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on December 29, 2017
If you are looking for a DA29-00003G filter for a Samsung refrigerator, DO NOT ORDER this filter, even though it clearly says it is a compatible replacement for aSamsung DA29-00003G filter. It is NOT.
Please take s look at the photo attached.
The 4 items left to right are:
1) HDX FMS-1 DA29-00003G filter
2) Samsung DA29-00003G filter
3) This product, Pureline PL 700 filter, which the manufacturer claims is a compatible replacement for a Samsung DA29-00003G filter, AND
4) the Pureline PL 700 box which clearly says it is compatible with the Samsung DA29-00003G filter.

Everything you need to know is in this picture.

By way of background, the HDX filter was the one that was in our Samsung Model RFG237AARS refrigerator when we moved in.

The Samsung filter in the picture was the last one I purchased as a replacement for the HDX filter and the one being replaced.

The Pureline filter and the box it came in are the ones I purchased most recently.

The reason it's not compatible has to do with the raised plastic irregular shape that is just above where the neck of the filter meets the body of the filter. If you look at the filter from HDX, you will see very clearly that there are three (3) distinct triangular shapes sitting atop a fourth thin rectangular shape that comprise the irregular raised shape. There are two (2) of them on each filter, on opposite sides of the filter from each other. These shapes are what allow you to completely turn and lock the filter into place in your refrigerator. These four shapes together are what the locking mechanism should look like on this filter for my Samsung refrigerator.

Samsung refuses to acknowledge that, at some point, they changed the locking mechanism shape In the refrigerators that are supposed to carry this model of filter. The newer filters will not lock into place on my model Samsung refrigerator. You can read about that online and some of the other reviews for these kinds of products. If you will look at the raised irregular shape on the Samsung filter, you will see that it looks similar to, but not exactly like, the shape on the HDX filter.
Namely, it is one solid shape on the Samsung filter. However if you buy this filter it will not work in your refrigerator without modification. Specifically the smallest of the three (3) triangles, the one on the left, is too big on this filter and it will not lock into place. However, this particular filter was modified with an x-acto/razor knife to cut down the size of that left most triangle so that it will fit and lock into place. Not taking credit for that solution, you can find another review online explaining how to do that on the reviews for that product. Please note however, if you blow the picture up you can see very clearly in the text on the filter that this Samsung made filter purports to be a compatible DA29-00003G filter.
Now we get to the Pureline filter. The reason I purchased the Pureline filter was because it was a much less expensive option than The HDX or Samsung filter. However, if you look at the raised irregular shape on this filter, it bears little resemblance to either of the other two filters. It too was one single solid shape like the Samsung made filter, but instead of having three (3) triangles across the top it has two (2) squares. Suffice it to say, I tried to install it and it does not lock into place. And again, their box packaging clearly states that this is supposed to be a compatible filter to replace a DA29-00003G filter!
I have no idea if this filter does what it's supposed to do in a refrigerator it will actually fit in, my review was solely based on the fact that it's labeled as working in a refrigerator that it doesn't work in. Looks like I'll have to go back to the more expensive option. Hope this review saves you some time and trouble.
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on March 29, 2017
This definitely does not fit a Samsung RF265AA (2008) refrigerator. Interestingly, in the caption the product says compatible with a DA29-00003G, but when you look at the filters listed in the detailed description, the "3G" is not there. You can see in the picture that the mounting brackets are different. As the other commentor correctly said, this one won't attach. So I just went and re-ordered the one I bought last year, the Filter Ace -- works great and filters out the lead as well. Here's a link:Filter ACE+ Replacement filter compatible with Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter DA29-00003A DA29-00003B DA29-00003G HAFCU1
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on February 15, 2018
We purchased the PureLine water filter for our Samsung refrigerator a few weeks ago. The words "Aqua Pure" don't appear on the package anywhere, but I'm assuming we received the correct product. It was tricky to install - it took a good bit of force to twist into place, but I was eventually able to get it installed. We followed the instructions to run water through the filter to clear the system, and everything appeared to be working fine. My family of four all agreed that the water tasted "funny" after installing this filter. We've never had any concerns with other brands in the past. My wife described it as a metallic taste - and I agree. I decided to keep using it for a week to see if the bad taste would clear up, but it hasn't. So we will definitely be returning this product. I'm 100% sure that whatever we are tasting is coming from this filter, and I'm concerned that whatever we've been ingesting could be harmful. Just to be safe, we are switching to bottled water until we can get a new filter.
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on December 4, 2017
I so wanted to like this product. Problem is, for my Samsung fridge, it doesn't fit properly. This filter is supposed to get roughly seated, then accept about a 1/4 turn to kind of latch it in place. That's exactly how the old one fit & worked. But this filter seems to be slightly off in it's dimensions for the securing mechanism (a simple friction fit - but things must align almost exactly to work correctly). This filter will only allow a turn of a few degrees - very far short of a 1/4 turn. Worse, there is no feeling or sense that it is securely in place (as the old filter provided, for example - you could feel it when it "snapped in place"). When I get this filter as well seated as I can, a tiny bump or twist of the filter will make it loose - so it wants to fall out. It's not good. I had to put a piece of tape on it to get any confidence that it wouldn't fall out due to getting bumped loose something in the fridge - but it's not a reliable solution. To be clear: I got this filter in the correct size. It's supposed to fit my fridge. I'll try a different brand next time.
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on January 30, 2016
I was skeptical about this filter not working out for my Samsung fridge because of all the bad reviews about water leaking. I am glad I took a chance. The filter fit perfectly, water tastes great, no odor and I was able to switch it out in less than 2 minutes. I'll be buying some more.
review imagereview image
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on January 2, 2018
I ordered this product because it the description said it was the Samsung Aqua-Pure DA2900003G. I did not receive the "Samsung Aqua-Pure" filter; instead I received a filter called "Pure Line". This item was half the price I had paid previously from a local appliance store and I should have known better - it was too good to be true. You get what you pay for I guess because this did not fit my Samsung refrigerator even though it has the model number on the label. It doesn't lock into place and at all because it is missing the groove that matches up with the refrigerator slot. I will be returning this and ordering the bonafide Samsung filter.
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on February 12, 2018
This tastes no different than the Samsung ones, all these people who say there is black stuff or it’s not working right don’t read directions. You need to pull about 5-6 galllons of water through it before it “breaks in” and gets all air out of line and all loose filtration particles. Follow instructions and save money!
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on August 29, 2017
Absolutely HORRIBLE!

Tasting chlorine in your water is so disgusting and especially what it does to your insides!

I value my family and returned to Amazon to buy the GENUINE real deal Samsung filters in a 2-pack, yes it's a LITTLE more than this for each filter, but as soon as I installed the real genuine filter front Samsung, the water 💦 tastes even better than bottled water!!! It's an actual pleasure to drink and drink and drink water instead of soda or juice when you have the genuine filter installed.
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on January 24, 2018
This filter did replace a DA29-00003G filter, but it is smaller than a factory original and was difficult to reinstall. Harder to turn and lock than a factory filter. Original water quality is OK, no Chlorine, but don't know about other contaminates. Enclosed product information only shows Chlorine removal.
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on February 6, 2018
This replacement filter fits perfectly to my Samsung fridge. Great replacement item at much much much less price compared to original Samsung brand. Will buy more for future use. Thank you Aqua -Pure!
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