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on October 6, 2017
I'm writing this under an assumed name; you'll figure out why.

This thing is the cat's whiskers! I should have gotten one long ago. I am an elderly man, a prostate cancer survivor of many years, and I experience urinary incontinence which requires that I use Depends Guards (absorptive pads). I have to use several pads each day and disposing of the soiled pads in my outdoor trash can is not always convenient. The problem is that the bag into which I would put the soiled pads smells - ugh! Nobody but me, so maybe it shouldn't matter, but I'd prefer my house not smell like a nursing home.

Enter the Playtex Diaper Genie! I've been using it for about three weeks and there is no more odor! None! It sits next to the toilet and takes no more room than a --- well, it is less than a foot square, about 22 inches tall. When the release button is pushed, the top springs open and reveals a spring loaded gate which is covered by the top of the plastic bag into which the item (pad or diaper) will be placed. Press down on the item and the gate opens enough to allow entry and the gate then springs closed, sealing off the bag from the open area. No odor is detected during use nor after the top is closed.

How much does the "bag" hold? Well, in my case the bag holds about a week of home use. Today is trash day, so I renewed the system and put the third "bag" in the trash can for pickup later this morning.

That leads me to another question I have seen here: Does the diaper genie come with more than one bag? The genie comes with one "refill." I can't tell you exactly what the "refill" is because I haven't used a complete one yet. The "refill" is a tube of soft but strong plastic (polyethylene, I'd guess). After inserting the "refill" into the genie, you pull a bit of the plastic out and tie the open end into a knot. Just a single overhand knot is sufficient. Then you gently pull the knotted end down toward the bottom of the empty genie and close the top. This "top" is NOT the one used when inserting items; watch the video and you'll see it. You need not be too particular about how far down you pull the knotted end. Don't overdo it because you can adjust it later if you were too "stingy" in your first pull. Close the top and you're ready to use the genie.

If you didn't pull the knotted end far enough, you can open the top again after some items are inside (the spring-loaded cover remains closed and no odor escapes!) and the weight of the contents will assist in pulling a bit more plastic out of the "refill" which remains in place. My first and second bags were a bit stingy, so I did adjust. By the third time, I had "the hang of it" (no pun intended) and did not have to further adjust.

When you decide to renew the bag (either because it is full or just because you want to renew it), you open the top and pull more plastic out of the refill. You lift the plastic a big putting some tension on the refuse bag and holding the top of the plastic in both hands, slip the gathered plastic into the cutter plainly marked on the now-open top. Tie a knot in the free plastic at the top of the refuse bag and you are ready to lift the closed bag out of the genie and take it out to the trash. If you decide to squeeze the excess air out of the bag before tying the knot, you'll regret that decision and your nose will tell you to not do that next time! Live and learn!

Now tie a knot in the plastic which is extending from the refill and pull the knot down to the bottom of the genie. Close the top and you're ready to go again. I'm on my fourth "bag" and there is no sign of the refill being empty. I'll update this when I get to the end.

I purchased a 3-pack refill box because I didn't know how long the supplied refill would last. I need not have done that, and you need not do it either. You'll have plenty of time to order more refills after you decide how much you like the genie. The refills I purchased say that each contains 270 bags. Well, they aren't really "bags" and you could have more or fewer depending on how generous you are with your knotting. I also don't know if the supplied refill is the same size or contains fewer feet of plastic.

If the refill is good for 270 "bags", I may not live long enough to tell you how much was in it.

I'm a nine-year survivor, and I wish I had bought the Playtex Diaper Genie nine years ago! If I had done that, I'd be able to tell you how long the refill lasts!

Buy this with confidence. I had no need for the Expressions cover; white suits me fine. "Your mileage may vary."
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on December 21, 2016
I have been dragging my feet getting a diaper genie. But I do child care and needed a way to keep my home from smelling like diapers. I LOVE THIS! My home has no diaper odor and it's super easy to empty! Wish I would have gotten one sooner
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on December 29, 2016
Having had this for a few weeks, I got this after dealing with the animal version for my cats and realizing that this would come in handy with the two toddlers and impending infant in my home daycare. Because it was getting tiresome to put the diapers in a dog poop bag, the put in the trash or straight up putting the diaper in the trash. The smell after a day was just gruesome. So, if the genie for cats works, what about the one for diapers?

I like this. It's tall, it's easy enough to pop in the bags - and I can see easily substituting with a tall kitchen bag if I don't want to cough up for the refills. I do echo a complaint by others in that I wish the flap/hole for diapers was bigger. Toddler diapers are generally more spacious than infant diapers even when wrapped down to the smallest possible and I end up having to wedge it down into the genie and it's a little gross feeling, especially when it's a full diaper.

I haven't bought the covers for it, I was wanting to see how I'd do with this genie. All in all, I find it's usefulness is just as good as the ones for my cat litter, it's nice and tall so I don't have to bend and it easily tucks away into a corner with stability. I'd buy it again, despite the small size of the opening.

Oh, and not a smell at all, and there's about a week and a half worth of diapers in there from two kids :D
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on June 30, 2017
I don't like the opening. You need to push hard to be able to fit the diaper inside and if the diaper is too wet or with poop you might get dirty. The other model is way better and easier to function.
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on July 13, 2018
There are two types of diaper genie. This one and the deluxe. Spend the $10 more for the deluxe. The deluxe has a foot pedal to open the mechanism inside. This one requires that you stick your hand inside and push back on a spring loaded flap, while holding a dirty diaper and poop smears inside the bag and on the flap and gets on your hands...
We have the deluxe upstairs and this one downstairs. This one is being donated and we bought another deluxe.
I don’t know why one company would put out two models when one is so extremely 100% superior. This model should be discontinued.
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on April 18, 2017
Life savers!! We have one in the living room and the bedroom (our two changing stations).

LO is 3mos old and it takes a bit over 1 week to fill up both containers. There is no detectable odor that emits from either container, and the design is non-offensive enough to be left out in plain sight. We did not outfit ours with the available cloth sleeves, we really liked the clean look of leaving it bare.

Changing out the bag cartridges is very simple, as well, cutting out the full bag and stretching out a new one is just as simple. (the cartridge is an infinity bag that you have to tie off as you go - similar to a sausage casing).

Buy with confidence. I would buy again and recommend. :)
review image
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on April 19, 2017
Love this. Holds a lot of diapers before having to empty. Never smell anything.
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on December 7, 2016
Bought it for my best friends baby shower. I love that it has the customizable covers. This was not availble when I had my baby still in diapers. These things are amazing at keeping the nursery smelling fresh. Its a must have.
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on March 28, 2018
I didn't like anything most about this product. We ended up getting rid of it to Goodwill and I got a big one like the one we had before. The opening is hard to operate, especially if you have big diapers like we do for our son. He wears pullups full time, size XL. Trying to stuff those in that little opening was horrible. It's short and the foot lid-lifter isn't there. I empty the big one more than I like so this short thing didn't work well for us at all.
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on December 23, 2016
This will definitely dress up your boring diaper genie. Makes it much less of an eye sore in your home. Made like a pillowcase that you just slip on over the pail and can easily be removed and cleaned.
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