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on October 28, 2015
This mat is different from the plastic loop litter mats I've seen in pet supply sections of stores. It has a softer, more pliable texture, and the loop pile is lower, and tighter so it seems much less likely for claws to get caught, but there is enough nap, and texture to limit the scatter of litter particles. Another detail I like is that it looks like a regular mat from a distance, and the large area it covers.

The cats seem to be fine with walking on it (and even lounging, and playing on it), and it seems to be capable of staying in place OK on tile flooring, although I anchor one side under the litter box to make sure it stays put. I currently have the mat on my enclosed porch (it replaced a Litter Maid large ribbed carpet litter mat which I got good use out of but was beginning to deteriorate) and I am hoping that it holds up to the extra sun exposure it will receive.

For size comparison, I have included a picture of the mat next to a Nature's Miracle hooded corner litter box, and Litter Genie litter disposal pail. One of my cats, also helpfully posed on the mat. He is a large cat in terms of body length, and weighs about 13 lb. I also included a close up view of the plastic loop pile.

No litter mat will stop all litter scatter, but this one does a good job, and I think will be a lot easier for soap and water cleanup when the time comes, than my previous carpet based litter mat.

Update 3/29/2016
After some months of using this mat, it is still holding up, and doing a good job with containing dry litter scatter but I wanted to give some additional info. I originally thought the backing was non-porous enough to prevent liquids from seeping through. However, that is not the case. Although it takes some time, liquids will eventually penetrate through the backing. All of my litter box are on tiled flooring, so that really isn't a big issue for me, but if you have carpet, and in particular, have a cat that has a tendency towards out-of-box urine accidents, it is going to eventually seep through if you aren't around to blot up the liquid when it happens. Because of this absorption factor, it also takes a fair amount of time to dry, when washed. In all fairness, they only claim it is water resistant, just wanted to clarify any expectations in that area.
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on July 1, 2015
I bought a kitty litterbox cabinet (the Merry Cat Washroom Bench: and after 2 years, the bottom of the cabinet was totally wrecked. I ordered another cabinet and figured I would protect the bottom this time by lining it with a litter mat.

This one works very well so far. The length is a PERFECT fit for the Merry Cat Washroom Bench. Although it's a little wider, I like the fact that the sides of the mat curve up against the wall of the cabinet as it prevents too many stray bits of litter from worming their way underneath.

The mat also captures most bits of stray litter from my cats' paws before they exit the cabinet. I've noticed substantially less litter tracked directly outside it.

Quality-wise, the mat is very heavy and sturdy. It seems to be solidly constructed and is waterproof. However, it can feel rather sticky when you handle it.

If you live in a small apartment like I do, you'll find that the mat may be hard to clean. You can go out on to the street to shake it out for sure, but that doesn't get rid of the litter (and even small sticky bits of stray poo) that can get stuck in between the plastic fibers. Once stuff is lodged deep in the fibers, it's VERY HARD to get out. I'm not sure how other people are doing it. A strong garden hose? Unfortunately, I don't have access to one. Trying to clean it with Lysol also just made some of the dirt clump together more stubbornly under the fibers.

Aside from being hard to clean, it's a solid mat for a good price. A lot better than others I've owned before.
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on September 15, 2015
This mat is the perfect size and actually looks like a decorative rug rather than a nasty litter mat. It covers the whole area in front of and on the sides of the litter box. It has been doing a great job of catching the litter, even though my cat is a jumper and likes to spring out of the box like something's chasing her. I just use a small vacuum about once a week and my bathroom floor looks great.
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on April 22, 2016
Please save your money. The mats are paper thin. If any cat urine spills onto the mat, it leaks right through onto your floor. Hold it up and you can see right through the mat! So disappointing. Way too much money for such a poor product.
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on February 6, 2017
Life saver! I recently adopted a young male cat who tracked litter EVERYWHERE!
With the litter box being in my bedroom I'd wake up in the morning and step in litter. Not the best way to start the morning.
Previously when I had cats I used a mat similar that was about a quarter of the size of this one and was rounded. I knew that would not work for the little storm (his name is Stormy) that was barreling through my bedroom. I searched and searched for a mat that was big enough to cover the area he tracked litter through the most. I read the reviews and decided on this one. I was a little hesitant since some said it was hard to clean.
It is impossible to get every little piece of litter out, which is a little bit of a downfall. Every week I try to shake it out outside. Every other day or so I do a quick vacuum job over it with a handheld vacuum.
I've had this mat for a little over a month. It has not fallen apart or gotten clawed apart by little Stormy. He doesn't seem to mind it on his paws.
The look of this mat is great! I got this one in gray. It looks very decorative. I'm not embarrassed to have this out.
Overall I would recommend this. I'm sure there are plenty of higher quality mats out there, but at a higher price. For $20 I could not go wrong here! This mat has saved me hours of cleaning up after Stormy. No longer do I have to hunt down every tiny piece of litter. Most of it is all in one spot!
The company also included a free sample of liners and a coupon for $2.00 of my next order. The liners were nice but too big for my box, but I am definitely interested in finding the correct size!
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on April 24, 2016
I recently purchased the xlarge litter mat and am extremely satisfied with it. I have 2 cats and 3 litter boxes. 1 of my cats is long haired & used to drag pieces of litter all over the house. The litter mat is big enough to cover 2 of the litter boxes & has reduced the amount of scattered litter drastically. I would definitely recommend this litter mat.
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on March 13, 2016
LOVE this mat. I have several litterboxes, some enclosed, one not, and I am happy beyond belief (never thought I would say that about a litter box mat) to have found this product. I always had used rugs under the boxes to catch debris of all sorts - the best I could do - until now. The main problem was that rugs don't contain the majority of the litter or - the main problem - if something wet gets on them, I would have to wash the rug and the carpet below it, and - believe me when I say this - YOU don't want to have to wash ANYTHING with cat urine on it! I have always prided myself on the comments I have received when people enter my home and say - I didn't know you had cats. This was due to a lot of diligent cleaning on my part and now it is a great deal less due to this litter mat. The only problem I have had was due to living in Michigan in the winter, when I did have to clean an accident off of it, I couldn't just go outside and hose it off. I just shook it out (a lot of shaking is required as it definitely holds onto the litter as promised) and threw it in the washing machine. It cleans up in one cycle - unlike the rugs, and... doesn't have to go in the dryer. This pleases me greatly as it reduces my electric bill. I bought another one for my boyfriend's litter box. The discount coupon was helpful. I might have to get more for my friends and family. It's a gift that they really can use!
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on November 13, 2017
I really wanted to try this cat litter mat, because the old one we had was useless. It had fibers that stuck up, and was apparently not comfortable for my cats to walk on, because they would actually walk on the moulding on the edge of the closet door in order to avoid walking on their cat litter mat. When I saw the description of the mat, which promised to be soft, I decided to order. I ordered the blue, and was very pleased with the color. It's very close to the color of our bathroom tile, and I had just purchased a new blue litter box, so it all coordinated nicely. Unbelievably, our bathroom rugs also have this pattern, so the cat litter mat is very aesthetically pleasing. The size is good, exactly the width of the floor next to the closet where we keep the litter box, although the box we use is so large, that I needed to pull the rug out to the edge of the wall so that the litter box is not fully on the mat in back, but that was needed in order to give the cats part of the mat to walk on to wipe their paws after using their litter box. It would be nice to have an even longer mat in this width so the area the box sits in could be completely covered, but since the cats don't exit their box out the back, I'm not knocking off a star for this. The cats very obviously approved. Both of them were in the bathroom while I was installing the mat, and both of them immediately checked it out. They use it all the time, and I no longer see them walking on the closet door moulding. It really does what it's supposed to. There is still litter on the floor, but it is much reduced. My housekeeper says the amount of litter in other places of the house is also reduced. I do have a suggestion for the manufacturer, and anyone thinking of buying the blue mat. The color of the large swatch is not accurate. The actual color of the mat is closer to the inset pictures showing the cat. The manufacturer should retake the photo for the swatch. I ordered the blue as an experiment; if the color had been wrong, I would have exchanged it for the gray one. I was very pleased that the color was the lighter blue of the inset photos, and not the dull color of the swatch.
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on January 16, 2017
Based on other reviews, I purchased this may for one of the litter boxes (I have 4 boxes for 3 cats) to see if it would work. A week later, I purchased 3 more mats. They contain the litter that is shaken off of the cats paws when they leave the box, which means less clean up for me. It really keeps the litter box area much tidier looking, which is very important for me because unfortunately the litter boxes are out in the open (due to space issues in a small house). The mats are aesthetically pleasing and the cats don't seem to mind stepping on them as they are soft. The litter on the mat is also easier vacuumed up and does not get stuck in the mat. I've never used a litter mat before, but since moving a few weeks ago and having the boxes in main living spaces, they have really minimized the mess and made it much more comfortable for all of us!
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on August 31, 2017
I know each and every one of you, except for that guy, has a cat who has odd bathroom habits and you find litter in cracks and crevices and still aren't sure how it got there. This mat won't solve all your litter woes, nor mine, but it helps more than any of the other numerous mats I've purchased hoping I'd never again feel annoyed when my bare foot comes in contact with litter as I'm stumbling to the bathroom in the middle of the night. This thing looks like a rug and for the most part, it catches 95% of the litter, but I still find myself having to take a little whisk broom around the mat to sweep up a little. It looks like a rug, but it's more fragile than a rug and I don't recommend shaking it out too vigorously or just skip shaking and vacuum it instead. The first one I bought was the dark grey, and I wound up purchasing the light purple as a replacement after the edges of the grey one became torn and it cracked in places on the side. I'm guessing shaking was the cause, so no stars off for human error. Of all the mats I've purchased, my cats seem to like this one the most. I say 'like', but maybe I should say, "They aren't opposed to walking on it like the last one that looked like it was a slice of swiss cheese." And if they 'like' walking on it, they'll be less likely to shoot out of the cat box like a cannon, trying to avoid touching one toe to the mat. Yeah, I lived with that experience for two months before I realized it was the mat. Learn from my lesson, buy a mat that's likable and not covered in litter catching holes.
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