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on April 8, 2017
I've used regular toothbrushes my entire life, but at the recommendation of my new dentist, I looked into an electric tooth brush. I asked my dentist if she had a recommendation, but she more or less said that any electric toothbrush will likely be better than a manual toothbrush, but that she personally uses a Sonicare tooth brush that's a few years old. With that in mind, down the rabbit hole if internet researching I went.

I wanted something with a pressure sensor. I like to lift heavy things at the gym and have a tendency to strong arm everything, including brushing my teeth which apparently may have contributed to some gum erosion. The current top model Sonicare (DiamondClean Platinum) does not have a pressure sensor. However, the FlexCare Platinum Connected does come with a pressure sensor. Oral-B models from the 1000 up have a pressure sensor. Based on price, I elected to compare the Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected to the current top model Oral-B, Genius Pro 8000.

First, I asked two friends who are dentists what they prefer. One friend strongly recommended the Sonicare FlexCare+, stating that the top of the line models are not any better. The other provided a similar recommendation to my dentist - either one will be a huge improvement over a manual brush. So slight tilt to the Sonicare at this point. Very slight because not much detail was provided as to why the Sonicare was better. Just a "trust me, get this" endorsement.

Next I searched for any studies comparing rotary (Oral-B) to oscillating (Sonicare) power brush heads. I won't post links to all the scientific studies I read, but the are quite a few on the National Center for Biotechnology Information ( site. The more recent ones favor rotary brush heads.
Point Oral-B.

Then I compared features -
Pressure Sensor: Oral-B has visible and tactile feedback (flashes light and pulses motor). Sonicare only provides tactile feedback (vibrates handle).
Strokes/movements per minute: Oral-B (48,800 movements/min), Sonicare (31,000 strokes/min, 62,000 movements/min)
Connected App: Both have some form of app that helps you hit all areas of your mouth consistently
Brush Heads: Oral-B has 5 available brush heads and comes with three (cross action, whitening, and sensitive brush heads), Sonicare has 5 available brush heads and comes with two (AdaptiveClean, InterCare)
Battery Life: Sonicare claims up to 2 weeks, Oral-B claims up to 12 days
Point Oral-B.

I then looked up subjective factors. In particular, I was interested in comparing noise levels. I looked up videos on Youtube, and there's no question that the Sonicare has a more pleasant buzzing sound vs. the more mechanical sound of the Oral-B.
Point Sonicare.

I considered travel convenience since I am on the move a lot. Both come with travel cases. Oral-B is a nicer looking black case. The Oral-B is made by Braun, and the travel charger uses the same kind of plug as my Braun Series 9.
Point Oral-B.

Finally, cost. Oral-B is cheaper up front by about $50 including all applicable discounts and manufacturer coupons at present. The Oral-B brush heads are also cheaper.
Point Oral-B.

So, I bought the Oral-B. I have used the app, and while it has some annoyances, the ability to track my toothbrushing habits is cool. I am a tech nerd after all. Reminders for flossing and mouthwash are on by default, but you can disable them. A suction mount to hold your phone on your bathroom mirror is included. I also like that you can setup the app to automatically order replacement brush heads through Amazon when the one you're using at the end of its life. I found the overall noise to be more than tolerable, but there's also usually music playing in my home no matter the hour.

Of course, the big question is, how well does it clean teeth? Very well apparently! My teeth were noticeably whiter after 1 week using only the standard cross action head. I will likely try the whitening head at some point in accordance with the whitening program in the app. The brush head has visible movement, in contrast with the Sonicare which has more movements, but they are smaller movements, and only linear movements.

I'm very pleased with my purchase. Unless you're averse to the sound the Oral-B makes, it's handily the best brush on the market right now.
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on March 8, 2017
...I feel like this thing should be hanging on Batmans utility belt, not just chillin' in the corner of my bathroom counter. When my dentist told me I needed an electric toothbrush I did not expect to buy a hand held Cadillac. I ordered this thing on Amazon and I opened it today, and you will not believe what in fresh hell this thing comes loaded with. This thing has 6 different modes, 6 different heads, wireless charging, a charging travel hard case, customizable LED colors (your choice of 12), Bluetooth connectivity, pressure detectors, and all of it connects to an app with facial recognition technology to tell you spots you've missed and tips while it suspends your phone with a military grade suction cup you put on your bathroom mirror. In short? My new toothbrush has more features and bad ass specs than my freaking car...and half of the gadgets in my house combined. Is this what the future looks like? Blue tooth toothbrushes?! Side note, I got a 1,000 watt smile instantly!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 20, 2016
Color: 8000 Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Overall, this is an excellent toothbrush when it comes to performance. Like all other Oral-B models, the Genius 8000 model does an outstanding job of cleaning teeth, and offers a wide range of speed/cycle options to ensure it fits as many needs as possible. However, it is not all that impressive with regard to build quality compared with older Oral-B models and has a more raucous sound when operating. The app is more capable than ones from Sonicare, but still remains a “frill” rather than a really useful utility.

The overall appearance of this model is very sleek. It’s all black, and looks less utilitarian than most other electric brushes. The downside of the black finish is that it highlights every little spec of toothpaste that gets flung about when using the brush, and also shows water spots after washing. So, if you’re a stickler for a super pristine look, be prepared to wipe this down often.

The brush body is very lightweight, which is a plus if you have older hands. However, it does feel less sturdy than older Oral-B models. I know that does not necessarily translate into lower durability/longevity, but it may be contributing to the operating sounds. This is louder and more “grinding” sounding than older models regardless of the mode selected.

It has the “Smart Ring” which is a band around the handle at the base of the brush head that provides visual feedback as to timing and pressure. It’s a useful feature but can be a bit annoying at times. I have to say I still find the external monitor from the older Pro models to be more to my liking than the Smart Ring.

It comes with three different brush heads, and is compatible with the full range of Oral-B heads. For me, that’s always been Oral-B’s main advantage over Sonicare. I prefer the shape and size of the Oral-B heads (they are usually round) plus they are usually less expensive than Sonicare heads.

One outstanding improvement over older models is the use of a Li-ion battery. It avoids the memory effect of other types of rechargeable batteries, and provides consistent power right up until it’s empty.

The app shows improvements over Oral-B’s initial efforts, and I find it to have a better look and feel than the Sonicare app. If having an app track your brushing gets you to brush more, great. For me, these apps are something to play with once and then never use again for two reasons: I don’t find they provide any more useful info than I get from the Smart Ring; and 2) I usually don’t have my phone in the bathroom. But, if you’re partial to integrating an app into your brushing routine, it’s available.

While I still find the best value in Oral-B brushs are their older models (such as the Pro 5000 or 3000) this remains a good option if you like extra bells and whistles. While it loses a star due to the operating sound and build quality (considering the price point), it is otherwise a good performer.
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on January 18, 2017
I owned an OralB Triumph 9000 (hereon, T9K) for about almost 10 years. It finally died, so I decided to try this Genius 8k out.
I don't care much for the bluetooth app, but here are a few things I would like to mention:

*Travel Charger included: I am not at home least 150 days a year. Having this travel charging case that comes with a travel charger is another level of comfort I can't live without now. Taking the original charger out of the base, untangling the wires, and taking it around with you everywhere was such a hassle, I'm really glad they thought of this.
*Built in indicator light: I love the light at the tip that turns red to show you are brushing too hard. It also slows in speed while the light is red.
*Turbo mode: This makes my teeth feel like they're going to erode, but they feel extra squeaky after.
*Lithium-Ion Battery: I kid you not, brushed my teeth in turbo mode 14 times and I had 50% battery left.
*Pro-Mode vs Normal: I never liked the 30 second intervals the brushes would notify you off because once you miss once, they just piss you off. You can now set it to 2 minute interval notifications so you don't feel the rush to move on to the next part of your mouth.
*New shape & color: I really like the new sleeker shape compared to my old T9K. However, the black color is my favorite part. The white color of my T9K started to turn yellow after the 1st year, but black should retain it's color (or the lack of) forever.

I purchased this $140 or so ($200 MSRP). Seller had it for $160 with a $20 coupon that was applied, and of course, free 2 day shipping with Prime. I believe my T9K was about $200 at the time of release, but I'm getting so much for less, it's unbelievable.
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on October 18, 2017
After using a Sonicare for years, I am more than thrilled that I switched to the Oral B 8000 with round brush heads. This electric toothbrush system is so superior that I can see and feel a significant difference. The round brush reaches all areas, so much easier to clean back teeth and behind my lower bottom teeth. I no longer feel plaque build up and teeth are definitely whiter. The oscillation system is significant improvement over sonic. My teeth FEEL just like I left the dental hygenist, every day and thanks to this brush system and Crest 3D white - look whiter.
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on October 9, 2017
I can never clean my teeth as well using manual toothbrush. I tried most of the brush heads, and I think the cross actions brush head that comes with this toothbrush is the best one. I think it may also be the latest one from oralb. The brush heads that swipes sideways seem to push the gum back which is undesirable. The the floss action brush head also seems to be rough on the gums. I think the normal plus setting has too much vibration, and I am afraid it will damage some of my crowns, so I use it only on 'normal' setting. The charge does hold for many days. And the toothbrush is water proof. I wash it after use under the tap. The app is complicated, and if you set it to a program, it will lock some features on the brush. I think it is more a gimmick than an actual useful feature.
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on December 9, 2017
Top of the line but stopped working entirely after 2 and a half months with 65 uses. Have used Oral B Electric toothbrushes exclusively for more than 10 years until I literally wore them out after a few years. Thought I would trust the brand and invest in the top of the line. What a mistake! Here's the kicker: it's not returnable after 2 months!
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on October 28, 2017
For years, my old Oral-B did the trick, but I could see that it was beginning to need to be charged more and more frequently and it was just a matter of time until its demise. I decided to spring for the best of the latest lot knowing that it had a lot of stuff that was unnecessary--totally unnecessary! For a while I was tempted to return it. Really, I was, and I almost feel guilty having it. Here's why:

1. No, I do not need another Bluetooth thing near my head (I disabled it)
2. No, I am not going to mount my phone on a mirror and use an app to watch myself brush my teeth. How much did this mount thingy add to the price? Would I actually take the chance of a catastrophe: phone-crash-drowning? (the big-mount-part remains in the box)
3. No, I do not need colored lights on my toothbrush! (If you press too hard the light-ring at the top turns red. It also turns blue for Bluetooth.).
4. No, I do not need a built-in PHONE charger in my toothbrush travel case!

The toothbrush body has several settings and can be adjusted.
It is lighter in weight than its predecessors.
It has a travel case in which the brush can be charged along with your PHONE. No comment. Insert an eye-rolling emoji.
It also has a base which supports the brush for charging and it sits in a ring attached to covered brush heads.

This annoys the hell out of me. The stand is permanently connected to the electric cord so if you want the brush and all its accoutrements to sit on your sink while it is not charging, you have to contend with a wire. My previous, old model had the option of removing the wired part from the larger holder (with brushes). There was no dealing with the cord unless you are charging the brush. I find this a most dumb design and I have been going through experimentation to have the brush accessible on my counter. I use NOTHING supplied. Just one brush-head in a plastic cylinder --a cap from something or other to keep it upright, and the brush stands alone. I don't have the room for all that stuff!

Another thing that irks me about Oral-B is that in all these years of making this product and telling you to wash the brush head and the brush and separating them, they have never come up with something to protect it and YOU from the metal exposed post, which, though it is only a potential hazard (but we know kids can and do get into things and adults can have accidents) can impale you if you are in such a position and forget it is there. My solution is another plastic cap-like invention to keep that from happening.

Good design is one thing. Little things count. This is an over-designed product. Several less expensive models still had Bluetooth. But "they" say Oral-B is the BEST.

And there you have my curmudgeon report. Other than all my issues, (for which I reduced the rating) this is a tooth brush that works and I like

Note to Oral-B: the next time you re-invent the electric toothbrush, call me.
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on February 9, 2018
I decided it is much better than the Sonicare I’ve used since they were first sold via infomercials. Yeah, that long. The Sonicare beeps every 30 seconds to let you know when to move your brushing to the next quadrant of your teeth. After 2 minutes the Sonicare turns itself off. So it turns out the Oral-B electric brushes are ADA approved. Sonicares are not. The Oral-B does an odd “fluttering” or shaking — hard to explain, but no beeps, just the strange fluttering to let you know when to move to your next tooth quadrant area. When the 2 minutes are done, the fluttering is longer to let you know you can finish. It doesn’t turn itself off like the Sonicare. Also, the on/off button doesn’t accidentally get pressed while you’re brushing. That was a constant irritant with the Sonicare. There’s another button to change the type of brushing you wish, and it’s lower on the handle so you don’t accidentally press that one either. After just a few days I really liked the fluttering/shaking, since there’s no mistaking when to move the brush. It seems to do a really good job, but I suppose that will have to wait until my next tooth cleaning. For now, I can tell you I love this appliance. It comes with a bunch of doo-dads, including several types of brush heads. You can also order others that might be considered the jet-engines of brushes, but so far I’m quite pleased with the higher end brush they supply along with the most thorough cleaning setting. If you decide it’s time to move up to the Cadillac of electric toothbrushes, this is THE one!
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on November 28, 2017
I was looking for an electric toothbrush for a long time and I am really am satisfied with my final selection. First of all Oral-B has been always a good choice in dentistry products. For this specific product I personally like its premium travel case which can charged by USB and is really applicable in traveling. Being equipped with Bluetooth is fantastic that allows you to track your teeth cleansing. Beside that I really found its different programs such as whitening mode, masage mode and etc. very useful. And at last I like the design of this product as well.
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