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I am really sad to give this review anything less than 5 stars, but I would appreciate the understanding as to why. We have owned, now, 4 different Kids Edition Tablets. They have their pros and cons for sure, but we have started to notice a trend with each one. Before I get into why I am no longer a fan of these, I want to express my love for the content and set up.

Pros: They have amazing options for kids, of all ages -- and an option to even set up a Kindle based on the age range. There is a huge variety of movies, shows, books, games, characters, etc. and that is great! There is no shortage of entertainment that these can't provide to children, as young at 24 months. We have found that our girls openly express the things they are learning, and we've watched their progress - which, as a parent, you wouldn't ask for much more! The battery life is also great so that helps keep kids entertained for hours, especially on a long car drive. Having the ability to expand the storage is great, and somewhat of a necessity as kids have a tendency to just click everything they see, downloading many gigs of data almost immediately. The case is also an added bonus. It does a great job of protecting the screen and for smaller kids, that's extremely important in extending the usage and life of your device. Kids can easily navigate the menus, parents can monitor the usage and set limits, and of course, the kids portion of the tablet is an add on so adults can use this tablet with ease whenever they choose to: with the ability to access the internet, social media, email, books, video apps, and everything else.

Cons: There is only one major downside to these devices, but unfortunately we have seen the same thing happen with all 4 of the kids kindles we have had. The charger ports fail so quickly. The chargers are never secure, they wiggle after days of use and after about a month, the only way to successfully charge your device is through a stabilizer and tape. This method only seems to work out for so long before charging becomes an impossibility and you are back to returning your kindle. Thankfully they now have a 2 year return ability, but previously it was only 1 and we ended up with two non-charging kindles by the end of it. It has been the most disappointing part of having these and you can imagine our kids upset when they find out they no longer can play with their favorite tablet until we can get them, yet again, another one. Over time, the battery life also begins to suffer so I wish the batteries that were used for these items could hold a charge for a longer period of time. There comes a point, right around a year of having the device where a full battery may only last through a movie - we have given our daughter's their devices fully charged at 9am and they are dead, or close to dying, by no later than 11 or noon.

These are my only two complaints, unfortunately they are pretty serious complaints and they affect the ability to use the items for as long as I believe you should be able to. If these issues were to be fixed, these would be the perfect kids electronic. Until then, I am definitely wary of purchasing any more of these devices.
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on June 14, 2017
Great toy\real tablet. It is basically a real Fire 7 tablet, with kid's built-in entertainment center. There are 2 modes here: Parent (admin) and Kids (one or multiple accounts). When in Parent mode (password protected), the Fire 7 looks and feels just like an Android tablet with all of the Fire 7 functionality (Facebook, Netflix, Books, blah, blah), so all of us Android users feel right at home. In the Parent mode you can also manage kids accounts: how much they can use the tablet per day, what they can and cannot watch/play, manage their installed apps, ect. When in kid's mode, the tablet behaves just like it is on the pictures, easy-to-use, colorful interface. You need to click switch user to switch from Parent to Kids accounts.

Some confusion here I got from reading other reviews- the kids apps are not pre-installed; the main interface is an app store, just like Google Play, ect. The apps here are unique to this Kids Account, and are all free with the included subscription; which includes don't know how many games, Amazon Videos, reading and audio books. You still have to download each app before using it, so make sure to stock up on apps before going on a road trip.
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on February 3, 2018
I have enjoyed shopping on Amazon and have been a prime member for a few years without difficulty. When needing a second tablet for our second son, I decided to give the Fire a chance. I purchased this at the end of November 2017 as an early christmas gift. It has worked without issue until yesterday when it suddenly was unable to hold a charge or charge at all. I recalled that it is advertised as having a "2 year worry free guarantee. Well replace it for free. No questions asked". Well when I called customer service yesterday to report the problem and see about getting a new one since this one has malfunctioned, I spent well over 30 minutes going back and forth between service people answering question after question and told we need to troubleshoot and try various things first, only to be told that 1) my return window had expired two days prior and 2) they would need to try and repair this one before they issue a new one, which will take at least 5 business days, and then they will send it back. Well actually, they WILL send me another one right now if I want BUT it WILL only be a refurbished device and not a new one. Even if they take mine to repair it and cant, i will "most likely still get a refurbished one". It was very much a hassle honestly and not what I expected at all. Perhaps I just didn't read the fine print but I suppose I expected Amazon to stick to what they advertise as hassle and worry free.
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on June 13, 2017
We have always used Samsung tablets and so this took a little while adjusting how to navigate.
So, far we have been using this for about a week and it does take some time to set-up. You will need to go through and make sure all the settings are correct for your kid, and this will take some time (I think the effort is worth it)

This review is specifically for the Kids Edition tablet:
The tablet:
The tablet itself, is a good size for my (almost) 3 yr old. It is not heavy and seems to be the right size for him to handle. The protective case has definitely done its job because we have already had a couple of incidents. (update: this has been thrown against a wall and landed on tile, and no cracks or breaks) The viewing quality is decent. Otherwise, it is what you would expect from a tablet. I have not had another Fire before, so I can only compare this to a Samsung Galaxy, and so far, it is what I would expect from a tablet of this class.

The features (the real reason for the purchase):
is it worth it? YES. DEFINITELY
Previously, we had been sharing our tablet and our phones with our little one, but more and more he would get into content he should not be getting into - everything from buying stuff and watching content not appropriate for his age - ie our downloads of Deadpool and Logan because these look like 'superheroes' but they are not the appropriate ones for kids - (side note: I loved how they portrayed Deadpool and Logan - we are big comic fans and they finally got their characters right!).
I have even deleted YouTube from our tablets and hidden the app in our phones in files so that he can't get at them...
But this tablet has been a game changer. It has GREAT parental controls. I love being able to hand him the tablet and not worry about what he is going to come across. (if you have a little one, you will still need to go through and filter content because there are older kid content that may be too much for the younger ones). Personally, I spent about 2 hours going through the content. I wish they had a better way to filter through the content - like have subject sections - ie math science history... Most of the content is great and educational, but some, like learning about adverbs and adjectives is just not where we are at currently. Filtering the content, I was able to let my little one get to the videos games and books that he would be most interested in faster without having to scroll through too much stuff. There is also a feature that allows you to limit how much content, which content, and for how long they can do stuff. You can have unlimited reading time, and limit the videos and apps(games) to only an hour or so. I have set the tablet to lock down 30 mins before bedtime to until mid afternoon (after nap time) which allows for real play time in the morning and then he has the tablet to occupy late afternoon as I am getting dinner ready and cleaning up around the house.

CONS: download speed. much content needs to be downloaded and that takes time. The books apps and videos are not already pre-loaded and if they want to watch read or do something new, it will need to be downloaded. We have a hotspot on our phones for road trips and I do take a lot of plane trips with the little one, so I would suggest pre-downloading favorites for the trip.

update: Does not work with Chromecast - I think this this goes for all Fire tablets. Even though they are an android, it looks like you would need a Fire stick. This is not a deal breaker for us, but it is nice to be able to mirror the content to the tv.

CONCERN: I would say at this moment, my main concern is I love the "FreeTime" feature, but how much is this going to cost me when my free year is up?

I have already been recommending this product to my friends with young kids.
There are some cool content for older kids, but depending on your child's interest, a regular tablet would most likely be more appropriate.

I paid for my product and there has not been any incentive for me to do this review. I don't work with Amazon nor am I affiliated with them.
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on August 3, 2017
Parents! Are you tired of your phone or tablet being commandeered by drooling sticky handed bandits? Are you done with your apps and photos disappearing after a 40 minute Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Appisode binge? Are you fed up with cracked and damaged phones by no fault of your own? Well, let me tell you about the Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet! At 1/7th the cost of an iPad and Lifeproof case, you can prevent your phone from becoming a $700 sticky cracked brick. The Fire 7 is your affordable answer. At just under $100, for the 16GB model, you can entertain your child for up to 8 hours. However, our professional toddler testing center has seen times closer to 6 hours in real world testing. Additionally, the charging time is a little slow; taking a few hours to charge fully. However, no child needs to spend 6 straight hours looking at a screen. The weight is lite, and with the case, it can withstand most drops from toddler height. We have only had it for a week, but our team of toddler researchers will continue to test to bring you the best insight to this device.
review imagereview image
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on December 19, 2017
Advertising on this product is misleading. VERY disappointed that I cannot download videos from FreeTime.

Per the product description on the Amazon website: "Available on-the-go
Download your child’s favorite videos, apps, and books for access even when you don’t have Wi-Fi. When an Internet connection is unavailable, your child will automatically see available content that has been downloaded to their FreeTime profile."
There is even a support article by Amazon with travel tips for this device, which recommends: "Download videos to watch while traveling – From your child profile you can download up to 25 FreeTime Unlimited videos for playback offline, plus unlimited downloads of Amazon Kids Originals. When you're in FreeTime, long press the video you want to download, and then tap download." (

HOWEVER, after a 30 minute call to customer support, in which the person I was speaking with had no idea how to operate the Kindle, I was informed by the supervisor that due to an "Upgrade" to FreeTime, I can no longer download the videos for my kids to watch offline. This is FALSE ADVERTISING!!! The main reason why I purchased this device is for travel - airplane and car rides - and my kids like to watch videos and shows - and now I'm being told that the feature is no longer available. That is ridiculous. While I can add videos that I've purchased or download them from Netflix, they will now have to toggle between profiles in order to either watch videos on my profile, or play games through FreeTime on their profile which defeats the purpose of parental controls and ease of use.

I was attracted to this product due to the advertised features, 2 year replacement, and the price. I really would rather not have to spend $300 on an iPad Mini, but given the quality of this product and my experience with "technical support," it might be worth it!
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on August 24, 2017
Up front, I must say my grandson absolutely LOVED this tablet. He seldom parted with it... to the point of worrying an old grandparent that this can't possibly be healthy...

However, the device quit working after ~7 months. Being a gift from my parents (elderly, in assisted living), I didn't have all the online purchase information. The "Worry free, No Questions Asked" warranty/guarantee quickly disappeared. The Amazon Customer Service agents will absolutely not deviate from their scripts and I have been shuffled from one to another(some identified as supervisors), and all operating off the same scripts. Even the email was "canned", all with the same wording promising "to not want to panic you with questions" and to "please give us one more chance to resolve" and so on. No progress made after two weeks of phone, chat, and email correspondence.

Filed with BBB, complaint #12348591. I'm tired of pursuing this, and after the BBB filing this review means I'm done with it.

Summary - I'd say this to be an excellent product. This tablet survived a three year old very well for months and was his favorite "toy" by far. However do not put faith in "Worry Free" and "No Questions Asked" guarantee and warranty claims if you don't have you i's dotted and t's crossed for them. Bear in mind you are effectively handing over this amount of money to a little kid. But it was not damaged, it was not sank in a bathtub, it was not abused. It simply stopped working one day and I'm just left with a blank screen.
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on November 5, 2017
I purchased two (2) each of these tablets. One for my grandson and the other for my granddaughter. Within the year of purchase, both tablets developed 3 major problems: 1) would not hold a charge for any length of time; 2) every time the tablets were powered down or left overnight, ALL of the games required to be downloaded, over and over and over again; 3) Consistently one or more of the games on both or either of the tablets, would disappear altogether. Replacement "No questions asked" is JOKE! I spent hours of my time either on the chat or telephone jumping through hoops with a none technical "sales rep" who could not trouble shoot a simple thing let alone a piece of technical hardware/software. Finally, I was able to find a customer service rep who was able to replace both of these kids Kindles. Think I was done? Absolutely NOT. One of these two Kindles still would not function properly as the hardware or software failed to read the SD card so games would not download. Only to find out that both of these Kids Kindles were refurbished - not new. I spend my time trouble shooting all know possibilities only to spend another 1.5 hours on the telephone with four, count them, (4) sale reps who would not replace this second, defective tablet. Approximately three (3) weeks before there was any possibility of replacement. Ever tried to explain to two (2) kids why one has use of their Kids Kindle and the other does not? No questions asked is a joke. Jeff Bezos, CEO will be receiving a letter.
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on July 16, 2017
I want to start by saying I'm reviewing this as the KIDS kindle fire. If I were reviewing just the features of this product for myself I would give it five stars easily.

There are definitely things to love about this device for use by a child:
•two your replacement no questions asked, seriously this is amazing
•a whole year of freetime unlimited for kids with a bunch of free apps, books, and videos to keep your kid entertained
•excellent case that seems very sturdy and hard for a child to remove themselves
•multiple profiles for you and your child
•parental control over times of use, education first etc.

Now on to the things this is lacking or aspects of it that make it less user friendly for kids:
•a home button that isn't easily accessible: while this doesn't bother me my toddler who has mastered the home button on my iPhone and iPad is at a loss with this and gets very cranky she can't navigate back. This is marketed for ages 3+ so the basic functions should be very simple
•I can't set it so my child can't download apps. Again, it says ages 3 and up my a toddler is just going to keep clicking to download (maybe I'm wrong and there is a way to control this but I haven't found it)
•no feature to block kids from exiting a video during playback, seriously WHY IS THERE NO TABLET THAT DOES THIS?! My toddler is able to fast forward through the video or accidentally pause it and then she's cranky and she is usually only watching videos on this in the car so I can't help her because I'm driving.
•on the kids profile you can't watch videos or use many apps when there is no internet connect, again I'm assuming most parents give these to their kids to entertain them in the car and this is seriously lacking for that purpose

If I hadn't gotten this for $30 off on Prime Day I'd probably return it, but since it was a good deal I'll deal with the flaws.
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on June 9, 2017
Excellent, my daughter loves this. She can read books, do her school work, watch a few shows, and listen to music. She really enjoys having something that is just for her to use. She is 12 and this was the perfect age appropriate gift that is also extremely functional. I do use the parent settings for some extra security when she is using it unsupervised but otherwise, I do not have a set time limit. Great product.
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