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on November 12, 2016
do not have an automatic cleaning box, but bought this to use in a standard box. This is by far the best crystal litter that I've tried. it took both bags to fill mr fatty's box, but in over a month there is still NO urine/ammonia smell in the box, nor is there any type of of "slush" in the bottom that I've experienced with other crystal litters. Bit pricy, but for how it's outlasting any of the other types I've tried that state they should last 2 months & I end up having to change within 3 weeks, I'll say it's worth the price due to less changes.

Edit 02/2/17: although I really like this litter & its functionality, the last 2 shipments have been super dusty - to the point that if mr kitty uses it and the sun is coming through the window there is a cloud of dust that lingers afterwards for several minutes. I've also noticed anytime he uses his box he breathes heavy for a bit afterwards, so I also wonder if that's been part of our breathing/sneezing issues as of late also? So as much as I like how well it works, I can't deal with the dust from it so gonna have to find an alternative. Deducting 2 stars for now. May revisit the product at a later time.
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on February 9, 2018
I took the plunge and bought a self cleaning litter box during Black Friday. I purchased this 2 pack shortly after also buying a reusable tray to save about $15 a month on the disposable version. After using this product for roughly 3 months I can honestly say it has been a game changer in my house. No longer do I have to put up with my large male cats horrendously smelling number twos, but I've saved tons of time on litter box maintenance. I have 3 cats and can get around 9 days per refill. On the morning of the 10th day I can tell it is time for a change. Over the previous 9 days I get no smell, but if I let it go a day longer you can definitely tell. I will also give the crystals a stir every couple of days to help air out the crystals and aide in drying out the box. The fewer cats you have the longer you'll get out of the box. The cats tend not to track as many crystals out of the box as with regular cat litter. My stick vac is also able to easily vacuum up the crystals, as opposed to the tiny conventional cat litter that would get sprayed around by the vacuum. Overall I would highly recommend these crystals to any cat enthusiast.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on January 30, 2018
I have been the primary person cleaning the litter box and using a traditional clumping cat litter for over 10 years (scooping daily). I do not have the automatic cat litter pan - just used the litter in a typical litter box. I have 1 large cat (12 lbs) and a large hooded litter box.

-It is easier to clean every day - just scooping out the solids and mixing the the litter around to avoid areas of over-saturation. A lot easier and less messy.
-There is definitely less litter tracking outside of the pan. I'm not finding random bits of litter all around my apartment (a little bit of tracking remains on the litter mat and immediate surrounding area).
-It's saving on Litter Genie refills - with no urine clumps going into the Litter Genie, it doesn't need to be emptied as often.

-It is very dusty. It is as dusty, or possibly more dusty, than the traditional clumping litter. I'm not sure if it's the batch I got and might try another brand of silica litter to see.
-It won't last a month (directions say to change out the litter once a month). At just over a week in, the urine smell is fairly pungent in the immediate litter box area. This is with only one cat, and I even used two bags to fill the box (because it's a large litter box - one bag didn't fill it). It really is going to need to be changed out every 2 weeks - I saw this in other reviews and thought maybe those people were just extra neat or had a lot of cats using the same boxes. I would say if your litter box is in an area you inhabit, or if your cat is particular about having a clean litter pan, you're not going to get to a month. If you have multiple cats I can't imagine using this - you might even struggle to get to 2 weeks and need weekly changing.
-Considering that I don't think I can get a month out of it and had to use 2 bags to fill the box, it's EXPENSIVE. At the end of the day, there's no way I'm going to spend $40+ a month on cat litter. Unfortunate because it really is easier on a daily basis.
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on October 8, 2016
This refill pack saves us a ton of money. Normally it cost $20 for 1 pack (it also comes with the special tray) at the store where we bought the ScoopFree self cleaning cat litter tray. The system works great and there is no need to replace tray and crystals for about 2 weeks. Instead of tossing the tray with its own lid we just dump the crystals. Scrape the bottom with a pooper scooper then refill with new. Exact same crystals but $15 for two of the same size. Compared to $40! Reordering right now.
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on January 2, 2017
It's the same as other crystal litters. And that is good: it's mostly silica gel, which is a desiccant, meaning it soaks up urine and moisture from feces. There may be some anti-odor, but it doesn't have any annoying perfume scent. I use it with an automatic cat box (which is also awesome). One of the two packages in the box lasts for our one indoor (large Maine Coon) cat for about 2 weeks. Scoop and stir occasionally -- you'll get just the dried feces, no clumps. Even with the automatic cat box, stir every so often to get the un-saturated crystals towards the area where the cat pees. Throw it all out when done and replace with the next bag.

This is so superior in all regards to clumping litter that it's worth whatever extra cost there may be. If you want your house to not smell like you have cats, this is the way.
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on October 7, 2017
I'd never used this type of litter before, so was unsure how well it would work. This works by drying the feces and urine, and works even though it's unscented! This isn't a miracle product, so pay attention to how much your cat uses it to judge when to change just like regular clay litter.

Side note: If your cat doesn't like this litter at first, like mine didn't, mix half of this and half regular litter. When you change it again fill the box with this litter and only coat the top with the regular litter. The third litter changing try nothing but this.
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on May 30, 2018
I have been testing 6 different crystal cat litter products for the last 5 months since the Nature's Miracle crystal product is no longer available in my area. I have 2 cats including one who refuses the box if too dirty or objectional litter. I also have multiple chemical sensitivities and have to be careful with most products. I switched to Natures Miacle crystal and loved the product - I was able to go down to one box and minimize the care and cleaning effort. The dehydrating action really minimized odor.

My evaluation included these criteria - Price, Odor after use, Tracking, Time needed before litter change, Cat Acceptance, Ease of care - scooping, changing, cleaning box after change. Most performed well on all criteria, except odor control. With crystal litter, I scoop poop daily and change litter weekly.

1. Ultra Micro Crystals Cat Litter, 5 pounds - Highest price per pound but the decisive winner. 2 cats 1 box, 1 5# bag per week.
2. Amazing Cat Litter, 8 pounds - high dust when filling box, good odor control
3. Pet Safe Scoop Free Premium Blue - low price per pound, some tracking
4. Ultra Pearls Cat Litter, 5 pounds - no tracking, 4 days odor coverage
5. Clear Choice Silica Crystals, 8 pounds - did not cover cat box odor at all
6. Fresh Step Crystals, 8 pounds - low price per pound, crystals track everywhere, same issues as non-crystal litters
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on August 22, 2017
Very good product. Eliminates litter odor to the max. Sometimes I come home and didn't notice any smell. I use this litter to put into my jumbo size corner litter box, for my Maine Coon kitty. He's 12lb now and expected to be 20+ lbs when fully grown. Big boy needs a big box, and this litter is the least messy one I have tried. No clumping needed, and covers odor perfectly. Just need to pay attention to ur kitty's urine color to monitor his health, this would be the only drawback.
review image
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on January 10, 2017
I've started using this a few weeks ago. I use this in a regular cat box and give it a stir a couple times of day. The cat likes it, it tracks a little outside the box, but my sheets don't feel like I'm at the beach like they did with regular scoop cat litter. My cat is 17.5 and tends to squat too low sometimes so this also does not stick to his butt.
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on March 8, 2018
There have been times when I have had trouble with a product and I have had to ask myself "Did you read and follow the instructions?" If I read and follow the instructions I normally don't have problems. In reading some of these reviews where they say this has worse odor control than clumping litter I have to ask "Did you read and follow the instructions?".

I have two cats and this lasts me two weeks only if I follow the instructions. I have compared this to Just the Crystals Your Best Choice in Premium Crystal Cat Litter Absorbs More, Lasts Longer, Fragrance Free With Best Odor Control. 2-Pack Pre-Measured 4.4lb Bags per Box For Ultimate Convenience and found that "Just the Crystals" lasts only 10-days for me.

Here is what I do. The compartment for #2 is quite small so every two days I go with a scoop and a small waste basket liner and scoop up all the #2 then take it out to my garbage in the garage. I then take my scoop and stir the crystals to evenly distribute the #1 using a motion similar to stir-frying in a wok. Even distribution is key. My ScoopFree litter box has a hood which may add to the litter's effectiveness. I'm trying to domesticate two feral cats so they are in their own room, meaning the quarters are close. I have a third feral cat I'm trying to trap. Once I get three cats I expect to do this everyday and I expect the litter to last me say 10-11 days. When I change the litter I spray the tray with Lysol and wipe it down. Before I put in fresh litter I spray the tray again with Lysol.

The ferals have adjusted to this litter just fine. I expect to continue using it.
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