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on November 1, 2016
I have been eating protein bars for a really long time now. Quest HAD been my go-to bar, however, I always had two issues with them that I overlooked since they were good in every other aspect: corn fiber and sucralose. Not cool. I did a lot of research and these bars are better nutritionally for you than any other protein bar I've come across. Does it taste like an actual donut? No, of course not...this is not a donut, people. It's the best version of a donut you can get in a healthy protein bar though. I freaking LOVE them. The bars I received had no issues with consistency and the taste was outstanding. I will be ordering more, but I already have the chocolate almond ones and a variety pack coming to me. I'm afraid to say that people will judge this brand of bar poorly because it doesn't taste like candy as many of the other ones are that are NO GOOD FOR YOU. Many other "protein bars" people are used to are no better than candy and they will compare this one on the same scale and they SHOULD NOT. This is my new go-to brand of bar. They are healthy, they taste great, and best of all I feel outstanding after I eat them because my body isn't absorbing artificial sugars and useless corn soluble fiber.
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on August 18, 2016
These are my favorite Paleo Protein bars so far! The negative reviews about the chewy and slightly greasy texture are correct, but for me, that's something I can get over when I consider the superior nutritional stats and ingredients. No artificial anything, high fiber, and high protein. The sunflower butter flavor is very peanut-butter like, and this is coming from someone who could easily eat half a jar of peanut butter in one sitting ;)
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 11, 2016
I absolutely love these protein bars, in a Julie Andrews skipping through the meadows singing these are a few of my favorite things kind of ways. I am not generally a paleo eater, being vegetarian, but I absolutely love the simplicity and naturalness of the ingredients. These bars are high protein, low sugar, and don't have a bunch of chemical crap in them, which can not be said for many of the popular protein bars on the market. While I prefer to eat whole foods in general, I find myself often out doing therapy or other things and in need of a decent snack that will travel well, and it usually ends up being a protein bar with maybe a bag of cut veggies sprinkled with tajin seasoning.

These to me are some of the better ones on the market for the simplicity of ingredients, etc. cited above. I also love that they use monks fruit as a sweetener, instead of sucralose aka Splenda, which recent studies have shown to be harder on your liver and destructive to beneficial gut flora.

I can say, having gone through a number of boxes of these, what some reviewers mention about a bit of oiliness being on the outside of some of the bars is accurate, but I imagine they do that so they don't stick to the wrapper, because I think these would be murder to get out of the wrapper without it, and it is minimal, and easily wiped off or eaten while holding the wrapper. Personally, I've only had about half of the bars have enough of that on it to where it was even noticeable. To me personally, the other benefits of the bar make this a complete non-issue, but for some it may be a factor they would want to consider.

I also do want to note in the interest of fairness, these will stick to your teeth a bit like caramel. Again, for me, not an issue, because I find the taste to be awesome and again, my focus is on the healthfulness of the ingredient list, and in that, I find these to be superior to most.
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on January 28, 2017
I have tried 10 different flavors of this brand of paleo bars. Several of them tasted the same to me. I thought the (egg free) caramel was OK. Unfortunately, I tossed out several others (sorry Julian Bakery). Anyway, I was excited when I tried this one! It is really good! It's almost like a Tootsie Roll taste and texture. Be sure to heat it a bit or it is too hard and the heat brings out more of the brownie flavor. And be sure to try my very favorite one with the Sunflower Butter! Please keep in mind these are low carb and no sugar when you create your expectations. ~Sherri C.
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on October 12, 2017
I loved the Cookie Dough Paleo Protein bar until recently. I gave it a 5 star review and tried to explain to the people who gave it a bad review that they might not be used to low carb protein bars. I just lowered my review to 3 star. They went from putting a lot of chocolate chips into the cookie dough bar to hardly putting any in at all and I am extremely disappointed. Plus they are a little high in price so they should be a little more generous with the chocolate chips. They still have a good taste but not nearly as good. The positive thing about this bar besides it being low in carbs is it is very high in protein..
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on December 20, 2016
Wow, I get to be first to rate! If you are looking for a bar made of Paleo ingredients and low carb you don't have a lot of options other than eating a bar of some form of meat. For me this gets old fast. So I am grateful for other options. The Good : These bars are made of beef protein, not whey. The chocolate taste is strong and I think it is good. They are portable and convenient. The Neutral: I have to go neutral on the cost, I say its just OK. The Bad : These bars have the consistency of taffy. For me this is not a big issue. The stevia aftertaste is strong. But I don't fault the company for this, for me its the same as anything else with made with stevia. Just be prepared for it, it comes on after you get a good chocolate taste. For rating you need to rate on apples to apples products. So I rate these bars a 5 when compared to other options with the same goal of Paleo, low carb, natural ingredients, a limited number of ingredients and flavor variety.
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on March 31, 2017
After reading the reviews I was so skeptical. I figured what the hell. Can't be worse than the quest brownie bar I just got done eating with all of its grittiness.....OMG THESE ARE PHENOMENAL!!!!!!!
They taste like coffee. Have caffeine. Have probiotics and probiotics. Texture similar to Carmel but not quite as sticky on your fingers or teeth (although once u start chewing the gooey texture causes massive salivation Bc the texture is so sinful and it gets chewy and sticky)
I just got done devouring one and my mouth is watering as I write this review!!
To me I couldn't care less about the greasy on outside of bar Bc it keeps wrapper from sticking.
Oh my gosh these taste so fricken yum!

I also bought the vanilla pudding paleo protein bar from same company and they are nothing alike.
I thought they would be.
But the vanilla pudding grass fed protein bars are hard. Hard to chew. Chalky. Super blah and made me think "dammit why did I buy this too!"
I also bought the quest brownie bars from different company bc. Of high reviews and they were
Just tolerable with both flavor and texture. Typical pea protein chalky blah.
But I digress .....
these espresso bars oh my gosh!!
I'm sold on these and going to purchase other flavors right now plus two more boxes of these lol
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on June 21, 2017
I don't know if the bar I had was stale but I couldn't even bite into it. I forced a small bite but I had to work on getting it so that I could swallow it and then I had a heck of a time getting some of it out of my teeth after. For sure I would not let a child have this - it's dangerous for choking. It takes a long time for it to soften in your mouth.

Horrid...don't recommend at all. I could get past the flavor some but the texture was like nothing I've ever had...

I noted that there was a slip that said you could warm it up to soften it - how would you do that other than in a microwave...and this is supposed to be paleo?
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on February 1, 2017
If you're looking at buying these protein bars you have to be prioritizing the amount and quality of protein and lack of sugar or other undesirable ingredients. If that's what you're looking for these are great. The taste is really good as far as protein bars go. They do have an oily feel and are super chewy/tough if you try to eat them straight out of the wrapper. You're not going to down them in 45 seconds as you have to work to chew them. I warm them up for 10 seconds in the microwave if I can and they're much softer though they're still taffy like and require some work to chew.
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on January 11, 2018
I like the flavor but it's too hard (like a tootsie roll). My overall favorite high protein/low carb/low calorie bar is Julian Bakery Pegan Protein bar in Vanilla Cinnamon Twist or Roll (seed protein), then Julian Bakery Primal Thin Protein bar in Sweet Cream (grassfed whey protein), then B-up Protein Bars in Red Velvet Cupcake (whey protein isolate & nuts), then this bar in Sunflower Butter (egg white protein).
1. Pegan in vanilla cinnamon twist or roll -- 150 calories, 1 g sugar, 3 g net carbs, 23 g fiber, 20 g protein
2. Primal Thin in sweet cream -- 130 calories, 1 g sugar, 1 g net carbs, 18 g fiber, 20 g protein
3. B-up in red velvet cupcake -- 190 calories, 5 g sugar, 7 g net carbs, 18 g fiber, 20 g protein
4. Paleo in sunflower butter -- 150 calories, 1 g sugar, 5 g net carbs, 23 g fiber, 20 g protein (too hard)
5. No Cow in mint cocao chip -- 160 calories, 1 g sugar, 4 g net carbs, 19 g fiber, 20 g protein (too chalky)
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