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on August 6, 2016
First of all, who are all these people who get sent a free $20 balance board? And why are all the reviews by paid testers on ALL the cheap balance boards (which I am 90% sure are all the same product, at least the wooden ones, rebranded)?
Anyways. I thought I'd write a review because nobody talks about whether these things work for standing desks. I looked, and couldn't find a satisfactory answer.
I got a Steppie instead, for $100, and was disappointed--too easy to stand on, as it only moves side to side. I didn't end up moving. It was okay, but didn't help a lot. Maybe good for folks with poor balance. I'm young and pretty athletic, and wasn't challenged. I got one of these afterwards--it was cheap, figured I didn't have much to lose--and it actually works great. I work between 4-6 hours a day on it, and am in significantly less pain by the end of the day than when I was just standing or using the Steppie. It isn't a work of art--it's just plywood with a balance thing screwed to the bottom--but it's comfortable to stand on in bare feet or shoes, and looks like it'll hold up fine. So--yeah. I'd try this if you're looking for a standing desk solution on a budget.
And also, I looked at all the brands that sell these plywood balance boards--I'm nearly sure they're all the same thing.
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Rehab is a tiring, long experience, but it's necessary if I want to experience a full recovery. I purchased this balance board for use at home to assist with my high ankle sprain recovery. I went back and forth between this style and the inflatable style. I'm glad that I decided on this board.

Right now, I'm not standing on it or working on my balance, but rather, I'm using it as a way to strengthen my muscles, ligaments, and tendons while also working on achieving better flexibility. Because I have small feet, the 15 1/2" diameter provides a lot of flexibility on foot placement which means that I can get a deeper stretch depending on where I place my foot on the board. I can work on front to back motion as well as side to side motion.

The non-slip feature provides plenty of traction. Because I'm working on flexation, I don't wear shoes while exercising. I don't have an issue with the sandpaper feel on my feet, but if your feet are really sensitive, you'll either want to wear socks or shoes.

When perfectly level, the top of the board is 3" off the ground. It's a good height without being too high. It works well on carpet, but it slides on tile/hardwood. I just use a yoga pad under the board when I'm not using it on carpet.

The balance board is durable and is holding up well to daily use.

I purchased this balance board at full price as I needed it for my rehab.
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on May 8, 2017
I bought this so I could get micro movements while working at my standup desk. While I still dream of a "Wurf Board" this one is a fraction of the cost, and ti does everything I wanted. I want to keep some movement while standing. After all, you can stand with bad posture just as easily as you can sit with bad posture. :-)

I originally bought a Simply Fit Board, but I found that it was just too easy to balance on it. After an initial few seconds, I could be completely balanced and hardly move, so I wasn't getting the micro movements I wanted. However, I did find it kind of fun to bounce on it...

I then bought the Yes4All Wobble Balance Board. I don't have much trouble getting balanced on it, but it is easy to keep it moving. And although I can create lots of movement, I am able to maintain balance in my upper body, so tasks like typing are still easily accomplished.

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to add some movement while still be productive at a standing desk, I recommend the Yes4All.
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on November 10, 2015
Love this ! , ! I orginally got this to help me with my balance. I'm 74 and had to spend time in bed because of an injury. I used this and noticed a differenc the first day. Dr. Has me taking it slow and easy but so glad I found this.
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on May 2, 2017
Wonderful for working at a standing desk. I stand on it all day long. My feet don't get tired, I don't get bored, and I can't stay in a bad position for long. Working this way has reduced my back and knee pain and increased my concentration.

Note that in the first few days it will seem too difficult and too distracting to stay balanced on the board. You might even get slightly sore legs from using those long-forgotten muscles. What worked for me was to start from an hour on the board per day, then increase gradually, so that within 3 days I no longer felt any soreness and within a week I could stand on the board for 8 hours straight. Take it easy.
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on August 15, 2016
Holy cow, this balance board is exactly what I needed! I am lucky enough to have an adjustable standing desk at work where I am on the computer for 6-8 hours a day. I was having trouble with lower back pain from having sat in a chair for so many years, and my PT figured out that I had a tight right piriformis, shortened right psoas and, as a result, a weak core. She had me doing lots of stretches and exercises on this board at her clinic, so it seemed like a good idea to try it out at work. This board is perfect for standing on at my desk. It is just difficult enough to engage my glutes and core but easy enough that I can type without feeling like I’m going to fall and hurt myself. I strongly recommend it for anyone who wants to be able to maintain strength, balance and flexibility even with a desk job.
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on November 7, 2015
I haven't been able to stand on the balance board for more than 20 or 30 seconds without having to shift positions, but I will be able to do it soon. The board is solid and made to last. I was very impressed by how sturdy it is. So far it's worked exactly as I expected.
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on June 15, 2016
I bought one of these to use at my standing desk at work. My poor sitting posture has carried over to poor standing posture as I lean and put all my weight on one foot. I figured this would help keep me honest. Indeed it has. Not only does it help my posture, but it's a fun mini break to do some ankle or calf balance work. I liked it so much I bought a second one to bring home. My boyfriend is recovering from an ankle injury, and he's been using it for strength and stretch work.

The quality of the board is good. The wood is solid, and I appreciate that it's mostly wood with only a little bit of plastic. The traction sticks to socks horribly, but I'm usually where shoes or barefoot on it anyhow. I can easily stand two-footed on it without my size 10 ladies feet falling off the edges.
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on February 18, 2016
I use this everyday at work with my standing desk that I built out of Ikea parts since I purchased this in December. Its well worth the small investment. I've noticed that my posture has improved along with core strength, plus it makes standing a bit more interesting!
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on November 9, 2015
I have had this board for a little while now. I wanted to wait until I had some experience with it. I bought this on the recommendation of the other reviews here on Amazon. I was looking for something to help with my knees. I have a complete ACL tear in my left knee along with meniscus tears on both the lateral and medial posterior sides. Basically, I really messed up my knee. I have been using this in the past few weeks to help build my strength and stability before repair surgery this week.

This is a very sturdy board that is built very well. I really like the non-slip surface and the stability I feel on the board. I have used it while watching television mostly. It's definitely helped improve my strength not only in my core, but my quads are stronger. I am not having the problems that I was with other muscle pain from compensating for my knee. Exercising has definitely helped me and I hope that it will help me in the recovery process after my surgery.
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