on May 17, 2017
I received my product yesterday and have taken 2 doses so far- 1/2 scoop yesterday and 1 full scoop today. So here's my initial thoughts:

TASTE: Tastes pretty decent, no different than a "low-carb" protein drink. I agree with a previous reviewer that it's much better if mixed with heavy cream or maybe coconut milk. I bet it would be downright sinful with the SF chocolate syrup that one reviewer mentioned.

KETONE READINGS: Definitely makes your ketone sticks read moderate-high for about an hour after use, but I'm wondering if that's really a good thing? Wouldn't you want the ketone bodies to hang around for a bit instead of urinating it all out?

EFFECTS: HIGHLY recommend starting with a 1/2 scoop and staying there for a while before moving up to a full scoop if you aren't accustomed to using exogenous ketones. GI distress will likely occur. I haven't noticed a surge in energy or mind focus just yet, but it's only my second dose of the product so time will tell.

EDIT 5/23/2017:

So here's some things I've noticed after using this product for one week:
1. My ketone sticks are consistently reading as moderate-high, even if I don't drink the product.
2. After starting at 1/2 scoop for the past week, I can now tolerate using a whole scoop without the unfortunate GI side effects.
3. YOU MUST USE AT LEAST 10 OUNCES OF LIQUID WHEN MIXING- NO LESS. Although everyone has a different palate as far as sweet-salty is concerned, I suspect that some reviewers may have underestimated how much fluid they were mixing with the product.
4. It tastes way better with a couple ounces of heavy cream, a cup of water, and a tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder. The bitterness of the cocoa powder and the cream balances out the sweetener.
5. And finally, I've lost 6 pounds in the past week! I know the majority of that is water weight, and I am using this product in conjunction with a low-carb diet, but it's more than I've lost doing anything else.
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on June 6, 2017
I put this in my coffee with heavy cream to cut the sweetness a little. I like black coffee. I keep to a low carb keto diet with regular activity. I find myself not hungry in the morning until late afternoon. I get almost a month per container and have lost nearly 50 lbs over the past four months. I'm nearly at my goal weight and continue to feel my cloths getting bigger. I wasn't paid or compensated for my review. It is worth a try if your trying to drop a few pounds.
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on April 27, 2017
Now I can make a full review on these Perfect Keto products. I purchased the Salted Chocolate first. When I got it, I was mixing it with room temperature coffee and outing it over ice and adding heavy whipping cream. I hated the taste but kept making it that ways bc it got me 5lbs lost in one week. One day I got lazy and just mixed it with water and added heavy cream and it was delicious!! I highly suggest just mixing with water, adding heavy cream and over ice. I've lost 10 lbs in 15 days.

Today, 4/27, I received the Peaches & Cream. I was reluctant to purchase, but I didn't want to wait until Saturday for the Salted Chocolate. After dinner, I mixed it in water, added heavy cream, put it over ice. Delicious!!! I believe these products work bc I can still eat up to 50-100g of carbs on a lax day and still drop weight since it keeps me in Ketosis.
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on May 18, 2017
I have tried multiple brands of ketones and this by far is the best in terms of taste and effect. I mix mine with 12 oz of water and make sure it's iced cold and sip on it over an hour..
I have lost 12.5 lbs in 30 days with it.
It does take some getting used to but I have tried the more expensive Keto OS and could not get it down. I have purchased my second canister.
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on December 7, 2016
I bought this because I didn't want to be sucked into an autoshipment for a ketone supplement like KetoOS, which is HOT right now. I did the comparison on the ingredient list between this product and KetoOS and they are quite similar. I think one of the big differences is that KetoOS has the option of caffeinated or non-caffeinated powders. For the cost and the free shipping (I'm a Prime member), it's something I could easily fit into my budget, rather than the $114 canister you'd get with KetoOS.
I'm using this in conjunction with a low carb diet (40g net daily) and Adipex. Perfect Keto actually helped alleviate a lot of the keto/low carb flu symptoms I typically experience when starting a low carb diet. I can't give a full review on how this works with weight loss, because I'm just using it as a supplement (1 scoop) to help keep me in solid ketosis and have only been doing so for the past two weeks and using the low carb diet and Adipex in addition to this supplement doesn't give me a pure experience with this product. But I'm down 10 pounds in the two weeks, so I'm sure it's playing a part!
I got the Peaches and Cream flavor of Perfect Keto and it's good; a nice sweet break from all the meat, cheese, and vegetables. I would recommend that you use cold water and a shaker bottle though. It takes a bit of vigorous shaking to get the lumps to melt, but it does melt seamlessly. It has a peach taste, but more like a peach with a bitter aftertaste, which I guess is expected with any ketone supplement. I read that a lot of the available supplements taste awful and this one doesn't taste awful. But don't go into it expecting it to taste like a peach pie. :-) I know some of the other supplements say to mix with a keto beverage; I've seen half and half and heavy cream as mixers because the carbs are low and fat high. I haven't tried that as I am only taking in 1,200 calories per day.
If you are not on a vigorous exercise plan, I wouldn't go more than about a scoop a day (if you are a 30min/day, low carb person like me) because some of the research available says that if you get into ketosis using diet only and supplement with extra ketones, you may experience a slower rate of weight loss since you are getting your ketones from a supplement rather than the body transforming fat to ketones. As I progress, I will probably move up to 2 scoops per day.
It's also important to note that you probably should follow a low carb diet or ketosis diet when using this product. Your brain prefers glucose as fuel because it's easier for the body to metabolize from food, so if you are eating a standard American diet of 100g+ carbs per day, or excessive protein, this won't help you lose weight, even with exercise because you'll have more than enough glucose to power your brain. Carbohydrate restriction, moderate protein, and lots of good healthy fat is what puts your body into ketosis.
Anyway, this is a great option for those who do not want to commit to a monthly autoshipment of more than $100. Same ingredients, helps with keto flu, and will keep you in solid ketosis with a low carb diet.
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on May 31, 2017
I was skeptical but it really worked. I was in ketosis about 2 hours later and lost 6lbs in 2 days. Can't beat that.
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on May 2, 2017
This is a great product. I'm on my 2nd order and will be a repeat customer. I reviewed all the available ketone products. This one is the hands down winner! The chocolate flavor covers up the ketones. I use it in my bulletproof coffee. My energy goes through the roof!!!
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on July 2, 2018
Alright, first of all, I tried every combination available for this product. I really loved the idea of adding it to my morning iced coffee with MCT, 1 tbs of heavy cream and stevia. To be honest, my morning coffee is one of my favorite things throughout my day and I was very dissppointed when it didn’t taste *exactly* like an iced mocha. I found it to be very bitter and tough to finish. Not to mention it was ruining my love for my morning coffee time.

Upon reading reviews, I took the plunge— just water. After experiencing the bitterness in the coffee I was truly just humoring myself by adding a scoop to just plain water (~10-12oz room temp water, add scoop, stir until smooth, add ice)... IT WAS PERFECT. The bitterness was gone and it even reminded me of chocolate milk.

Moral of the story, if you’re going to purchase this product, do yourself a favor and don’t try and make it fancier than it needs to be. 10-12 oz water + 1 scoop of Perfect Keto = perfection.

I feel like I should also mention that the GI discomfort is real, people. I would recommend starting this product on a weekend or a day where you’re able to just take it easy. After my first dose, which was only 1/2 scoop, I literally just felt like lying in bed all day due to feelings of nauseousness; however, by the next day I was fine and even bumped my dose to a full scoop.

It’s been just about 2 weeks since I started supplementing with Perfect Keto and I am down 6 more pounds and feeling leaner than ever. If you’re trying to decide whether or not to buy this product... do it!
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on August 8, 2017
This is magic for me. I started eating a non-dairy ketogenic diet three weeks ago for healing and the diet itself has been great but taking Perfect Keto has rocketed me to the next phase. I am dropping a pound a day right now and have so much more energy but don't feel jittery or off at all. The taste is fine. Since I am dairy free, I got the peach flavor and add it to plenty of water and ice. Tastes like a cross between Tang and those peach gummies. (Don't like the flavor? Add more water! )

In a sea of shady supplement makers, I really appreciate Perfect Keto's transparency. Fantastic product!
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on April 23, 2017
I give it the highest stars. Taste great keeps the sweet craving away for the rest of the day. Raises ketone levels, between using it for the past week, keto diet, and exercise lost 8 pounds In 5 days. Would recommend and will order again.
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