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on October 18, 2017
Hello my fellow amazon-lovers. First I want to say that I never write reviews... but I am just TOO excited to not share my results with you. A little bit of a background first- I am 23 years old, a medical student, with very TIRED, acne-prone, and dull skin. I have struggled with acne throughout my entire adolescent and adult life. I have used many products all over the market--including Proactiv, Proactiv+, birth control, and nearly every drug store product you can think of. Some things will keep my acne at bay, but....the years of heavy chemicals trying to treat my acne has definitely hurt the integrity of my skin. I have had new fine lines, wrinkles, HEAVY bags, and dark circles. I started doing research on skin care and decided to completely re-vamp my beauty routine. If you care about your skin, you should not hesitate in purchasing this serum. To be very fair with you, I need to explain my daily routine--and ALL the products I use (some from amazon, some from the drugstore. but all reasonably affordable). My skin is still not perfect. I do have a few blemishes that will pop up, but as for my skin overall... it has helped tremendously. These are my TWO WEEK results using this serum. Yes. I said it... TWO WEEKS. I do plan on updating this in a few months. Now, I will list below my entire CURRENT routine. Once again, DON'T HESITATE.

1.) Cleanse with Burt's Bees gel acne cleanser - Drugstore
***Not my favorite, but it is gentle and it's not causing more breakouts. I will likely be switching this soon.
2.) Tone with Simple Soothing toner - Drugstore
***Nice, not irritating, I would recommend for those battling redness. I am thinking about trying new toners as well.
3.) TruSkin Vitamin C Serum!!!! - Amazon
**** HOLY GRAIL. I use approximately the size of a dime in my hand. Allow to fully dry/absorb.
4.) Olay Regenerist Microsculpting Cream with SPF 30 -Drugstore
**** I adore the texture of this. It's a perfect moisturizer and make-up primer. I would suggest it for all skin types.
5.) Bae Body Eye Gel (Amazon)
I do not wear makeup every day. However, I have permanently switched to Neutrogena skin clearing foundation (drugstore). I apply with a new disposable makeup wedge each time. It is a medium coverage foundation, and it DOES NOT cause breakouts (at least for me).

1.) Cleanse with Burts Bees.
2.) Tone with Simple.
3.) First layer of TruSkin Vitamin C Serum.
4.) Dermaroller!!!!!!
****Ever heard of this? I was skeptical too. A dermaroller is a small roller that is covered with microneedles. You roll it on your skin to increase
collagen production and increase absorption of skincare products. The one I purchased was a 0.25 mm roller from the brand Sdara
(Amazon). There are many to buy and many to choose from. I would recommend reading reviews first before your purchase! I roll for 3-5
minutes all over my face. It does not cause any bleeding, however there will be some slight redness and it might burn. No worries, it should
be gone by morning.
5.) Second layer of TruSkin Vitamin C Serum. Wait for it to be fully dry and absorbed. Your face will be tight, with slight tingling or burning.
6.) TruSkin Retinol Moisturizer. (Amazon)
7.) Bae Body Eye Gel
I do not promise that this will work for anyone, but it has helped me tremendously and in a very short time. I do believe though that consistency is KEY.

I have not been in contact with ANY of the companies who's products I have reviewed. TruSkin has not given me a discount or anything for this review. I am just an honest girl hoping to spread the word on what has brightened me up. If you have any hesitation, Don't. Give it a try. I hope this helps someone.


EDIT: The second photo is my 2 month results!!! My skin is more even, brighter, and I’m still seeing improvements. Thank you TruSkin!
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on May 9, 2017
Have been using this daily for two months with sunscreen to protect against more damage. I'm seeing great results.
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UPDATE: 6-10-17
I'm posting An updated pic which shows my eyes before using this product to today (Mesa than a month later).

One of my eyes are swollen, but you can visibly see the bags have essentially disappeared beneath my eyes.

I'm sold. This product is the real deal!


WOW! Seriously, wow!

I started using this on May 19th. I'm using this and thei eye gel by TruSkin. I am 38 and began to get very baggy eyes and lines around my mouth.

No matter how much sleep I got, water I drank, and coconut oil I used, they stayed. And this bothered me a lot. I've been trying to handle this for six months.

I found this product on Amazon and decided I had nothing to loose. I started using it a week ago.

I took a picture of my eye lashes (as I'm using a lash booster and wanted to track that progress). I just took another picture tonight -- LESS THAN A WEEK LATER.

I didn't notice my lashes, I notice HOW AMAZING this product is. My eyes aren't so baggy and the lines around my mouth are diminishing!!

I don't know if it's the serum or eye gel, so I'm leaving this review for both.

I am wearing no foundation, powder or concealer in both pics (eye makeup that I forgot to wipe off in the right pic. But def nothing under my eyes). The pictures have no filters and are not retouched in any way.

I cannot believe this is after one week. I can't wait to see it after a month.

I paid full price. I have no affiliation with the seller and get nothing from this review, except hopefully helping others to SEE the results. I hope this helps someone :)
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on June 28, 2017
I bought this product about a month ago and I use it at least once a day, sometimes twice. I started noticing a difference in my skin within a week! For the record, I have terrible skin. It's red, blotchy, uneven, and on top of that I would get terrible breakouts. I chose to post some before and after pictures because even though my skin is still not perfect this product has helped A LOT! It helped reduce the redness of my breakouts within a few days of using it and I'm convinced that it has also helped prevent more breakouts. This past month I've only had about 2 bad pimples (which is great for me since I used to get a new pimple every couple of days) but other than that my face has been doing great!
The top 2 photos were taken the day I got the product and the bottom two photos are the results after about a month of using the product!
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on July 10, 2017
I have been using this for about 10 days and my age spots are already fading. Very excited to see what happens in a few more weeks.
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on March 21, 2018
The results are unbelievable, Was a bit skeptical because all the reviews were from Caucasian women. I was slightly worried that my skin would not respond as well but I was quite mistaken.
With or without makeup, my skin is bright, smooth and my spots are disappearing.
One other result i am sure a number of people have not noticed is that your palms get softer too, i guess the residue on the palms makes it soft and supple.
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on June 25, 2017
TruSkin Naturals Vitamin C Serum is incredible!! I originally purchased the 1oz bottle and loved the results so much I just purchased the 2 oz.

I love this product for the following reasons:

• It's mostly organic and natural and does not contain ingredients that are known hormone disrupters.

• After a couple of days of using this serum my skin was brighter and my pores began to shrink.

• I have sensitive skin and this product is incredibly effective without being harsh on my skin.

• Finally it improved the evenness of my skin and it's texture.

Please watch this video and I will show you how I use this every morning and evening under my other products.

Janene Stageberg
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on May 16, 2017
My search for an amazing serum is finally over. I just purchased my 3rd bottle and I am hooked! My skin looks flawless and I have been getting so many compliments about how great I look. My skin glows as if I just walked out of a spa treatment. A little goes along way, the bottle usually last me about 3 1/2 months. I use it every morning and every night. Thank you for his amazing product!
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on May 24, 2017
Love this serum! I can see & feel a big difference in my skin after one month of use. I've included a picture to show my results (don't laugh! It's just to show the difference in my complection🙂). First photo shows after 1 use, second photo is after 2 wks, & the last photo is after 1 month. I bought the small bottle at first to make sure I liked the product but I'm going to be getting the bigger bottle from now on=) 100% satisfied!
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on February 7, 2016
Best serum I've ever used!! My face is smoother than when I was in my 30's, and my sun spots have faded! I noticed improvement on day 3, I kid you not!! Wrinkles are MUCH less noticeable. You will need a moisturizer over it, as it is not a moisturizer! It absorbs quickly and easy to apply! I love it!!!!! I am already ordering more and plan try their other products. I am 49 and I swear it made me look younger in less than 2 weeks!
Gina age 49
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