is not “hot” to sleep on, a factor I have found with some memory foam. I was pleasantly surprised by how supportive it was considering the thing came in a box! Still, it was not as supportive as my hard mattress with a 2 inch foam cover.

I took off the cover and washed it just to test. The cover encloses the entire mattress with a zipper that runs along the underside. I was able to put it in my large size washer. I then drip dried it because I was afraid it would shrink. Getting it back onto the mattress involved a herculean struggle, you really need two or even three people. And it is not still on completely straight. So yes, it is washable but you are not going to be doing that very often.

Things to consider
It is 11.5-12 inches deep when fully expanded. This is a fair bit thicker than an average mattress (the other twins we have are 7 inches deep). This means on a bunk bed you may run into the issue that it then makes the railing along the top too low for safety for a sleeper or in a trundle bed it may be too thick to push under the bed.

There are no handles on it. This makes it hard to move with one person, in fact pretty close to impossible since it is also more flexible than a typical mattress. On the plus size, as it is more flexible it is a lot easier to get up and down the stairs, even once you have let it expand.
Slats need to be 3 inches apart. I have actually found that the best thing to do is to get a piece of pegboard cut to size at your local hardware store to cover the frame. Then there is good support and nothing slides around.

The edges are firmer than you would expect from memory foam but defiantly not as firm as a normal coil mattress. They show in the ad a kid tying a shoe, but you will note she is small, sitting pretty far back on the bed (and with her SHOE ON THE BED). A normal adult cannot sit on the very edge of this bed and tie a shoe on the ground, like one normally does. This also makes it a little harder to get out of bed , so if you have any mobility issues this may be a problem.
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on June 25, 2018
We've had this for a couple months and so far it's holding its shape with zero issues. We are sleeping much better on this as opposed to the old spring mattress we had prior.
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on March 18, 2018
Son loves it!!
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