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on July 7, 2017
If you've been shopping Amazon for an portable digital music player that gives you the most bang for your buck, I already did the research for you. Your quest ends here.

I'm an owner of the last-generation IPod Classic, but it stays permanently hooked up to my car stereo. I wanted to buy a cheaper player that fit my budget but also had important features.

For under $30 you get 16 gigs of internal space plus a microSD slot for even more storage.You get a small form factor. You get a little bit of weight because the thing is made of metal (you want this especially if you have kids, pets, or are clumsy). You get a color LCD screen that shows the album cover. You get dedicated volume buttons (something that many budget players don't have).

To load songs, you use the included USB to MicroUSB cable to connect the device to a computer. Then you just drag and drop. Make sure you include "folder.jpg" from each album so that the cover art shows when that song plays.

The operating system is basic, not perfect, but there's a lot of choices. Want to listen to FM radio? you can. You can even program stations as well. Want to record a quick voice memo? Sure. There's even useless options like loading up an eBook or a video file. Not on this screen, buddy!

This player comes with a sports armband for any of you runners or gym-goers. It's actually designed for this device, so it fits in great. It also comes with shitty earbuds that are better off in the trash. And a laughable manual. You get better info from my review here.

Other neat things is the date/time screensaver, preset equalizer options such as Rock, Jazz, Classical, etc. Probably my favorite is the Variable Speed Playback, which changed the tempo of the song but not the pitch/sound. This is a great addition for a kid who wants to learn a guitar riff or a sweet drum solo. It's not perfect as there's a some distortion when the speed is not at the normal position.

And of course you can play one album, all songs from one artists, by genre, or the Shuffle Play All option. You can create playlists and edit them. Hell, you can even delete a song from the player without having to connect it to a computer.

Last thing I want to mention is the insane battery life. I slept with this thing on and when I woke up the battery indicator at the top right of the screen shows full. Pretty sure one charge will get you through several days!

I bought a pink one (they call it rose gold) for my daughter. I'm loading that up with all her Disney crap. That one came in only 8GB, but that's more than enough for her. Paired with volume limiting headphones, she's gonna rock her own socks off.
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on July 9, 2017
After hunting around for a replacement for my 128GB Zune (yes, you read that right. I had one of those.) I settled on this device and so far it works really well.
I am weird in that I like to have as much of my owned music catalogue as I can with me at all times. I never know what I am in the mood to listen to at any given time. I do stream with Spotify, but at times there are artists/music that they don't have and I want to be able to play whatever and whenever. This AGPtEK is a nice little player with 16gb default, but I added a 128gb miniSD and now I have a TON more room with the option of having any number of additional miniSDs!
Additional Pros: Sound quality is excellent. It comes with an equalizer as well. The headphones aren't bad either. I tested them against a few I had and found them to be decent. They definitely beat the iPhone headphones I had. By default I am using a set of Beats with them and they sound excellent. Navigation is easy, with multiple ways to access songs through artist, album, song title etc... You can add playlists as well.
Cons so far: Switching between the internal memory and the miniSD is a pain, but not horrible. It's just that the music on 1 can't be seen when you are on the other.
I'll add to this with additional thoughts when I've had more time with it. There are a lot more features (like audio recording and video playback) that I haven't tested because I didn't buy it for those functions.
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on July 20, 2017
My wife bought a different unit that had problems out of the box. So I finally got brought in as the tech consultant and did some research. I decided this device fit her needs better than the other unit and it was delivered exactly as promised. This is a great little unit if you want to avoid using your cell phone as a music player.

I won't go into obvious or already reported features. Many formats supported. 16GB onboard is generous and allows a lot of storage even for FLAC files if you rotate your playlists. Or just pop in an SD Card. For my wife, the 16GB gives me room to load her up with plenty of tunes without the confusion of trying to find songs on the card vs songs on the device internal storage.

I strongly recommend getting Sony Media Go free app to create playlists that copy right onto the device easily and are easy to find on the menu. Media Go is a beating to install at first if you have a lot of stuff stored on your PC because it needs to create a library first. Load it, start it, go have a couple of cocktails and come back later. When it is done it is really easy to use to build Playlists for this device and upload them. I think loading music without this app would be a pain in the patoot so grin and bear it. It makes the player much friendlier afterward.

Back to the device itself. Nice, solid, small, sturdy feeling piece of equipment. Not the best display screen resolution but we're not reading books or watching videos on this little puppy. The included pieces are all you need to get going. The earbuds are a bit large but, with 2 people who have a myriad of devices over the years, we have a large collection of earbuds, on the ear headphones, over the ear headphones, Bluetooth headphones, etc that have been included with or purchased separately from many many many devices over the years. Needless to say we have our favorites we will plug into anything that puts out an audio signal, so we're not using the included earbuds since they are rather large and uncomfortable for both of us. They don't sound bad, we just have better options in our collection and they all work fine with a standard stereo jack. This unit does NOT do Bluetooth! This was not a priority for us.

The sound output is strong and, with the right buds or phones, is very good. The included EQ presets are superfluous, but the ability to create a Custom EQ setting is nice if you have buds or phones you are really comfortable with but are not optimum for the default sound reproduction.

This point may sound a bit goofy but it was one of the major features for us. A strong, static free FM Tuner!!! Yes, you heard that right. FM radio was a big selling point and this thing delivers. Here's why we care:

If my wife wants to listen to the TV sound at the gym instead of music she needs to tune to an FM frequency to hear it. But. More importantly.
In Fort Worth TX there is a fabulous comeback of a Drive-In Movie theater and they use FM Radio to broadcast the movie sound. We love going to this Drive-In. Double Feature films for 8 bucks! I replaced my old HTC phone with a Samsung S7 Edge and realized NO new cell phones do FM anymore. We have been still using my decommissioned HTC phone as an FM receiver, not a very good one, at the Drive-In because an old BoomBox just doesn't cut it and I don't care what kind of battery your car has, after 4+ hours of cranking the stereo, when the movie is over, you ain't going anywhere.

So. Here's my setup for Drive-In or any FM radio nirvana. This unit set to FM and a favorite station, or the frequency for the Drive-In movie, and from the headphone out jack I use a 3.5mm stereo Male to Male 3 foot extension cable (this acts as an FM antenna just like the wire in an earbud) connected to my FIIO E17 (you need one of these, yes you do, don't resist, find one and buy it now) portable Amplifier/DAC unit. From the FIIO output I run a quality splitter cable and we connect 2 pairs of Koss DJ100 cans to it and enjoy great, loud as we want sound, and drown out the hoi polloi around us in the process.

To sum up. Greatest thing since sliced bread? No.
Really good little music player? Yes.
High quality sound output? Yes.
Easy to use? Yeah, OK, visit their web page, at least they have one, that explains the functions better than the manual but you'll still grope around a little.
Accessories included? Average. No charger. Any 5v adapter will do but I would NOT use a Samsung Fast Charger or anything marked specific to any device for fast charging. Fear of Frying
Extraneous features I'll never use? Tons. Not going to watch a movie on this. Not going to read a book on this. Going to listen to music and use the FM tuner. Period.

Conclusion. After reading a lot of reviews and a bad experience with one purchase before this one, I think I can safely say this one does stand out from a very large crowd of cheap devices. It's not the cheapest but the extra 15 bucks or so to get this one over the "most popular" models is very evident and worth the extra few bucks. Definitely recommended purchase if your needs and preferences match what I've detailed above. And get a FIIO. Seriously.
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on August 18, 2017
amp output not full range (lacks deep base). Seems a bit distorted and maybe not flat in other ways besides base.
This is compared to 'acceptable' 'pro' standards. But it would not be surprising if sound is comparable to others in this price range.
Using transport control and skipping tracks requires waking up unit with separate power button control, so can't be done without looking at screen to see when awake etc. Armband is nice, but blocks volume and power buttons, so you can't adjust vol, or skip, or pause with unit in armband. You can start a playlist and let it go, that is it. This pretty much a fail since you often want to at least pause and probably skip too, and volume adjust. Unit seems well built. Is easy to transfer files to PC. Seemed to be recognized etc reliably, unlike some smartphones.
I am returning and looking for different one, though I can see some uses for some people for this one. I think armband is nice included feature and not common for inclusion especially at this price. I think this company may address some of this. maybe in firmware Idk. but I got email from them inviting me to provide this feedback with implied reason being to improve future designs.
but they do need to address the way you can't control it when in the armband.
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on June 29, 2017
Great little 16GB mp3 player, expandable with another 64GB (not 128GB as stated) using a micro SD cards. Included instructions are not very helpful. They only include basic unit operations, nothing about loading it with music and other stuff. Card data is kept separate, not merged into a single subset. Capable of displaying eBooks, but reading it on that little screen? If you want a 12 hour clock function, instead of 24 (regardless of Settings), you will need to install the firmware update. It removes one date display format, down to 2 options, and fixes the 12 hour clock function. It will accept all sorts of data, but then we're back to that little screen. Single charge lasts for a long time. I have not been able to test multiple artist folders from the same performer, could be smart enough to merge, or a destructive overwrite. My Christmas music and Radio Mystery Theater is on the card, with the remaining mp3's loaded into onboard memory which is now full. Still have about 45GB free space on the card. I'm impressed that the index hasn't failed with all the information.
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on September 20, 2017
Wow, I'm really impressed with this unit. Was looking for something small that I could use when mowing the lawn or just wanting to listen to music so that I don't have to lug around my huge phone. I don't mind that it isn't bluetooth because the sound over wire is better anyway. Headphones that came with it are ok, but my sennheiser's sound much better (hint, find the equalizer and change from the flat settting). Awesome that it comes with charge/transfer USB cord, headphones and an armband! I knew it would be small, but it was even smaller than I was thinking it would be, but I like the square sides that make it easy to hold; like the iPhone4 was. Screen isn't great, but I'm listening, not viewing, so that is no biggie. I couldn't find any of my SD cards, but then I realized that this has 16gigs onboard which was plenty to put on 5 large playlists with room to spare. And it gets radio stations too! I haven't listened to radio on a portable device since my Walkman (yes I had the original) in my youth. I really couldn't be happier with this.
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on June 27, 2017
This player is in the low price range and is not worth more than that. The radio reception is really bad, lots of static. The sound quality is not good, definitely not something to spend hours listening to. The menu operation need to be improved, it often doesn't move as expected. Overall, I wish I had not wasted my money on it. I see AGPtEK has some higher priced models, but this one has me feeling that a different brand would be a safer way to go. To be fair, I am comparing it to my aging Sansa View which is a great player. I need to go up market to find a comparable item. Apparently the $35 dollars I paid still doesn't buy much in this tech.
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on February 5, 2018
This is a terrible product, if i were you i would skip this one for sure. Here are the reasons:

1. Interface is garbage where when you set some options like time format n stuff, it wipes out previous settings to default.

2. When i use this product in my car with USB, it disconnects as soon as my car auto locks the door. Because product some reason think USB was pulled out of port and never re-starts. I have to manually unplug usb and plug it back in. Since device need to restart(idk why) it takes another 20-30 seconds till i get back to the music.

3. After all the hassle, i rarely used this and instead been using spodofy on my phone. Today after taking care of issue from. (#2) device broke and won’t turn on again.

Can’t believe I gave it a shot thinking it would worth in a long run instead of just returning it. Please don’t make same mistake as i did
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on January 10, 2018
I've had this for about 6 months now, and like it more every day. I used Sansa Fuze's for years, and didn't think I'd find anything I'd like better than their older, easy to use ones that I bought refurbished. I find the AGPTek to be more reliable, and I must have about 30 library books on mine right now. I particularly like the book marking, which I use a lot, I also like that I can turn the screen off so that if I bump it up against the kitchen counter or something it doesn't turn the program I'm listening to off. I don't use it with Audible books. It looks like it can be done, but might require a little more education from me. I have an iPhone that I can do that with. But with the AGPTEK, I can down load a ton of library books to my PC and then sync them with the player, and they don't expire, so it's great on long trips.
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on July 27, 2017
See update: After the company emailed me, I was able to get it to transfer my husband's personal record collection from his older mac. I still have not tried the newer mace. I have a MacSierra 10.12.6 from mid 2012. Previous review : I got this to play my purchased Spanish downloads while I am walking. I tried to download them to my mac and then put them on this player. I admit I am not the most tech savey individual, but I spent a lot of time and effort putting the downloads on the computer and transferring them to the card. When I turned on the player, the card said empty disk, even though it read in the computer. After all those hours it was very frustrating to me. This is not user friendly at least not for a Mac. I am very disappointed. The carrying case and the ear buds are comfortable.
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