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on February 26, 2017
I bought this for a new car that I purchased. I loved the idea of the magnetic attachment after clumsily fooling around with a cumbersome mechanical type for years. It worked great, until the metal plate fell off of the phone. I was very careful to clean the back of the phone, and firmly attach the plate, then leave it alone for a few hours, but it kept falling off. I e-mailed Trackform, and to their credit, they responded immediately, apologized, and sent out several more plates with a better adhesive, which I received within a couple of days. The new plate works great, and I love the Mount. These people really stand behind their product.
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on October 21, 2016
This is the best invention ever. My husband and I have tried so many things to hold our phone right in the car. The sticky pads, Velcro, a stand, something that plugs into the cigarette lighter. It all failed. He then found this magnet that connects in the vent by Tackform and thought he tried it. He and I loved it so much we ordered them for all of our cars. The magnet it strong and they give you several magnets to attach multiple items/ in case you switch to a new phone, new case etc. I love it and highly recommend it. It is also easily removable if you want to switch it to another location. If you're frustrated with what you have or don't have anything to hold your phone buy this. You won't be disappointed!!!
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on June 17, 2017
The item arrived on time and was well packed. This holder works great. It looked a little wimpy when I first looked at it the flat attachment with 3m tape on it; and it is really thin and appears like it will crack. I am assuming it was made that way so that it could be trimmed to fit the ultimate mounting location.
I determined where it was going to go ( I chose a flat inclined position on the center counsel. I cleaned the area, peeled the 3m tape and placed it in position, once it was attached it gave a clean factory appearance and it VERY strong. The magnet holds the phone in place with out twisting or sliding, hard braking and aggressive turning is not enough to shake it loose.
Why only 4 stars instead of 5? 1 reason The mounting plates.
The system came with 3 metal plates, 2 rectangle and 1 small round disk. I have 2 moto x pur phones that use gel covers.. The back of the phone is CURVED and the metal disk will not hold a curve, almost as if it has been tempered. The adhesive on the disk is not strong enough to make the disk lay flat on the phone. If the gel cover was not used this system would not work as delivered, a thicker stronger tape would be needed to compensate. If it will be used or attach to a surface that is less than flat then you will have to improvise. I would like to see the manufacture have a more malleable disk or add spongy adhesive strip.

Performance: it surpassed my expectations and it deserves a 5 star.
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on August 19, 2017
The rubber piece covering the magnet came off, but some super glue took care of that. Otherwise, it's great. Super low profile and minimal. It doesn't take away from your car's interior aesthetic with a clunky phone holder typically used by your aunt Sharon who has that angel pin that says "never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly".

Ok. So. Maybe she's not your aunt and maybe your mom gave that pin to you. But her ugly phone holder is still dumb.
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on May 17, 2017
Love these things. They work great. The magnets have a strong hold yet, come off very easily when you grab it. The vent clip stays on firm and there is another model that doesn't go in the vent but, sticks to a flat surface in your car and although I haven't personally used that model my boyfriend has and he says it's very sturdy aswell. I'm a return customer because, the price is AWESOME. I have two magnets pieces in my car (one for me, one for my boyfriend) and then I've bought one for both my mother and father. My father has an iphone 6 plus I belive.. you know, the huge ones? Holds it just fine. Also, my boyfriend also has two in his work truck. One for his work phone that is a galaxy note 5(it holds this bulcky phone with no issue too) then one for his personal phone. I guess you could say we are a trackform family. Five stars, awesome product.
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on December 6, 2016
fantastic! i love its simplicity and ease of use. Straight forward and functional. just exactly what i need, Strong magnet, can rotate phone at any angle, super easy to attach and remove in just a snap. decent price, well made. comes with extra metal so i can put it on different phone or mini tablet.
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I'm sad to say this does not hold an LG V20.

On a road trip this weekend, via expressway, my phone fell off the mount repeatedly. This is not conducive to calm when you're doing 70 and need to glance at the GPS.

I had purchased two of these in anticipation of having one on each side of the dash.

That obviously won't be happening.

This mount may work well with smaller and lighter smartphones, but with the LG V20l, it is a total loser.

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on February 19, 2017
So far works really well and easy. I attached the metal plate to the inside of the cover on my HTC 10 and it holds secure. I have noticed that going over bumps or on bumpy road the phone can start to pivot a little when phone is horizontal, but I believe that is mainly because I put the mount slightly off-center (intentionally) so I could use it either horizontal or vertical. That is only a minor annoyance. At this point I would recommend to others and buy again.
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on January 31, 2017
This is an awesome little mount. I didn't want anything cumbersome, or stuck in a vent, or sticking out of my cd player slot. The magnet is powerful and is easily attached to the inside of the cellphone case. You can stick it to the back of the cellphone, but it may disrupt wireless charging, if you simply sandwich it between the phone and case you can move it from case to case as you change them or even to a new phone when you upgrade.
The footprint of the base is small and will not block any knobs or controls and if you want to move it you can gently pull it off and place it elsewhere.
After watching how convenient this is to use, my girlfriend asked me to order her one as well. She is very paranoid about using the GPS function in her phone and we placed it at the upper end of her dashboard. She loves it too!
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on May 23, 2018
This is the best phone holder that I have ever purchased, and I have purchased many! Do not hesitate to buy this product. I am planning to purchase the 3 pack for around my house as I have a percoious one year old Russian Blue cat that gets into everything not nailed down. He (Colt) knocks my cell phone off the night stand, so I have to put it under my pillow. I plan to put one of these on my night stand, one in my kitchen and finally one in my livingroom. This should stop Colt (AKA little stinker) from playing with my cell phone!

I have a pickup truck and I put this holder on the driver side dashboard. It holds my phone securely in vertical and horizontal (GPS) position perfectly. I REALLY recommend this phone holder. FYI I do not work for this company, or am I reviewing this or have ANY vested interest in this product other then purchasing it and providing a totally honest review for others. I depend on honest reviews myself and have been approached by many companies to review products. I no longer agree to review products because I believe it’s an unfair/biased practice and Amazon discourages reviewing products for profit.
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