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on June 14, 2016
Critical reception of movies has been a topic of discussion this year; notably with the mixed reception to Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice and a few other films. So though I was anticipating director Duncan Jones's movie based on the widely popular game, I must say the negative reception this movie has received did in fact surprise me.

What is relatively more surprising in my opinion, is how much I ended up enjoying Warcraft. And that's not to say its a perfect film by any means, but I do consider it to be a mostly successful video game adaptation.

For starters, I enjoyed the acting more than I expected to in this movie. Travis Fimmel's portrayal of Anduin Lothar proved to be one of the more likable performances of the film. Toby Kebbell's outing here as Durotan is equally as exciting to watch, and I even found myself enjoying Ben Foster's role as Medivh.

Going into this movie, I expected a great deal of CGI, but its actually done really well in Warcraft. Whether its seeing an orc snatch the soul out of a helpless human, the blade of a sword being sliced, or blood being spilled, the effects do not disappoint.

Its such a feat to behold visually, its a shame that the story sometimes has too much going on, and tries to have multiple plots going in a limited time frame. So I do hope that the blu ray release sees an extended cut or at the very least has some deleted scenes.

And normally, that would stop me from enjoying a movie; but frankly it didn't. Its not a perfect movie, but Warcraft is certainly an entertaining film; and Duncan Jones has in my opinion, succeeded here with his adaptation of the popular Blizzard Entertainment game.
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on December 11, 2016
I've been playing Blizzard games as long as there have been Blizzard games to play and never thought a movie could do justice to my ingame experience. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that the movie not only stands on its own but serves as an enhanced experience to those of us who have played WoW for so many years. It would have been so easy to mess it up - CGI used badly and too often, a bias for one side over the other, an attempt to recreate one of the expansions, lore that didn't fit with the ongoing story. Yet they managed to avoid all these pitfalls. CGI didn't take over. As an example, the griffin scenes were just great, with the creature showing a definite personality and only used when it truly fit the action. The lore was a part of Azeroth, yet with new wrinkles we might have only speculated about from ingame events. The Horde was not portrayed as merely simple minded, heavily muscled killing machines, but rather thinking and feeling beings that you could develop a connection to and even a high level of respect. In short, I truly enjoyed this movie, far more than I thought I would, and hope that another one is in the works. For the Horde!
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on December 2, 2017
Look, this is not a great movie. It's not even that good. But I've watched it three times. That's my burden to bear. Upon repeat viewings there are some things that actually make sense. You can see what Jones was going for. Some of it even works. And it looks great, especially on this Blu Ray (that's why it got 3 stars instead of 2, just the quality of the print itself). Overall this is not going to win over many casual fans, but if you are like me, and have been successfully off of WoW for several years now, this is like a piece of nicotine gum, satiating the nerd urge for a few hours. It's even campy fun if you take it for what it is.

While the human performers look like confused cosplayers and are mostly woefully miscast, the Orc characters are brought to life with some of the most vivid CGI and mo-cap to date. Everything until the humans step into frame is lusciously realized in a hyper stylized fashion which unfortunately does not mesh with live action all that well. There are great actors to be found scattered through an overall underwhelming cast (Dominic Cooper and Ruth Negga most notably, who have far better chemistry on Preacher) but the arch style of the set and costume design renders them looking goofy and lost. Lesser actors fair better, if only because they look more at home in the campy, unrealistic garb and setting, with silly expositional dialogue reminiscent of a syndicated Saturday afternoon show.

Having said all this, I repeat, I have watched this THREE TIMES and I now own it. To my shame. And delight.
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VINE VOICEon September 27, 2016
Fantastic! I don't know how it plays for non Warcraft fans, but for this WoW (since Vanilla) man, it worked for me, even though I was very prepared to be VERY disappointed.

I wasn't. The acting was beyond what I have come to expect from video game movies, and Duncan Jones has proven to be more than "just the son of a famous person" with Moon and this one to me. He has arrived.

I was awed by the great sets, both practical and digital, and the recreation of Azeroth on the big screen, but the story really propelled this thing to another level. By the climax, you're wishing it could go on for hours and hours, and we could visit Northrend, or perhaps Pandaria (NO!!! PLEASE! ), heh..

I don't know what of this is going to be Canon, and I'm not sure if Dalaran was a "floating" city by the events in this movie or not, but none of that kept me from enjoying a very very very good romp through Blizzard's wonderful world.

thank you filmmakers!
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on March 4, 2017
Listen: If you're looking for an Oscar nominee, Warcraft isn't it. I might even suggest skipping the movie if you have no knowledge of the universe or games. But, coming from a Warcraft player, I found this movie to be a lot of fun. It's admittedly campy (as the game can be), but that just adds to the sense of fun for me. Some of the casting choices I felt were extremely bizarre (Medivh showing up on scene looking like That Hippie Dad you see at the swimming pool the first day it opens) and some of the weapons and armor looked like costume pieces than things with any weight, but the movie attempted to stay true to Warcraft's "bigger than life", high fantasy feel and style. They were successful with what they had to work with.

If you like Warcraft, it's worth a watch. If not, give it a pass.
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Top Contributor: Star Warson December 21, 2016
I have been a Warcraft player from the beginning, my little 486 machine was running those little pixilated orcs and humans in a way that was new and fascinating. Years after as they made version 2 and 3 then World of Warcraft I only loved Blizzards stuff that much more. The movie for someone like me was a great addition to the world. I got to see a version of a story I'd known a little bit about and it was great. I am one of those that was looking for and loved the Easter eggs hidden along the way.
On the flip side, if you love D&D type things, but haven't played much of any of the Warcraft games along the way you might like it, but it won't be the best since there are so many little things in there you are expected to know.
Finally, if you are not a fan of fantasy movies then this one will not be the one to win you over, there isn't a lot of things in here for the non-fantasy lovers.
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In the build-up to the release of Warcraft, there have been a few embargo-dodging reviews popping up on the internet. All of them have been overly critical of the film simply because it's based on a video game.

Duncan Jones has mastered the source material and succinctly transferred it to the silver screen. In order to cover all the back story and lore contained in the Warcraft Universe would take over 4 hours of screen time, however, Jones picks the most crucial elements of the plot from 1994's 'Warcraft: Orcs and Humans'.

The most striking thing about the film is the meticulous attention to detail that Jones shows. It enables him to provide very sly moments of fan-service without detracting too much from the narrative. If you've played World of Warcraft, you'll be sure to catch a glimpse of something you recognize from your in-game adventures; but equally, Jones makes sure the story isn't too contrived so as to keep the general public engaged in the story.

Aside from the lore detail, the CGI is simply breathtaking. This is the first noteworthy film where the magic looks and feels believable. Not only that but the specifics of the CGI Orcs made them even more eye-catching than the faithful recreations of Azeroth's fabled landscape.

The one criticism of the film I can muster is that the dialogue at times seemed a bit forced. Understandable for a project of this size and scale, it seems the interactions between characters focused more on reminding you of everyone's name at times rather than focusing the plot. It doesn't detract too much from the film, however it is noticeable.

Overall, the critics will say the film is a dud simply because of the origin of the source material. But as the early indicators from the international box office have shown, there is a demand for more from Jones' Azeroth. And with both the U.S. and China being massively underestimated - the film could yet prove the naysayers wrong. It certainly is on it's way to doing so. A diamond in the rough, but it could yet turn out to be a 'Millennium Star'.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on November 9, 2016
Not ever having played the game I had zero " gamer bias" to contend I count myself lucky there. As a huge fan of the Sword & Sorcery genre I don't have any reservations recommending this movie to any lover of the genre. Of course if you are a huge J.R.R. Tolkien fan the characters called Orc's may bother you a bit , but I doubt it because anyone that is truly a fan of the Sword & Sorcery genre has come to realize the name & characters of " Orc's" have saturated the genre & these particular Orc's are extremely awesome in both appearance & as a sympathetic warrior race driven from their home planet & deceived by a malevolent Warlord who is bending the entire race to his will with a terrible dark magic. I don't want to give away to many spoilers for those that haven't seen the movie & are as ignorant of the game as I am. That brings up another point you certainly don't need to be a fan of the game to enjoy this highly fast paced Sword & Sorcery action adventure!!! It is visually stunning with awesome fight scene's including good use of magic as a weapon & for defense. This is no B-rate low budget film to bulk up the genre but a top notch Sword & Sorcery flick worthy of any collection!!! It was so fast paced I had to watch it twice once when everyone was awake & again later when I was alone to fully take in all the beautiful cinematography, great fight scenes & fun fantasy escapist storyline. Yes there is a lot going on in this very fast paced thrill ride of a movie & so much to see its worth owning because you will probably see something new every time you are ready to watch it again. I think the acting was great especially when you factor in that a lot of the acting is done against green screen with nothing to act off of. Gamer or not this is a great addition to any movie library!!!
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I was amazed by this film. The video CGI is spectacular and it really makes an impression. I purchased the BluRay disc with a DVD disc copy and a digital version which I used to get the HDX VUDU version.

The video quality was the best as well as the audio quality. I don’t play the game but I was interested to see the film and get an understanding of the storyline. I enjoyed watching the film a lot.

I projected it in high resolution onto a 12 foot diagonal screen and the constant action and perfect CGI effects were over whelming. I will not go into the storyline as so many other people have done that.

I like the special effects and the detail that was put into making them. That alone made this film worth buying and watching. I found it entertaining and action filled. I am glad to have it in my BluRay video library.

Most films based on games are just average but this movie was entertaining and worth watching.
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on May 15, 2017
Having followed the Warcraft lore since the days of "Warcraft: Orcs and Humans" (I'm showing my age), I have to say that I went into this movie expecting a train wreck. What I got was an enjoyable movie that, while it took some creative liberties with the story of "Warcraft: Orcs and Humans," was pretty faithful to the source material. Granted, some things were off, but I'm willing to forgive them since I expect there to be a Warcraft 2 movie (one most likely not based upon the original "Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness" game).

For one, if you remember the story of "Warcraft: Orcs and Humans" then you'd remember that we Humans LOST that war. By the time Lothar came back from Kharazan Stormwind had already fallen, it's army and people were scattered, King Llane was dead by Garona's hand in Stormwind itself, not at the Dark Portal, with Lothar leading the survivors across the Great Sea to the shores of the Kingdom of Lordaeron. I expected this to happen in this movie but obviously the writers needed to leave something for a second movie.

The artwork was beautiful, the armor and weaponry was very faithful to the source material. The Lion's Pride Inn in Goldshire looked like the one from the "World of Warcraft." Yes, yes, it wasn't quite the same as in-game since there were aspects missing that are only found on the Moonguard server, but we won't get into that here. Overall I loved the film and am waiting for the next one.
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