on June 25, 2017
I think after years of being a loyal tech armor user for every brand of phone in my home. I'm going to have to switch. They break with a strong protective case falling off a very small nightstand. And they do not adhere the way they used to. The ends and corners have been leaving spaces which has nothing to do with how it's installed Bc I am a pro at installing these screen protectors and my OCD makes me clean the screen before installation to the point of not even a speck of dust in sight.
There's no dust bubbles or anything like that. It's the edges and the corners that just are not laying and adhering the way the should be.
What I always gave 5 stars. I'm not giving 2. I'm really disappointed in the quality of the product, as the ballistic glass definitely seems to be flimsier. With one huge air bubble on the bottom right corner that will NOT adhere no matter what I do, and I don't want to use the second one right away. As I am certain I will need it in the future. But I will be looking into some new brands. Sorry tech armor. But I had same issue with my 6s Plus and nobody cared to help me. I won't do it again.
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Top Contributor: Makeupon January 29, 2017
I used to love these for my iPhone 6 Plus. The version for that phone installed in seconds and stayed out for a full year. Only had to remove it once when I smacked my phone against a rail. Shattered the protector but my phone was still unharmed. The warranty replacement was super easy. As for the version for the iPhone 7 plus.....I chose to ignore the reviews of others and was sorely proven wrong. I didn't imagine a company that had previously made such quality products could have gone so far off track. All the bad reviews are right. While the installation process is still quick and easy as previous protectors. The quality of the products has been reduced to the point to where they are absolutely useless. Tried both of them and they don't stick around the edges. ""(See picture) They should refund everyone who has purchased these, start completely over, and then rerelease their product when it actually works correctly. Please don't be like me and waste your time and/or money. You will be disappointed.

**Sent email to the company to see about getting a replacement or refund. I will update the review and rating again depending on the response and outcome.

Second update:
Replacements were sent out. Same exact problem with them. The company offered to refund the money for the purchase. Overall I would not recommend this. I truly hoped the first shipment was a bad batch.
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on December 6, 2016
I've used Tech Armo brand glass protection for iPhones as far back as I can remember and this is the first one that is absolute rubbish. I have become quite an expert at putting these things on but this one just does not adhere properly. I lined it up perfectly and there was still air bubbles on the edges around the whole phone. And I'm not talking minimal either, it was probably 1/4" all the way around the phone. And the same was true for BOTH of the protectors included in this 2 pack. I'm not sure what Tech Armor did differently this time but these things do not work properly.
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on February 26, 2017
Ive bought several tech armor tempered glass iPhone screen protectors over the past couple years for me and my family members. They've all been easy to install and stay adhered for years (even one that was submerged in a pool for several minutes). They have also saved a few screens.

But this time i ordered the quality does not seem the same. The finish of the edges look rougher than before, i dont know why. This is minor.

The big problem is that from the beginning when i put the screen protector on my new iphone, its the first time that I've had air bubbles that would not go away when cleaning and replacing the screen protector. One corner kept having air bubbles. I decided it was fine becasue it was in an area above the screen. A week later and now all of the corners and some parts of the side have air bubbles. I can only imagine it will become worse from here.

Maybe i got a bad batch or maybe tech armors quality isnt what it used to be. Either way I'm going to try another brand next time. Im really disappointed.
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on May 15, 2018
I've used these screen protectors on my last two iPhones over the last four years. I've had a handful of the screen protectors crack and back when there was a lifetime replacement warranty that wasn't such an issue. In the past I've had very good luck with Tech Armor sending replacements and their customer service has always been top notch. I installed the newest version of this protector on my iPhone 8 Plus when it was brand new and straight out of the box but the protector did not adhere well. There is a large bubble in one corner where the protector would not adhere and the left and right edges have the halo effect where they did not adhere. Additionally, it only took a few weeks before the screen protector cracked from a drop at knee height (I do also have a case on my phone). The protector is also advertised as being anti-fingerprint, but it is impossible to keep smudges off this protector and even harder to remove them. Wiping the protector with a little water and a cloth will not clean it, I have to use Clorox wipes. When the protector is smudged (which is the majority of the time), it is cloudy which makes it hard to view the phone in direct light. I didn't bother to contact Tech Armor regarding a replacement because I read prior to placing the order that they no longer have the lifetime replacement guarantee and I bought the product at my risk. I understand that Tech Armor cannot make money replacing these as frequently as they crack and cannot afford to continue offering the lifetime warranty, but that was the main reason I initially bought this product. Based on the issues with it not adhering well, cracking from such a low impact fall, and the inability to keep it clean I am not happy with the current product. Were it not for having good luck with a previous version of this product and Tech Armor offering great customer service in the past, I would unfortunately not rate this screen protector at three stars. I cannot currently compare this product to other brands as I've only ever used Tech Armor protectors.
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on January 8, 2018
Very disappointed with warranty! While I loved Tech Armor glass protectors on my iPhone 5s and 6, my 8plus is no good. Product arrived quickly, installation was easy, looked good for about a month and a half when I noticed a small bubble close to the edge. There was no dust or anything else that could've gotten into it, but I was fine with living with a small bubble. Unfortunately, within a week, the small bubble became about 2" long "bubble" "growing" down the side of my screen protector. I did email Tech Armor about the warranty, and they said to fill online form. So, when I tried that, they were going to charge me almost $4 for shipping, and when I complained about that this is the answer I got: "Thank you for prompting us regarding this concern. I am so sorry that you feel so unfair with the shipping of the replacement. I understand that you feel frustrated and disappointed with the shipping fee. However, the shipping fee is not for us and will not go directly to our account. As you can see, Tech Armor uses a third party shipping company to deliver all our fresh orders and replacements alike. Therefore, the fee will not go directly to our account but to the couriers account." While I do understand the explanation above, I will no longer purchase Tech Armor screen protectors.
I purchased another glass screen protector few years ago for my husband and the warranty came free of any charge - but that was different vendor which I am going to use from now on.
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on November 5, 2017
Still my go-to screen protection next to a case. I love TECH ARMOR'S BALLISTIC GLASS SCREEN PROTECTORS ever since I used them on my iPhone 4s.

I bought them for my iPhone 6plus and it kept the screen free from scratches and cracks even though I dropped my phone many times. One time the protector cracked after I dropped the phone, but the screen was just fine.

So I just got the iPhone 8plus and I had to come back to get TECH ARMOR'S screen protectors.

I did have a harder time putting this one on because the protector needs to be INSIDE the edged curve of the screen otherwise it will lift up (and remain with an air bubble like in one of the reviewer's pictures), so you have to be careful that it is inside the curve. On the 6plus the edge of the screen wasn't like that.

The easiest way to do this is to line up the cut-out openings for the ear speaker and the home button, which is how they recommend on the instruction sheet, but that's hard to do when you remove the backing to stick it on the screen because it's hard to tell if the cut-outs are lined up properly until you get in really close and by that time the protector is sticking to the screen.

What I learned to do is line them up first and then use either packing tape or artist's tape and tape down one side of the screen protector to the phone, so that the protector opens like a hinge BEFORE you remove the backing and stick it on. Then you can clean and dust the screen and then remove the backing and the tape hinge acts as a guide. You'll still need to make sure it's aligned properly and make adjustments, but this makes it easier. And it helps to run the shower on hot to create some humidity in the room so that dust particles won't be floating around the air.

This time I messed up and I couldn't get the bubble out of the corner, even though I moved and re-positioned it. The second protector in the box I dropped in the sink and cracked the corner so I couldn't use it. Luckily I bought 2 sets (one set was for another phone) so I was lucky that I had a back up.

That one went one without a hitch and no lifting on the corners or edges. I did get a speck of dust under it causing that teeny bubble, but luckily it's on the black, non-viewing part near the home button so I'm leaving well enough alone.

With the screen protector on the phone it minimizes glare from overhead lights (at least on the lit parts of your screen) and it will keep finger prints to a minimum (but you'll see the smudges and stuff when the screen is off), and that's on top of keeping your screen safe from scratches and cracks.

I just sent out an email to TECH ARMOR asking for another set. They used to send out replacements for free (and I hope they still do that) as long as you put down your Amazon order number.

If you don't want to risk a cracked screen buy TECH ARMOR BALLISTIC GLASS.
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on October 29, 2016
I installed these and liked them on iphone 6 and 6 plus. for iphone 7, went on great, just like 6. However, for iphone 7 plus it does not bond! there is an air gap on all 4 corners! It just does not work! Both protectors had same issue on 2 different phones. This is the same feedback i saw from others, and i assumed they were just installing wrong, but after using on the 2 different phones it is clear that the 7 plus is the issue!
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on May 20, 2017
These screen shields are great! Don't be fooled by the $20, $30, $40 and even $50 versions of ballistic glass shields you will find at places like Target or Best Buy. Having purchased those before, I can tell you that these are pretty much the exact same thing and a small fraction of the price. They come in a nice installation kit and solid packaging to protect them during shipping. The shields themselves are nice and clear and do exactly what they are supposed to. I have replaced a couple after some impacts that cracked the shield, but replacing something for $8 is much cheaper than replacing a $150 screen. My only complaint is that the top part over the ear speaker never remains stuck down to the phone. This is a minor visual inconvenience and doesn't have any impact on protection.
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on March 28, 2017
Tech Armor screen protectors have been consistantly exceeding my expectations.
I had an ip5s, ip6s and now an ip7p. I've used tech armor ballistic on all three of my iphones (multiple on each phone due to me dropping my phone often and thereby breaking the film.), and these screen protectors did what they are suppose to do: preventing my phone from a broken screen.

1. With the kit included (wet wiper, sticky dust remover, etc), it's really easy to get a dust free application on your first try. Out of the 5 or 6 films I've applied, only 1 of them needed reapplying due to dust, and all others were applied successfully (bubble free, dust free) the first time I tried.
2. It does prevent your screen from cracking due to impact (pressure, dropping, etc). It does a much better job at preventing drop damage than pressure damage (e.g. you sat on your phone, then this protector is less likely to prevent your screen from cracking). Every time this protector is broken (cracked), just get a new one and reapply it.
3. It's rather affordable (compare to those well above $20 films) and of good quality (compare to those HD films that is thin and doesn't do much protection).

1. Can't think of any yet.
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