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There are loads of security camera solutions on the market with many confusing combinations of technology, scalability, and pricing. I wanted a simple solution - a single inexpensive outdoor wide-angle camera with night vision, wireless connectivity, and the ability to view the camera online. The EZVIZ husky fits the bill nicely. My setup only required me to screw the camera base in under the eave, run a concealed power cord, and connect to my house wireless. I've been using the camera since Nov 2016.

1. Easy setup. I had no problem getting it connected to my wireless network.
2. Motion detection. (The way this works is you configure a sensitivity setting. Each time it "trips" a couple minutes of video are recorded on the embedded memory card - or up in the cloud on the Internet if you pay a nominal fee - $5.99/mo for 7 day plan.). To play a recorded file you call up a time index with highlighted areas representing times when recording was active. I can use this feature to find out when a car arrived/left my house.
3. Decent resolution - 3 available settings up to 1080p. This is not a PTZ camera, but I get a good, clear wide-angle field of vision.
4. Night vision - infrared lights provide an inconspicuous but good area of coverage.
5. Push notifications - Need to be alerted when your camera detects motion? The app will do that. You can also configure time windows when you want to turn on or suppress notifications. Even with notifications off the camera will record motion events.
6. Internet connectivity - You can connect to your camera from anywhere in the world over the net as long as you have the app. You logon with a username/password, and there are encryption settings to protect your data.

1. Unless you use PoE (power over Ethernet) and run a network cable you will need to make provision for electrical power. The camera has a small "wall wart" AC adapter that you will need to shield from the elements. I located my camera under the eaves and was able to conceal an outdoor extension cord to provide power.
2. EZVIZ app - You have to use the EZVIZ app to view your camera. It gets the job done, but the interface feels dated. I've used both the Android and the Apple version and both work well. The app will support multiple cameras at once and you can view stored video from either the cloud or off the memory card. There are rudimentary features available to pause, zoom-in etc.
3. Memory storage - I have bandwidth issues with my Internet provider so piping a bunch of video onto the net was out of the question. I can get about 3 days of stroage on the embedded memory card before the images begin overwriting. This is enough for my needs. You can save video from the camera to an external file if you are determined.
4. Connectivity - I have periodically had issues with the camera dropping offline. Sometimes this happens when my wireless access point freezes up. Sometimes it seems to be the camera's fault. I have learned which circuit breaker cycles power to the outside outlet the camera uses as most issues are resolved by cycling power. Unfortunately if you are two states away and your camera goes off-line you are stuck.
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on February 16, 2018
This good camera is ruined by terrible software design. The biggest issue is the 5 minute timeout for viewing the camera feed. Absolutely nowhere is this designed-in restriction mentioned in any marketing materials for their cameras or I wouldn't have bought them. I kept these cameras thinking this issue could be resolved by tech support but no, there's no way around it. I use the cameras to keep tabs on a family member with Alzheimer’s and their caretaker and it's absurd I constantly have to press play and wait for the camera to re-connect to view the camera feed. Ezviz claims this is to minimize impact on wireless data rates. I'm well aware of my data rates and how much I use and don't need Ezviz deciding how I use it. There especially shouldn't be a limit when wireless devices are connected to wi-fi.

Even worse the Studio app on my PC is inflicted with the 5 minute issue as well, although it is wired directly to my router. Why? Ezviz says that's just the way it is.

Other issues:
- Intermittent “Operation Error” when attempting to view clips in the Studio app.
- Constant login issues. Why do I need to log into Ezviz servers in order to view my home cameras on my home PC? So I can't even do that if there are internet issues?
- Studio app window is near impossible to re-size.
- Numerous false motion alerts

The video quality the camera produces is quite good. Too bad its damned by software issues. I wish I didn't invest in 4 of these cameras.
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on December 17, 2017
I installed the camera a few weeks ago it worked great I got alerted to movement in my yard. But now it stopped working goes offline and I'm 230 miles away and it needs to be reset this is the 3rd time this has happened to me. It's not my wifi because the one I have in the back of the home works fine I'm disappointed wasting time to reset the camera it's a pain to reset need ladder to reach it remove cover and push button im calling tech support tomorrow for help . Not sure I can recommend this camera until my problems are resolved. I hope they have a solution.
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VINE VOICEon September 24, 2016
This camera is very easy to settup and the software (I downloaded the EZVIZ application from the iphone app store). It takes one through the coupling of the app to your WIFI network, and then couples the camera to the WIFI network. It was a trivial process.

The Amazon page does not provide a clear overview of what is included, so I attach a picture of the contents of the box (not including the padding that protects the camera). From left to right starting at the top is an installation template, the camera with the two connecting cables (one is power, the other connects to the ethernet 10/100 network with POE capability), the Quick Start Guide with a QR code (see below), the power supply (black, lower left), connectors and a mounting screw kit. Note that one does not need to use the network connector at all if WIFI is used. Also, the 16 GD micro SD card is preinstalled inside the camera so it does not show up in the picture.

During setup one can use the QR code on the front of the quick start guide to enter the serial number and camera info which makes setup that much quicker and easier. I think it too me less than 80 seconds to be up and running.

Installing the camera outside is much more time consuming and may require hiring a professional if you plan to bring the cables inside through your wall. But I used WIFI and simply attached the power supply and plugged it into an outside outlet. My wifi signal (from a standard Apple Time Capsule) was more than adequate to couple with the camera outdoors.

Signal quality is excellent as shown in the attached picture looking out onto our back yard. The wide angle lense produces a nice comprehensive view. The picture quality is excellent and the colors are rich and accurate. Although the camera is listed as having a max resolution of 1920 x 1080, the picture that was transfered to my iphone was 1280 x 720. Not sure why the difference since I requested HD. Nevertheless, the 1280 x 720 picture provides adequate detail for the purposes of security or monitoring of children playing in the back yard.

I have a total of four cameras. Three are VIMTAG 361 HD cameras and the fourth is the Husky EZVIZ reviewed here. In all respects, this camera (Husky EZVIZ) is superior in image quality and software. It is also about $25 more expensive. A key advantage of the Husky is that when the wifi network goes down, it automatically reconnects. The VIMTAG 361 needs to be reset when this happens. This is a major advantage of the Husky should power go out and you are traveling.
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I own multiple of these units and a few of the dome variety from EZVIZ as well. They shoot crystal-clear recordings, but have some issues that make them less than perfect. Until a recent firmware update, the image couldn't be flipped within the phone application. That has been resolved. What hasn't been resolved is the lack of support for a web browser to view live images from the cameras. Another issue is that the Android application does not allow for easily going through a day of footage--it's impossible to make tiny adjustments going forward or backward a few seconds in either direction because the only way to advance or backup footage is with a clumsy scroll bar that cannot be dialed in for accuracy. It's a frustrating experience to try and adjust footage forward or backward. The no-longer-functioning web interface allowed for such adjustments. The phone app needs major improvements, and EZVIZ needs to add back support for a web interface or at least provide a portal of some kind to access, view, and download captured footage from a web browser.

Things I like:

1) POE support -- make installing these so much easier
2) Fantastic image quality
3) Sturdy design that will hold up over years of use

Things I don't like:

1) Phone app is limited and frustrating to use
2) No web-browser support for real-time viewing of captured feeds
3) No web-browser support for downloading or viewing videos

This is one of those situations where great hardware is hampered by lousy software and apps. I hope EZVIZ comes out with improvements for their app that allows the user to adjust what increment that want to adjust videos by (seconds, minutes, etc...)
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on December 26, 2016
At first, very hard to get connection from ATT wifi, but after connecting directly to router and take it out. This camera received signal from wifi. The picture is clear, good.
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on December 10, 2016
Initial setup was alittle tricky, but once setup it worked like a breeze. Video quality is excellent and its very easy to view the recorded video off the micro SD inside the app. The App even highlights sections of the video with motion for easily finding the spot you want to watch. Recording is not 24/7 but instead only records when motion detected however motion detection seems quite good.

I had problems getting the camera to connect to my wifi network. Solution was to temporarily turn off the 5ghz channel on the router, finish configuring the camera and then turn the 5ghz back on. Everything worked fine after that. (Some routers broadcast the same SSID on the 2.4ghz and 5ghz channels and it can confuse some devices)

Camera is much larger than expected. Almost the size of a sneaker.
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on October 26, 2017
Amazon, LLC keeps sending me camera packages that have already been opened. They refuse to send me a replacement after receiving two cameras that have already been opened.

Camera does have RTSP for linking with Zone Minder or Blue Iris software for your own NVR. Don't believe what EZVIZ says about how the camera does local recording to their EZVIZ Vault Local Wi-Fi Cloud Storage unit - they no longer manufacturer the unit. Camera does cloud recording for a subscription fee that increments with the number of cameras. For free you can only receive alerts when the camera spots something according to your alert settings and live view from their app.

In short, this is a less expensive alternative of Nest cameras without some of the more interesting Nest features. If you want store video clips locally and do not want to deal with configuring your own NVR through something like Zone Minder or Blue Iris do buy this product.
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on January 5, 2018
I really like the set of features offered on this unit. It has power-over-ethernet (don't forget to order a separate PoE injector) so that you don't need to locate it near an outlet or run a long power cable to it. The picture is crisp. The motion-detection worked right out of the box (I didn't even need it for several months, and then I checked the app and saw that it had all of this saved video from detected motion since I installed it). It has an internal memory card so that you don't need to sign up for their cloud storage service. It's supposed to do wi-fi but I didn't want to hassle with that (especially since doing so would require my running *power* out to it. As long as I'm going to be running *some* cable out to it, I decided to just go with ethernet and use PoE). The weather-proofing looks pretty solid. There's a rubber gasket around the memory card slot and the ethernet connector is weatherized. The iPhone app is OK... not great, but OK. It lets me watch live from anywhere in the world, review past video captures, view cameras 4-up at a time. The layout and icons aren't all that intuitive, but I only use the app about once every couple of months. If I used it more often, perhaps I would find it more fluid to use. I think I'm about to order another one of these as well as one of their pan-tilt dome ones.
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on March 22, 2018
Choppy Video, Poor software, Tons of video lag were deal breaker for me.

I have google wifi mesh router with 3 access points and have plenty of bandwidth to go around to all my devices. even with plenty of bandwidth the video was jerky and choppy. Probably due to poor video encoder this was present at 1080 video. it does smooth out some at lower resolutions but still somewhat choppy. software was poor and you have little options. motion detection is purely on or off no custom zones. you can however set sensitivity which is just a slider bar so expect lots of notifications from motion regardless of what you set it at. Deal breaker for me was viewing from amazon echo show. The horrible lag was over 10 sec delay which was way to much.

Pro's good image quality, nice wide angle, decent night vision, easy to set up.
Con's poor video streaming, horrible lag. lack of user adjustable settings, really short power cord.
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