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on July 10, 2016
Maybe I got a bad one, but the 1st, E string (the high one), on both of my guitars shows up as A in this tuner, unless I put my hand on all of the remaining 5 strings; and, then, it usually shows an E, but not right away. This quirk just doesn't give me a "warm fuzzy" so I've reverted using the built-in tuner on my acoustic. (Honestly, this is not a step up from my old SN-1, which still works fine, though it lost one of the rubber pads.)

Update (05 Aug 2016): I had contacted Snark support about the problem I was seeing and they said it was not normal, and sent me a new tuner. This one seems fine, but it is also clear (and confirmed by Snark) that they have changed this model slightly. The older one that I got says SuperTight on the face and has a metallic brass/gold power button and bars for LEDs in the note display. The newer one simply says Snark on the face (both say SuperTight on the back), has a yellow power button, and small square LEDs to comprise the note's letter.

Picture of the two models attached while displaying the odd, occasional confusion about the high-E tuning. (The older display is really just as clear as the new one, but the angle I turned the guitar/camera to cut out reflected overhead light makes it seem grayed out a bit.)

Update 2 (21 Aug 2016): I've had a chance to use the newer version tuner in noisy situations and it definitely behaves better than the older model I was originally shipped. I didn't A/B it with my old, blue Snark, but it behaves well enough that I can say it seems to be Ok for my purposes. It does not seem like an improvement, though, so just moving the review from 3 to 4 stars.
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on October 28, 2016
I played the violin for years as a child but was never taught to tune it. This product is so simple to use and I get a perfect tune every time. My 9 year old is learning right now how to keep her violin in tune and sounding amazing independently. Very happy with the simplicity and ease of use.
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on July 6, 2017
Easy and simple to use. I leave it on the guitar. Simple controls. I see why it is so popular.

But there's a problem. The Snark has a poor design and uses low quality plastic that breaks easily, rendering the tuner useless.

The part that clips on the guitar, has a neck with a ball shaped end. That ball fits into a three pronged receptacle. Those little prongs are cheap plastic that break off easily. If any of them break, then the tuner can not pickup vibrations from the guitar, making the tuner useless.

I was never rough with the tuner, yet it broke. Disappointed that Snark uses cheap, breakable plastic.
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on January 1, 2018

I have been through TWO of these things so far and they initially arrive fine until I turn the tuner a little bit, then suddenly one of the three plastic pieces breaks off on the tuner part (not the clip) and the tuner is completely useless. I've emailed Snark and haven't received a response back. There Is a manufacturing defect with these things.

The 3 plastic tabs holding the ball joint on the back of the tuner are so weak that you can nudge them and they'll snap right off. There is a manufacturing defect with the batch Amazon has right now or something. I don't know. Do not get these from Amazon. Buy them somewhere else. This is as of 12/28/17 so whatever batch they have is garbage.
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on January 14, 2018
I received one (left in picture below) on 12/12. It was finally used at class for the first time this past week. A piece that holds the turner together broke making the turner unuseable. So I ordered another one (paying for it as no return policy) thinking it was just a faulty one. Received second one today and went to use it and the same piece broke on this one (right in picture below).
Thinking now there might a design flaw on these?!?!
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I’ve been out of the music scene for awhile so when my son decided to play guitar one of first things we had to get was a tuner. The tuner I remember was the one’s you plug into your guitar. So, when I went to order a tuner I ran across these tuners. I decided to get one after some research and determining this is the evolution of the tuner. I was still a bit skeptical until I used it. We were able to tune the guitar within a couple minutes, wow! The device just clips on top of the guitar and go ahead and start plucking those strings. I also choose this model with a mic so I can use it to tune other instruments like any woodwind. It’s also sturdy and small which is a plus especially if you have a lot of gear. If you need a guitar tuner, I recommend this one.
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on August 31, 2017
This is my third Snark, and the first with this Hertz tuning which I haven't even used. I didn't realize it was going to be as big a deal as it is. You can't just tune individual strings with the Hertz tuning. You have to tune them all each time, in sequence.

I'm not crazy about the larger bars on this model, and it doesn't seem to be as accurate as my older models. At least it doesn't feel that way.

Last but not least, the attachment point on the rear of the tuner for the ball on the arm of the clip has already broken. There are three phalanges, just like the older models, but with one broken, the arm of the clip cannot be held in place. This renders the tuner useless, as it is contact only and that contact is via the clip and arm.

Update, 9-19-17: Adding two stars back for the great customer service, as Snark quickly replaced the broken item. Still like the older ST-2 better, but a Snark is a Snark.
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on January 15, 2018
It really couldn't get simpler. Clip on, and press the button when you want to tube. For me, this is great because I used to bring a tuner pedal... and then hey, as long as I have a tuner pedal, I might as well throw in a delay pedal as well, since I can split the power. Well, you know what goes well with a delay pedal is a little overdrive... and maybe some chorus... and then all of the sudden I've got more pedals than songs. With this, I really can bring just my guitar, amp, and clip-on tuner. Love the simplicity, and it locks onto the note fast, too.
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on December 23, 2017
This is the second one I purchased. Both of them would not tune the E string on my bass. They seem like knock offs because the one I purchased from GC has worked perfectly for over 2 years. These even seem to be made of a different type of plastic. Beware, because they are not returnable on Amazon, however they did send me a replacement... (that didnt work either btw)
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on November 21, 2017
I bought a Snark from Guitar Center a few years and still use it. I thought I would buy additional Snarks for each guitar and eliminate relocating or forgetting to take the tuner when traveling. This Snark is different from the original one I purchased a few years ago in the following ways. 1. The plastic is NOT the same. One of the units cracked at the back ball collet. I had to re-glue and permanently mount a cable tie to support the broken collet tang(s). The glued one held but cracked another tang during re-assembly. The original Snark is made from a matt finish elastomeric plastic. the new one is shinny brittle plastic 2. The electronics are different. It seems to take longer to find the string and indicate the correct bias. This is a minor issue.
I suggest when purchasing a head stock mounted tuner you have first hand tactile examination. Snarks are convenient but are either offered in decontented versions or they have cheapened them up. Hope the former.
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