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on September 17, 2016
I love this new fitness board. I have it in my living room on a yoga mat. I have used it everyday. I can now get on and off it without holding on to something. I was a little concerned at first about purchasing this board because I'm 67, but now I am so glad I did!
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on January 4, 2017
So I got this on a whim... I didn't expect to really even use it because I'm not exactly training for 'balance' when I lift. But then... I did a dumbell workout standing on this board the entire time and HOLY. EFFING. CRAP. This balance board made me engage my core continuously and I felt muscles work at a depth I've never felt before... mostly in my glutes. Yes ladies. The butt. The squat zone. The cheeks. The cakes.

In the end I'm very happy I made this purchase. I haven't used it for any leg workouts yet but I'm real curious to see what happens with some stationary lunges (balance board under the front foot) and overhead dumbell squats (both feet on board) . The training you can do with this is pretty endless. It's always the simplest things that seem to make the biggest impact on training and this is no exception.

It also comes with free access to an online workout program made just for use with the balance board.

The quality is very on point. High grade plywood with a urethane finish and the grip tape is extremely good. I also like that the balancing point is made of hard plastic, not a small half soccer ball or chunk of squishy rubber. Do yourself a favor and get rid of the elliptical or bowflex in the corner that only collects laundry, and pick up this space saving simple contraption. It's well worth it. And this review isn't written by a yoga or pirates guy. I powerlift and crossfit. If I can find use for this in my training, anyone can use it.
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on September 26, 2016
It's fun! I enjoy using it, it makes me feel like a little kid again. I just started, so I use it next to the treadmill that I bought a few years ago, and have been using as a coat rack ever since, but now I use the bar on the treadmill to help with my balance on the board until I get better at it. I love it, and I can feel it in my muscles after just a few minutes on the board, so I have very high hopes for this board.
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on December 29, 2016
This has been a game changer for me. I started using a balance board with my chiropractor and decided to try using one daily at home. My balance, never bad, has improved dramatically with daily use.
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on October 30, 2017
The balance board is solidly built and should last a long time, the non-slip surface makes it a little safer to use. I've only had it a few days so can't vouch for all the claimed benefits but it definitely requires some work by your muscles to balance. Personally, I find most of the effort to maintain balance to be in my lower legs, I'm not convinced it's doing a lot for my core but it's still a simple and useful exercise. I want to repeat 2 cautions I read when researching the board that have helped me prevent a fall:
1. Be sure to use on a carpeted or similar soft surface, otherwise the board is prone to spin. I'm using it on a medium thickness carper and it still spins on me at times if I'm not paying attention to what I'm doing (which is frequently for me).
2. The first few times you use it have something nearby you can hold or at least touch to help you maintain balance. After a few uses you should be comfortable just stepping on to it. I started out on a small carpet at the end of the island in my kitchen, the islands height worked perfectly for me. On one of my first uses I slipped backward pretty abruptly, if I hadn't been able to grab the island I'm pretty sure I'd have at least fallen on my butt and might have gone all the way back and hit my head. So, please, don't let something that's meant to help you improve your balance cause you to fall and injure yourself.
If you want to work on your balance this is a well built product, but use it with a little caution.
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on February 18, 2018
I had never used a balance board nor knew about it until I searched for something I could use or have for my standing desk. I believe this came up as the Amazon’s #1 seller when I googled.

First, the board itself. I have never owned or tried before so I cannot really compare with anything but I believe it is a very good quality; thick and sturdy. I found their Youtube video and the guy was wearing socks, so I tried it with my socks on and that did not work. I’m using it in the house so now I take my socks off and step on it. No slipping issues there.

But I had a hard time understanding how it really benefits me. I got my Ebook which looked very promising but I fell asleep after flipping through and now I could not find it anywhere… (I re-signed up so will see if I could get the link again). Meanwhile, I’ve been watching many Youtube videos from different people to understand the concept, from a fitness trainer to physical therapist to ballerina doing some crazy balancing acts. But a fitness trainer guy said, “start with balancing on it longer without touching the edges.” So that’s what I’ve been doing the last few weeks and now I could feel my core is working. I have a terrible balance but I’m hoping this would help me. I can’t stay on it without touching it longer than 2 min but I feel like I’m snowboarding or something (I’m watching too much Winter Olympic!). Anyways, once I could balance for good 3 min or 5 min, I would move on to the other exercises that were shown on the seller’s video and others.

Next, I wanted to mention about the seller, NewAge Supply/ProFitness. When I got the board from Amazon, the box was opened and the board itself wasn’t wrapped in a plastic or anything. Then I remembered a reviewer was saying that they received a board with scratches and all, so I flipped and found that there were scratches on the bottom. And I couldn’t find any Ebook information in the box. I just received a heater which had a huge dent from Amazon so I was very disappointed.
The seller, NewAge Supply/ProFitness, has already contacted me before I could receive the item, so I replied the email asking if the item supposed to just come in a box and where I could find the Ebook information. I just wanted to see if I got an used or returned one before sending it back to Amazon.

The founder guy wrote back to me in a few hours, apologizing for the inconvenience (although it was shipped from Amazon), and said he would send me a brand new one right away! And he did!!!

Now, the item WAS in a plastic bag and there was a little piece of paper with the Ebook information. That said, the box itself was pretty tight fitting, so the bottom of the board did have some scratches even with the brand new package. I believe the cause of scratches is the box. And you could get the Ebook information from the seller (the first email said so), AND the email said the board had a life time warranty. The next time I get a new one, I wouldn’t worry about much as long as I could get the Ebook info. But this was my first balance board purchase, so I didn’t know.

Anyways, I was VERY impressed by the amazing customer service by the seller, NewAge Supply/ProFitness. Thank you very much! You are awesome!!!

I would definitely recommend this board but since there are many balance boards around, I would absolutely highly recommend this seller and this brand.
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on February 3, 2018
I absolutely LOVE this board - !!! and I'm going to be 65 in March - ha ha ha ha

a friend who is a dr was like - be careful!! oh you might fall!! and I'm like ha ha ha noooo!!! I will be fine!!!

fyi, I do ride a bike regularly, but live in NYC and winter time makes it difficult so sometimes it's weeks before I can ride again - so I wanted some indoor equipment - I ordered a little elipitical machine, very compact, and saw the ProFitness Board and was immediately attracted to its simplicity. I have always sought to keep my balance but found it increasingly difficult to improve no matter what exercise I did, even biking.

before I downloaded the ebook, I set up the board by my kitchen counter which is the perfect height - I had first tried a tall dresser which was too high - the kitchen counter is perfect and works well for me - I was doing full circle tilts in no time - and the tilts forward and backwards for my calf muscles, which stretched them - is AMAZING!!!! ha ha !!!

THEN I downloaded the ebook and was even more amazed!!

I also believe wholeheartedly this will be as big or bigger than the Frisbee - !! it isn't just about fitness - it's plain FUN!!! kids will be fighting their parents to use this - so if you have a big family - might want to order one for everybody!! Great way for the family to move together!!
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on February 26, 2018
 LOOOOOVE this board. I have a standing desk, and I bought this after reading that standing at a desk all day can be just as bad as sitting if you’re stationary the whole time. With this board, I am constantly moving, but not so much that I can’t concentrate on my work at the same time. It’s also great because if I stand in the middle with both feet it is pretty easy to balance, but I can stagger my feet or put them farther apart for more of a challenge. It is great. I do not, however, recommend attempting to do yoga balance poses atop this board without a lot of prior practice. A couple of my coworkers went crashing into walls after trying that...
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on June 17, 2017
Super fast shipping!

The unit I got: its bottom is off-centered by an amount just shy of 1/8". No, this wouldn't create an extra balance problem for me, but Manufacturing should be careful about it. I want a 'balance' board to be properly put.

In all fairness, just because I haven't looked at the competition, doesn't mean the problem isn't common. In the end, one gets what one pays for, so I am not really complaining. But just reviewing it accurately. (I used a caliper to check the distance from the edge of the board to the black edge of the bottom support). After seeing a few competition brands' photos here on Amazon, which all look very similar, I figured these items are being manufactured by a similar kind of cottage industry. No problem with that.

The unit is rated to a weight limit of 330 lbs. I doubt a person of that weight will ever think of standing on this one :-)
But the plastic at the bottom is not that thick to take the shearing force off 330lbs. No I haven't done any measurements on this.

Anyways, I like the functionality of this unit. It is very useful. What is also amusing is some people giving this product a one-star rating because they find it hard to balance on it. Not a very balanced review is it? :-)

(I have written to the seller telling them about the offset issue).
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on January 25, 2018
This is made of good materials, at a good price. However, in addition to tipping back and forth and side to side (which is what one wants in a balance board), it SPINS while you are trying to balance! The spinning, in my view, makes it an "advanced" balance board, not a beginning or even intermediate one. Might be able to reduce the spinning by putting it on carpet, but I don't want to to cause wear on my carpet. And I'm not sure putting it on carpet would entirely reduce the spinning. I guess I'll try the more expensive, non-spinning type of balancer, with the soft-ish ball on one side. This one rests on hard plastic -- cheaper to manufacture but VERY "spinny!"
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