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on October 21, 2016
This is an awesome diaper sprayer. Most of the ones I’ve seen are the cheap plastic ones, but this one is solid metal from the sprayer to the hose. Definitely a very premium look and feel. Installation was very simple. The package came with some Teflon tape, although I didn’t use it. No leaks so far! J I LOVE the fact that the sprayer has an adjustable trigger. Most other models you press the trigger and the water pressure is too much and causes nasty splatter everywhere. With this model, I can press it slightly for a light spray, which is usually all what I need. But you can always “push the pedal to the medal” for a strong spray if you need. SWEET!
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on March 27, 2017
After visiting the Philippines I was in introduced to a sprayer when using the bathroom. You know, when in Rome and when there is no other option. About a month after getting used to a different method I decide to try it at home. I purchased the ShowerMaxx and it worked great. Very easy to install. Easy to adjust the water pressure. Works great.I do not show guests anymore after the first time I showed my new devise, the look I got was enough to convince me I should not share it with other Americans. Can't wait to have a Filipino guest some day. :-) Great product. Does what it says it will do!!

Update 8-25-2017. I purchased this in March. In August the line sprang a leak. Contacted seller and they immediately shipped me a replacement no questions asked. Received it 3 days later. Great customer service
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on September 6, 2017
This is an updated review. My original was written as a low star due to the fact that it was missing the rubber washers. However, the next day I was contacted saying they would refund and send replacement washers. The washers came very quickly and the unit was successfully installed. The instructions state that the use of tools should be minimally required, though I felt I required the strength of Hercules and many many twists before the water would stop coming out from the connection. Once it was installed though, it worked great. The company's customer service and professionalism were above par and was enough to keep me as a returning customer for future products.
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on August 14, 2017
Update 5 months in
The hose is showing major corrosion despite little water being leaked from the sprayer down to the hose.

Very disappointed

I've had this sprayer for over two months now and couldn't be happier! After trying different brands at my family members places, I'm convinced that this design is the most practical and gives good control over how much the water sprays.


You don't really need any tools to install this unless your original nuts and bolts are screwed very tightly. I highly recommend not putting a lot of pressure on all the components of both the toilet and this sprayer during installation. Just enough to prevent any leaks. Don't manhandle it.


I've never had to deal with any leakages not even a single drop because of how I've adjusted the valves. Both the main and the sprayer valve should not be opened more than half.

You don't want that much water pressure building and staying in there when the sprayer is not being used. You also don't want the sprayer to explode and spray everywhere the second you try to use it.

So it's best both to avoid leakage and over spraying to keep both valves at half or even less. I use the sprayer to wash off so I can understand why some need to leave the valve open all the way and need all the pressure they can get to wash off dippers.

To those people, as much as it's a pain in the ars, you may have to open and close the valve for each use to avoid any leakage.
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on May 17, 2018
Original Review:
Started leaking in less than a year. First the nozzle head would get stuck and would not close, leaving water running. Then, started leaking from the bottom, not from where it is attached to the wall outlet (so the plumbing is Ok), but from where the hose is attached to its own base.
I contacted ShowerMaxx and they quickly shipped a replacement, which seems to be of a better quality than the one I bought last year. The nozzle is similar, but the hose seems more flexible (so hopefully more durable). Installed and working great.
Apart from the product, I really liked their customer service; very responsive and fast in addressing the problem.
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on June 8, 2017
it leaks at the base of Handle Bidet Sprayer. It leaks from the space between the press button to release water and handle.
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on March 10, 2017
I bought this product for cloth diapers. The first one I received was defective. I received a new one and it's working out great.
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on November 28, 2017
The hose split and failed after only 7 months of use and flooded our upstairs and downstairs causing significant damage to our home. I wish we had never considered this sprayer and regret purchasing it.
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on July 12, 2017
All the compliments to ShowerMaxx for the quick, no hassle refund! The sprayer head started leaking after the first test spray and ShowerMaxx provided a quick refund. I thought the sprayer had plastic parts, but Picture 2 shows the brass internals behind the plastic shield.
I had thought more of the assembly would be metal, specifically the T-valve. Internally, it is white plastic (see Picture 1). Works well, though, with good pressure. You can adjust the T-valve for variable pressure. I had to buy a new toilet water supply hose because my pre-installed one was hard PVC, not a flex hose (Picture 4 shows the flex hose from wall to toilet).
ShowerMaxx sent a second product, then asked me to modify the review. I have not tested the new nozzle, but appreciate the effort. Most of the products are great, I will update the review after testing the new nozzle.
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on February 9, 2017
LOVING this sprayer for my baby's cloth diapers! The strength is light to heavy depending on how hard you push the handle and it really gets the diapers rinsed well. I was rinsing in the sink but they still had visible residue. It does splash out if you're not careful but after a few uses I manage to mostly prevent splashing. Installation was also easy!
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