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on August 30, 2016
It's my intent for this review to be helpful to you, and if you only read one, read this one.

Here is my impression; I've tried to hit the points you need to know, and constantly update this review.

In general, everything is put together well, from the packaging, to the way pieces connect. Unit feels sturdy and does not emit heat during charging, even if left plugged in for extended periods of time. One battery arrived at about 80% while the other was empty, here's the info I have so far regarding actual power (updated accordingly):

-The capacity of the batteries on a Sony Alpha 6000 lasts nearly equally of around 300 shots (Sony's claimed amount) or 3 hours of intermittent shooting (I will more thoroughly test this and update accordingly).
-Included batteries seem to unpreventably lose their charge over time, as much as 10% per day.
-The charger charges empty batteries fully in about 2.25hrs.
-Sony OEM batteries obviously do fit in the charger, too.

So far the only thing I could foresee people disliking is the cable, which is of a thin, ribbon type. I don't mind because it's more tangle-free.

To conclude, this is an incredible deal. Would you rather have one genuine Sony battery for $40, or two similar batteries that you just have to charge often PLUS a charger for half the price? To me it's a no-brainer otherwise. :)

This charger's still spitting out fully and quickly-charged batteries! I still stand by my recommendation that you obtain this product.
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I purchased this because the battery life of the OEM Sony batteries is pretty poor, especially when recording video on the A6500. They work just as well as the Sony battery, but the best part is the charger, which uses a micro USB port. It is very convenient when you're on the move and need to charge batteries because you can just plug it into a power bank. It's a great product with unbeatable value.
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on February 15, 2017
Wow these things work amazing. I was just looking for a charger that can charge two of my Sony batteries. I haven't had them for very long but the charger works well and you get two batteries with it. I have already used them and surprisingly lasted just about the same as my sony branded batteries. Great product will recommend to any of my fellow sony shooters.
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on January 3, 2017
These are awesome. I use a Sony a7sii and filmed an entire wedding with these two batteries alone. Love them. And I love that the charger has light indicators for each battery. Delivery was fast, packaging looked great and they value is unbeatable, especially with the warranty.
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on August 11, 2017
I have several RAVPower products and have never been disappointed. Why didn't I know about this sooner??? Ability to charge 2 camera batteries at once! And this comes with 2 extra batteries - thought it was only the charger! Charges thru my wall USB port just fine. I have to admit this is very light in weight - other RAVPower products have been more weighty. Have only been using for a few hours - will update after several weeks (road trip coming up so that will be a good test). Received today - very quick delivery! Ordered last night around 10pm - had in hands by 12 noon next day. Impressive!
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on March 15, 2017
Just got this in. Looks great and has nice looking design. I needed an extra charger for all my Sony batteries and this will be a desktop charger while my bulky Wasabi brand wall chargers stay in the camera bag. Some people complained about the flat USB cable, but I kinda like it. The connectors appear to be sturdy and less susceptible to wear. It's the twisting that wears out round cables at the connectors more so than the bending. Batteries are 100% compatible with my A6000 and at 1100mah, should give a little more shoot time over the original Sony. I also really like the way the batteries are secure while charging. When charging batteries in my Wasabi chargers, they sometimes come loose and make me question if it really got charged or not. So far for the price, I'm impressed and will probably buy another one just to keep up with my pile of batteries. I will eventually do some charge time tests and thinking of plugging it into a USB charger with higher output to see if that speeds up charge times.

My one and only con/request would be some tiny rubber feet or a rubber base to prevent it from sliding around on my desk. But that's something I can easily DIY.
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on June 1, 2017
These are amazing. I purchased a couple several months ago and they quickly became my favorite batteries. I have several Sony batteries and I had been purchasing the wasabi batteries until I realized that they weren't recording for very long. The wasabis would only record for a half hour to 45 minutes. But these go much longer than even my Sony batteries. Last night I needed to film a conference, so naturally, I made sure I had both of my RavPower batteries in my battery grip. I ended up filming for an hour and forty five minutes and I only went through one of the batteries. What, that is amazing. I also love the charger, I keep it plugged into my portable battery at shoots. I can't believe I kept buying Wasabi batteries, I have 8 of them and I have to constantly make sure I am not using them at important times. I will definitely be buying more of these.

Edit: I have been using these for several months now and they are still exceeding my expectations. But I just bought a new camera so I can test them against new Sony batteries. (obviously, I wouldn't buy Sony batteries now that I know about these). I did a shoot with my A7s and A7sii set to identical settings and shot for over an hour straight. The Sony battery was down to 10% while the RavPower was still at 18%. Awesome right?
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on May 25, 2017
Love it, very convenient and glad to have the charger included. If you don't want the charger, there are cheaper alternatives. However, this is just a perfect package for long a long day filming if you want extra juice from charging 2 at the same time. Battery last as expected, I got only around 3 hours from filming but up to 5 hours when just taking photos. Not as durable as other battery but you have the charger to get more juice so it wasn't a big problem for me.
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on January 18, 2018
The Sony Alpha series are known battery suckers, so the hope is that 3rd parties can fill that need at a cost that's more reasonable than Sony's. Unfortunately it's not the RAVPower batteries. The nicest thing I can say about these is that they are batteries that work with my camera. They deplete way faster than my OEM batteries and faster than another 3rd party brand I've used as well. They're very affordable, so you're getting what you pay for, I suppose, but just be warned that if you're buying these expecting to significantly increase your shooting time you should look elsewhere unless you plan to keep half a dozen on hand. This battery doesn't advertise "Info Lithium" on it like the Sony brand batteries, but it does show you an actual battery % not just the bars of battery life. However, I've found that this percentage is rarely, if ever correct and not having an accurate reading of the battery life can be a problem.

Charger is nice. Doesn't feel like it'll hold up to much abuse, but for putting it on a table at home and charging up it works just fine and the ability to charge more than one at a time is great. Since this is so affordable, it's hard to knock too many stars off. Sony batteries are just way too expensive considering how much the alphas chew through them, but I'll be looking elsewhere for a happy medium between these at the low end of the price spectrum and the Sony offering.
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Another wonderful product that does what it supposed to do. I love the convenience of the usb charging where as I can take this baby with me and charge on the fly. Nothing complicated about these at all. It is what it is. Buy it! You wont be disappointed. Anyone that owns a Sony mirrorless camera knows that extra batteries are a must, and with this charger and batteries you can charge them in the car or with any portable battery charger making this an absolute must for the most demanding photographer.
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