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on July 30, 2015
Had to replace my GE MWF Filter but hated paying the $50 price tag that goes along with it. Read the reviews on this product and most gave it a high ranking. Thought we'd give it a try. One thing no reviewer commented on was how good the water tasted. We've been parting out this filter for several years now and tried a Brita replacement filter at one point. It was less expensive that the GE but the water taste wasn't as good. With this filter, the entire household agrees that it's the best tasting water we've had. So combine the lower price (< 1/2), 2 day prime delivery and great tasting water, it's a fantastic deal!
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on March 14, 2017
We are perfectly happy with them as far as installation. It went right in just like the brand name and it seems to be working fine with no weird taste or anything. I don’t really have a way of knowing how well it’s filtering the water so we’ll have to trust the certification process on that, but I did with the other filters too! Long story short, it is the same as the brand name ones we have been using but much cheaper. Worth it for having the same thing for less! If you are in doubt, like I was at first, try just one to test it out.
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on July 6, 2017
At any price, this compatible water filter was a waste of time and money. I purchases 3 to get a really good price, and it turned out to be a real bad purchase at any price. The filter seemed to install fine, but within a week or two, Yuk, Yuk, the water started tasting awful. Replaced it with the 2nd of three purchased, and it resulted in the same experience. Installed fine and water taste improved but within a couple weeks the water tasted like Yuk again. Replaced the 2nd with the 3rd of 3, and the water improved taste for a week or two and returned to Yuk tasking water. Thinking something must really must be wrong, I cut one filter in half with my saw. It all looked clean and nothing obviously jumped out. without resources to test the carbon filter for defects or impurities, the Yuk taste from all 3 filters was all I had to rate this product 4 THUMBS DOWN. (Can I count my two big toes as thumbs?). Some other reviewers complained of restricted water flow. My guess is the carbon filter may be sub-grade, or damaged during assembly, resulting in fragments of filter material clogging the water flow. Others have mentioned the product and packaging have no signs of certification being found for the quality or standards that should be required for any water purification product.

In short, this UN-certified Chinese manufactured (Compatible???) product made our reasonable tasting water taste like Yuk.
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on September 1, 2016
Frankly, I agonized over using an OEM replacement for my GE MWF; I figured there had to be a difference. What was shipped looked exactly the same as what I took out of my refrigerator; I installed the filter, noted the date on it with a Sharpie, ran a couple of pots of water through the spigot until the residual charcoal was flushed and the air-pocket sound was gone - and that was that. No leaks, no problems, no vapor locks. I didn't get a discount for writing the review - I'm just a guy who bought a filter online. Kudos to the folks at Pure Line, and to the reseller for prompt shipment. I'll be doing this again!
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on July 23, 2015
I bought this filter for our GE refrigerator. The filter was very easy to install but it would have been nice if they put a mark on it indicating where to start when screwing it into the receptacle.
The flow from this filter is very good. After installing it I ran about 1 gallon of water through the filter to ensure it was clear of any chemicals/impurities related to production. This item did not come with any directions but it did have stickers that can be used to show when you install it and help you remember when to re-order (if your refrigerator does not have an automatic alert when filter needs to be replaced).
The price point on this filter was about the best that I was able to find and I will be re-ordering from this company in the future.
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on November 24, 2017
We have used the Compatible filter for several weeks now. I tested PPM (Parts Per Million) from a sample of our straight tap water with water from the filter. Surprisingly, the results were the same, both samples registering 112 PPM of dissolved solids. Which I suppose could be interpreted as our tap water is reasonably clean. Alternatively, it could also interpreted as the filter really isn't doing anything.

However, here is the difference I noticed. The taste and smell of the water coming from the filter is better than from the tap, at least in my area. The tap water in the town I live typically has a mossy, chemically/treated odor and taste at least in the drier summer times of year.

When compared to the GE brand Smartwater filter I can tell no differences other than the PureLine filter being slightly smaller than the GE. I also tested the PPM with the GE brand filter. The results were the same, around 110-112 PPM.

I will likely re-order when my current stock of filters is depleted because they seem to be a much better value for the price and quantity. We usually use the fridge water from the door as our daily drinking water, so we use it quite a bit.
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on June 7, 2017
I just received my first order of these filters. I was a bit anxious when I opened the first filter because the plastic collar on the top of the replacement filter looks significantly different than the OEM filter, but I was very happy that the filter fit perfectly into the refrigerator ("insert and twist") and seems to be functioning well after 24 hours. Good service and excellent price compared to OEM filters. I reserve the 5th star to give at a later date if the service life and durability are comparable to the OEM filters.
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on March 3, 2017
I get so many requests for reviews that I typically just delete them. I thought I would take a second to write a word or two for this one, though. In the past, I have tried several off-brand versions of this filter and they invariably leak. This one doesn't, it was a good price, and it performs as expected. That's a win in my book!
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on September 11, 2017
These filters arrive promptly and in good shape. We had been buying the OEM filters via local home improvement box stores until now, our first order of the compatible ones. As someone who is not exactly a mechanical engineer, I am grateful that the products installed easily, and surely, with a positive lock (no leakage). The water tastes fine, and we are somewhat discriminating (we can tell the difference between brands of bottled water, for instance). Furthermore, the seller followed up with us to make sure everything was okay. All in all, buying these was a great experience and as long as they last for a reasonable duration, we are down for another purchase.
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on April 15, 2016
Bought this filter because of all the good reviews, but haven't had the same experience. Maybe I just got a bad one, but within a week of installation, the water flow rate cut in half after just a couple of ounces. Took the filter out and shook it to see if the problem was the filter or the fridge line. That fixed the problem for a couple of days then it happened again. Have now done that multiple times and the problem has gotten progressively worse - now it only lets out about one ounce before it cuts off and shaking it only fixes for a day at most.

Installed a new one from Walmart - have used their Great Value brand for 2 years with no issues - the problem seems to be gone so I know the issue is with the filter not my fridge.
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