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on March 1, 2017
I love this tuner. It has a wonderful, vertical display and clever graphics that make tuning each string very quick and easy. Say your D string is a bit below pitch. You see displayed a blue bar just below the big "D." You begin tightening the string, and as soon as you reach pitch, wham, the "D" now has a blue bar above it as well, and a blue arrow appears on either side of it (see the Amazon photo).

The unit is very simple, having just an on-off button and a button on either side of it to calibrate the pitch above or below A 440. That makes it possible to synchronize it with band-mates' tuners.

I have just one little complaint. When I'm tuning the A string, the display will register as "E," but the blue bars and arrows work fine. That's the best you can hope for nowadays.

I have a gripe that I have to express. I grew up in a time when almost everything you bought new worked. But if you read the customer reviews on Amazon, just about everything made in China will get a one-star rating from a substantial percentage of customers who get duds. Their quality control is abysmal. They don't even hire someone to test the products to make sure they work before they leave the factory. Some customers even complain that they get their purchases with parts missing from the box. This is unacceptable and inexcusable.
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This tuner is really fantastic. The tuner is nicely compact, which makes it great for carrying in your pocket into guitar shops. It is very adjustable and has a very attractive and well thought-out graphic interface. You can adjust/calibrate the tuner up or down 10 cents from the standard 440 before you begin to tune your guitar/bass. When your selected string is in tune, the tuner's screen displays the note and a blue bar below and above along with arrows on each side of the note. It smartly shows you if you're sharp or flat and is very easy to use quickly and accurately. Overall this is a very nice tuner at a superb price and I will most likely buy another one.
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on February 10, 2018
The first time it worked flawlessly but the next day nothing. (Here's where a serial negative reviewers would grab their smart phone and post a scathing one star butt hurt review.) I thought it's probably the battery and when I pulled it out it wasn't bright and shiny as button cells usually are. Oh well no problem I had a couple fresh new Duracell CR2030s I just bought for a rifle scope. I popped a new battery in and the tuner came right on and we were back in business with no harm done. It was responsive and the display was bright... for about 2 minutes then it slowly dimmed down to nothing. The next time I tried it the tuner came right on but wasn't as bright and dimmed down to nothing in about 30 seconds. I pulled and tested the battery and seeing it was okay tossed the tuner in the trash. So if you're wondering why does it deserve two stars it's because at $10.45 I didn't pay much and quite frankly I didn't expect much. Since I got exactly what I expected I wasn't offended and am moaning and complaining that I was ripped off, cheated, sold crap and Amazon was out to get me... through no fault of my own.

Don't get me wrong, I hoped it would work because I planned to pass it on to my grandson and it wouldn't be a big deal if he lost it or broke it. Moreover, based on the number of happy 5 star reviewers I probably got one of a very few defective tuners that slipped through.Over my lifetime I have always bought the very best I could afford and if time permitted I'd wait in order to get something better. Fortunately cost is no longer a factor but I went ahead and bought something my gut told me not to. Hopefully this tuner will work for you, but if it doesn't not to worry because life goes on and there are more important things to fret over. Which reminds me, I've got to smooth that nick between A and D on the 5th fret.
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on October 31, 2017
This is by far the best tuner I have used ever. It is much better than the older generations of tuners where you plug in. It is better than any snark that I have used. I like the precision you can get while making it solid blue above and below your note letter. I use this for guitar, bass, and 12 string guitar; works equally great on each. The battery has lasted a respectable amount of time so far and the display is slightly dimmer, but it hasn't ever been a problem yet. Its very light and aims well in any direction you would want.
*Very affordable pricing and top quality! I don't know how D'Addario always does it, but they do.
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VINE VOICEon December 8, 2016
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I've recently picked up my guitar again after a long hiatus and jumped at the chance to try out this tuner. This is my first experience with a digital tuner and I LOVE its simplicity. I have always used a quartz tuner (Matrix SR1000, 20+ years old) with good results, but this D'Addario tuner gives me the same result in a fraction of the time. No more fumbling for a cable to do in-line tuning or precariously balancing the tuner to accommodate a built-in mic; this tiny chromatic tuner is *amazing*. The tuning is fast and accurate, and the full-color display can be swiveled in any direction to allow for easy reading from a number of angles. The compact design is unobtrusive; it is only around 2 1/16" tall (excluding clamp) and can mount to either the front or back of the headstock. I definitely recommend this for any player, whether a beginner or casual player (like myself). In fact, I just ordered another one to give as a Christmas gift.
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on April 23, 2017
This is a great tuner! Love that I don't have to search for my regular tuner anymore, just clip this one on and it's there when ever you need it. It is quick and accurate. The only gripe I have is sometimes I play outside and the display is not very visible in bright sunlight, but it's not a huge deal honestly.
review image
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i've used it with no issues on a jackson pro sl2q, a legator ninja 7 string 100pe, a schecter hellraiser extreme c-7, and an ibanez rgt42dxfm, all with no issues. as far as I'm concerned, this thing does exactly what i want, at least in the context of those guitars and within the confines of my house, plugged into a boss katana head with a laney cub cab 2x12.

liked it enough to where i bought the red one in addition to the black one i bought first.
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on July 2, 2018
Inexpensive, easy to use-works perfect. One thing I had a question on, and couldn't find an answer was-did the bottom clamp have padding on it. In every picture it looked as though it was just solid molded plastic. Well the good news is the tip is all rubber covered, from the bend out. The top clamp also has a nice big flat rubber pad with a ledge that stops it from going to far onto the headstock and running into the hinge and possibly damaging the wood. The thing works well, clamp pressure is just right and no possibility of damaging the instrument. Works perfect on my guitars and ukuleles.
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on May 4, 2018
I like how sturdy this thing feels; for its size, it seems very substantial. I also like that it seems to lock in on a note. Is it perfectly accurate? I don't know, maybe not. I'm just learning and don't have a particularly well-trained ear. I honestly can't say there's anything I dislike about this thing so far. Money well-spent in my opinion.
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on November 15, 2017
Great tuner and easy to carry in front pocket for those flea market and consignment store hunting trips!
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