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on December 22, 2016
So, I did not really use as directed. I poured 1/2 the bottle down the drain the first time and left it there for about 2 hours. I then flushed with hot water, well tried to flush with hot water, the clog seemed worse after I used this stuff. The drain wasn't draining at instead of just slowly draining. I then pour the other half of the bottle down the drain even though there was standing water in the bath tub. After about 10-15 minutes all the water had drained out of the tub so I ran hot water again and ta-da the drain was clear of the clog!! I am sure the clog was a giant mess of my hair (my hair is very very long) and mass amounts of greasy conditioners I use. I would highly recommend this product. This is the first time I haven't had to call the plumber for this, which is more often than I'd like to admit since my hair is so long and things clog fast around my house!! Highly recommend this product!!!!!!!!
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on February 17, 2018
I've been dealing with a slow shower drain for a very long time. Since I live in a house that was built in 1921, I am very concerned with the condition of my pipes. Unless I have a total clog, I don't like snaking the pipe, afraid I'll do damage. I've been using BIO-CLEAN enzyme bacteria hoping it'll eat away the soap scum and hair and ultimately clear the pipes. Unfortunately it hasn't worked as far as I can tell.
I found this drain cleaner on Amazon and liked the description and reviews so I decided to give it a try. Last night I added half the container and left it overnight, This morning I poured a pot of hot water down the drain as directed. At first, I didn't notice any difference, but then the water at the drain started swirling!, I'm super happy to report, the drain cleared and the shower empties a lot faster. It's not super fast, but it's as quick as its ever been.
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VINE VOICEon March 24, 2018
At first I wasn't sure if this was working, I left it for a few hours and then reread the email sent, left it overnight and ran hot, almost boiling water down the drain and it worked. We're in a new house and I don't want to keep pouring harsh chemicals down the drain in the one bathroom - I've long hair and between that (even w/ a drain catch on it) and products I use in the shower, it seems the drain regularly gets clogged. This worked very well and it's worth the extra money for a 'safer', more environmental friendly product.

One complaint - it would be nice with a product where you're only supposed to use half of it at a time if there was a mark somewhere on the bottle (a clear line or SOMETHING) so you had a clue WHEN you reached half of the bottle. Maybe I'm particularly clueless at that and trying to figure out ways to ensure I've hit that 16oz mark (scale? holding it up to a bright light?) without way too much effort.
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on June 20, 2017
I had tried the big name supermarket products and the do it yourself home recipes but nothing cleaned my slow drain like Xion did.

I had let the product sit overnight the first time. When I went to pour hot water down to clear it out, my first thought was "oh no this made it worse!" Water backed up into my tub. Dark clumps came up as well. Then in a few minutes, it all went down and my drain flowed like it hadn't in months.

It meant some extra cleaning but it sure seemed to have cleared a lot of the gunk in the pipes.

I now use it regularly to keep the drain clear.
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on February 12, 2018
Tried drain hd thick pro on a kitchen sink that sounded like the absent minded professors model t on flubber. Had tried a plunger to no avail.

No Joy. This was after replacing the AAV under the island sink.

Ran a half bottle of "fast acting" xion through and let it sit for 12 hours.. No major change yet something sounded a bit promising. Ran a ton of hot water through over the next day.

Added more hot water and after making all under sink fittings as tight as possible, gave the right sink a plug and let a couple quarts build in the left. Hit it again with the plunger and put my back into it. I could feel the pressure under the plunger. Then.... Whalla!

Not positive that it was not a combination of all the above but the xion stuff was the last in chemically.... And it helped clear the pipes it would seem.
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This drain product is amazing! When I moved into my apartment, the bathtub drain was so clogged that water would start pooling as soon as the faucet was turned on. To remedy this, I bought this product and poured half the bottle down the drain. It sat pooled in the bathtub for a half hour or longer but eventually went down. It is a thick liquid, as advertised. After about 8 hours, as directed for serious clogs, I boiled water on the stove and slowly poured it down the drain. The water pooled again, and I thought maybe this product wasn't working. After the water went down, I poured the other half of the bottle down the drain and let it do it's thing for 12 hours. I then poured hot water down the drain and it pooled after a bit but then went down pretty quickly. I've poured hot water down the drain several times in the last 24 hours and it is no longer pooling into the tub. The product worked! It took awhile but this stuff is not toxic like other products out there, so it's worth it to me. There is absolutely no smell at all and it does not leave any strange residue behind.
I highly recommend! Just be sure to have patience with this stuff if used for severe clogs.
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on November 15, 2017
Worked as advertised on a severely hair-clogged shower drain. Water drained so slow that in the middle of taking a normal duration shower, the water pooled up almost ankle high.

Poured half into the drain and let it sit overnight -- just as the directions instructed. Shower has drained perfectly since that one application, and absolutely no odor from the product. No chemical smell whatsoever.
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on December 14, 2016
Wow, What a difference this has made! Very satisfied with my purchase of two of them, one for each full bathroom. Just wish I had done this sooner, prompt next day delivery even with the busy holiday season! Superb customer service. Thank you!
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This worked to clear up a pretty slow moving shower drain and now I have started to use it on a maintenance level so that hopefully the drains will stay free flowing. However, I'm only rating four stars because the second time this was delivered, the bottle came without a cap in a box along with human and feline food items. There wasn't any damage or leakage, but it was still a bummer to have to go through a somewhat panicked moment and also it was annoying to have to use the entire bottle at once. I was planning to split it between drains anyway, but I would have preferred to be able to do them separately in time so that it was easier to avoid running water in one instead of both at the same time while the product was working.
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on October 25, 2017
I have thick, curly hair, a lot of it, and my drain is always getting clogged with hair. Usually I can use a plastic zip-it type thing, shove it down the drain and pull the hair out, which always remedies the problem. This time it didn't work. I tried Liquid-Plumr. Poured half a bottled down the drain, waited one hour, poured hot water down the drain; didn't work. When that water finally drained out of the tub, I tried the other half of the LP bottle and left if overnight; didn't work. The tub still drained very slowly.
Then I got the Xion Lab product, poured half the bottle down the drain, waited about four hours, flushed with hot water. It didn't work and now the water wasn't even draining out of the tub! I poured the remaining half of the Xion bottle down the drain and hoped for the best. A few hours later as I was searching online for local plumbers, I heard the familiar "woosh" of water draining out of the tub. This time the Xion drain opener worked! My tub is draining like it never had a clog. I am completely sold on this product and recommend it 100%. I am buying more to use at least once a month for drain maintenance so I don't encounter such a terrible clog again.
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