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Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband, Black, Large (US Version)
Color: Black|Size: Large (6.7 - 8.1 in)|Change
Price:$148.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on October 2, 2016
Let me start by saying that I am first time Fitbit and Apple watch user. I couldn't find a lot of reviews comparing the two, so I decided to purchase both and return one of them. Which one is better? Well that depends on what you're using it for.

A little about me: I'm a 29 year old guy who works out 3-5 days a week with weights and runs 2-4 miles a day at an 8:30-9:00 minute pace. I work as a Resident Physician in a busy ER and originally wanted a pedometer see how much I walk in a given work day.

Appearance and build quality: Winner- Apple

First up was the Fitbit charge 2. The packaging was great, very "Apple" like, but the build quality of the device left something to be desired. The band is made of a comfortable silicone and the display appears to be a "cheap" appearing plastic. While the device won't impress on looks, it is somewhat low profile and and comfortable on the wrist. The screen itself isn't the most responsive, but it works well enough. The display is bright and easily visible. I did not have trouble seeing the screen outdoors.

The apple watch was everything you'd expect from an Apple product. Sleek, responsive, and user friendly. I'd stop short of calling it "stylish", but it feels noticeably more polished than the Fitbit

Fitness: Winner- Fitbit

Here's where the two products completely diverge. I found the Fitbit to be an incredible fitness device compared to the Apple watch. Everything is streamlined for fitness with the Fitbit, while the apple watch is cluttered and optimized as a "smart watch". With a quick glance on the fitbit I can see the time, my steps taken, and heart rate. It takes just seconds to set up a workout and scroll the the menus. The beauty of fitbit lies in it's simplicity. The apple watch can also show steps taken, and heart rate, but does not give you continuous monitoring of heart rate like the fitbit. The fitbit can also track sleep, and give you an estimate of your cardio fitness score (V02 Max).

Other features: Clearly the fitbit is not a smart watch, but the text and call notifications are great when you're working out and don't have quick access to your phone. Yes, you can't see the whole text, but i'm not using this feature to replace my phone, I'm using it to screen for important texts or calls that I would need to stop my workout for. The apple watch on the other hand can text, call, and use many of the same apps as your iPhone. If you have apple music you can also listen to music on Bluetooth headphones. The built in GPS and waterproofing are great features as well.

Accuracy: Tie

I have no idea what the negative reviews are talking about (Maybe they received a defective device or have exceptionally hairy arms?). The fitbit is impressively accurate with resting and active heart rate. I've compared manual hearts and treadmill measurements with a variation of +/- 5 while active and +/- 2 at rest. I don't care if my real heart is 155 or 158 while I workout, I just want to know what zone i'm in. My run this morning was within .03 miles of my phone GPS, and the pace was spot on. Good enough for me, but i'm not a competitive runner. The apple watch is slightly more accurate when it comes to distance, and probably more suited for someone who runs at a competitive pace. Steps taken? I give the edge to fitbit. Apple watch skipped a lot of my steps and took a while to update. Yes, the fitbit adds 20-30 steps while I sleep, and another 20-30 while I drive. But I do these things every day, so who cares? I care about the trends. I'm not a competitive walker. Sleep seems accurate as well and is excellent for trending. I can tell when I have a restless night and the fitbit is great for quantifying that. You cannot track sleep with the Apple watch. No idea if the calories burned are accurate for either product, but again, trends.

The App: Winner- Fitbit

I think this where the fitbit completely shines as a fitness product. The app is so user friendly, so streamlined, and generally fun to play around with. I love watching my cardio fitness score change and keeping an eye on my resting heart rate overnight. Apple has a ton of 3rd party apps which are great, but it lacks the complete integration of the fitbit.

Final thoughts:

The reality is that these are completely different products used for completely different reasons. I haven't decided which one I will be keeping yet, but if I were basing my decision on fitness alone, at a non competitive level, I would choose the fitbit hands down. There are other useful features that make the Apple watch appealing in my line of work, so I'll have to weigh those into my decision.

Overall, the fitbit makes fitness fun. It's packed with so many cool features, and really is a motivator for daily movement. It is perfect for someone who wants to streamline their fitness goals and keep track of their life. It is a wear all day and all night product.

The apple watch doesn't have the same coolness factor with regard to fitness, and really doesn't motivate me to workout anymore than my iPhone would. It is perfect for someone who doesn't care about tracking fitness goals, but wants to leave their phone at home during a workout. The ability to stream music, track distance with a built in GPS, and respond to text messages are wonderful. This is a take off during the day and never wear at night product. I would use this primarily as a smart watch with the added bonus of being incredibly useful for running.

If you do decide on the fitbit, be careful with sizing! I have a 7 inch wrist and the large band fits me on the last 2-4 holes (keep it loose when not working out). In other words, the band runs pretty large.

For reference, the Apple watch is 38 mm in grey.

Hopefully that helps!
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on September 7, 2016
As a Blaze and original Charge HR owner, figured I'd try my hand at the newest Fitbit Charge 2. Preordered from Fitbit (as well as one from Amazon). Fitbit direct order arrived yesterday, 9/6/16.

Breaking the review into two parts:

Part One: If you've never owned a Fitbit

This is the mid tier product for Fitbit. It replaces the original best selling Charge & Charge HR. Steps, Flights, Heart Rate, Calories Burned, Connected GPS (shows a little map post workout when tied to your phone, and yes, you need to bring your phone with you on walks/runs), and notifications (as of now, just texts, calendar alerts, and displays phone number of incoming calls). Great intro watch/tracker to be your first Fitbit. Does pretty much everything. Yes there are other trackers out there, and some cheaper (in some you get what you pay for). What separates Fitbit is the software and social functions. You won't find a better app with ease of use, not to mention with the largest userbase of trackers it's much easier to find friends and families to participate in challenges. Read on if you want to know some of the features.

Part Two: If You've Owned A Charge/Charge HR, and should you upgrade?

The Charge watch has been the workhorse of the fitbit line. Worth getting a Charge 2? In a word: YES. Since you're familiar with the Charge already, let's go over some of the issues you may have experienced and highlights/common questions answered:

1) Build Quality: The Charge 2 is a far far superior quality than the original Charge. Right out of the box, you'll notice how much sturdier and thicker the band feels.

2) Swapping out bands is relatively easy. Once you figure out how to press on the band on each side to release, it's fairly painless. I could see someone elderly struggling with it at first. **If you had problems with your original Charge band bubbling, the ability to swap bands and how the tracker is connected to the bands should eliminate the issues you have experienced ** Obviously way too early to make a call on how the device will hold up, but given my experience with Blaze & Alta, this feels similar in build quality, if not better, and neither of those devices have suffered from bands falling apart on a wide scale.

3) Width of the device is nearly identical to the original Charge/HR. The button on the left side of the device is much more pronounced (good thing). You can give it a nice firm click, and it doesn't feel loose or cheap as some of the Charge buttons were prone to.

4) SIZING: The band itself is much longer than the original. I have always worn small in fitbit products, and found myself almost on the last hole. Something to keep in mind if you think you are on the cusp of small/large. Small likely the way to go.

5) Display is nice, 4x larger than the original Charge. The font is displayed crystal clear, and is very bright. Can see it extremely well, even in bright sunlight. It is NOT a color screen. The font is a bright offwhite, as opposed to the original Charge that had a soft almost blue to it. Texts when incoming scroll across the screen.

6) Overall look is sharp. Much better looking than the original. Very sleek and elegant. Actually looks better than the Blaze given thinner profile.

7) Has a breathing/relaxation function. Have only dabbled with this. It actually monitors as you inhale and exhale and prompts you when to take deep breaths, etc. More of a gimmick to me, but some may find this useful.

8) Navigation is relatively easy. When selecting specific workouts (you can customize the list in app), you hit the button on the side to get to the workout screen, then tap to cycle through them (run, weights, treadmill, elliptical, etc). Hold the button and your workout starts. During the workout you can cycle through metrics specific to your activity such as calories burned, heart rate, etc. Some activities will display steps, pace,calories burned, etc.

9) Menu items start with your clock face, then by pressing the button will display Heart Rate, Exercise, Stopwatch, Relax, and Alarm.

10) Clock Faces: There are seven to choose from. Some display day & date, and most have option to where when you tap the display it will cycle through stats (may display heart rate, date, steps taken, how far you are in your goals, your hourly movement reminders, etc). BUT DOES IT HAVE SECONDS? Yes, two of the watch faces are digital (numbers display, not hands) and have seconds displayed. There is only one "classic" watch face with the hands, and no that one does not display a second hand.

11) Notifications: You get basic texts (no pictures of course), both SMS & iMessage. Incoming calls will display the contact and/or phone number. And you get calendar alerts. There is no 3rd party support at this time such as facebook, instagram, etc (The Blaze watch will be offering these soon in next software upgrade, so I guess there is hope the Charge 2 will get those as well).

12) Reminders to Move: Sit on your butt too long and it will thump you with a vibe (250 steps per hour).

Today I put it through its first paces with a workout. I use it mostly for light cardio and weights. Heart rate was spot on as it usually was with original Charge HR & my Blaze. No issues with step counting on the elliptical I used to warm it up. I have not used the watch for 24 hours yet, so have not been able to judge the VOX/Cardio Fitness Level rating new to this device.

- It is worth upgrading alone from the Charge/HR simply due to build quality. Pictures do not do it justice. As another poster on a forum where we discuss fitbit devices said, it has that "Apple" quality feel to it. It no longer feels like a cheap rubber tracker. The ability to swap to leather, metal, or other colored bands means you can wear this unit for any occasion if style is your thing. It really does look great.
- Monitoring of heart rate using optical sensors has never been a problem for me, and this one seems to be no different. Obviously some folks have trouble with them due to body hair and whatnot, but the sensors on Charge HR, Blaze, and now Charge 2 seem to be spot on. An issue I had with the original Charge was it getting "lost" when I hit higher cardio levels. This doesn't appear to be as much of an issue this time around. That said, this isn't a medical device, so I expect it to not be 100% all of the time. Use it as a tool in your overall fitness profile.
- The charger itself is a new clip style (looks like a staple remover), and fits over the sides of the tracker. Fits nice and snug and snaps in. It won't fall out of the charge (actually think that's impossible given the design). No more worrying about it not snapping on and falling off or getting it just right. Big improvement.

- vibration is notably weaker than the original Charge. May be an issue for some using it as an alarm if you're a heavy sleeper. That said, I wore it very tight to bed last night, and it was able to wake me this morning (something I've had problems with on the Blaze from time to time).
- text notifications are neat if you've never had them. However I have a Blaze, where you can see the whole message at once. The Charge HR slowly scrolls texts and notifications to you, which can be annoying if you're used to the Blaze. They serve their purpose well though, and I can't ding it for this as it's a step up from the original Charge.

I reviewed it as if I were upgrading from the Charge/HR to this device. It is a no-brainer if you've held on to your Charge/HR and not upgraded yet to the Alta or Blaze for whatever reason. I'd rank the Charge 2 ahead of the Alta. If money is no object, spend the extra $50 to get the Blaze simply due to the color display and easier navigation (not to mention ability to see full texts as they come in). Otherwise, for $150, you'll be very happy to have move up from other Fitbit products. The Blaze is their high end product at the moment, but the Charge 2 is a very close second.

I'll happily answer questions as I did for when I originally reviewed the Blaze out of the gate, and edit this review to reflect common questions or any issues I face as I put the device through its paces in the coming days.
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on November 29, 2016
Why I bought and love the Fitbit Charge 2 instead of the Apple Watch.

So about 7 months ago I bought the Fitbit Charge HR for my birthday gift to myself and saying I was a religious user of this new gagit would be an understatement. The Fitbit has changed my life and made me so much more aware of my body and health. It becomes a fun, interactive game about one-upping yourself everyday towards a healthier, fitter life! Because of my love for Fitbit, I recently decided to upgrade to the Charge 2.

But before I put my money down for Charge 2, I was on the fence about switch to the Apple Watch, which does all the same heart rate, calorie, step tracker features. After doing research on both, I decided to stay a Fitbit girl. As much as I would have liked to be able to answer a call, shoot out a text or check the weather from my wrist, there were a fundamental features the Fitbit had that made my decition not to switch. (Besides, don't we all have too much technology bugging us throughout the day as it is???)

Here are my reasons for sticking with Fitbit:


1) Battery Life
The Apple Watch needs to be charged every night after being used throughout the day. The Apple Watch takes 2.5 hours to charge back to 100% from zero. This didn't work for me. I love that I can keep my Fitbit on all day and all night. Its imparitive that I track my sleep for health reasons and I also want my daily calorie burn to be accurate. With my old Fitbit Charge HR, I only needed to charge it for about 30 mins while I showered every 2-3 days. And now with the Fitbit Charge 2, I'm down to charging it for just 30 mins every 5 days. It's amazing!

2) Calender Reminders: I am a planner! There is not one hour of my day that goes unscheduled in my iPhone calendar. I love that the Charge 2 is Bluetooth compatible to receive calendar notifications that pop up on the screen. [Ex: Meeting in 15mins at 4:00pm] I find this really helpful to keep me on track with my day without having to look at my phone. This feature also allows texts to pop up on your Fitbit screen but I keep this disabled to diminish distraction.

3) Exchangeable Bands
I love how the Charge 2 allows you to switch out the band with its exchangeable different colored and styled bands. It's pretty easy to do, but (warning) I bought bands from an 'off brand' company on Amazon and they are a bit tougher to pop out. I have to use a tool to push down on the release buttons to get them off. The 'off brand' bands are also longer so there is always extra band that I have to tack down even tho I ordered a small. I would spend the extra money and buy Fitbit's bands. (I took a photo of this.. the purple band is the generic brand.. you can see its quality and length is different)

4) Look & Flexibility
I love the Charge 2's large screen with fun grafics and it's less bulky and more flexible than my first Fitbit Charge HR. I felt the Apple Watch was not as sleek, more masculine and less flexiblilty for workouts. Just kind of boxy. I liked the idea of being able to Bluetooth my music from the watch or track a run with it's GPS, but it wasn't as comfortable. (Also being able to do more things with it is why I think I'd battery life is so poor)

5) Silent Alarm
My old Fitbit Charge HR has this feature as well, but it's worth mentioning because it's changed the tone to my every morning now! You may set waking alarms or alarm reminders throughout the day that gently vibrate on wrist. No more noisy alarms and scrambling to turn it off. Just soft vibration pulses that don't jult you awake. I - love - this.

6) Simple & User-Friendly
The Apple Watch's processing is just too slow. I become frustrated very easily when my iPhone takes too slow... I didn't want to have to deal with that on my wrist as well. I love the simplicity of the Fitbit Charge 2 in that you can just pull up your wrist to see the time and your heart rate and tap through to see steps, calories, miles etc. (You can customize your home screen and stat order in the app)

7) Extra (New) Features
The stopwatch is super helpful and I love the assisted assisted breathing trainer. You can select either 2 or 5 min meditation / breathing sessions that visually cue you to slow your breathing and help to calm and center you throughout the day. These can be put on a schedule and you will be reminded.

Added bonus**
The feature where you put up your arm and the screen turns on automatically to show your home screen is much quicker and more consistent in this model.. I used to be frustrated with the HR when I would have my hands full and the screen wouldn't come up to show me the time.

The only con I experienced with both the Fitbit Charge HR & Charge 2 is that while I'm working out, the heart rate senso isn't always able to read your pulse. I think it is due to the slight sweat that builds up under the band where the sensor is. I hope for future models they are able to fix this and make it able to read heart rate no mater what as long as it's on your wrist.

And if I had a wishlist: I'd love to see the weather/temperature on my Fitbit. Thanks:)))

p.s. Please like this if you found this helpful. I never wrote reviews let alone reviews this long but I hope it helped!

The screen cracked straight down the middle and I don't even know how, I just looked down one day and it was like this.... not too happy. Also I wish the band was skinnier. I am starting to get a tan line from wearing the thicker band. I want a high quality Fitbit that is water proof, slim, and has wearable clip options rather than just a band.
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on September 14, 2016
Ok, so at first I was really, REALLY hesitant about buying the Charge 2 because you never know what problems can arise with new, hot off the press tech. However, I've had wonderful experiences with Fitbit customer service in the past (as in "Hey, my thing stopped working" and they were all like "Sorry about that, here's a new thing- no charge!"), so I feel confident that if anything does go awry, Fitbit will take care of their customers. So, I took the plunge and ordered it.

It came today in the mail and I scurried off with it like Gollum and his ring...

My precioussssssss!

Oh where to begin! Let's see- well it came in lovely, easy to open packaging. Opening up the box felt like I was arousing my Charge 2 from his slumber in his comfy, plastic bed. I immediately noticed that the teal color was more vibrant than its predecessor, and the larger screen gave it an all around sleeker look. The band is now longer, so if the large size from the old Charge was a bit big for you- go for the small with the Charge 2; I have tiny wrists myself, and I'm two notches away from the last ring on the inside! EDIT: I just realized my review was placed under the large Charge 2 is a small. But large or small, only the band is different in length, NOT the screen!

The charger was completely redesigned; the days of not having your Charge, well, CHARGE due to it slipping out are dead and gone. The new, blissfully longer charger clips onto the Charge itself, and as long as you align the hole in the charger with the button on the side of the Charge, you're good to go (see picture for reference)! Just make sure you clip it from underneath, and not over the screen or else it won't charge...not that I uh, made a silly mistake like that or anything. *cough*

Setup could not have been easier. The entire process from taking it out of the box to having it fully synced and functional was less than ten minutes. Whoa. I was setting it up using the app on my Android phone, and I was expecting that it would need to be charged first but nope! It sprung to life and was ready to go! After it was all synced I checked the battery and saw it was at medium power- right out of the freaking box!

Onto you like lots of features? I like lots of features and the Charge 2 has ALL the flipping features you could possibly want.

I feel like Fitbit has been personally keeping tabs on me and my current interests. I just recently got into breathing meditation and interval training, and when I heard that the Charge 2 was going to include both these features I was pretty much like, "Shut up and take my money!"

After playing with the Charge 2 for about 30 seconds, I came to realize that when you want to choose a feature, for example the breathing exercise, after pushing the button on the side to get to that function, you then hold the button for a second to choose to start it. With the breathing exercise, it allows you to choose between a 2 or 5 minute breathing session. It works by having you breath in rhythm with a ring that expands and contracts on the screen, and it shows your breathing in and out at the bottom with a continuous little graph (see picture to clarify if this sounds wonky to you.) If it comes across as confusing don't worry- Charge 2 guides you through's much more talkative (err, textative?) than the old Charge, and I like it!

So for once I was actually excited to hit the hall of pain- uh, I mean the gym, so I could test out my new buddy here. First thing I did was the elliptical; in the past I avoided it because my old charge wouldn't count it as steps. Now all you have to do is select the elliptical option from the workout menu on your charge 2, hold the button on the side and voila! Elliptical steps are now counted!

Next I tried out the interval workout option! What's extra awesome about this feature is that it's customizable; the folks of Fitbit really outdid themselves with this one in my opinion. By going onto the app on my phone, I was able to set the intervals to one minute of workout, and two minutes of rest for a total of five sets. Then while I was on the treadmill, I went to the workout menu, chose interval training, and it started right away. Once the minute was up, Charge 2 gave me two little buzzes to let me know to switch to rest mode, and after two minutes gave me another two buzzes to pick it up again. The buzzes aren't very strong, but I still felt them just fine.

Then I went onto strength training, and selected weights from the menu (this is all via the charge 2, not the app on the phone). Now the way I strength train is 3 sets of 12 reps, and then a minute of rest in-between. I'm honestly not sure if that minute of rest affects the readings or not, but my guess is no- that Charge 2 calculates everything based on pulse readings. And speaking of pulse readings, it feels like they've improved the technology in that department as well!

FYI- I have pretty low blood pressure due to hypothyroidism, so the readings below may seem off, but they're accurate in my case. My resting heart rate is usually between 61 and 66 bpm (beats per minute)

So that concluded my gym session. Upon looking at my readings later on, it was kind of neat to compare them. Now the weight training session showed that in 27 minutes I burned 99 calories and had 110 average of bpm. Now with the elliptical, I only did it for 10 minutes, burned 62 calories, and had a 130 average bpm going at a fast pace continuously. With the interval training on the treadmill (here's where it gets interesting folks) for 15 minutes I burned 122 calories with a 148 average bpm. Despite having two minute rest periods several times, I still burned more calories and had a higher heart rate than the continuous workout on the elliptical. Interval training all the way! Although...I wonder if you could do interval training on the elliptical and still have the steps count. I'll have to experiment with that... *EDIT* Yes you can in fact do interval training on the eliptical and have steps count!

There's still so much to try! The connected GPS looks like a pretty neat feature, and it's a nice extra to include! I'm not much of a runner myself being bite sized, but you can still track location for other things like walking, biking and hiking. Then there's call, text, and calendar notifications (adding the calendar was a great idea). You can also change bands now, so if you wear out your current band (like I did with my old Charge- bubbling issues anyone?) or just want a different look, you can switch them whenever your little heart so desires. Oh! And there's lots of screen options that you can choose from like a dial watch, extra bold print, and having time/date/steps/heart rate all together (which is what I ended up choosing)- and that's just to name a few!

*EDIT* So they added a feature which shows your fitness level by going into the heart rate section of the app and then swiping left to get to that screen. I originally thought it was fitness test type thing, but I misunderstood. The app already calculates your fitness level for you based on several factors (resting heart rate, your bpm during exercises, and other information collected from your profile). So sorry for any confusion! No tests for you.

Alas, there is but one problem I have encountered so far. I was walking while holding my phone in the hand that my charge 2 was on, and noticed that it didn't count my steps. So after experimenting for a bit (holding up my hands like I was pushing an invisible grocery cart, though it probably looked more like I was pretending to be A zombie) I came to the conclusion that if your hand is held up flat (palm up or palm down) in midair, like when holding a phone...the charge 2 doesn't register steps. However, it should be noted that when I put the charge 2 in workout mode, it DID count some of the steps, even when holding my phone, but it didn't seem to accurately count them all. I guess the solution is don't play on your phone while you walk? Or at least leave the hand with the Charge 2 on it by your side when playing Pokemon Go- you can play with one hand, right?

Everything considered, this is truly an amazing piece of technology that is priced extremely fairly for all that it offers, including the best fitness app that is included at no extra charge. Thanks good guy Fitbit!

In conclusion...

This is the one fitness tracker...TO RULE THEM ALL!

UPDATE: 9/20

Yes yes, I know what you're all thinking- how could I possibly make this exceedingly long review even better? MAKE IT LONGER!

Battery lasted from Wednesday afternoon (after fully charging it) to Monday night. It should be called Fitbit doesn't need to Charge all that often, amiright? Eh?

Motivation Man! Every hour (just day hours, or you can customize which hours and days you want in the app) you don't move (or hardly move), Charge 2 gives you a friendly little buzz, and the animated little Motivation Man (as I like to call him) says something cute on the screen like "Take me for a stroll?" or "97 more steps!" (to reach 250). Do it. Don't let Motivation Man down.

With the Fitness level tracker, my original score was placed in the good category and I was all happy that I was fitter than I thought. Well, the app suggests that if you want a more accurate reading, that you should go for a ten minute run outside with your Charge 2 synced to your phone for GPS tracking. So although I hate running more than kids who kick your seat continuously on a long flight, I did it. Upon looking at my fitness level thinking that my score was going to shoot up, it dropped down to fair, which is right after poor. Ouch. I mean in all fairness it's accurate but still...ouch. Went from feeling fitter to bitter.

What's not accurate, however, is if you're at the gym and your Charge 2 syncs with your phone app for gps tracking. A few times while I was on the treadmill or elliptical, the GPS kicked in and gave me crazy readings. Now don' get me wrong- my step count wasn't affected in any way, the app just showed me a map of the wacky, non-existent trail that went though multiple buildings and over a river. You can just delete it of course, orrrrrr you could show it off to your friends and make stuff I always teleport over rivers when I work out, doesn't everyone?

The Fitbit app added a seriously impressive fitness game called Adventure challenge (it's in the challenges section) where your step count is shown on an actual map, like Yosemite Vernal falls to start off with, and the more you walk, the more you travel along the trail. Along the way you come across markers, and when you reach them, it shows you where you are on the trail with gorgeous panoramic pictures (hold up your phone, slowly turn left and right, and the picture pans out either way). There are also random "gems" on the map, and when you click them they either have a fun fact, a health multiple choice quiz, or a health challenge (like do tricep dips on a chair for a minute). You can collect them and earn a badge...or not-completely optional. However, I personally am having a blast with it, and I'm sort of stunned that they're including it in the app for free! It's like having an expensive dinner with Fitbit and when the check comes, Fitbit is all like, "Hey, it's cool. I got this," sure do Fitbit. You sure do.
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on January 28, 2017
I really want to like this bc the app is great, the steps are very accurate, the sleep monitoring is cool but the main goal of these fitness trackers is to encourage more fitness...which it has. However, every time I start to break a sweat on the treadmill my heart rate monitor reading disappears and I get the "--" on display(see pic). This is so frustrating bc this is when I need it most. I have tried different positioning of the Fitbit to no avail. I'm surprised by all the very positive reviews here...maybe most users are just casual users who use for steps. There seems to be tons of similar complaints on forums. I can live with hr being slightly delayed or a few bpm off but I can't have the hr turn off completely every time I break a sweat. Looks like a return is in near future.

So I have found a semi workable solution to the sweating problem which causes HR to turn off. I have been wearing the fitbit about 2 fingers above wrist bone with a tighter fit(as directed). then below on my wrist I wear a sweatband. This seems to greatly diminish the HR from malfunctioning.

Edit2: I have had this about 3 months now and ever since i have gone to the approach above to fix the heart rate I have had zero issues and it has performed very well. upgrading my rating.

Edit 3: after about 8 months the original band broke from normal use. Fitbit customer service replaced it for free. Thanks.
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on November 21, 2017
I received my Fitbit in October and really loved it. It was easy to use and kept me aware of my activity level. It was something I was excited to have and liked the app and monitoring for heart rate and sleep. After about 6 weeks of having it, I woke up with a very large burn on the wrist where I wear my Fitbit. I will note that I was wearing and using the device according to the instructions and was taking breaks from wearing it - there was nothing I did to cause this injury. After receiving the burn I moved the Fitbit to my other wrist, and after less than an hour a burn was forming on that wrist! These burns are very painful and large. I contacted Fitbit and they were unsurprised and told me to stop wearing any of their devices permanently. They said they did know this happens, but they have no plans to issue a recall or warn consumers about the danger. Because of that, I felt it was my duty to make potential buyers aware of this danger. I’ve included a photo of my burn not to be gross, but to show how serious this really is.
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on April 25, 2017
After just 2 1/2 weeks, I am addicted to my Fitbit. I have said good bye to my sedentary lifestyle and am now walking a minimum of 10k steps/day. I also have increased my water intake to 50 oz/day. I love participating in Daily Challenges and Workweek Hustles with my friends. It pushes me to walk farther and farther. I'm not crazy about the rubber wristband so I will be trading it in for leather.
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on May 4, 2017
I saw a picture of myself and did not believe it was me. 😮 Then I noticed that there was a great deal of fat surrounding my stomach. 🍩 I also noticed that this extra weight was making it harder for me to breathe when lying down. After being in disbelief of what had become of my once flat tummy, I decided that it was time to get back into shape. 🏃🏽‍♀️🚴🏽‍♀️ I had seen fitness trackers advertised and thought having one would help to keep me accountable and hopefully assist the paramedics when I collapsed from exhaustion. 🏥 I am a very picky shopper so I read specs and reviews on tons of trackers before deciding to purchase the Fitbit Charge 2. I'm happy that I did.

Since I've had it, I have consistently worked out, my fitness level is much improved, I'm more conscious of what I eat, I drink more water, I sleep better 🛌, my body is more toned 💪🏽, and I've lost most of the spare tire that was around my stomach 👏🏾. Most importantly, yesterday, my teenager who never has anything positive to say 😎, told me that he noticed that I have lost a lot of the weight that I'd gained around my stomach and under my chins (yes, that's plural, he said "chins") 😳, but I took that as a compliment. 😊

1. The tracker does hold me accountable. The ability to track my steps, calories burned, time active, floors climbed and miles covered, make me want to move and workout. I can look back at my stats and see how I am progressing.

2. The tracker reminds you to move. You can set how many hours you want it to remind you to move and also use it to schedule alarms to remind you to do other things, like wake up. My occupation 🏛 requires me to sit a lot during the day so I really need reminders to move.

3. The tracker allows you to compete against your friends or against yourself with challenges. I am very competitive 🏆 so I really like this feature. I want to always do better than I did the day before and I have to do better than my friends for bragging rights. 🏅

4. The tracker allows you to track your workouts based on the type of activity you're doing. I walk, run, take spin classes 🚲 and do strength training. Just set it to your workout and hold the button to start. You can check your heart rate to make sure you are working at your desired intensity, see your pace, calories burned, time and more.

5. You can track your water and calorie intake to make sure you stay hydrated and monitor how much you are eating. Keeps me accountable to my water ⛲️ goals everyday.

6. The sleep tracker is very useful because how well you sleep determines how well you feel, your energy level, your memory and concentration. You can monitor your sleep to see how it affects your day.

7. The heart rate ❤️ monitor is very useful to me because it allows me to see how my resting heart rate has improved since I started back working out. As mentioned above, it also allows you to see your heart rate anytime so you can adjust your workouts to suit your needs.

8. The relax function is great. I have a very stressful job ⚖️ so being able to take a couple of minutes to use the targeted breathing feature helps a lot.

9. Other features include a stopwatch ⏲ which allows for timed activities; keeps track of how many days you exercise; and lets you track your weight if that's your thing (I prefer to track my weight loss by looking in the mirror 👙. The weight tracker does, however, keep you motivated and committed to your workouts and eating healthier, because you can log your weight as you drop the pounds.

10. Changeable wrist bands. For us fashion forward ladies especially, this allows us to change the color of the bands to match your outfits 👗and there are leather and stainless bands that you can purchase as well to switch up the look of the tracker.

11. Fitbit keeps adding helpful features to the app at no charge.

1. The teal band that came with my tracker looked dirty after only a few days. I work at a clean desk so that shouldn't have happened. The band seems to also become discolored by simply coming into contact with your sleeves. I followed the care instructions and cleaned it in the manner recommended by Fitbit after every workout, but it still looks dirty. ☹️

2. The heart rate monitor differs slightly from the monitor that I wear around my chest and the one on my spinning bike. It's not a real problem to me because I just need to know the range of the intensity of my workout so I'll know if I'm not working hard enough as my body gets used to a particular workout or if I'm about to collapse from heart ❤️ failure.

Final it!
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on February 15, 2017
I purchased this insurance coverage for a Fitbit Charge 2 HR and my product was not dropped, not physically damaged. During a workout and sweating, the Fitbit turned off and would not turn back on despite being fully charged. When I explained this on the claim filed. They denied my claim stating they did not cover accidental damage. This was not damage. This is ordinary use of what the product was intended for. I would encourage others not to waste their money, as it appears to not cover anything.
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on February 6, 2018
My original Charge 2HR quit counting stairs after a few months. After a lengthy phone conversation with a very nice Fitbit person, it was determined to be defective and a new one was sent. Fine, EXCEPT this supposedly new one counts every move of your wrist as a step. I have gotten over 40 miles a day! I have only had it for a couple of weeks, but have won badge after badge! So after another lengthy phone call with another nice person, this one too has been determined to be defective. Got no conclusive answer regarding if a truly new one is being sent or if I will be inheriting someone else's problem in a poorly refurbished model. She said "We consider them new.' Not sure what "consider" might mean. As much as I like wearing my Fitbit Charge HR, this has been a real pain.
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