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on October 15, 2016
So I was wrong about customer service…didn’t receive my promised part from c/s. Call about next problem with no response, left voice message, no response. The pressure cooker died 5 minutes after I started it for the first time. But what I found out on my own was that it was the temperature fuse attached to the red lead that comes off the ac input, I replaced it with a Nec 96C temp. fuse for about $1.25 and it runs fine now, especially for the price..1/3 the cost of other 12Qt models, but beware of the temp. fuse.
10/19/16: Received the part (free) that I had broken so they did keep there promise on that. Only wished they would have answered my voice message........suggest if you need to, to keep calling till you get a live person. The unit has been working fine since I replaced the thermo-fuse. 1-demert for not answering voice message.
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on October 17, 2016
Cooked a 4lb Pot Roast which only took and hour. Easy clean up. Not noisy like the old fashion pressure cooker. Glad I purchased it.
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on August 31, 2017
The pressure cooker lasted only 4 months before it broke.I got about 20 uses out of it. The Manufacturer has failed to respond to me about how to replace it. AVOID

In the 24 hours since this arrived, I have made so many things!
I just put ribs in a hour ago with a chipotle sauce. 50 minutes and when I went to grab them with the tongs, the ribs fell apart and the bones slid out.
Earlier today I threw in 3lbs of frozen chicken with some broth and tomatoes sauce. I had shredded red chicken in about 20 minutes. I also made a triple batch of spanish rice. That took 14 mins. Last nights chicken and rice soup was ready in 20 minutes too.
This thing is amazing. I got the 10 quart one and it's the perfect size for my family of 7. It took a few mins to figure out the vent. But I figured it out! Owners manual sucks tho.
Okay so for the vent. It is supposed to be wobbly and loose. Just twist it so the arrow that's on the big handle lines up with the air tight writing. When your done cooking. Use tongs and slowly twist it right or left to allow it to vent. It will almost whistle as it releases steam. When it stops releasing air. You can open it.
To set it. Choose one of the pre sets like Rice. White rice has a 12 min setting. You can adjust that with the + - buttons to increase or decrease the set time. Then hit start. Or hit manual and use the plus and minus to adjust the time. If you need it hotter. Then hit manual, adjust 1x for hi and 2 x for low. Then use the plus and minus buttons to add time. Hit start. Ta da.
If your kid isn't wanting to go on make sure the vent is on the left side. The handle should be pointing towards 10oclock and then twist it counter clockwise.
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on March 13, 2017
Once figured out, it is great.
The owner's manual is virtually useless. An American 10 year old could have done MUCH better.
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on December 13, 2016
This has come in soooo handy for me. The pre set functions however i dont like. Ive only used a few of them and the preset times on rice for example turns it into mush.
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on January 28, 2017
The fast pot is the best I did a roast beef the other day everything was done 1hr.15 minutes that includes all the veggies love it perfect for me thank you.
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on December 30, 2016
Cooks the food very well and on time. Only problem was the instruction book. Does not go into the operation of the front panel controls. Just trial and error.
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on October 19, 2016
Very poor instructions - contacted the seller, who would only say that the product did not come from the US - suggested that I go on youtube, look at another brand there and figure it out. Seller also wouldn't tell me the name of the company that made the cooker. The manual also revealed very bad news: absolutely NO MENTION of the product origin, no contact info, and NO WARRANTEE info, which, since the seller won't tell me anything about it, probably means that the mystery manufacturer offers no warrantee on the product. The cooker itself seems OK. I will have to experiment to find which settings give which pressure, in order to adapt my recipes to the cooker. I have solved the issue of changing settings: when you unplug it to turn it off, you have to open the cooker (careful of the pressure), then put the lid back on and plug it in. Otherwise the cooker's memory will automatically revert to the previous setting (to keep settings in case of a power outage). I am hopeful that the cooker is a good one, the 1600 watts of power is impressive, should get me anywhere I want to go. Shame on the seller for his careless attitude towards customers.
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on June 9, 2017
would have given it no stars if possible - turned on within 5 minutes was dead. ruined a family dinner. STAY AWAY.
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on December 25, 2016
extremely easy to use I felt it was very safe, programming time precisely, with the meat that I have done. Thanks
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