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on November 22, 2016
So I've used tech armor for a few years now however ordered this product and when I went to use it, I received a faulty screen cover. For some reason the edges didn't seal correctly (although same cover for my friend that was installed worked perfectly for identical phone). Used to go to website and get a new one shipped out no problem however now wants to charge me $3 in shipping now (half the cost of product) to send out a replacement for a faulty screen protector they sent out in first place. Will be looking elsewhere for my phone protection needs
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I've used Tech Armor for the past 5 or so devices from phones to tablets and I've always been mostly satisfied with their plastic and glass screen protectors. This glass screen protector for the iPhone 7 Plus is no different. it went on about as easily as these kinds of protectors go. I did have some dust and air bubbles but 99% of them were easy enough to remove without issue. I still have one air bubble but I just didn't want to lift the protector up anymore and the bubble wasn't over the screen. The coverage is good, it feels great, and it doesn't impede any of the 3D touch functionality of the phone. Due to the coverage not going too far along the borders of the phone, it would seem to be compatible with a lot of cases.

Although I have not always been totally satisfied with Tech Armor products, the company has always been very helpful and generous in supporting their products which I definitely appreciate. This screen protector was reasonably priced, went on well, and gives me some peace of mind for my new phone. I can happily recommend this.
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on September 27, 2016
I've been pretty loyal to Tech Armor's Ballistic Glass for some time now. For a great price you get great protection and clarity. Most importantly, because it's glass, it feels like... glass... so it feels like nothing has changed as far as the surface of the iPhone goes. The only thing I don't like — and it's not Tech Armor's fault — is that because of the curved nature of the iPhone 6 and 7, the glass protection cannot go to the edge of the iPhone glass screen. So it is much more "visible" as compared to previous iPhones where the glass protection could go edge to edge. So be particularly mindful when installing to make sure you are centered right on the screen, otherwise you could have an annoying pixel or two that don't get covered and then you have a pretty visible edge to the screen protector. I'm pretty meticulous and good with my hands so I don't have a problem with this. The other reason I love glass protection is because it's MUCH easier to install because it's rigid and flat so bubbles can be rubbed out much more easily than other floppier materials.
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on April 22, 2017
I switched to this brand as a recommendation from my friend since he said it lasted him a long time (before needing replacement). My first one applied with some edges that would just not stick. They did give me a courtesy replacement and I am no novice to applying these screen protectors. I use the tape method to line up the screen protector and then hinge it over to apply once ready. My other replacement from them did not stick well either.. so I got another replacement. The second and third replacements were because I dropped my phone and it chipped in some areas. It is nice that they do have an online form so you can submit warranty replacements yourself but after this last time, it told me that I cant get anymore replacements (you only have to pay for shipping) and that I have to buy a new one. I thought this had a lifetime warranty.. what gives? Another previous brand I used gave me many screen replacements due to chipping or cracking. I do not use my phone by itself with just the SP, I use a case with adequate protection and they had the nerve to tell me that some customers have gone without a replacement. Oh really.... because when I bought this during xmas time, it had higher ratings than it did now. On to find another brand to use
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on December 2, 2016
I've been using Zagg Invisible shield glass+ for my iPhone 6 and 7, which worked great. I figured, I'll get the same for my iPhone 7 Plus, which was a big mistake. I couldn't get the edges to stick at all, it looked horrible. I lived with it for 2 days until I caved and ordered this "tech armor ballistic glass". I've never used anything "Tech Armor". The price was right, I figured why the hell not? When it came in, I was quite surprised.. The quality and finish was similar to that of my $40 zagg I was using. During installation, I had to reinstall about 3 times, not because of bad fitment, but because of lent. I have a bit of OCD. On the 3rd attempt, I finally got rid of all the lent and aligned it just right. There were a few bubbles, but were easily pushed out. On closer inspection, I noticed the edges on the right side weren't quite sticking. So, I started playing with it, pushing it like I did with the bubbles and it worked. I was quite happy, as this did not work at all with the zagg. Now, the edges are nearly perfect. Thank you, Tech Armor!!
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on February 10, 2017
I've been using Tech Armor for years. I ordered the ballistic glass for the iPhone 7 plus and it is not as described. The glass screen protector is very narrow, leaving annoying gaps between the edge of the screen protector and my cases (ballistic case and otterbox defender). The photo makes it seems as though the product nearly reaches the edge of the phone and would be able to fit under cases. This is not the case. I didn't even bother installing this product because I didn't want to deal with the gaps on either side of my case. I contacted customer service to see if I'd maybe received a defective protector that was cut too narrow and to see if Tech Armor even made a screen protector that would extend enough to fit under cases, but I received a generic response that didn't answer either of my questions.

I ordered this instead iPhone 7 Plus Tempered Glass Screen Protector Full Coverage 3D Edge to Edge Ultra-clear Thinnest 0.26mm Bubble Free UTLK iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector 5.5 Inch Oleophobic Coating and am much happier.
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on December 15, 2016
This product is crap. I have replaced the screen 3 times since I have purchased my iPhone 7 and it needs to be replaced again. After about two weeks the screen protector starts to bubble. You are better off buying something that you don't have to replace so often. This has been confirmed to happen not only with my phone but two other people I work with have the same problem! I've attached a picture of my phone and my co-workers phone who just replaced his last week for the same problem and it has already started bubbling.
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on September 21, 2016
Nice screen protector overall. Not too thick so even slim cases (apple silicone) still offer flat face drop protection and bumper protection. Easy install*, especially since in the box there is a microfiber cloth, dust tape and a cleaning wipe. After install there were a few edges the needed to be pressed but with light pressure for about 30 sec and it was all clear glass. Since the glass goes right to and around the home button it feels a little odd pressing it. Since the edges are beveled pressing doesn't feel harsh. I have not noticed the glass interfere with its operation (Touch ID has not been affected). 3D Touch works exactly as it did with out the protector and the same for keyboard presses. Only major difference is less finger prints! Fairly surprised with how well they are repelled. Scrolling feels smoother thanks to the coating. Clarity is great as well, can't see a difference. If anything the lack of finger prints may have improved long term clarity.

What annoyed me...
The edges of the screen protector accumulated some dust! It was minor, but noticeable on a black phone if not wiped away. Really not an issue as it seems that after wiped once or twice the dust doesn't stick again. (Apparently some of my pockets are very linty)

*If you've installed your own screen protector before this won't be difficult. The glass is rigid compared to the film type protectors; that personally made it easier to line up top to bottom. I also recommend making sure the film that peels away is dust free too! That dust could fall on the screen as you peel it back. I started with the film halfway peeled, from the top set a small amount down, lined up the home button and peeled the rest down and out.

If it's your first time get a two pack...
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on December 4, 2016
The previous, iPhone 6 version seemed to be of better quality and didn't have the problems described in many of the other reviewers's comments. I ordered four of the newer screen protectors and had a problem with one of them. I found the edges on a few my new screen protectors chip easily and that one of them allowed a significant amount of dust to accumulate under the scree protector. Given my past experience with Tech Armor's previous warranty service and logo with Tech Armor's lifetime warranty still being prominently displayed on their product packaging I went to their website to find that they no longer provide free lifetime warranty replacements. As of September 1, 2016, they charge a $2.50 shipping fee for warranty replacements; whereas, it used to be Free.

If you are previously used their product and plan the use Tech Armor screen protectors on your new device, beware, the Tech Armor No-Hassle Lifetime Replacement Warranty no longer exist.
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on November 6, 2016
1) Great value for three glass screen protectors
2) Protects pretty well
3)no rainbow effect on the screen
4)reduces fingerprints than the actual screen

1)bubbles up on the side and sometimes in the middle as well. The bubble does not go away.
2)Not as good as the previous generation of the product
3)They now charge for shipping for the replacements

I love tech armor. I have always but tech armor ballistic glass for all my products. This is the first time that I had the issue with bubbles. I would be satisfied if they went away over time, but they don't go away. It's just the way it's built. Sometimes the bubble appears in the middle and sometimes it appears on middle and can be very distracting. Overall, I suggest the brand but this specific product if you are looking for a non-bubble​ screen protector.
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