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Top Contributor: Petson February 9, 2017
Being a cat owner I am always on the lookout for the best litter out there according to my two cats. I found CatSpot on the web, read the info and thought I'd try it. The bag is truly lightweight, weighs next to nothing. The color is brown. I emptied one litter box and poured this in, be careful because it is easy to overfill due to the lightness of the product. It has no odor and I haven't noticed any dust. They took some curiosity walk arounds and used the other clay filled box. My one cat has allergies and her eyes tear a lot depending on how much she digs. She is much less tearful with this litter. Both cats are using the coconut litter now and I do have to say that any solids end up being grayish colored pieces because the coconut dries the deposits quickly. And the wet stuff just disappears. If you see a new wet spot, mix it around (it will not clump) and watch the coconut do its job. It's nice not to have the large wet areas to scoop several times a day.

I am noticing an odor after a few days with both cats using the same litter box. I last changed the litter a week ago. The suggested change schedule is about 15 days. Maybe with one cat, but with two using it there is an odor after 7 days. I will keep at it to see if I can find a happy medium for how much litter to use and how long it lasts.

March: final decision, not happy with it. What I have noticed is the Human might not notice the odor from way up there, but down by kitties nose it stinks - sour smell, I even added baking soda. I ended up changing out the box once a week and would be too expensive on that replacement schedule for me.
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on October 28, 2017
Previously, I was using Dr. Elsey's respiratory relief litter for my allergic cat. My cat has many allergies, some with obvious causes, others not so much, and I have spent the past few years trying different things to give my cat an itch-free existence. When I found out that some cats can be allergic to clay litter, I decided I needed to try an alternative, but my cats are very picky. They were not fond of pellet-style litter like Yesterday's News, and I don't blame them. I wanted a litter with as few components as possible, and when I saw an ad for CatSpot I was intrigued by the fact that there is only one component (coconut) and it's a novel component that my cat hasn't been introduced to via her food and given an opportunity to develop an allergy to. I have now been using it for about four months, and I am very pleased. Here are some of my observations:

Texture: Small, shaved bits of coconut shell. Very light. Not harsh on a cat's paws as all.

Tracking: Because it's so light, it does track easily. However, my cats at least had no issue tracking their clay litter all over the house. The amount tracked does not bother me too much, and most of the tracking is limited to the room where their litter boxes are kept.

Function: Works well. I cannot speak for those who have diabetic cats, but the litter has no issue absorbing my cats' urine. Just stir to disperse after the cats use the litter box. I keep my boxes about 1/3 full, and I change them out roughly every 2 weeks (more often or less often depending on how many boxes I have out for them at a given time).

Transition: My cats had no qualms transitioning to their new litter. Because they hate change, I did it very slowly over a 3-4 week period, but when I finally transitioned to 100% CatSpot, there were no issues or litter box incidents.

Smell: Once it starts to smell, that's the signal to dump it and pour new litter. Other than when the litter is past-due, I don't really notice much of a smell. When my mother visited after I transitioned them to the new litter, she said that the apartment smelled much better (apparently she never liked the smell of the Dr. Elsey's, but didn't tell me that!)

Acquisition: You have to order it through them directly. I bought the first bag on Amazon to try it, then signed up for their delivery service. They recommend two bags per month for two cats, and this is more than enough for me. I have several extra bags stockpiled because my cats don't need the full two bags per month.

Price: If you subscribe to their monthly service, it's $15 per bag. For my two-cat plan, that's $30/month. Yes, it's more expensive than litter you can buy at a grocery store, but there are no added perfumes or chemicals and it doesn't smell as bad as cheap litter. Especially if you have an allergic cat like me, you become accustomed to having to pay a bit more for peace of mind.

Acquisition: You have to order it online. I was reluctant at first to try it, sight unseen, but I'm glad I did. Now I get it delivered to my apartment and don't have to dread going to the store to pick up a 20 lbs. box of litter to lug home. The bags are very light. When you sign up for the subscription, you get a monthly reminder that your subscription is about to renew, and another email when it's shipped. Litter takes about 3-4 days to reach me in California. You can order extra bags if you need to on top of your subscription:

TL;DR: Works for me with my two cats. My one cat is severely allergic to everything under the sun, and at a minimum this does not set off her allergies (hard to say 100% if it helps because she is allergic to so many things). Price is probably the biggest pitfall, but because I transitioned from an expensive litter (Dr. Elsey's respiratory relief) to CatSpot, the slight price jump isn't a big issue and the benefits of CatSpot (less smell, not clay, non-clumping) outweigh this drawback.
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on January 1, 2018
The little litter pieces attach to the fur on my cat EVERYWHERE. It then gets tracked to every surface the cat goes to throughout the entire house. It doesn't have an odor at first, but after a few days it does have an odor. No way it is odor free for the length of time it claims to work. Today my cat was laying in the sun and I was just horrified at how much of the litter was attached to her all over (no she doesn't lay in her litter box). I can't imagine how much of that stuff she ate while trying to clean herself. I threw out the litter immediately and went back to my original.
review image
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on February 2, 2018
I'm giving this litter 5 stars and buying it again. However, there are caveats. It doesn't act like other litters, so if you are expecting the same behavior--like clumping--then buy what you are used to. Here are the reasons I like it:
1. The cats use it! They had been going in the bathtub, next to the litter box, and in other places with other litters I'd tried. They like this stuff. That's my number 1 criterion.
2. The smell seems much less with this litter. It is my perception that the area around the box is not as smelly. Less feces smell. Less ammonia smell from urine that sits awhile. You do need to dump it at about 2 weeks. We remove solid waste twice a day.
3. It is so light! I have 4 cats and 6 litter boxes (3 inside and 3 in the catitat outside). That's a lot of litter to haul around. I do use other types of litter in different boxes so the cats can choose what they like. This one gets plenty of use.

a. This stuff is very light. I'd stay away from litter boxes with really short sides. If you have an enthusiastic digger, this is going to fly. I've switched to the recycled/disposable kind and Clever Cat boxes, both of which have deep sides.
b. Use a good litter mat. This will catch the loose bits around the box. In our case, our current kitty crew learned from an old cat to pee on mats. So we can't use them. Bother! But it's easy to sweep up when you clean. There is a bit more litter near the box than with other types.
c. The instructions say to stir in the urine and let the coconut do it's job. With several cats, I find that scooping out the spots that have the most density of urine before stirring is best for the freshest surroundings. Since this does not clump, I'm finding that a cheap plastic kitchen spoon from the dollar store works best for scooping out the wet spots. They are easy to see because they are darker. A typical slotted litter scoop works fine for solid waste.

I've had scores of cats over the years and many at the clinic. All litter types have their pluses and minuses.
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on June 4, 2017
Works great, but peat moss works exactly the same and it is 10$ for a giant bag at the garden center.
This stuff has the same texture as the coco coir you would buy at the garden center.. but for a way inflated price. Peat moss is dirt cheap and works the same. Dump the old litter on you acid loving ornamental garden plants.
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on December 11, 2017
We have two large stainless steel litter pans for our two girl cats (a 15 year old Bombay and a 3 year old tabby). Most litters now have so much cellulose in them that they stick like cement to the bottom and side of the litter pan and you just can't get it out even with soaking. We put an inch or two of the CatsSpot in the bottom of the litter pans and then pour the "other-litter-of-the-month" on top. We then mix them as we scoop. This seems to do two things - it keeps the ammonia smell down and seems to "clump" along with the "other-litter-of-the-month" and keeps the litter from sticking too bad to the pan. After a while it does begin to smell but, it's not as bad as it was without it. We had previously tried many of the other bio-based litters and even used untreated peat moss (which works the BEST IMO but it's very dusty) -- so for now we'll purchase this again and again and again....
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on January 23, 2017
This product is great. Not fantastic. Covers the smell of cat waste. Does not clump and lasts a long time.
The one major problem is it has no weight. When the cat digs the litter leaves the box.
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on October 28, 2017
We really like this litter. We are a couple in our 70's and 80's and care for 7 cats (3 Males, 4 Females) all rescues. One of our males has asthma. 5 cats have white paws. CatSpot Litter is light weight, dustless and doesn't stain white paws. Also, it doesn't scatter as much as other litters we have tried. For all the good attributes, there is one problem. It is more expensive to use with multi cats because it looses its ability to control odor after about 4 days. I have a solution that allows me to extend it to 7 days. On day 3 I start adding backing soda (the brand made for deodorizing litter boxes). I scoop daily and add the baking soda. Every 7 days I empty, clean and add new litter as instructed. Thank you CatSpot Litter for offering the litter that has best met our needs thus far.

UPDATE: I need to clarify that we use 7 litter boxes. At present we are using the CatSpot Litter in only 2 of them. We have a male and female cat using one and 2 males and 1 female using the second. I didn't give this product 5 stars because of the problem with odor control. To give credit where credit is due, the company informs you on their packaging of the reduced odor control issue with multiple cats.
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on June 16, 2017
This is another attempt at me trying to find the best cat litter, but it is only so-so. The litter is super lightweight and has a pleasing aroma. It is quite absorbent, so it will last about a week before out two cats have used it up. However, because it is a non-clumping type of litter, I found it too hard to clean up, and the cats threw it all over the place outside the box. I also tried CatSpot in our ScoopFree automatic litter box, but that did not work out so well either. The rake ended up bulldozing much of this litter into the ends of the box.
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on July 14, 2017
The cats like the litter and we like the litter because there is almost no dust, unlike the lite weight litter which is nothing but dust. There is very little tracking with the Catspot Litter.
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